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Monsters 101 by M. Rasheed

Monsters 101 is a high adventure graphic novel series by creator M. Rasheed. Starring the former school bully turned super-strong monster Pugroff, and his former favorite nerd victim Mort, the two protagonists interact in a world full of child-eating monsters and other supernatural beings. The "Monsters 101" in the graphic novel series title, references the fact that the new monster Pugroff has to now learn HOW to be a monster. Starting with Book Four, class is now officially in session.

Trained at the facility of comics legend Joe Kubert, cartoonist M. Rasheed quickly developed a reputation for producing good work very quickly. Highly prolific, he developed the first 300 pages of his masterwork Monsters 101 shortly after leaving school. Joining the ranks of accomplished trailblazers Jeff Smith, Stan Sakai, and the ever-controversial Dave Sim, M. Rasheed has now also completed a long-form comic book story, and is currently the only African American cartoonist to do so.

Featuring elements of classic horror, fantasy, and a touch of Lovecraft on an action adventure base, readers delight at the non-stop thrills per page they experience from reading Monsters 101. A tale of redemption and self-discovery, while tying together numerous aspects of popular genres competently well, readers express a genuine fondness for the journey, as well as for the author’s ability to have them care for the characters as if they really know them, an impressive feat for any writer.

Monsters 101, Book One: "From Bully to Monster"
The One That Started It All! - Composed of six, 22 page chapters, this first, ultra-violent segment of the graphic novel series establishes school bully Willy Pugg as the baddest kid in Tanglewood Middle School. Stalking the halls like a psychopathic prison warden, the Pugg, as he is called by his victims, is pretty much unstoppable, until three, giant, foul-smelling monsters make his acquaintance. Agreeing to a horrifying deal with the creatures that dramatically changes the tone of the book, the adventure speeds along at a roller-coaster pace. Don’t let the cartoony art and friendly-sounding title fool you. In the tradition of It by Stephen King, or the television show South Park, even though it stars kids as the protagonists, it doesn’t mean it’s a kiddie read!
Graphic novel
6.14” x 9.21”
Perfect binding
150 pages, b&w interiors

Monsters 101, Book Two: "Heroes & Devils"
Behold! Pugroff Is Here! - The three monsters from the first book of the series are from a race of creature who had become expert at hiding among humanity unseen for ages. And now that the police are on the look out for whatever was responsible for the terrible Tanglewood Middle School massacre, the creatures certainly don’t have a problem slipping back into the shadows leaving the former school bully turned brand new monster Pugroff to take the blame! In the exciting second title in M. Rasheed’s graphic novel series, Pugroff is on the lamb not only from the local police department, but also from the Red Shield, the most powerful hero in the United Kingdom, come to find a missing foreign exchange student. Mort decides to use his nerdy intellect to aid his former nemesis for reasons of his own, but in the end to keep Pugroff from facing the full might of the Great Red Shield of Legend, the two have to escape into the interdimensional devil world of Dharokalee... a perfect example of jumping from the frying pan and into the fire!
Graphic novel
6.14” x 9.21”
Perfect binding
150 pages, b&w interiors

Monsters 101, Book Three: "Devil Take the Hindmost"
From Nerd to Magician! - In this third segment of the 1,500 page tale, the adventures of Pugroff and Mort are in full swing! A keyed up Mort has taken several impressive steps towards realizing his dream of becoming a true magician, and in the devil world of Dharokalee there are plenty of thrills and dangers to test his resolve, much to his partner’s irritation. Rivals and enemies abound as the two adventurers find themselves in constant need of proving their worth to the snobby devil royal family, master magicians who are both jealous and impressed by Mort’s talents, as well as dismissive of Pugroff’s apparent low upbringing. An ancient custom requires the king to grant Mort his fondest wish, but first, as the admiration of Kymbir, royal princess of the local devil tribe, blossoms into a full on crush of epic proportions, there is only one thing for Mort to do... have a battle to the death with her sorcerer fiance!
Graphic novel
6.14” x 9.21”
Perfect binding
150 pages, b&w interiors

Monsters 101, Book Four: "Late Enrollment"
An Education in Monstertude! - Pugroff and Mort finally return to earth from their two and a half books of interdimensional travel, but it’s not time for relaxing and Hero Bars™ just yet. Reunions with worried sick loved ones are due, particularly worried loved one who though the boys had died through some fallout from the Tanglewood Middle School massacre. While Mort’s grandmother takes steps to keep an eye on him that threaten to put a serious curb on any further adventuring, Pugroff’s dysfunctionally tragic household combined with his new monstrous appearance have him make a decision that is as sad as it is logical. Meanwhile the three monsters have successfully won the super-weapon that will enable them to enact sweet revenge upon the treacherous former bully who owes them his new found power!
Graphic novel
6.14” x 9.21”
Perfect binding
150 pages, b&w interiors

Monsters 101, Book Five: "Monsters & Monarchy"
Wall to Wall Super Action! - A surprising reveal for Pugroff in this segment when he and Tanglewood Middle School’s Principal Smith discover each others’ secret identities. It turns out that Smith is retired former crime fighter Eye of Justice, who gives the monster some sound advice on some issues that have been plaguing him. Meanwhile Azoratain the trickster dragon is both surprised and delighted that the three monsters’ quest for the legendary faerie battle axe Dragon’s Fang was successful, and he comes to steal it for himself! Proving to be easier said than done when such a weapon is wielded by the ferocious Pugroff, the wily worm enlists the aid of the former bully’s oldest foe, Cliff the Hall Monitor, who is resurrected from the grave and given enough power to enable their momentous battle to continue where it left off… with Cliff beating the heck out of Pugroff!
Graphic novel
6.14” x 9.21”
Perfect binding
150 pages, b&w interiors

Monsters 101, Book Six: "Pieces of the Puzzle"
On the Event Horizon of Pure Evil! - Mort the boy sorcerer has gained his most notable magical skill to date, the ability to access the spirit world at will. The unseen entities on the Otherside are all too willing to instruct their eager pupil in the shamanistic arcane arts, but Mort’s studies must take a back seat when his second sight discovers a mysterious, thieving menace stalking the showrooms of a famous Oasis City museum, a place dear to his heart from childhood. Mort & Pugroff desperately attempt to rescue an ancient artifact the entities pilfer before they are able to unleash a literal hell on earth upon humanity. But all of this may be in vain as that very earth belches up a diabolical force that renders Dragon’s Fang itself useless, while Pugroff displays symptoms of a sickness that very well may result in an actual Armageddon of total destruction!
Graphic novel
6.14” x 9.21”
Perfect binding
150 pages, b&w interiors

Monsters 101, Book Seven: "Eye in the Sky"
Despair! for the End Is Nigh! - Way back in Book Two, the devil High Magician Pherlyren told Mort that in order to achieve his heart’s desire, he must find an earth magician mentor. The sorcerer pointed him in the direction of the Golden Order of the Encircled Serpent, whose members are the best of the best of all Shemesu Heru third eye practitioners. In this book Mort has finally found one… just in time for the end of the world! The mysterious circumstances as to how exactly Pugroff gained his power are revealed, and it turns out he is the avatar of an all-powerful demonic force determined to take over the universe. When the mighty Seventh Unicorn also shows up to help subdue the possessed Pugroff, Mort’s dimension hopping skills are put to good use as the three heroes have no other choice but to confront the horror on its own turf!
Graphic novel
6.14” x 9.21”
Perfect binding
150 pages, b&w interiors

Monsters 101, Book Eight: "Little Boy King"
It’s Not Easy Being the Monster King! - No longer the avatar of Irylor the First King, and stripped of his powers, the king of the monsters is now a mere human child. Although he insists on still being called “Pugroff,” and continues to wield the magic axe Dragon’s Fang, it is clear that both the little boy king and his loyal monster crew are way over their heads in attempting to defend the Nasheran throne from the immensely powerful tenth generation super monsters who are constantly challenging for it. Realizing that only a potent magic user can restore his former might, the king decides to make a deal with the devil and summons the dragon Azoratain and convinces him to return his power in exchange for his heart’s desire… Dragon’s Fang itself! Meanwhile Mort’s quest to find a mentor continues, although his decision to enlist the aid of the strange unseen entities may not be the wisest of choices.
Graphic novel
6.14” x 9.21”
Perfect binding
150 pages, b&w interiors

Monsters 101, Book Nine: "Speak of the Devil"
Vengeance Is Shaped like a Devil! - Kymbir, devil princess of Dharokalee, did not take Mort’s rejection of her well. Her heart break-fueled temper, backed by the fact that she’s actually a far more powerful magician than her father Chief Karvek, has left the ten million year old tribal city Tcharen Koh in devastated ruins, and most of the population stuffed in the palace dungeons. Her brother prince Kyslo was able to escape into the spirit realm where a chance encounter with the object of his sister’s distress gives the mischievous little imp opportunity to beg Mort for help, as well as eat humble pie for being such a jerk during the boy magician’s previous visit. All well and good, but what can a guilt-ridden Mort possibly do to calm down a furious magician princess with the power to split the planet in half?
Graphic novel
6.14” x 9.21”
Perfect binding
150 pages, b&w interiors

Monsters 101, Book Ten: "Class Dismissed"
The Only Way for School to End! - The real King Pugroff is back with all of his powers intact… and a little something extra. As a true Nasheran monster (with all that may imply!) the king has made a total commitment to his adopted people, and will not only vehemently defend the throne, but also Nasheran honor. Inviting all the monarchs, leaders, and sovereign representatives of the world to a banquet of sparkly goodies, he proclaims that he shall consider any disrespect toward the monster race an open act of war! Meanwhile a crushed Mort, having been told he can no longer hang out at Castle Nashera, has a brutal confrontation with an angry Cliff, the stubborn African Architects, a Principal Smith who is once again ready to return to a life of high adventure, and an eerie group of the unseen who are savagely determined to make the boy magician follow their frighteningly alien way of life at the ultimate cost!
Graphic novel
6.14” x 9.21”
Perfect binding
150 pages, b&w interiors

Willy Pugg

Willy Pugg is the most successful bully Tanglewood Middle School ever had. Over-sized for his age and unusually strong, "The Pugg" has been striking terror into kids smaller than him for years. Very sad and prone to low, low bouts of depression, a peek into the bully's home life revealed an abusive father and zero support. The offer to belong to a group that appreciates him for HIM is way too appealing, despite the fact that the group in question eats human kids for breakfast.


When he was very young Mort's grandmother broke his heart when she told him that there was no such thing as "real magic." Instinctively recognizing that this wasn't true, he through himself into his math classes and structuring his mind around this universes integer-based language capable of decoding and manipulating our reality. As the partner of the new monster Pugroff, Mort was delighted to discover that magick was very real and his studies into mathematics had set him brilliantly ahead on the road to mastering the Wondrous Arts.


The big, blue monster called Maescus (mis*kis) is the leader of the original trio that made the horrible deal with the school bully Willy Pugg. Maescus is very ambitious and is always working a plan designed to make him and his two cronies live in monster-style and comfort. A third generation monster (meaning he is a hybrid monster x3 with bear, bat and bull ancestry) Maescus is somewhat of a bully himself and doesn't mind running over people that he thinks is weaker than he is. He is loyal to his friends and is famous for always keeping his word no matter what the cost.


The first and only monster magician, Benkom was the gopher/slave of a sorceror for many centuries. But because the monster race is notorious for being very, very, very bad at learning magick, Benkom only came away from the experience with a couple of spells in his head. Be that as it may, the second generation tiger/shark monster is one of the most powerful of his people and of course he had great ambitions... until his former partner Maescus stranded him on the alien world of Dharokalee and left him for dead.


One of Maescus' flunkies, this first generation pig monster is strong, but lazy and argumentative. He's a sucker for a good plan, especially if it promises to get him more to eat. The old dangling carrot routine will get him every time... that plus a slap upside the head.


Lodeth is a first generation lizard monster, and was recruited onto Maescus' team because of his phenomenal talent: He is the proud owner of the single most potent venom on earth. As impressive as that is, Lodeth is also valuable for his hard work and unflinching loyalty.

On the con side, Lodeth isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer and will often find himself in tricky situations because he just "went with it."


The ferocious-looking, shiney new monster called Pugroff isn't as bad as his bullying previous incarnation, despite the fact that he can tear a bus in half. Taking his new "hero" role seriously, his only real roadblock is the fact that he's not used to being a good guy and old habits die hard. He's had to work very hard to be a friend to Mort, but he's relieved to find that practice makes perfect... he only wants to punch a nerd MOST of the time as opposed to ALL of the time now-a-days.


Kymbir is one of the most powerful magicians on Dharokalee, but because her tribe's culture is every bit as sexist as any in Earth's history it means very little. The menfolk give her a begrudging respect fearing her power, but she will never be included within any major decision making processes. Even her younger brother is held with more honor than she. As she is still young for one of her race, Kymbir rarely thinks about these things. The time may come however when her own ambitions may significantly outgrow her peoples' petty foolishness.

How Each Monsters 101 Book is Created

  1. Determine what I want to accomplish by the end of the 6 chapter, 22 page page book For example: "Transform a mean school yard bully into a heroic monster." 
  2. One 22 page chapter at a time, determine what objectives in the tale are needed to logically reach the goal above. For example: Chapter 1, show a typical day in the life of the world's meanest bully. Chapter 2, the three monsters give the bully an offer he can't refuse, etc. 
  3. One chapter at a time, block off specific numbers of pages and roughly describe the narrative of that chapter. For example: Pages 1-5 shows Willy Pugg terrorizing the students of Tanglewood Middle School. 
  4. Create the Thumbnail Script, a mini version of the chapter on 8.5" x 11" paper in which the final dialog and page/panel layouts are made in their definitive form. This is the final writing stage. 
  5. Rule the 10" x 15" image area on the finished artwork sheets of 11" x 17" paper, and also rule the panels using an HB mechanical pencil. 
  6. Using the same pencil, lightly sketch in all artwork and lettering. 
  7. Use the Ames Lettering Guide to rule the appropriate lines in the word balloons that were lightly sketched in, and ink all lettering with a #103 crow quill, and B-6 Speedball dip pens. 
  8. Use the #103 crow quill and watercolor brush to ink in all artwork. Do not fill in large areas of black with the brush. 
  9. When the ink is dry, use a white vinyl eraser to remove all pencil marks. Scan pages into computer, and fix all inking mistakes in Adobe Photoshop. 
  10. Create a numbered PDF file template at 6.14" x 9.21" and place cleaned up artwork into templates. Add publisher pages like Title Page and Copyright Page, etc. Create cover file and PUBLISH!


M. Rasheed does not create children’s stories, but instead writes for his peer group. His tales take after the pre-Comics Code model, and blend both genre and demographic lines similar to the European comic book literary form.

Often dealing with themes of graphic violence and adult humor, Monsters 101 should not be placed on shelves alongside general audience titles.

Retailers may order Monsters 101 at the discount wholesale price by contacting Tony Shenton - (download pdf catalog)

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Are Muslims Allowed to Draw?

Muhammad Rasheed - Where's the ayah in the Qur'an that backs up the “anti-drawing representational pictures” hadith?  Throw down your rod and show me your argument!

As I recall, in Surah 96, Allah says He taught man the use of the pen. What do we do with pens? Why it turns out we write and draw with them to record knowledge and give messages. Imagine that? The written word often evolved from more complex pictograms/hieroglyphs, and SURELY Allah speaketh the truth. What is your proof that a Muslim isn’t allowed to draw based on God’s Word? 

Throw down your rod IF you’re able.

Muhammad Rasheed - You have NOTHING on your side of the argument that I should take seriously so stand down, pseudo-religious philosopher.

Michael Daniels - Who are you arguing with, Bruh?

Muhammad Rasheed - Fellow Islamicists who are anti-drawings/picture taking. Why? You want a little? HUH??? You want some????

Muhammad Rasheed - [gets in boxing stance, circa 1850]

Michael Daniels - Well, to be honest, I'm really not too down with the whole drawing thing...mainly because I suck at it....I''m more of a thousand words type of guy... Does the Qu'ran say "don't draw stuff"? If do...shame on you, heathen!!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - It absolutely does not, which is the point of my status.

Muhammad Rasheed - You should take drawing lessons. With your writing skills you are only 50% cool. Drawing powers will take you over the top.

Michael Daniels - So some dudes who knew some people who talked to some folks who was the great grand son of the guy that shined Muhammed's shoes mad that mess up?

Michael Daniels - Uh, did I mention I can juggle?

Tami Bhuiyan - Yikes I posted on your wall not the thread..yet another vindictive Facebook timeline issue!!! And Rasheed..can't argue religion, anyone's momma or politics. I can however argue that if this Daniels dude can juggle then he has some social defect to compensate as God does not give with 2 hands..(=

Muhammad Rasheed - The jury is still out as whether he can actually juggle or not. lol

Tami Bhuiyan - And rash..bro if you say fellow islamicists then are you BY YOUR OWN ADMISSION...feelin a lil guilty with your current occupation? Dude.

Muhammad Rasheed - Slow down, peewee. "Fellow Islamicists" was said in jocularity. I feel not a shred of guilt because Surah 96 is 100% the truth about how Allah feels about us using "the pen."

Any Muslim who tells me I'm not supposed to draw is confused.

Tami Bhuiyan - Who you callin pee wee? Is this a reference to the Herman dude? Pfft i took his bike and roughed up that wimp years ago..notice ain't no pee wees big adventure part 2??!! that's right, COZ THAT DUDE DINT INSURE HIS RIDE.

Muhammad Rasheed - hahahahahahaha!!

Tami Bhuiyan - Yeah I wouldn't listen to a Muslim telling you that you can't draw~> because the dude who said that is A HYPOCRITE as in maths class from early on he was drawing his wonky triangles with the rest of the peeps..or in got kicked out at an early age, couldn't draw a triangle and smoked in the locker room to deal with the repercussions and got expelled and is now a bitter man walkin around telling peeps they can't draw. SMH tried to pull the pee wee job with me and I was like nuh man you can't read a map.

Tami Bhuiyan - And yes sura 96 "al qalam" all about the pen. Knowledge is sunnat. Adjournment of the religious issues i am worried i will say something incorrect and lose my ramadan happies.

Muhammad Rasheed - That's EXACTLY what I suspected about those fools!

Muhammad Rasheed - You can't lose your Ramadan happies if you argue for truth, Tami-head. Relax.

Tami Bhuiyan - True story they all walking around just bitter because their triangle look like a weird corn chip..and then someone was like DUDE!!! YOUR TRIANGLE GOT 6 POINTS!! DEVIL WORSHIPPER!!! And therein lies the foundation of a judgemental existence .

Muhammad Rasheed - hahahahaha!! is THAT how it started?! lol

Tami Bhuiyan - Tami head actually sounds endearing ..(= but to use that back on you sounds weirdly contagious ..rash-head..?? Seriously you wanna go there?

Muhammad Rasheed - If you were using it back on me you'd use MY first name.

Tami Bhuiyan -'s really freaky how all these supposed islamicists all got ancestors who went to school in the Salem witch trials era...and they be just picking and choosing things that will rectify years of just gotta say to them dude its ok not everyone can draw a triangle and just watch the lil guy break down in gratitude.

Muhammad Rasheed - ...or sic the authorities on me to give me 80 lashes.

Tami Bhuiyan - True story . But if I were to use your first name it would come out as a compliment-type comment and you know I keep that stuff like red sour candy worms. MINE ALL MINE...u gotta save a little kitty stuck on top of a tree in a lightning storm with rabid dogs surrounding if you want some of that..

Muhammad Rasheed - hm.

Muhammad Rasheed - where do they keep these kitties stuck in trees w/rabid dog attachments again?

Muhammad Rasheed - do they even have "kitties" in Australia? if so, are they really felines/cats or something crazy and/or poisonous?

Tami Bhuiyan - Lol plenty of Hadith are ignored in order for people to "successfully" run a country. The authorities in question are like them terminator robots in my opinion...I don't think they are real people. Dint you ever wonder where all that oil money was going to? Not the country (still listed as third world, more homeless than residents) not the guerilla warfare (they just took the bombs and stuff from the US and went all scorpion when they got caught..) all oil proceeds are going to make robots that look like peeps who are programmed. They probably thought governer arnie look so cool with a ima get my whole department lookin like that..

Tami Bhuiyan - Yes there are kitties everywhere. There is one that habitually gets stuck in a tree near my window, picks a fight with a possum, loses and falls off. Thrice has the kitty instigated a riot with other kitties and the possum had to retaliate by bringing in his cousins from the westside. Not really sure who won the battle..but there is a rather odd looking breed walking around..I have dubbed them kissums.

Tami Bhuiyan - You save that weird lookin kitty from its cage fighting ring, you get the candy (=

Muhammad Rasheed - lol @ "kissums"

Muhammad Rasheed - What does it look like? Tell me an' I'm on it!

Michael Daniels - WHOA....WHOA.....WHOA....WHOA!!!!!!!!... I can too juggle.

Muhammad Rasheed - Psh!!

Michael Daniels - Please tell me "Psh!!" is Arabic for..."Oh, my bad Rev. You're probably pretty good."

Muhammad Rasheed - Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma where are you? This is the thread we're suppose to be bickering in.

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - Surely in the prophet is the best character. Who can explain the quran better than the one who is been sent also there are so many verse that say Allah created plants for man to benefit from. Alcohol is from plant but Allah forbid us taking alcohol. And mind you that verse is not the way u understood it. Please brother check tafsir bin khathir it will explain that verse for you.

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - To clear up what you don't know,islam does not condemn drawing in general but condemn drawing animate objects.

Muhammad Rasheed - Show me in the Qur'an where "Islam" condemns this, please. According to The One who made me, He's the one that taught me the use of the pen... drawing/writing. He never said I can't draw something. But I may be wrong.

Show me.

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - Go read the commentary of those verse. Maybe you read my explanation once more or repeatedly..

Muhammad Rasheed - In case you didn't notice, I thought your explanation was complete nonsense. If God didn't condemn it, then it's not haram. Period. No one else's opinion matters.

Muhammad Rasheed - Allah is the author of what is a sin and what is not. Some people have a serious problem understanding that basic fact. But their problem has nothing to do with reality. Stop preaching stuff as true what is in fact NOT true, but is only your opinion, please.

Muhammad Rasheed - Thanks.

Tami Bhuiyan - My brothers~> Islam is defined as PEACE and a Muslim will be judged ONLY BY ALLAH SUBHANA WA TA ALA on his INTENTIONS ALONE. Not by anyone else~> including but not limited to Islamic scholars, sheikhs, and Cliffs notes. That's all I gotta say about that.

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - @Tami may ALLAH INCREASE you in knowledge. maybe Rasheed only make his sustenance from drawing so is afraid of leaving it

Muhammad Rasheed - TRANSLATION: "I hope you come to realize that other random people are also gods whose opinions matter just as much as the commands of Allah, so if you don’t obey their random interpretations of the deen, then you will be dragged down into hell along those of us who practice shirk."

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - in muslim/bukhary the prophet (saw)said those who make pictures will be asked to put life in it on the day of jugdement and they will not be able to.

Muhammad Rasheed – I heard that in the other thread and already remarked that it is a false hadith that holds no weight to me based on Surah 96… a chapter from the Holy Qur’an, which is the revealed scripture of God on earth.  I notice that you don't really have any kind of argument to give weight to your opinion in this matter, Danjuma.

Tami Bhuiyan - Yes, Inshallah my knowledge will increase and inshallah i will not use this knowledge to benefit my life and people whom I love and pray for. But the second I use this knowledge to judge, belittle or demean others, may Allah take my knowledge away and forgive me.

Muhammad Rasheed - And where is the Qur'anic verse that supports that hadith? Don't you think it odd that Allah Himself... who knows EVERYTHING concerning the unseen... wouldn't have mentioned that at least ONCE?!  Especially considering He told you that He is the One that instructed mankind in the use of the pen?  What do you DO with a pen?

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - to educate once more the prophet said i have been sent with the quran and something like it

Tami Bhuiyan - Gentlemen avoid this discussion~> the holy Quran should not be used as a tool for argument, nor should the words of our beloved prophet sal alaihi wa salam. You wanna get your law and order on, invest in jury duty.

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - if you dont believe in the sayings of the prophet then u are not a muslim

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - TAMI with due respect the guy dont believe in the prophet

Muhammad Rasheed - I also love it when jackasses tell me what I believe or not. lol

Tami Bhuiyan - Surely Allah subhana wa TA ala has mentioned in the Qur'an about judging others, danjuma? Perhaps you should revise the cliffs notes commentary prior to making comments like these.

Muhammad Rasheed - Judging others based on wrongheaded opinions...

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - am not judging him but only telling him to re-proclaim the shadah

Muhammad Rasheed - Sorry but anyone that upholds the hadith OVER the Qur'an is only half a Muslim. Check yourself, Danjuma, because your deen is in danger.

Muhammad Rasheed - (i think this is the new angle i'm going to take, Tami. that was fun. forgive me beforehand at the potential ugly involved. lol)

Tami Bhuiyan - Danjuma..i feel sad for you. When I read Qur'an and then the interpretation and don't understand, I ask my mom and dad to explain. May Allah bless them, they are the only ones who have ever been able to explain to me in a way which made me love Allah and Islam more. Never was there any questioning or judgement to my character, or anyone else's. If you cannot question or EDUCATE without judgement then it is better for you to keep your mouth shut.

Tami Bhuiyan - And no, I don't want to be your friend.

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - well so sorry for people like u who dont believe in the prophet statement they arethe kawarijj whom the prophet has warned us agaist i dont even know am talking to one of them

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - the prophet said those who says my way of life is not pleasing to them surely they are not part of me

Tami Bhuiyan - And Rasheed two wrongs don't make a right bro~> THE HIGH ROAD!!! Take the high road and keep your sadaqahs. Look at your kid~> one day she is going to be in a similar situation unfortunately. Arguing with ignorance promotes ignorance.

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - am very sure peolpe like you dont even know how to observe salat just the the way the prophet has taught us.bcos there is no how you could pray without following the prophet

Muhammad Rasheed - @Tami: I was only kidding (for the most part). lol

Tami Bhuiyan - I'm not going to even bother responding to the fool (WITH ALL DUE RESPECT..).

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - lol he ran away because you dont have point

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - respond

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - or are u tired?

Muhammad Rasheed – This is how it works…

Qur'an says: "Establish regular prayer"
Hadith: Establishes regular prayer
Logical conclusion: Those hadith are CLEARLY authentic. Allah left it up to the prophet to determine how many salats we are to make. No big deal. He could trust the prophet with that task,  no prob.

Qur'an says: "Allah taught you the use of the pen."
Hadith: Claims that using the pen in one of the ways Allah taught will condemn you.
Logical Conclusion: Questionable hadith.

Muhammad Rasheed - I ran away from what? This is MY thread and YOU don't have an argument. You hold onto a lot of worthless opinion though. You may wish to let that stuff go.

Tami Bhuiyan - Oooh I read about this and there was a dr Phil special on...Rasheed have you met this Danjuma character? There are like KKK members on Facebook masquerading as "islamicists" with their sole purpose to instigate anger in other Muslims...hmm..Danjuma..?

Muhammad Rasheed - No, I found him answering on a thread from an old friend. He came out of nowhere with his opinions masquerading as truth to attack me.

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - painter or artist i will pray ALLAH TO GIVE YOU ANOTHER JOB SO THAT YOU CAN STOP DRAWING ANIMATE OBJECT

Muhammad Rasheed - I will pray that He gives you the other half of your missing brain.

If it be His will, of course.

Tami Bhuiyan - Ahh so he COULD actually be billy ray danged joner, one of the KKK rednecked minions? I say excellent training in that department. He even got the same grammatical errors that are found with the middle eastern and Asian populus. How funny.

Muhammad Rasheed - maybe there's a course they take...?

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - TAMI I THOUGHT u ar there to mediate us but is quit unfortunate that u are also igniting the flame. i respect women so much but i wont respond to the insult u vetted on me

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - just stay glue and watch

Muhammad Rasheed - Your feelings are hurt? aww.

Muhammad Rasheed - poor danjuma…

Tami Bhuiyan - Yup run by foghorn leghorn. COZ HO CHI MINH DIDNT COME WITH AN INTERPRETER.

Muhammad Rasheed - makes sense. lol

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - i never insulted you guys u are just feeling boiled by my opinion but you cant help it .

Abdul Waqas - my mom didnt allow me to take art lessons becoz of religious stuffs....... i still hate that day. though i love my mom.

Muhammad Rasheed - From what i can gather from his more recent babbling, he expects you to sit and watch him skillfully dissect my argument and prove me wrong. let me know when that happens, huh? Apparently he's waiting for some unknown big, dramatic moment to reveal this great proof of argument that somehow trumps Surah 96.

Muhammad Rasheed - Danjuma your worthless opinion, which is not backed by anything of truth, IS insulting all by itself.

Tami Bhuiyan - Yep typical of their kind. IN MY FOGHORN VOICE: "we gonna come up there and ima say, IMA SAY we gonna shoot up everthing in sight...what..hold up..what you mean this bed sheet make me look fat??? MOMMMA!!!"

Abdul Waqas - wait. my comment got lost in this fight. so who's fighting with whom? *grabs popcorn* oh btw, anyone who says comedy is a sin, i'll 'bleep' slap that person.

Muhammad Rasheed - [trying to imagine a foghorn leghorn impression filtered through an australian accent]

Muhammad Rasheed -  ...

Muhammad Rasheed - [gives up]

Muhammad Rasheed - [head hurts]

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - is that the only verse you know brother?

Abdul Waqas - awwww how about a freedom pill that clears headache? rasheed i support you completely man and i think being talented in whatever way, is a gift from Allah.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Waqas: This Danjuma character claims that drawing animate objects is haram based on a questionable hadith that lacks any kind of support from the Word of Allah, yet is genuinely surprised when he is treated like a buffoon for this retarded opinion by a Muslim professional cartoonist.

Tami Bhuiyan - Ah this explains it. Freud wrote the book on it but alas the poor child is in denial and won't accept the diagnosis of obvious mother issues. His mom didn't let him draw~> cannot hate his mother~> hence transfers all that hate and rage into people who draw.

Abdul Waqas - abu sulaym: what are you good at?

Muhammad Rasheed - He's good at talking out of the side of his neck...

Muhammad Rasheed - Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma wrote: “is that the only verse you know brother?”

 In this discussion, it's the only one I NEED to know.  What do YOU have?

Abdul Waqas - tami. if you are refering to me, i took those drawings and used in words. and i support drawings

Abdul Waqas - what's danjuma though?

Muhammad Rasheed - No, Tami was using your comment as a possible explanation for Danjuma's issues.

Tami Bhuiyan - Lol. Again, high road. We have established billy ray here is just a trained minion of the foghorn leghorn school of redneck. Ain't nothin more here. Keep the peace, brothers!!! And Abdul lol your mom got you outta art class? Awesome lady(=

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - are creating a team?

Abdul Waqas - haaaaa i see. now i get it. that's what im saying. i used that rage into writings and character creations, delegating between good and evil. what the artist does is conveying the message to its people, that good stands firm against all evil, no matter the evil big or small.

btw, some of the old scholars used drawings of people that connected with islam (except Muhammad pbuh and his associates) to convey people who didnt understand, what was really going on

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - three to one

Abdul Waqas - wait. tami and abu are team? and me and rasheed are? and who is danjuma?

Tami Bhuiyan - Omg this Abdul character is so innocently cute loves it!!!!

Abdul Waqas - so i get it. tami you are confusing sometimes so three to one, i like it *more pepsi please and popcorn too*

Abdul Waqas - NOW I GET IT so danjuma is abu sulaym? *sherlock holmes struck*

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - yes

Abdul Waqas - oh abu, btw sherlock holmes is a fictional character, but he wasnt drawn, he was written. still im in hell if i follow him?

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - ???

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm pretty sure there is a sherlock holmes comic book adaptation somewhere...

Abdul Waqas - you do know that Thor, Captain America (who were drawn) are in the same category of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who (who were written)?

i remember, some idiot, told me that creating fictional characters in books is the same sin as creating them in comics. want to say something about that? or are they not drawn?

Abdul Waqas - yep. i have his 3 books, where with the writings, there are some sketches and they are pretty old rasheed

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - i can give you answer to your question only if i understood what you meant by that

Muhammad Rasheed - ^lol

Muhammad Rasheed - every now and again he actually makes sense.

Muhammad Rasheed - Define "old." (this should be good coming from a 17 year old)

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay, where's this teslim quote you were talking about?

Abdul Waqas - wait. im not 17 :S im 23 somewhat and who's making sense?

Muhammad Rasheed - danjuma for a brief, fraction of a milli-sec.

Muhammad Rasheed - 17. 23. it is all one.

Muhammad Rasheed - Define "old."

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - rashman you need to attend quranic class because u ar very poor in the religion

Abdul Waqas - 1993? and one more book i had that i think my brother in 1984 used when he was in school

Abdul Waqas - Rashman? that's a nice name dude *new character creation*

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - u dont even knw what teslim is poor you> then y the bragging in the deen

Abu Sulaym - Ibrahim Danjuma referring to rasheedd

Abdul Waqas - teslim is music.

Abdul Waqas - Teslim

Muhammad Rasheed - Danjuma said, "u see u dont respond to teslim," and I interpreted that to mean he posted a response quoting teslim. Apparently it was just more babbling (having only half a brain tends to do that to people).

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - teslim means greeting

Abu Sulaym Ibrahim Danjuma - rasheed pls goto class and understand islam better than the way you are

Muhammad Rasheed - What does "teslim" (and my understanding or lack thereof) have to do with Islam again?

Muhammad Rasheed - You speak in half-English, foghorn leghorn speak. It's not my fault I didn't understand what you were talking about. *shrug*

Tami Bhuiyan - HAHAHA this was just the classic laugh that I needed!!! A few things I need to clarify~>...

Tami Bhuiyan - MATE. I don't have an Aussie accent, ORRIGHT?

Tami Bhuiyan - I will never play on the same team as Danjuma unless he (eloquently speaking) grabs a mitt and catches a clue.

Tami Bhuiyan - Abdul why have you never commented on THE RASHMANS posts before? Haha I'm still laughing. And I agree. 23=17

Abdul Waqas - Coz Rashman is what gotham wants, not what it needs right now. He is a silent guardian, a watchful protector... A Rash Knight.

And please, 23 is not 17 Go to hell, people

Muhammad Rasheed - It's only 6 years older. How much different can it be really? I mean really?

Abdul Waqas - smh. fine. im 17.

Tami Bhuiyan - Exactly~> until you turn 25, you still may as well be 16. Don't hate the playa, abby. Thems are the rules. Gotham city is batman...ah I have made the connection!!! He becomes RASHMAN after too many sessions with robin in the bat mobile..??

Muhammad Rasheed - Abdul Waqas wrote: "smh. fine. im 17."

HA!!  I knew it!!  (i always win)

Abdul Waqas - exactly. shame on you Rashman. "sessions" with robin. tsk tsk tsk.

Tami Bhuiyan - I think Robin was an evil mastermind behind the whole thing~> think about it...the dude is classic jan Brady. He never gets the glory, never gets to drive, and is batmans lil bitch WITH NO PAY~>??!! AND he doesn't ever go loco or rebel. Obviously has some vengeful retribution in the making. So he goes and puts some crystals in batmans ribena and seduces him. But he can't figure out how to unzip the bat suit and then out of desperation bangs batman around in the manner of a tomato sauce jar that you can't get the lid off and batman gets heat rash as a result. Completely justifiable~> he got the keys.

Abdul Waqas - in my head: *marry me :O* that, was so brilliant!!! omg! so robin did all this for just the keys to the batmobile? amazing. i want to be robin *sobbing* as in nightwing. not, the gay robin of 1950s. :|

Tami Bhuiyan - Hahaha the gay robin of the 1950s inspired the women's movement I think. Too many wives identify with robin~> don't get to drive, talk back or question the man and don't get paid or laid unless they drug the dude..nightwing robin is after many therapy sessions with the foam bat, milky ways and a dartboard. And he also got the lil superpower in his belt. Batman got no superpower and his ears are misplaced.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't even KNOW a 'Robin!'

Muhammad Rasheed -  >:(

Tami Bhuiyan - Robin is a pseudonym. Be very wary of co workers offering you beverages and looking longingly at your ride..

Tami Bhuiyan - Ah hideous you ate another member of the foghorns crew?

Tami Bhuiyan - Wow autocorrect has made my intended comment so much better!'

Tami Bhuiyan - Seriously Rasheed~> where do you find these generic Barneys? Is this part of some asshole outreach program?

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