Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pretending to Know

Scooter Alvarez - [shared photo]

A Nailah Arts - Lmaoooooo

Juju Bushman - bwaaaaahahahahaha

Makeda DeJene - Well actually the Bible says to go to doctors. Faith without works is dead. You can pray for healing but if you dont do a thing about it.....

Im agnostic but IJS

Muhammad Rasheed - Makeda FTW.

Atheists making up their version of what they think religion is about fails once again.

Makeda DeJene - Lol!!! Its weird because some of these memes are absolutely hilarious but some are a major reach and you can tell they dont know much about the Bible and thats when you get memes with holes in them

Muhammad Rasheed - I rarely encounter atheists game for a religious discussion who happen to know the principles of the pet religion they personally reject. Almost always their version of the religion is a made up one that is reinforced and believed within atheist hi-five circles, and is Bizarro weird compared to the actual faith.

Muhammad Rasheed - The one in the meme above is a classic one. Who says that "you should just pray" and never work or do anything else other than the atheists? Is that actually in scripture? Of course not, but they believe it is based on a narrow-minded blind faith of what they think religion is about. It's impossible to take them seriously when they only pretend to be champions of learning like that.

Typical Atheist Thinking

1.) Religion: “faith without works is dead” & “tie up your camel and THEN put your faith in God that it won’t wander off”
2.) Atheists: “Why don’t you pray to get to work instead of driving a car?  Don’t you believe in God instead of science?”
3.) Atheists hi-five each other, “Ooo!  Burrrn!”
4.) Religious scholars:  “dafuq?”

Lynne Vance - Funny, when I read the meme above, I think 'why would religious people have difficulty with anyone taking time off of work to reflect on concepts of community, family, reflection, charity, etc.?'

Muhammad Rasheed - ^You just gave the clue to the answer for the meme's holiday question: They happily accept the holiday named after the Deity they reject because it represents a paid day off of work. Why would they turn that down?

Lynne Vance - Your comment seems very skeptical, Muhammad and not very tolerant.

Muhammad Rasheed - Ironic, considering I don't consider the above meme, nor the hi-fiving laughter directly underneath it, to be very 'tolerant' either.

Is this a case of enjoying dishing it out, but don't like when it comes back, or are you going to plead "That was them and not me"?

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Am I supposed to believe that the average atheist enthusiastically accepts the holiday named after the Deity they reject because they can't wait to get home and "reflect on concepts of community, family, reflection, charity, etc.?"

Muhammad Rasheed - hahaha

Lynne Vance - No, I'm sure you will still be the typical judgmental religious person who feels you have the answer to all of life's questions.

Lynne Vance - For the record, I'm not an atheist.

Muhammad Rasheed - As opposed to what? The typical judgmental atheist who feels they have the answer to all of life's questions?

Lynne Vance - Not so much opposed, as exactly the same.

Muhammad Rasheed - Sacred revealed scripture is on earth precisely to give those who believe the answer to life's questions. That's what it's for. That's what those who believe stand on, and it is the Authority that backs them.

What do the atheists have that backs their "typical judgmental" qualities that would qualify their opinions as being "exactly the same" as you claim?

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me.

Scooter Alvarez -

Lynne Vance - Atheists hold no such burden. They are unencumbered by the necessity of proving anything. You have every right to believe in whatever sacred revealed scripture you want to. And atheists have every right to not believe any of it.

Lynne Vance - The original post was just a joke. That's all.

Muhammad Rasheed - In this case, I'm not asking for them to prove anything. I'm asking... if the theist and atheist "typical judgmental" attitudes are exactly the same... but the former's attitude is backed up to justify it... what is the latter's attitude backed by?

In your opinion, nothing backs their arrogance. So not only do they create "jokes" based on an extremely poor understanding of the religions they reject, but absolutely nothing justifies their empty arrogance.

Muhammad Rasheed - Interesting.

Scooter Alvarez -

Muhammad Rasheed - Lynne Vance wrote: "The original post was just a joke. That's all. It's not that serious."

It's actually very serious. Misinformed, ignorant opinion that pretends to be truth, in the deceptive guise of a "joke," actually does a lot of damage. Religion is a deep topic that MOST people lack the patience to study, so it is easier to believe that these types of misinformed meme soundbites actually reflect the truth about the subject in the part of the population who don't believe, or sit on the fence ("I'm spiritual, not religious").

Ignorant misinformation is widely available on a variety of topics, and on this one in particular. The average person thinks these items (that can actually represent a separate religious system all to itself) actually represent what Organized Religion is about, and make major life decisions around this information. They do it all the time. The typical empty arrogance of the atheist/agnostic community is based on false knowledge, and is very dangerous.

Dangerous if you believe in the concept of 'spirit' and the immortality of the soul anyway.

Muhammad Rasheed - But do you. As you say, everyone has the right to believe whatever they wish.  *shrug*

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