Thursday, April 28, 2011

Madea versus Mammy


Because black actors were only allowed to do certain roles in the beginning of American stage/screen work, modern black actors shouldn't be allowed to perform any role that may even remotely remind certain viewers of those old roles? That's unfair and over-the-top. That's not what freedom looks like. Freedom says, "Now you can perform whatever role you wish, guilt-free based on where ever your creative muse guides you. Now you are truly equal." You are trying to impose a new cage, a new Coloreds Only sign based on nothing but baggage and that's some bullsh*t. I would agree with you if Madea was wearing blackface, was a servant in a white home, shuffling when she walked, and talking like Rochester. Then sure. Shy of that then the "Madea is an offensive stereotype" argument is just as dumb as the 'birther' stance.
Madea Cartoon Study #2

Madea versus Mammy

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

WILD HUNT: Secret Origins by M. Rasheed

This quick tale functions as a sneak peak of sorts for the upcoming WILD HUNT: Aspects of Death graphic novel which takes part within the expanded Monsters 101 universe.