Monday, February 20, 2017

A Harmless Encounter Between Special Interests

afrokai - Again I ask can white people be reformed. Do white people even know what reformed versions of themselves look like?

Jeanne Z Gervais ‏- I think so, tho I myself am white, so may be biased. I do think everyone needs to stop catering to our collective fragility.

Black. Queer. God. - I think so.

Dr. Inyourfeels - Yes, but no matter how "woke" or reformed we white folk are/become the one constant: we will fail & let you down

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Considering they're doing the same shit they did in 1870?

They enjoy living in La-La Land. So no.

Dr. Inyourfeels
‏- fair...I literally can't disavow you of that opinion because it's true. Same shit, just different methods/tools.

Muhammad Rasheed - They're the same methods.  They're the same tools.

Muhammad Rasheed
- The exact same mentality, for the exact same reasons.

Muhammad Rasheed
‏- The fury they conjured over the Black POTUS' 2-terms, was the same as the fury kindled over the 8-10 yrs of Reconstruction.

Muhammad Rasheed - When people say, "How can this happen in 2017?!" I wonder what has happened since 1870 to make you confused about this?  What has happened to make you think racism had been cured at some point?

NOTHING has changed.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- There were always good, altruistic, well-meaning, helpful Whites working alongside of Blacks within the last 500 yrs.  They aided us in the Underground Railroad, donated generous sums to Booker T. Washington's efforts, helped the former slaves learn to read, marched with Dr. King, etc., but the presence of that tiny minority didn't keep the worst from happening at all.

Muhammad Rasheed
‏- So it is foolish to believe that the presence of "good White folk" in the midst of the White Supremacist Machine is some kind of proof that the group can be reformed. It just means that among every group there is an outsider fringe.

afrokai - which is why I ask what a reformed white person would look like.

Muhammad Rasheed
- Like a poorly-written fairy tale based on a real-life Black criminal turned militant Black activist.

albert e. wallace - a single reformed person can occur, but as a whole? no. not a chance.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- At most the 'reform" will look like a cowardly death bed confession.

- What do white people believe that their change away from the identity of whiteness will entail?

Muhammad Rasheed - They believe it will entail the karmic payback of power reversal that they fear more than ANYTHING.

Black. Queer. God. - Can cishet Black men who are homophobes be reformed? Transphobes? Misogynists? I've seen us rally around them.

Black. Queer. God.
‏- That is why I answered the original question with "I think so." If someone can be reformed from one ism, then....

afrokai - THANK YOU! I'm trying to balance my own priviliges (cis het black man) against whiteness

afrokai - I've learned (and am still learning) what those identities mean and how they are used to harm others.

Muhammad Rasheed - Do Black men receive the socio-economically empowering equivalent of 'Whiteness' for holding onto homophobia? Do they get to maintain a secular all-powerful rule in which they alone benefit from supporting homophobia?

Muhammad Rasheed
- If a Black man reforms from homophobia, does he have a deep fear that his 500 yr empire will be taken from him?

Black. Queer. God.
- See, just as I suspected, some #RaceFirst bullshit. Deliberately twisting and turning. NOTE: When he talks about white ppl, he mentions white privilege, but when he mentions Blk cishet ppl, he does NOT mention cishet privilege. Niggas get on that Kellyanne tip when it comes to this convo. Hunty, I'm still watching your hands even though your feet are tapdancing.

Muhammad Rasheed
- It's just a question. My opinion on the issue is flexible, and not chiseled in granite like my belief in God. I'm 100% not trying to pick a fight with you; I'm genuinely interested in your insight on the topic.

Black Queer God.
- No, you're not. Have a good night.

Muhammad Rasheed
- Have a good night.

Black. Queer. God.
- *sprays hotep-repellent*

Muhammad Rasheed - hahahahaha

afrokai - um, yeah. We straights have been holding onto hetero normativity FOREVER!

Muhammad Rasheed
- I have zero fear that if I support gay rights, that I will be socio-economically excluded from society by homosexuals. Holding onto a mentality because of empty tradition is different than deliberately holding people back to maintain an empire. There's zero risk in Black males reforming from homophobia. There's 100% risk in Whites reforming from systemic racism.

Muhammad Rasheed
- Whites pissed themselves when Obama was elected because they assumed it meant that Blacks were now about to fairly compete with them and have the opportunity to reverse the power block in our direction. They feared the idea of revenge.

No Black male has the equivalent fear of the concept of a gay POTUS. Why would he?

afrokai - please don't derail the conversation like this? Black. Queer. God. is pointing out a nuance that matters right now

Muhammad Rasheed
‏- I'm not trying to derail it, just following the thread she's fleshing out. I think my questions are connecting both.

afrokai - @Black. Queer. God... that was...horribly predictable. Sorry for wasted your time on him.

Black. Queer. God.
- I'm now going to change my answer and say that no, none of the above can be reformed. So we should permanently cancel anyone for ANY ism.

Muhammad Rasheed - I disagree. Black males can be reformed from homophobia because there is nothing tethering them to it stronger than empty traditions. The number one tool Whites use to maintain their racist empire is MONOPOLY of wealth/power. Enslaving/destroying their competition is how they built their empire, so they have zero incentive to reform. Reforming for them means giving up their hoarded power, and sharing with people they fear will take revenge.

Black. Queer. God. - I said good night sir.

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay! I was just sayin'...

Muhammad Rasheed
- Plus I was hoping to draw someone more game into the discussion since you threw a rock at me and ran.

Black. Queer. God. - You weren't asking to learn. You were asking to dismiss. So I refused to engage.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'll admit that my 'voice' may have come across harsh/dismissive because I'm usually counter-trolling anti-Islam jackasses. But I SWEAR I was 100% asking because I genuinely wanted to read your insights into my questions.

If the 'hotep pepper spray' IS your insight, then that's fine. I'll scribe that into the ledger.

Black Queer God. - First, acknowledge male privilege, cis privilege, and hetero privilege.

Muhammad Rasheed
- I admit these items freely as I recognize your complaints as societal truths. Of COURSE I hold privileges over other traditionally marginalized groups in the social hierarchy. And of COURSE it is unfair. I watch with interest as the LGBTQ community builds an effective political lobby to force policies into law that help change the socio-political landscape in their favor. Good for them. Sincerely.

Black. Queer. God. - Good night. I'm not going down this #RaceFirst road with you. Y'all say the same pathological shit.

Muhammad Rasheed - You do not agree?  The LGBTQ lobby seems stronger than any half-assed pro-Black lobby out there.

Black. Queer. God. - See?

Muhammad Rasheed
- See, how am I going to see your view point if you keep spraying me in the eyes with that shit? lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Just tell me. From what I see, you're building what you need from the political side. What's the problem?

The LGBTQ lobby seems stronger than any half-assed pro-Black lobby out there.

You don't care to have that discussion? If you have evidence that proves my opinion wrong then let me see. I am open. I do not consider you my enemy. I'm NOT trying to pick a fight. I just want to talk about it. I don't have these conversations, so I probably DO have a bunch of stuff floating in my head that you've already debunked.

Muhammad Rasheed
- Oh, and I do admit that the racism issue doesn't negate the fact that I DO hold societal privileges over you as a heterosexual.

Muhammad Rasheed
- You poo-poo the political angle, but that is a conspicuously effective tool of your group. I admire it.

It wasn't lost on me that after afrokai started a specifically racism-themed topic you derailed it towards the LGBTQ issue packet, and then got mad at me for linking your inserted topic with the racism topic we were discussing. And then you promptly made it all about you with full indignation plumage, as if I was the one that derailed it.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- It was very clever. Masterful, in fact. There is clear political craft-tools at work here. That's not a bad thing though.

I'm just acknowledging. Well done.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Today I noticed for the first time that there is a clear effort to supplant anti-racism activism from rival special interest groups.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Am I expected to take this at face value, and attack the equally marginalized groups, tricked by the true enemy's puppetry? I'd like to think I'm a bit too 'woke' to fall for that clear okie-doke designed only to support White Supremacy. Stop.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Defending Caliphs

Param - Koran was compiled in a similar fashion as Hadith

Muhammad Rasheed
‏- Meanwhile, it was compiled by Zayd with the prophet's supervision. *shrug*

Param ‏- *rolling eyes upward* Ras, you have a lot to learn

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Muhammad (pbuh) definitely compiled the Book with Zayd's help.

Param - If Mo complied the Koran Why did Uthman have a process to verify the authenticity?

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- The problem is with the question you've asked, not the history of events. You have the history itself wrong.

Muhammad Rasheed
‏- There were tribes in the region that spoke different Arabic dialects than the Hejaz of the prophet.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- The Hejaz dialect was actually of their version of the bourgeois class, with the Quraysh and other aristocratic tribes speaking it as a matter of pride. Uthman was himself sensitive & biased against those dialects of lesser prestige, of course, and even the IDEA of hearing the Qur'an recited using less than his beloved prophet’s own Hejaz was unthinkable to him. His entourage reflected his sentiment, and took it further with a paranoid angle: What if the different dialects led to the same eventual corruption the previous scriptures had?

All of this was enough to freak the caliph out, and he ordered all non-Hejaz books destroyed.

Param ‏- Know the vile book better than you Rasheed  :D

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Don't be silly.

Param - Ras You have no clue of Arabic Yet claim to understand Islam Who is silly here? :D

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Who told you that "learning Arabic" was one of the 5 Pillars of Islam? Hm? lol

Param ‏- Where did I mention learning arabic was one of the 5 pillars?

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- You keep insisting it's something Muslims HAVE to do, right? You think it's a Pillar.

Param ‏- BTW you were a marine? Heard somewhere of your claim

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you care? That's a little off topic, yes? Do you think the Prophet was in the USMC, too? Lol

Deplorable Vet - YOU WERE NEVER A MARINE. You have no honor and no patriotism. You aren't worthy to lick their boots

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- White supremacists aren't qualified to say who is a patriot or not, DV. Stand down. Honor is alien to you.

Deplorable Vet - You have no concept of honor

Muhammad Rasheed
‏- [VIDEO] White Couple Adopted 2 Black Daughters To Kill Them

Deplorable Vet

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- The real issue is a savage white supremacist believing he can instruct in "honor." Stand down.

Deplorable Vet - where was instruction?

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Word semantics is your response to evil white supremacist christians adopting Black children & slaughtering them.

Deplorable Vet -

Muhammad Rasheed - So? Slavery has always existed, but it was never delegated to a specific racial phenotype, nor has a whole group been considered less than human to justify it, and exclude them from society as a 2nd class.

Deplorable Vet
- YOU justified Muhammad saying to rape slaves was justified Bc you said they were 2nd class

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- "Slave" is a class all by itself, not a "2nd class." Any race or ethnic group can be in the slave class.

Deplorable Vet - Are you a second class citizen?

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- I'm deliberately excluded from the socio-economic mainstream of the society I helped build, DV. Of course I am.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- I'm in a continuous 500 yr long war with the wealthy elite class of Western society fighting for equal opportunity.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Compare THIS and THIS

…with these tactics.

Deplorable Vet - So stop crying about history and blaming the world for YOUR inadequacies. Do something to change your life

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm not blaming 'the world' for anything. I'm calling YOU out for your evil, scumball. You are a coward & a piece of shit for passing the responsibility. "Man up."

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- The vid clip and other links proves that you haven't changed since the 17th century. What would YOU know of 'honor,' creature?

Deplorable Vet -

Muhammad Rasheed - A GOP joke is your response to evil white supremacist christians adopting Black children & slaughtering them.

Deplorable Vet -

Muhammad Rasheed ‏-

Deplorable Vet - You are delusional

Muhammad Rasheed - You are a coward snowflake. "Man up."

Deplorable Vet - Everyone You make up races for ppl online in your head. Victim mentality is a pathetic impotent positions. Man up

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Victim mentality is your response to evil white supremacist christians adopting Black children & slaughtering them.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- But you think to tell ME about "honor," do you, creature?

Deplorable Vet
- Who is responsible?

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- You.

You had the choice, long ago, to side WITH me against our common foe, but you sold us out.
The 30 pieces of silver you accepted was in the form of "Whiteness." The White identity politics that drives you. In exchange you became his slave takers, slave breakers, bounty hunters, overseers, and cops. And while you were abusing ME, he continued to hate your guts, and treat you like shit, and withhold the wealth. Even today he says that you aren't shit, never wanted shit, and will never be shit. He's the one that named you "cracker," remember? While he's manipulating you into holding me down, you're feeling angrier and angrier with every passing generation... and falsely directing it towards me. The REAL reason you hate Muslims, Blacks, Latinos, and everybody else... is because he’s using YOU, as always, to die in maintaining and protecting HIS wealth and property. While giving you the crumbs.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- So don't tell me about "honor," asshole. Enjoy your empty "Whiteness" consolation prize.

Deplorable Vet - you have equal opportunity
You choose to shackle yourself to a victim mentality and follow a racist prophet. The only thing you are a victim of is your attitude and abilities.

Muhammad Rasheed
‏- I know you didn't bother to look at the reality of those voter suppression links. I didn't really expect you to.

Muhammad Rasheed - I am in an active war with someone continuously trying to return me to chains so he can get richer.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- As I fight back and demand my inalienable, God-given rights, his pet pit bull keeps tells me nothing is wrong and I'm just "playing victim."

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- I told you that you're not strong enough in The Force to keep me in The Matrix with your will alone, DV.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- I WILL defend myself when you inevitably accept that fact, and y'all start putting those hoods on again.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- SEMPER FI, motherfucker.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

BATTLE MODE: Duel with the 'Alt-Right'

Kurt Eichenwald - Trump insulted or undermined our allies in Australia, Germany, Britain & Mexico. So far.

But that Mr. Putin fellow? He looks mah-velous.

Steve Wilkinson - Probably because Putin (despite all his faults) is actually making more sense these days.

Kurt Eichenwald ‏- Putin murdered babies this weekend. Potential opponents arrested & killed. Our spies having their covers blown. This makes sense?

Steve Wilkinson - How many children (& other innocents) have died in Libya, Syria, etc? Did I hear you complaining about Obama & Hillary?

nfb11 - how many innocent ppl died in Quebec, thanks to your party's hatred, Steve? "Christian" my eye!

Steve Wilkinson - Holy fright, these leftists are insane!

nfb11 - yes. I'm a leftist bc I don't support spewing enuf hatred about Muslims to incite ppl to shoot them while they pray. So radical

Right wing Christians are the problem. Not leftists. Not even centrists like myself, you nutter.

Steve Wilkinson - So... looking at your twitter stream, you think you're centrist? Heh. I'd be scared to see a real leftist then. :)

nfb11 - yes. Go support Kellie Leitch and get some more innocents killed, eh?

Steve Wilkinson - Huh?

Black Girl Justice - @Steve… You are no Christian apologist.

Steve Wilkinson - How so?

Black Girl Justice - Christianity needs no apologists.

Steve Wilkinson - Or theologians, or historians, etc? :) LOL (Do you even know what that is? tip: Google might know.)

Black Girl Justice - Since you being condescending I'm done. Misogyny, sexism don't set well with me.

Steve Wilkinson - Condescending (misogyny, sexism)??? If you know what Christian apologetics is, then why your comments?

Black Girl Justice - Why is it white men on here always assume lack of knowledge when someone disagrees. That was your 1st thought...

Steve Wilkinson
- And, it's a bit inconsiderate to assume I identify as male, and treat me that way because of my skin color, don't you think?

((CHURCHLADY320)) - It's not your color, it's your mind and attitudes that are objectionable.

Steve Wilkinson ‏- Example?

- Your snotty reaction to her. It was patronizing. That's where I jumped in. Enough already.

Steve Wilkinson - Maybe you missed her initial posts to me?

((CHURCHLADY320)) - I did. Don't need to see those to see what you said and how you said it.

Steve Wilkinson ‏- Contextually challenged, I see. Racism/sexism blinders in place. Full speed ahead.

((CHURCHLADY320)) - See? Your default position when critiqued. Since I'm white, it makes no sense. So puff your privilege alone. I'm done.

Steve Wilkinson - You said that I'm no Christian apologist, and Christianity needs no apologists. Please defend either point. U can read my work.

Black Girl Justice - 2 Timothy 2:14

Steve Wilkinson - That's re: quarreling WITHIN THE BODY about meaningless issues.

Steve Wilkinson - Black Girl Justice wrote: Why is it white men on here always assume lack of knowledge when someone disagrees.”

Because what you said made no sense. Why bring race/sex into this? What has that to do with anything? Do you have an agenda?

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- @Steve... Your support of several known "PUA" and "alt-right" concepts on your wall demonstrate race/sex are very relevant here.

Steve Wilkinson - Like?

Muhammad Rasheed - hahahahahaha Stop, Steve.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Don't be fake.  Just own your stuff and the discussion will be more fruitful. Being fake only reveals your own agenda

Muhammad Rasheed - Steve, the record shows you making clear racist/misogynistic potshots towards Black Girl Justice in typical PUA/alt-right ways.

Steve Wilkinson ‏- Example? (Note: I don't subscribe to the silly idea that only white males can be racist/sexist.)

Muhammad Rasheed - Please note that I don't take straw man arguments at face value. I'm not interested in playing your games as I am busy.

Steve Wilkinson ‏- Clearly. ;)

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh, look... Steve has a folder full of racist lynch reference effigies. Raise your hand if you're shocked.

Steve Wilkinson - If you've got something particular in mind, I'll be happy to discuss.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- After catching you red-handed doing it, what makes you think I'd trust you to have a civil discussion without more fake?

Muhammad Rasheed  -  I'm aware it is part of alt-right practices to pretend to be otherwise. Again, you don't have to be fake. You are seen.

Steve Wilkinson - I could care less about alt-right. Labeling someone as something as a tactic to think you've won, is also pretending.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Labeling someone according to their clear Twitter posting/retweeting record is: "Elementary, my dear." It's not hard.

Steve Wilkinson - Maybe because I've demonstrated a civil conversation (unlike many of those responding). Example? U'r making accusation

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Please note that I don't consider your documented history of racist/sexist potshots to be "civil conversation."

Muhammad Rasheed - Just the opposite in fact. You are seen and thus outed, sir.  Please perform actual civil conversation.  Thank you.

Steve Wilkinson - Thus says M. Rasheed.   ;)

Muhammad Rasheed - Indeed.  Take careful notes.

Steve Wilkinson - Sorry, I'll know better next time. Thanks for your wisdom.

Muhammad Rasheed - Once I clear my plate I'm coming to start an argument with you. I hope I find your A-Game.

Muhammad Rasheed - Feel free to use the 'Dial-A-Friend' option. 

When You Bring a Logical Fallacy to a Gun Fight

Muhammad Rasheed -  #ThanksTrump

America’s Looming War with Iran: What You’re Not Being Told

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s grandiose U.N. speech in 2015 claiming Iran was moments away from making nuclear weapons was contradicted by his own intelligence agencies, who stated Iran was “not performing the activity necessary to produce nuclear weapons.”

Still, regime change in Iran and Syria has always been the ultimate goal of Israel, even in the face of this intelligence. In 2013, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren, told the Jerusalem Post:

“The initial message about the Syrian issue was that we always wanted [President] Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran.”

According to the Post, Oren said this was the case even if the other “bad guys” were affiliated to al-Qaeda.

What does this mean? Exactly what it says: Israel prefers al-Qaeda – the group allegedly responsible for 9/11 – to the current governments of Iran and Syria.

Iran’s support for the designated terror group Hezbollah has all but been confirmed, but bear in mind that Hezbollah is one of the ground forces currently battling ISIS – the terror group that Trump singled out as his highest priority.

Even so, the United States Congress is currently debating a bill that would “authorize the use of the United States Armed Forces to achieve the goal of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.” Congress might actually pass a law that will directly allow the U.S. military to strike Iran, even before there is any evidence that they pose a threat.

In a further attempt to provoke Iran, Trump’s travel ban list includes Iran, a country whose citizens have never once attacked the United States. The list excludes Saudi Arabia, the country that produced almost all of the 9/11 hijackers. Even Forbes admitted that since 1975, no Americans have been killed in terrorist attacks in the U.S. by citizens of the countries included in the ban.
To top things off, at the end of January, the U.K. and the U.S. will take part in operation “Unified Trident,” a joint exercise in the Persian Gulf that will simulate a military confrontation with Iran.

Before taking office, Trump stated he would dismantle the nuclear agreement with Tehran. Trump’s vow to wholeheartedly support Israel raises the possibility of granting Israel the confidence to attack Iran without any prior approval, thereby forcing the U.S. to come to Israel’s aid once the fight escalates.

Stephen Wilkinson - this makes no sense and ignores the fact that WWIII ( the Cold War) has already ended and we are in WW IV ( The Cyber / Economic Wars )

Muhammad Rasheed - That was Cold War I.

Stephen Wilkinson - lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you say it makes no sense?

Stephen Wilkinson - The premise in the preview is bullshit.  The article itself is bullshit, makes claims outright and in passing that are not factual, and the site is a bullshit, FAKE NEWS SITE.

Jesus fucking christ man ... "Antimedia" does ANYTHING not SCREAM "fake news" to you?

smfh.  :(

Muhammad Rasheed - My problem with your post is that it conflicts with that fact that every main point the article makes is linked to a "pro media" legit source, on items we've already been tracking for years. None of this stuff is new, we're just dot-connecting for analysis. Your casual dismissal based on the web address without even checking that brings your own credibility in question, and based on a classic genetic fallacy at that. Lazy.

I appreciate your role of professional skeptic, but you have to try harder. Your annual performance review is coming up shortly anyway.

Stephen Wilkinson - @Muhammad Rasheed… wrong - the site is a non purveyor of fake news, bullshit, and malware.

The link to legitimate sites true, but do so making claims that are either not supported at ALL by the site(s) they link to, are taken out of context or are irrelevant.

By doing so, they add an indicator of authenticity to their work which is not deserved.

Conspiracy based fake news has long been created for the consumption of the gullible right wing, now they are crafting it for the likes of you as well

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you trying to bluff me? Can you tell, based on your own report sheet, that the website in question is NOT aligning with the "blacklist/malware" tags? The chink in your armor, Amigo, is a pride-ego problem. Let it go. Genetic fallacies do not win arguments. Go away.

You lost points on your annual appraisal btw.

Stephen Wilkinson - they are hosted by the same dedicated server and all route through the same name server. Sorry if I did not make it clear.

The sites are designed to be shared by the gullible and, when enough critical mass is reached, used to launch and distribute malware among other things

Keep trying grasshopper, but your critical skills are not up to snuff

Muhammad Rasheed - What does routing through the same server have to do with content of the different sites that use that server?

You're not REALLY trying to make the argument that all like kinds only use the same server types, are you?  >:(

Muhammad Rasheed - You cannot win an argument with the genetic fallacy. It's a logical fallacy for a reason, sport.

Dig into the site, and prove your claims using the content itself if you want your annual appraisal report to NOT have a D- on it.

Muhammad Rasheed - Go.

Stephen Wilkinson - gtfo with Genetic fallacy bullshit - you are using "Cheap Fallacy Terms 101" to debate with! LOL

Lets start off with the web development / hosting knowledge you obviously dont have and which clearly has you at a disadvantage in participating.

1. Shared server
2. Dedicated server.

On a shared server account, GoDaddy, 1and1 etc, you generally have THOUSANDS of sites hosted on the same server, each getting a little slice of memory and cpu and are totally out of your control.

On a DEDICATED server, you have a machine (or VMS) DEDICATED for your use, and you have ROOT access to configure the server,and run any apps or sites you want.

Many times ( and I discussed this with you last year) you may determine who runs an otherwise secret site by finding the other sites running on the dedicated server and looking for information disclosure on THOSE sites.

In any event, after our free school lesson, the finding is that "" is but one of several bullshit sites configured on the same primary dedicated server, designed to create articles that trigger sympathetic emotions in gullible idiots thus promoting social media sharing

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I'm pointing out the formal term of the fallacy you are actually performing. I'm not going back and forth with you over a genetic fallacy, Stephen. According to your own chart, antimedia is NOT a blacklist/malware site. So stop it. You lost that argument the second you showed me that graphic.

Get into the site, and make your argument for why the political tensions currently on the table will NOT lead to war on Iran and thus another World War.


Stephen Wilkinson - 1 + 0 = 10 ... "prove it doesnt" lol

Good luck with your fool's errands  :P

not how war works, not at all.

the article has all the bait needed to hook YOU it seems  :):)

Muhammad Rasheed - "Not how war works" doesn't compute. Russia and China are protecting Iran, and Israel WANTS to attack them. If they pull another "Six-Day War" type of sneak attack on Iran, Trump will definitely help them, and we will defacto be at war with Russia and China at that point who will come to defend.

What about that scenario makes it "wacko" and "out of left field?" Trump's or Israel's behavior/history thus far? You're not making a lick of sense right now.

Stephen Wilkinson - ^ your article is not proof of a #*@#@ hypothetical

Muhammad Rasheed – How would you know?  You're not even trying right now because you're too busy trying to prop up your nonsense genetic fallacy.

Go away, Steve-O. You get an "F." You officially suck at debate.

Stephen Wilkinson - lol

.. A friend is typing a comment...

^ ( its gonna be bullshit )


Muhammad Rasheed - lol Bye!!

Stephen Wilkinson - I was right!  *thumb up*

Thursday, February 2, 2017

An Equal Opportunity Satirist

Rasheed, Muhammad. "Remo's Bipartisan Admonition." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 02 Feb 2017. Brush & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Muhammad Rasheed - The Destroyer novels used to have the reputation for an equal, merciless satirizing of both conservatives AND liberals, this being the reason a person like me could be a fan in the first place. That didn't stop until William Patrick Murray left the books in the late '90s, and then shortly there after the properties took a dramatic Right-leaning, exclusively pro-GOP focus. The difference was equally sudden and dramatic for me.

I'll admit that the way they are now disappoints me, and in my own TALES OF SINANJU: THE DESTROYER comics, I made sure to return the stories to their roots with the equal "both political sides get it" format.

Chris Ivanovich - I noticed the transition. I figured it would swing back and forth based on who was in office, but it didn't necessarily seem to go that way. I'm a HUGE fan for 3 decades now. I powered through "the dark times" (you guys know the stories). But one I couldn't power through was the novella "Number Two". That was leaned so hard to the right all of the humor fizzled and it was, essentially, a political scree. Politics is secondary in a Destroyer book (at least for me). First is always the relationship between Remo and Chuin.

Muhammad Rasheed - Agreed. Politics is the background of the novels as filtered through CURE and the Legend of Sinanju. It should never overpower the latter two, which are the heart & soul of the Destroyer-verse.

Todd Pack - Agreed on both counts.

Max Warden - I agree. I'm a left wing weenie but had no problem with the 70s and 80s swipes, they were funny and made me laugh. I also think P.J. O'Rourke is funny but not Dennis Miller.

William Patrick Murray - Warren told me that we were equal opportunity offenders... I followed that dictum religiously....

Muhammad Rasheed - I certainly appreciated it.

William Patrick Murray - Satire to be valid must not have any blind spots...

William Patrick Murray - Most importantly, we were entertainers first. Turning off readers of any stripe was tantamount to suicide, especially in a series that was aging....

William Patrick Murray - I also noted from reader comments that many readers were oblivious to some of the politics.

Todd Pack - I started reading in the early/mid '80's when I was in my early/mid teens. I noticed and enjoyed the "both political sides get it" format early on.

Randolph John Carter, Author
- Probably depends on when you came in. That vision colored the view from that point forward and backward.

I think you'll like 152 then. :)

Joel Yohn - @Muhammad... thanks for bringing this up. It has been bothering me for a while now too. Nice to know I'm not alone.

Dennis C Patterson Jr - This is something I just consciously noticed in the most recent Legacy novel.

Victor Donald Smith - I tend not to write aboujt current events, but right now there is incredible material for satire coming from both sides.

Victor Donald Smith - You have raised an interesting question. I have been thinking about it. And of course I am handicapped, as my books are in storage away from here.

My wife is planning on moving later this year, of course when, and to where except for a general location, in Arizona, I have no idea what that will be. As I am much dieabled, my role is saying “Yes Dear,”

So I only have memory at this time. But in the time frame you mentioned, the books were mainly written by writers not much connected with the series origins. Following the formula. More or less, the greater use of liberals as targets of satire, might have been the idea of the writers, or it may have been the editors ideas who you had to pay attention too, or even the preferred bias of the publisher.

Then again there were fewer books, which would not help highlight the anti-liberal bias. I know that downturn, it caused me to begin my fan fiction to a large part.

I know there were targets from both sides, but I cannot verify how many and who.

Of course the far fewer volumes the past few years didn’t help either.

Then current events often spawned ideas throughout the series. And the last 8 years the US has been under democratic rule, so it makes for obvious targets for books to use.

Unfortunately I do not have more to go on. I tend to read the books and then shelve them for later years review. I don’t keep notes on them from initial readings.

That is the best I can offer at this time.

Joseph Patrick - Almost every medium is liberal...we get AM radio and a book series. Deal with it. LOL

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I'll deal with the GOP's appropriation of my beloved Destroyer stories by fighting it, Joseph. This doesn't make the books better for them to be written that way, to make Rush Limbaugh's opinions to be the focus of the series. That by default makes the stories garbage.

Joseph Patrick - That's your opinion. My opinion is that anything liberal is trash.

Muhammad Rasheed - You don't believe that. The fact that most of your demographic is on welfare/food stamps and really needs the "safety net for the poor" item of the liberal agenda, means you would be a self-hater to really think that way.

The problem is that you've been brainwashed to believe that the GOP ideas should be pursued, and liberal ideas should be vilified, no matter what. No matter whether it conflicts with common sense, or your own people's self interest.

Joseph Patrick - It's a known fact that most people on welfare are Caucasian... It's also a known fact that 300 people have been shot in liberal stronghold Chicago in the first 30 days of 2017. Most blacks in prison were illiterate high school drop-outs when they entered prison. I could keep going if you want to do a tit-for-tat race thing. But it's ugly, and I don't like it. Pointing out liberal idiocy all day to a liberal who embraces the trash they do kinda wrecks my Friday vibe.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) The Prison Industrial Complex, and the 'War on Drugs' laws and policies that are its life blood, were mostly put into place by conservatives, and capped off by Bill Clinton, who was doing his "tough on crime!" impression of the conservatives at the time. These same decades old policies and the multi-connected industries that build wealth from them, are responsible for the increases in poverty, class warfare, revolving door school-to-prison-pipeline and the resulting violence that comes with them. This has nothing to do with the liberal agenda and everything to do with the wealth & power hoarding agenda of the conservative side.

2.) Most Blacks are in prison because of unfair laws and policies that target them in order to feed the Prison Industrial Complex. Lighter sentences for cocaine possession compared to crack possession was a hallmark of this Black-targeted unfairness that even Newt Gingrich acknowledged. Your belief that all those Blacks are in there because they can't read is an ignorant one. To say the least.

3.) You're not equipped for a "tit-for-tat race thing" with me because the facts of history are on my side in such a debate. You prefer to be indoctrinated with GOP ideology because you enjoy the low-level White Identity Politics aspects of it. That's all.

Joseph Patrick - Sorry... I fell asleep after something about prison pipe-line. All I heard was, "Wah-wah-wah...I'm a victim." LOL

Muhammad Rasheed - That's adorable since your demographic is the one currently cowering behind guns & walls, while also the one MOST dependent upon the government free money teat.

No one bitches and whines more than you lot. That was the background noise of Trump's campaign, remember?

Michael Sa - Personally, I don't want a political diatribe, monologue or theorizing on current politics in the series at all... I don't read fiction to think about reality; I want to go on a wild ride with Gerald Welch, Randolph John Carter - Author, Warren William Patrick Murray, and any of our other beloved authors involved and see what happens to my favorite characters. If it adds to the book, great; if it adds a chuckle, even better, but if the book gets too politicized, I just smile, nod and move on.

Todd Pack - Well said. Like Mr. Rashid pointed out, politics might be the backdrop, but it's about the characters. Which are some of the best ever in my opinion.

Todd Pack - My apologies, Mohammed Rasheed, for spelling your last name wrong........

Joseph Patrick - What I like about the conservative slant is that the book's hands aren't tied by politically correct namby-pamby limp-wristed bed-wetting bleeding- heart tripe.

Max Warden - Harold Smith was always a little uncomfortable with working outside the Constitution. He never voted for a President but served the country. I always liked him as a moral compass.

Muhammad Rasheed - The conservatives have their own version of "PC" that they've always operated under; they only pretend to celebrate limitless free speech. As usual, they believe in it until it checks their behavior, then they have a namby-pamby, limp-wristed, bed-wetting tantrum.

Michael Sa - Politically correct? Uhm... We're talking about Remo; his job is to assassinate with a smile.

William Patrick Murray - If you're reading a novel and find yourself on the receiving end of a lecture, whether or not you agree with the lecture, you are reading the work of either an amateur or a crank...

Michael Sa - How about Ayn Rand: Atlas Shrugged?

William Patrick Murray
- Both

Michael Sa - Amateur and Crank? Ayn Rand... ouch! :(

Bryan Hassenpflug - As a confirmed Liberal Democrat I actually loved them, started reading them when they first came out, and was lucky enough to have short story published in the New Blood book. the equal irreverence of the books was one of the main drawing points.

John Nielson - leftist thinking was always something Remo despised (for the obvious reasons), to not have noticed this for all these years is as odd as not grasping what 'obvious reasons' means

Muhammad Rasheed - The established opinion of the individual characters is different from the tone of the series itself. The longest running Destroyer novel ghost writer admitted in this thread that Warren instructed him to be an "equal opportunity offender." Recently the series took a different turn, alienating many in the fan base. That's not right, nor is it good business practice. Continuing to satirize both sides of the aisle when politics comes up is the best way to write these books.

William Patrick Murray - Longest-running and most prolific. 40 books, most solo....No one else comes close....

Muhammad Rasheed - The way Will wrote the series IS the Destroyer as we know it. It doesn't make sense to not use his approach as the template to how it should be done, as I have with my comics. To force the series into a radical, strictly partisan direction will deliberately cut the Destroyer property's throat. At that point the larger fan base can only hope that Shane Black's film version would be able to return it to an intelligent and fairly balanced center to rekindle the readership to new heights.

William Patrick Murray - The way Dick & Warren wrote the series is the template. But the audience for these books was changing and I wrote consciously for the 2nd generation of new readers...the ones who few up on Rock & Roll & Marvel Comics. My generation. I was 20 years younger than the creators and I had to hold onto the old readers as well as capture new ones. Hence my promoting the series in venues for comic book readers and in the pages of Starlog magazine....

Remo Williams - As is only correct!

John Grace - I think if you can read Mugger Blood and still stick with the series, you can handle any direction the series takes without being offended. But I don't care for the politics of either side being blatant in the books. I prefer re-reading the Pinnacle run because of their brevity, and I'm too young to know the politics of the era, so that stuff is easily ignored. It also doesn't get in the way of the action, humor, sex and myth; the elements that drew me to the series when I was 13. I noticed the sex was seemingly non-existent in many of the post-Pinnacle books. Maybe they noticed all the young readers?

Muhammad Rasheed - For me the negative aspects are easily ignored when the series' writers stick to the "equal opportunity offenders" of it's roots. It only becomes out of line when the series is usurped by Rush Limbaugh mouth pieces in an unprecedented one-party partisan direction.

Victor Donald Smith - Having lived through the era, they skewered everyone equally, and often it could be perceived as offensive, I just saw it as satire. For myself though I don't choose to use much social satire, not my skill.

Muhammad Rasheed - As long as the "equal skewering" fairness is maintained, any offense is easily dismissed.

Joseph Patrick - The 8 years Obama was in office, did CURE disband? I'm not that far along in the series.

Muhammad Rasheed - No spoilers! Grow up.