Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Extraterrestrial Rude Awakening

Riaan van Niekerk - #WhenTheAliensCome a lot of people will be changing their religious beliefs

Melanin Monroe - Why? Just cuz God created life here doesn’t mean he can’t do it elsewhere. That’s always been my take ♀️

Riaan van Niekerk - Could possibly be.

Muhammad Rasheed - In the Qur'an, God refers to Himself as "Lord of all the worlds," so I'll be straight. It's the folk who think the earth is only 6,000 yrs old who'll have the issues.

Omar Diaz - Or that we came from monkeys...

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm sure the evolutionists will pull some kind of spin out of their butts, until the aliens confirm that melanin is friggin' AWESOME. Then they'll declare war on the aliens and pretend they are an invading force.

They'd rather destroy the whole planet than deal with THAT shit. lol

Omar Diaz - You're absolutely right. Funny enough, people of faiths will be more accepting of alien life than evolutionists and agnostics. #teamaliens

Matt McKinney - wow, calling white people monkeys? That's not racist at all

Muhammad Rasheed - White people invented the concept of "humans evolved from an ape-like common ancestor" and labeled humans "primates."  Obviously they WANT to be monkeys, so how is it racist that I call them what they want to be again?

Matt McKinney - If humans evolved from monkeys, that means that white and black people evolved too. But in this comic, the black people are shown to be KINGZ while white people are attacked and name-called. It’s not hard to admit your prejudice!

Muhammad Rasheed - Humans didn't evolve from monkeys. Whites invented the concept because they wanted to separate themselves from the Book of Genesis origins of the species. They're the ones that want to be monkeys, so I called them that in the cartoon. So how am I being racist?

Matt McKinney - Well you also admit in one of your other comics that it’s ok to hate white people, because they’re the ones who are “systematically oppressing you”

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Are you actually equating white people with white supremacy? Because the latter is the only thing that deserves hatred. Is this what you are admitting in public? That they are in fact one and the same? Tell me.

Matt McKinney
- How is there white supremacy exactly? Cause so far, all I’ve seen white people being seen as a negative trait by the media and racists cartoonists like you

Muhammad Rasheed‏ - All that means, Matt, is that you haven't studied the topic. You believe political talking points are the alpha-n-omega of the issue.

Matt McKinney - Yeah I haven’t studied enough books that tell I’m the devil for being white. And that everything is my fault. I should really catch up on that

Muhammad Rasheed‏
- Admitting to the deficiency is the first step in curing it.

Matt McKinney - I haven't done anything to any person whatsoever based on their skin color. It's racist to assume that all members of one singular race are responsible for everything wrong with your life. "It's all the whites fault!" It's all the blacks fault!" It's the same shit.

Muhammad Rasheed‏ - Matt, it's clear that you have done no research into this subject to even know what the facts are, so your attempts to shut down the people who are read up on the topic absolutely contribute to a white supremacist culture. I'm genuinely sorry to see you gaslighting. It's racist.

Matt McKinney
- Gaslighting is the new term to describe when somebody is proving you and your flawed beliefs wrong

Muhammad Rasheed‏ - lol You're doing it again, Matt.

Matt McKinney - You really don’t have anything to say

Muhammad Rasheed‏ - Oh, is THAT why you're doing all of this triggered trolling on my Tweets? Because I'm NOT saying anything. #SeemsLegit

Matt McKinney - Oh I’m trolling huh? Yeah, people who don’t agree with your racist bullshit don’t have legitimate problems with it, they’re just TROLLING!!

Muhammad Rasheed‏ - Especially once they admit in a public forum that they are unlearned on the topic of discussion, while passionately opinionated about it from a base of willful ignorance. That's the tool kit racist trolls often bring with them.

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  1. Replies
    1. Holy crap. Is your name really "Isaac Gomez," or are you just a StormFront farmed troll wearing a mask? If that IS your real name, does your family still own land in the Caribbean?

    2. shit nigga's pretty offended AHAHAAHHAHAHAHHAAHAH

    3. I love how racist retarded blacks get so self righteous and easily offended

    4. @Hale... I love how racist whites like to redefine the meaning of terms to cover up their wrong, and when you point it out, they rage-out and get offended.

    5. You're the one trying to redefine words. The dictionary definition of racism doesn't mention specific races being the perpetrators or recipients. "Racism is only when whitey is mean to black pipo" is a redefinition your kind made up simply to justify dishing it but not taking it.

  2. Ahahahahaha this is only funny to racist black people

    1. When you don't know racism requires access to institutionL power and Black people don't have that.

    2. no, racism doesn't require institutional control. you can't just change the definition to make yourself feel better about being a bigot racist.

    3. Racism doesn't require the institutionalized control, it IS the institutionalized control of Black people to enable whites to exploit and plunder them. Racism is the theft of Black wealth that prevents the oppressed class from building legacy wealth over generations -- with enforced economic and political disenfranchisement -- in order to uphold the white racist aristocracy. The dictionary definition of the term merely describes the aspects of the "inferior/superior" marketing campaign that whites use to justify in their own minds why it's okay to plunder Black people and ruin their lives so whites can widen the infamous wealth gap.

  3. Replies
    1. America is the biggest 1st World shit hole, though. That's why y'all stay triggered. 😭

    2. If America is such a shithole and you hate living in a country run by white people, why are so many black people still here? There's a whole continent that's run by your kind, what's making you want to stay in the country that's run by the yt devil? If you're not feelin' it, I'll drive you to the airport myself! I definitely won't be crying in bed missing you.

  4. You guys can say what you want and make fun. It's funny to me. And let's not forget that the white man is the creator of rascism. The word wouldn't even exist if not for you guys. So because we're tired of it and find humor in how ridiculous you guys really are now we're rascist gtfoh with that monkeyball bullshit. Then you guys call us monkeys when you all have the small lips pink skin and all over hairy bodies. I don't get it. Smh!!! Stop the bullshit or will it never end.

    1. They don't want it to end. Racism is an economic system; they profit off of oppressing Blacks. They will never willingly stop being racists, that's why it's so important to market it as only shallow name calling about "color/race."

  5. racism=thinking that one race is better than others; so you're basically a racist scum...

    1. racism = 1.) whites plundering the wealth of the Black people to build up their racist aristocracy; 2.) the ideology whites created to justify their racist practices, by convincing themselves they are better than the race they steal from to build up their racist aristocracy