Thursday, June 28, 2018

Black Americans versus Politics

Black Content - Any black person calling themselve a Democrat or Republican, I honestly question your mental state.


Muhammad Rasheed - To be fair, we haven't organized and worked a political party the way we are supposed to for maximum gains since Reconstruction. 150 yrs of whites sabotaging your ballot makes me think this meme is just a propaganda scheme of our enemy.

Black Content‏ - Both parties have had more than their fair share of time to reverse some of the damage they caused us, but haven't. Neither can name 10 policies/laws they have passed that benefited blacks only. The ballots aren't the only thing they sabotaged.


Muhammad Rasheed - The party itself is just a tool. We knew that back when we still had healing chain scars on our limbs. The special interest groups use the tool for political influence. Somewhere along the way we forgot that fact, and started waiting for the other groups to do OUR work for us.

Black Content - I beg to differ, both parties are trash and have continued to sabotage blacks throughout Amerikkkaz racist history. I'm not claiming either one

Muhammad Rasheed - Both will continue to be trash, begrudgingly giving us scraps here and there (only for their rivals to immediately snatch away) if we don't start organizing as a Black Political Bloc and doing the work ourselves. It doesn't matter which since the party itself is just a tool.

Black Content - Hows is asking to be treated humanely a special intetest? Civil rights isn't asking for something special. Is asking police to stop killing blacks is special to you?


Muhammad Rasheed - "Special interest" just refers to the socio-political identity umbrella that a particular group (LBGTQ, Hispanic, White Conservative, Black Liberal, etc.,) forms under to support & fight for their particular unique interests.

If after all this time, our efforts to plead to get other identity groups to do it for us has continuously failed, when are we ever going to take the hint and get to work? We don't have to reinvent the wheel here.

Black Content - I wholy agree we need our own political party. These two will never have blacks best interest in mind

Muhammad Rasheed - It honestly doesn't matter much what party we use. The amount of work we'll need to do to force our Black Political Agenda into reality -- and the fighting we'll have to do to do it -- will be the exact same. We may as well use this one we already have equity built into.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's interesting to me that the newly-freed slaves already knew all of this, and recognized the power of the political machine and the exact amount of work needed to pull it off. One would think that they would have been LESS sophisticated than modern Blacks, but this is not so.
This is clearly by design, and we were programmed to think politics is worthless for us as Black people. We need to stop listening to the enemy's advice and instruction. We'll have to do any worthwhile political work ourselves or it clearly won't get done at all.

Black Content -


Muhammad Rasheed - Look at it this way:

1) Fresh out of slavery we worked politics and literally rose from slave to congressman in less than 10 yrs.
2) Whites panicked and created the KKK
3) Vote suppression tactics began
4) 150 yrs later we avoid politics with suspicion.

[VIDEO] Greg Palast Confronts Kris Kobach About Crosscheck Voter Purging Lists

Monday, June 25, 2018

OPERATION: Decode Space Force

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Rasheed, Muhammad. "OPERATION: Decode Space Force." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 25 Jun 2018. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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Secrets of the Book of Raziel by M. Rasheed

The Prophet Raziel (Peace be upon him) was the Messenger of the One God and king over a vast global empire during mankind's first and greatest Golden Age.

By God's leave, he commanded the HIGH KNOWLEDGE and freely manipulated the forces of fire and light, and knew all the secrets of time and space. Raziel was Serpent Powerful in his eternal body and in his mortal form as well. Titles of the most powerful spells ever wrought even today still bear his name. Above all, he was a righteous man; God was well pleased with him.

Despite the Prophet King's goodly example and the strength of his rule, the absolute power of the HIGH KNOWLEDGE corrupted Raziel's subjects absolutely and they fell into paganism's sin and evil.

Raziel fulfilled the duties of his Prophethood by delivering the message of Revealed Scripture. He warned his subjects to repent of their wrongdoing or face the penalty of a dreadful day.

The people attacked the powerful Prophet King and tried to overthrow him. The wars lasted for many centuries before Raziel was finally struck down through trickery and deceit.

With his death upon him, he cursed his enemies. He prayed to the Lord Most High to bring down the full weight of the Celestial Wrath. God commanded Raziel to make a written record of the HIGH KNOWLEDGE so it would not die with him.

Raziel burned the potent glyphs into a tablet carved from a single sapphire. The Lord instructed him to hide the tablet, and upon completion of this last mission the king died.

The people celebrated the king's passing with a worldwide orgy and human sacrifices to their idols. The whole planet lacked a single righteous person save one. Burning bright amidst a sea of filth, God chose this one good person in all the land to be His Messenger.

The Great Deluge of Legend covered the world in liquid death. When its force was spent, and the ark came to rest 'pon the towering height of Ararat, God instructed Noah (Peace be upon him) to reach his hand inside a cavern hidden amidst the rocks and to pull out what he found therein.

Thus the Book of Raziel came into the possession of Noah's family. For centuries it was passed on to Prophet after Prophet, but it became lost during the Children of Israel's captivity in Egypt.

Solomon, son of David and Prophet King of the Promised Land (Peace be upon them), used his command of the djinn race to bring the tablet to his hand, increasing his already considerable power over one million fold. Mastering the HIGH KNOWLEDGE to the utmost capacity of his brain, King Solomon then placed the Book of Raziel inside of the Ark of the Covenant where it would be forever safe from the hands of greedy men.

Adepts, scholars and mystics traveled from all over to learn the secrets of the universe from Solomon. But far from revealing the full force of the HIGH KNOWLEDGE, by God's leave the king did impart the key for attaining Enlightenment.

They were thrilled with their treasure, but tainted with jealousy that too many others would share in the precious knowledge. Every single one of the king's students took the key of Enlightenment back to their native lands and enclosed it within the vault of secret society. They then weaved a web of initiations, rules, conditions and tests of such complexity that only a scant number of people have ever won the prize.

Even in this era, there is conflict brought about by absolute power's corruption. Evil men walk the path of Enlightenment only just long enough to gain the power to manipulate the masses for their own selfish ends. Those few who've actually struggled to grasp it seek to contain the damage caused by the wicked in order to prevent another worldwide cataclysm from a wrathful Creator...

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Those Loyal Deplorables

Gary McCoy - When a person commits a felony in this country, they are separated from their children. We don't put children in prison with their parents. Separation happens all the time.

Mark Fleck - When people claim asylum in Canada we set them up with free accommodation ( not a jail cell ) free health care , food and help

Looks like Canada does things a little bit better

Muhammad Rasheed - When did seeking asylum with the USA become a felony?

Stilton Jarlsberg - It's not, when done at an actual port of entry. If, however, one crosses the border illegally, it's a misdemeanor the first time and a felony the second time. And people being prosecuted for felonies of ANY kind are separated from their children.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm sorry, let me rephrase:

Why do you all keep calling these innocent people Trump's people are savaging "felons?" How much are you being paid?

Stilton Jarlsberg - @Muhammad... the law - the same law in force under Obama - says that people attempting a SECOND illegal entry are committing a felony. If you point out which words you can't understand in that sentence, I'll try to break things down into fewer syllables for you. Happy to help!

Woody Woodrow - When did breaking into someone's home, become a crime? Its the same thing. You want amnesty, you go to a border entrance and ask for it. You don't break into the country ILLEGALLY and then Demand amnesty. There are consequences for breaking the law as thier should be.

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay, let me rephrase again:

You two are making up nonsense to justify evil and you expect me to take you seriously while you do it. lol You should stop.

Stilton Jarlsberg - @Muhammad... wow, what a non-response. I just told you what the LAW is, and what it has been for years...and you say I'm making it up. It would be so very, very easy for you to fact check but you don't. I'm guessing it's not because you're lazy, but because you already know you wouldn't like the truth.

Gerry Harris - @Muhammad... They both just schooled you like a little bitch. Slither back to your Mosque.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Stilton... It's adorable that you think your posts were real responses to me. awww...

No, you told me nonsense in an effort to gaslight me, and then decided to double-down on it when I said, "You should stop."

Seriously. You should stop. I'm not interested in your foolishness. Take that Gerry character with you.

Stilton Jarlsberg - @Muhammad... Well then, please correct my "nonsense." Is it or is it not a felony to enter the country illegally a second time? I'm not asking for your opinion, nor advancing mine - just a statement of fact.

Which, I'm pretty sure, is why you wanted me to stop. You've got nothing.

Muhammad Rasheed - What I have is a deplorable 45th POTUS who cheated his way into office and has a long history of attacking people based on race and ethnicity. His "build the wall!" slogan is built upon a hatred and vilification of anyone not from a European country hoping to come to the USA for a better life. He chose Jeff Sessions for the A.G. position because of the latter's commitment to restoring the strict immigration policy of a time period in which poor whites were given nigh-unlimited affirmative action policies that grew them into the middle class to the exclusion of all other non-white legal Americans. The restrictions on immigration during the time ensured that only the designated whites would reap the majority of the benefits intended for them. Both Trump and Sessions admitted in the last few days that they are torturing these families and deliberately abusing their kids to manipulate the GOP's political rivals into giving them the immigration policies they've been pushing for.

Because of all of this, anything you type that pretends this is all just simple black-n-white legalese that's magically divorced from the evil scum oozing from this Administration's brainpan, is complete nonsense designed solely to justify the unjustifiable. That's why I want you to stop. You lack value.

Stilton Jarlsberg - @Muhammad... In other words, the answer to "is it a felony to enter illegally a second time" is yes.

See how few words it takes to tell the truth?

Muhammad Rasheed - I told the truth, you chose to step around it and continue to spew your justifications to support your beloved deplorable POTUS.


Stilton Jarlsberg - You gave your opinion. Which, I'm sure, is indistinguishable from truth in your world.

Muhammad Rasheed - All of those bullets mentioned are the truth. In fact, they represent why you love and support Trump.

Well, your responses were interesting to me, Jarlsberg, because they’ve tipped your hand. On the one side you are telling me I need to look up your strawman-spewed nonsense just because you pronounced it as real, while on the other side you casually dismissed everything I pointed out about Trump & Sessions without even attempting to address it. That means to me that you aren’t really the diehard conservative Trumpamaniac you portray; you are just playing a character for your entertainment business, similar to Stephen Colbert’s old Comedy Central show. Somewhere along your journey, you decided that creating content for the white conservative was both easy and lucrative, so you threw all your juice in that direction.

I don’t believe you are any more secretly a diehard liberal than you are a true conservative though. I think you just don’t mind following the money wherever it leads and have zero scruples as to how you go about acquiring it. Consequently, when you attempt to both play the intellectual (“It would be so very, very easy for you to fact check”) AND dance along to that nonsense conservative rhetoric script, it causes you to clumsily fall apart like you did here.

Chuck Hammond -

Chuck Hammond - The real truth is that the Nazis, like the KKK and other typical tyrannical perverts were started by some form of the Democratic party. IT's time to hunt them down and start arresting people like the Clintons, the Obamas, Comey, McCabe and Strodk et al.

Muhammad Rasheed - The truth is that the anti-Civil Rights Southern Democrats (called "Dixiecrats" during one campaign) were successfully courted by the Reagan Administration. They switched parties en masse and joined the GOP through Lee Atwater's 'southern strategy' that mimicked the rhetoric they were used to.

Hitler's people are now the "very fine people" who voted for Trump. Take a bow.

Chuck Hammond - Besides skewing the truth the very fine people who brought the KKK and the JIM CROW Laws to you and your kind were both died in the wool racists and Democrats. The Dixiecrats were the more enlightened version of future members of the GOP. Social Democrats, Democrats and Sociatry lists historically have alway been the base from which Hitler, Mao and Stalin types emerged. I suggest you improve your knowledge of these movements before you spot off. Not sure if I like your cartoons or not. The Graphics are great but you are often too wordy. You might remember the old adage "Less Is MORE".

Muhammad Rasheed - ...said Chuck, while throwing an over-wordy, lie-filled word salad at him. lol

Meanwhile, the Dixiecrats were the anti-Civil Rights version that Reagan captured. #TryHarder

Chuck Hammond - I guess we will have to agree to disagree in order to remain civil. Do however, tahe a second to think about less is more in your toons.

Muhammad Rasheed - It would be better if you just tried using truth and facts in your discourse, bud, instead of whatever you lot are used to using.  :)

An Unlawful Weapon, Punishable Up to and Including, Death-by-Cop

Monday, June 18, 2018

The Enduring Patience of the Master Teachers

No Good Deed

Rasheed, Muhammad. "No Good Deed." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 18 Jun 2018. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.


Ioannis Puliafito - Why is the American culture (and much of Western culture) centered around ghetto street culture? When did the admiration of intelligence and fine arts become outdated, leading to a take over of pop culture?

Muhammad Rasheed - The use of the politically-charged buzz words “ghetto street culture” strongly implies a racial bias by the Questioner, but I don’t want to harp over-long on that part. I actually want to explore the much more interesting core thought presented, but first, from my own perspective, it seems as if there is actually a saturation of poor white culture throughout popular media, and it has been for generations now. Did you mean that group’s ‘low brow’ culture, too, or just the poor Black culture as implied by the precise words chosen in your Question?

Anyway, I’m interested in the idea that Western culture used to admire “intelligence and fine arts” and then it stopped. It’s pretty clear that the goal of questions like this one is to do little more than reinforce and maintain the toxic, mainstream white supremacist narrative by fishing for like minds, and pontificating at length over the lie that [decode] “the liberals are tainting pure, superior white culture by forcing the inferior mud races to be outside of their lowly nature and treating them like they’re real people!” [decode] The fact that the question’s author is high-fiving all the answers that sound just like that ("thug" music? really?), reveals this tired old agenda.When we look at the linear thread of the historical record we find the following:
  1. Western culture was upgraded into civilized status by first encounters with Black people who brought high-culture to Europe.
  2. When the European colonialists/conqueror era began it was marked not only by the Europeans literally enslaving their world stage competition, but also by their aggressively seizing all literature/records from conquered lands and sending the materials back to HQ to decode and plagiarize as the decoders’ own inventions/discoveries. In fact, even before the colonialist era can we find Europeans engaged in the same colossal lack of integrity and thievery, as witnessed by the so-called “Greek miracle” where Greeks would travel to Black civilizations like Ancient Egypt, learn a bit of the Sciences from the learned priests, and then bring the info back where they would claim to be the originator of the concepts.
  3. The combination of the hoarded stolen lore from the remnants of conquered non-white civilizations, plus the hoarded unprecedented wealth amassed from the anti-Black chattel slavery era created a filthy rich white racist aristocracy, who spent the next several centuries in a dedicated retcon of history to pretend they were the master race the world was waiting for. Within the new White Supremacist Ideology narrative, whites were supposed to be the pinnacle of human evolution, and the fruits of the savagery they unleashed upon the world were only a God-given mandate for them to rule (or whatever).
The “admiration for intelligence and fine arts” was clearly only an effort by the new white aristocracy to ‘put on airs’ so to speak, as it wasn’t natural to them. Obviously their forebears were duly impressed with their early encounters with the Blackamoor civilizers—who built the celebrated castles of Europe and taught the ‘royal’ families of Europe how to bathe and read—so the civilization their colonialist descendants built in the wake of their conquering sprees were no less than the white elite attempting to mimic what they remembered from the tales oft told. Now many generations later, with the memory of who they were originally seeking to emulate lost in the retconned pages of white-washed time, these new generations have returned to their nature, where they prefer King of the Hill, Jackass and Donald Trump that more accurately reflects the poetry in their souls than any alien intelligence and fine arts ever did.

So to answer your question, “…when did admiration for intelligence and fine art become outdated?” my answer is as soon as your retcon of history was complete, and you forgot the faces of the people who civilized you. That’s the point when your children returned to type.

Ioannis Puliafito - First Off,

While a thought out answer, this does not really adress what I am asking. I have no racial implications in this question actually. The Youth of America today focus on activities that carry very little weight(social media popularity, etc, I’m sure you get my point.) Anywho, I believe this derived from Street Culture, and I did not state “Black Culture”, so I don’t know why you believe I was pinpointing a certain group of people. Whether Caucasian, African, Latino, or Asian, I see American youth of all races largely enjoying “Street Culture”, which is associted with, obviously, Street life in the ghetto.


You begin to bring into play questionable and unhistorical truths such as the Moorish people building European castles, and Egypt being an African Civilizarion(which I assume you mean Black, not Middle Eastern Egyptian).


I’m just asking how American Youth and their culture has shifted so drastically in only an estimated 200 years.

Muhammad Rasheed - I meant exactly what I said.

Tell me what you meant by “ghetto street culture.” Whose culture is this that you’re referencing?

Muhammad Rasheed - You asked “when did admiration for intelligence and fine art become outdated.” My answer is “as soon as your retcon of history was complete, and you forgot the faces of the people who civilized you.” That’s the point when your children returned to type.

Ioannis Puliafito - American youth culture. Maybe you should reread my previous comment which I believed to be thorough. If it wasn’t, this is what I am stating:

Let’s take the word “ghetto street culture” out of the mix, since I am detecting unwanted tension. Children of all ethnicities and races are spending their time with lethargic activities(social media), and listen to music that is very negative(Profanity, drug related themes, etc) However say 200 years ago at the origin of the U.S, many children studied, and intelligence was promoted within society, as well as self improvement.

THIS is what my question is trying to convey.

Muhammad Rasheed - 200 years ago was 1818. Obviously my first answer is the answer to your question, you just don’t like facing truth. You prefer the white supremacist narrative that’s pushed in the mainstream as the truth of history so of course my answer isn’t “what you were looking for.”

Ioannis Puliafito - I don’t understand how the truth of history plays a role in my question. I’m only talking America, which was founded fairly recently, and had different values and culture than today, and I’m asking how American culture of the past youth has evolved into today’s American culture of today’s youth. While writing this questions I never had any racial implications nor did I seek to debate history, so I’m not sure why you are bringing up the intelligence of African civilizations. Any who if you can answer my question now, knowing what I’m looking for, that would be great.

Muhammad Rasheed - Ioannis wrote: "I don’t understand how the truth of history plays a role in my question."

The very nature of your question is comparing peoples in history. lol

Ioannis wrote: "I’m only talking America, which was founded fairly recently..."

And yet, you have "and much of Western culture" in parentheses. Curious.

Ioannis wrote: "...and had different values and culture than today..."

It has the exact same anti-Black systemic racism values and culture it's always had.

Ioannis wrote: "...and I’m asking how American culture of the past youth has evolved into today’s American culture of today’s youth."

The mainstream culture of both today and yesterday was "redneck culture." Only the elitist class put on the airs of 'admiration' as mentioned in my Answer to your question. The average citizen has always admired the criminal class. What you are 'remembering' isn't real on a grand scale. Only the white people in charge of the institutions with their efforts to push the White Supremacist Ideology narrative, were trying to believe what you falsely think was a nation-wide thing.

Ioannis wrote: "While writing this questions I never had any racial implications..."

That's a lie. I see that you enthusiastically 'high-fived' an Answer from a Quoran who regurgitated that typical anti-Black "thug" talk, too.

Ioannis wrote: "...nor did I seek to debate history, so I’m not sure why you are bringing up the intelligence of African civilizations."


Ioannis wrote: "Any who if you can answer my question now, knowing what I’m looking for, that would be great."

The guy who was talking about "thug music" clearly wrote what you were looking for, and in the process, proved without doubt your Question was saturated with everything you've denied. Typical.

Friday, June 15, 2018

The GOP's Faux-Fairness Flimflamery

Gary McCoy - [POLL] Obama 'worst president' since World War II | USA Today

I think he finally found a legacy he can keep.

Muhammad Rasheed - The graph results for Best and Worst presidents looks like the majority of people polled were young conservatives.

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad, "looks like"? One could just as easily say that for any poll reflecting positively for Obama, that, "the majority of people polled were young liberals."

Muhammad Rasheed - It's true. That's one of the traits of opinion polls. You can tell who they talked to when soliciting "off-the-street" opinions based on what the data analysis shows.

The article headline gives the skewed impression that they polled a more evenly diverse group, but the actual results analysis shows otherwise:

"Best president? REAGAN!!! Worst president? That Kenyan Moozlem!!!"

Gary McCoy - I'm sorry, but simply saying, "... the actual results analysis shows otherwise." does not make it so. What proof do you have that it was anything but a fair survey sampling?

Muhammad Rasheed - The proof is that it was specifically a "public opinion poll" (conducted by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, in fact), and opinion polls fall along ideological/partisan lines because that's how people's raw opinions fall. The sample of people polled reflected the same demographic bias of the results.

Gary McCoy - Uh, how do you KNOW the sample of people polled "reflected the same demographic bias of the result."? Unless you were in on the polling, you DON'T know what the sampling demographic was. And by your blanket statement, there is NO survey whose results are accurate. And that includes those reflecting favorably on Obama.

Muhammad Rasheed - Gary wrote: "Uh, how do you KNOW the sample of people polled 'reflected the same demographic bias of the result.'?"

Because that's the nature of "opinion."

Gary McCoy - Okay, then I was correct. There is no poll which you believe is accurate. The idea of a survey is to take a random sampling which based upon statistics, reflects the opinions of the greater population without asking every single person.

Muhammad Rasheed - In the case of this here random sampling, the majority of those polled happened to lean conservative with an anti-Obama bias. The USA Today article writers took that poll and wrote a headline that gave the impression that the sampling was more evenly balanced.

Muhammad Rasheed - A more accurate headline would have read, "[POLL] GOP still thinks Obama worst president ever."

Gary McCoy - The idea of a random sampling is that it inherently produces accurate results. Unless you were to ask the people at a Hillary rally if they think Trump is doing a good job.

I didn't see anywhere in the article where they reveal exactly the sampled group. Where do you get your information that "the majority of those polled happened to lean conservative with an anti-Obama bias"?

Muhammad Rasheed - lol The analysis of the polling results of the sample group's opinions revealed that the majority of them -- that thought Obama the worst president -- were conservative with an anti-Obama bias.

Muhammad Rasheed - Opinions reflect ideological, political, and cultural biases.

Gary McCoy - M. Rasheed wrote: "A true random sampling will be a toss up as to what percentage of different demographics you get. If this one was truly random then they just happened to grab a bunch of Tea partiers or whatever in the mix."

In other words, you won't accept the credibility of any poll unless it mirrors your own opinions. Sorry, you don't get to pick the sampling group.

If the survey was truly biased, as you're making out, then it would have been, "100% of those surveyed say Obama is the worst president". But it didn't. Proving you wrong.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm not saying the sampling was deliberately biased. I'm saying the results of the opinion poll, in showing the opinions of those polled, revealed their inherent ideological/political/cultural biases.

It's an opinion poll, Gary. It asks people what their opinions are regarding a specific topic. Opinions are biased by their nature. The demographic that we know fr sure who believe that Obama was the worst president were those who voted for Trump.

[COMING SOON!] Weapon of the People: DECODED

Weapon of the People: DECODED
A political cartoon collection
by M. Rasheed

280 cartoons (full color)

Monday, June 11, 2018

Kirby Weaponizes the Hadith (poorly)

Kirb Brimstone - @Muhammad... Lol made me think of you and how you don't follow the Hadith tradition [anti-Islam Spam].

Muhammad Rasheed - I follow the Qur'an tradition, and the hadith that directly support the Qur'an's guidance. I'm not an Arab, so I'm not likely to blindly follow old traditions that old Arabs falsely assigned as hadith so they wouldn't lose them.

Kirb Brimstone - Also Why mention Arabs? 75% of Islam follows the Hadith as sacred texts. It is the earliest writings on the life of Muhammad.

Muhammad Rasheed - I mentioned the Arabs because there's a lot of fabricated hadith that were added as pro-Arab traditionalism by the various sultans, sheikhs, mullahs, etc., over the centuries. Since I'm not Arab I have no inclination to kneejerk react to protect that stuff. The Qur'an is the Word of God, and the hadith are not. When God said to follow the way of the prophet, it was because he followed the Qur'an correctly in the Best Practice way God approved of. So if the hadith list items that don't make sense in that Best Practice context because of the political manipulations of greedy men, why would I treat the hadith as infallible?

Kirb Brimstone - Which Hadith? What proof do you have that they were added as pro Arab Hadith. As you know Arabs make up a small part of Islam The majority of Islam sees the Hadith a sacred scripture. What gives you the right to exclude the ones you think are "pro-Arab"?

Muhammad Rasheed - The point of the hadith and the reason why God tells the believers to follow the way of His prophet is my proof.

Muhammad Rasheed
- If we can't reasonably match a hadith with a corresponding verse or concept expressed in the revealed scripture it's supposed to support, then I have no logical reason to take it seriously as anything more than an historical curio.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your futile dream of converting me to Western Christianity is apparently hinged upon your need to somehow trick me into believing the very man-made ahadith are the infallible Word of God that I must accept at face value.

Since I'm not that stupid, you may as well leave me alone now, right?

Kirb Brimstone - How do you "match" Hadith with corresponding verse? This answer is gibberish. Have you even read the Quran or any hadith? I have. What do you believe about the life of Muhammad?

Muhammad Rasheed
- You've never read the Qur'an, Kirb. You only skim the cherry-picked verses on your anti-Islam websites.

Kirb Brimstone - Oh I have read the Quran and it's poorly written gibberish. The only good stuff is the stuff copied from Jewish and Christian texts.

Muhammad Rasheed - No, you haven't. You've ask too many questions over the years that prove you have never read it. Or are you now trying to convince me you actually had the patience to force yourself through an entire text of incomprehensible gibberish? lol You can't even force yourself to answer my questions in these threads, so please.

Kirb Brimstone - M. Rasheed wrote: "You can't even force yourself to answer my questions in these threads"

Bwahhahaha.. You are following the example of Muhammad indeed.

I have asked no less than 6 questions and you've answered none..

Muhammad Rasheed - You asked me if I thought camel pee was good for me. I rejected any and everything about it, but you acted confused and asked the same question over and over again.

This is quality of discussion I've come to expect from you.

Kirb Brimstone - Yeah I know Muhammad You follow the Hadith you like

Muhammad Rasheed - If by "hadith I like" you mean "hadith that don't conflict with the message God revealed to the prophet" then you would be correct.

Kirb Brimstone - You need Hadith to understand the Quran. So how do you choose what you follow... answer anything that doesn't embarrass my western sensibilities.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "The Quran reads like gibberish."

Why do you assume I share your opinion of that? If I did I wouldn't be Muslim. I subscribe to Islam precisely because I believe what God said in the Qur'an.

btw, I'm not likely to willingly coddle western sensibilities. I suggest you NOT show me your tender underbelly.

Kirb Brimstone - Sunnis would say you are not a real Muslim. How do you follow Sunnah?

Muhammad Rasheed - I've never claimed any sects. If you've read the Qur'an then you should know why.

Kirb Brimstone - Well why don't you lay it out.

Kirb Brimstone - DO YOU FOLLOW SUNNAH?

Muhammad Rasheed - God said: "Do not break your religion up into sects."

"Sunni" or "Shia" do not belong to me. They belong to those who've gone astray. I'm not interested in any sects per my Lord's command.

I'm certainly not going to be cornered into being into sects by someone like you. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - I believe in Allah, follow the Qur'an, and follow those hadith that align to the Qur'an in verse and/or spirit.

You unrepentant hellbound may have the rest.

Kirb Brimstone - Finally an answer.

M. Rasheed wrote: "I believe in Allah, follow the Qur'an"

Okay. So then you do follow the Quran.

How do you follow Surah 33:21?

Muhammad Rasheed - By following the hadith that align to the verse and/or spirit of the Qur'an, which matches the nature of the praise God heaped upon His messenger.

Kirb Brimstone - How do you know God heaped praise on Muhammad?

Muhammad Rasheed - Because God is doing it in the 33:21 verse you literally just referenced. lol

Kirb Brimstone - lol

Muhammad Rasheed - This is the quality of discussion I have come to expect of you. Did I mention that?

Kirb Brimstone - Circle complete.

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you trying to "get me" with a circular reasoning fallacy? You know you're supposed to be a subscriber to Abrahamic Religious tradition, too, right? That's the nature of that belief system. There's no getting around it in matters of faith.

Kirb Brimstone - You admit to circular reasoning? Sad.

Not Christian faith. Christian faith is not a blind faith.

We don't have to appeal to a fallacy to defend what we believe.

You will be without excuse on judgement day. Repent of your willful ignorance.

Kirb Brimstone - I pity you I truly do.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "Christian faith is not a blind faith."

Then where is your definitive material scientific proof that the Christ Jesus was the literal 'son of God' and deity that died of his earthly form in a sacrifice to save humanity from their sins?

Kirb Brimstone - So I use other tools. To learn truth about the past I use the tools of history. (Something you are very confused about based on our past conversations)

To prove the existence of God I use the tools of Logic and Philosophy.

Trying prove the existence of God with science is like trying to weigh a duck with thermometer. Wrong tool.

That is why I have spent most of my life studying Christian Apologetics. (I kinda wish you would study Islamic apologetics)

But that isn't what YOU do. You argue in a circle. I believe the Quran because the Quran tells me to then you have this amazing confirmation bias that rules out anything you don't already believe.

That's isn't pious it's irrational. And being willingly (emphasis on willingly) irrational is not an excuse when you are before the LORD Jesus Christ's Judgement seat.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "I pity you I truly do."

I have no idea what that means when you say it. I don't even know how I should interpret it.

Kirb wrote: "Now I know you don't listen to anything I've said for teh past decade we've interacted."

Sure I have. That's how I know you are full of crap. You're the one that doesn't listen to me and my argument, hence this asinine 'hadith' angle you're taking in this thread. I've told you a hundred times what my position is about the hadith, yet you continuously try to MAKE me take on someone else's position so that your pre-packaged, canned "How to minister to a Mooslem" script will work.

Kirb Brimstone - M. Rasheed wrote: "definitive material scientific proof that the Christ Jesus was the literal 'son of God"

Now I know you don't listen to anything I've said for the past decade we've interacted. C'mon Muhammad you know I don't subscribe to scientism. I

Science isn't the only methodology to discover truth. Science can only answer questions about nature and the physical.

Your question is supernatural and metaphysical.

Let me drop some WLC on you:  Does science prove everything?

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "(I kinda wish you would study Islamic apologetics)"

No thanks. I don't need someone else's problematic canned argument to defend my faith. That body of traditionalism literature is even more problematic than the hadith, and only gets us further and further from the revealed truth of scripture. I suggest you leave that mess alone, purge your mind of it, and study scripture for real to show yourself approved.

Kirb Brimstone - M. Rasheed wrote: "I don't need someone else's problematic canned argument to defend my faith."

Yeah you'd rather simply believe something just to believe it.

You will have no excuse when Judgement day comes You willingly follow lies.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "Trying prove the existence of God with science is like trying to weigh a duck with thermometer."

lol Agreed. For me I would never try to prove God's existence.

Kirb wrote: "Yeah you'd rather simply believe something just to believe it."

The requirement of Abraham's God is that we believe. That we have faith, and behave in the world according to that belief. If that is what my Lord requires in order for me to be saved, then who are you, O Pauline Christian, to seek to impotently guilt me for doing so?

Kirb Brimstone - Muhammad misquoted me... Kirb wrote: "Trying prove the existence of God with science is like trying to weigh a duck with thermometer."

M. Rasheed wrote: "lol Agreed. For me I would never try to prove God's existence."

I never said trying to prove God's existence is misguided or something I don't do. I did say trying to prove God's existence with Science is misguided and that science isn't the only way to discover truth.

SMH. People read this you know?

Kirb Brimstone - [anti-Islam Spam]

Muhammad Rasheed - I said, "For me."

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm the one saying trying to prove God is misguided based on God's requirements for those who believe.

Kirb Brimstone - M. Rasheed wrote: "I'm the one saying trying to prove God is misguided based on God's requirements for those who believe."

M. Rasheed wrote: "based on God's requirements for those who believe."

How do you know what God's requirements are?

Let me guess...

Muhammad Rasheed - You don't have to guess. As a believer in Abraham's God I use the Word of God to find out what God's requirements are for His Creation in the usual fashion.

Kirb Brimstone - How do you know what the word of God is?

Muhammad Rasheed - The scripture preached by the prophets is/was the Word of God.

Kirb Brimstone - How do you know what the word of God is?

Muhammad Rasheed - I can tell by the way you argue that you've allowed atheists to beat you up, so you've taken on their Godless argument style for yourself.

Didn't I already admit that the 'circular reasoning' fallacy is just a part of faith-based arguments? Why are you trying to corner me into one again when I already said it doesn't mean anything to me? I'm a believer who has faith that God is real, His books are real, his prophets are real and the unseen spirit is real. Those beliefs represent the definitive Truth. I can't stop making circular reasoning arguments by linking lesser truths back to them, and I really don't mind it either.

Muhammad Rasheed - Anyway, I know what the Word of God is because God said it was His Word and I am to believe in it in order to be saved.

So I do. I believe God.

Kirb Brimstone - No Answer. You have chosen to be irrational and can't defend your faith.

Not only is Islams defeat public but my God has gotten you to archive the arguments for me.

Make sure to add this to the collection. I like to send people who are on the fence to read our debates.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I did answer your question, Kirb.

I defend my faith all the time.

Kirb Brimstone - Uh-huh.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "Not only is Islams defeat public..."


Kirb Brimstone - [anti-Islam Spam]

Muhammad Rasheed - I think you're at your worst when you wear the atheist argument during these discussions. It's weird.

Kirb Brimstone - [anti-Islam Spam]

Muhammad Rasheed - Question: Why are you double posting so much in this thread? Is it a glitch in your phone?

Kirb Brimstone - THe answer to you question is [anti-Islam Spam] 

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm familiar with the anti-Islam propagandist David Wood. He has no answers for me and wouldn't know truth if it tongue kissed him. No thanks.

Kirb Brimstone - Are you? Are "familiar" with David Wood?

Muhammad Rasheed - Yup.

Kirb Brimstone - If this is the best Islam has to offer Islam's days are numbered. IT will fall to the waste side.

Muhammad Rasheed - In fact, I'm more familiar with him and his claptrap than you are with Islam.

Muhammad Rasheed - If what is the best?

Kirb Brimstone - M. Rasheed wrote: "In fact, I'm more familiar with him and his claptrap than you are with Islam."

I bet you are.

Man give me a call when you are ready to talk.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't want to talk to you. Reading your foolishness is a big enough waste of time. lol

Kirb Brimstone - You afraid?

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me why are you double posting so much here? Is this strategy or a mistake?

Kirb Brimstone - Afraid.

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you believe your arguments make more sense verbally?

Based on what?

Kirb Brimstone - Okay I am done. This has been fruitful. Those reading this see what Islam has to defend their beliefs.


Muhammad Rasheed - Perhaps this mysterious audience will be astute enough to notice that you didn't have any kind of offense in this thread. lol I didn't have anything to defend against. You asked me some questions, you pretended I didn't answer them because I didn't follow the script you needed me to (mostly because of my disdain for apologetic literature), and then you started babbling.

Then as a consolation prize, you wore your atheist hat to ding me with 'circular reasoning' points for your debate club folio.

What any of that had to do with "defending Islam" is beyond me, but it is typical of the quality of discussion I've come to expect from you. Your strength is consistency, I guess.

Kirb Brimstone - Let me ask you how do you pray?

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you asking me a question from a Christian missionary script designed for those "Qur'an Only" guys? I don't reject the entire body of hadith, Kirb, just the ones that conflict with the Word of God.

Kirb Brimstone - [anti-Islam Spam]

Kirb Brimstone - What is wrong with you? Ramadan got your blood sugar low? How many times do you pray?

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't understand why you are asking me what is wrong with me.

It seems like you're asking yet another canned question you found on an anti-Islam site that doesn't have anything to do with me. The fact that you are pursuing this particular line of questioning means you believe that I think that the hadith's guidance for Salat doesn't match what Allah says. Why would you think that? Do you think praying to God MORE than the bare minimum would somehow piss God off?

Kirb Brimstone - Your answers are canned as you cannot answer my questions. I will try again.

Do you believe Camel urine is good for you? If not why?

Muhammad Rasheed - That's not what 'canned' means. 'Canned' is when I Google your question and it pops up verbatim on a hundred different anti-Islam sites.

I am not an Arab. I have no reason to be over-fond of using camel urine as a household product which is part of local Arabian traditions.

Kirb Brimstone - Why do you avoid the question like the plague. Should I assume you do not have the answer?

Muhammad Rasheed - Was my answer too coded for you?

I have never given any thought as to whether camel urine is "good for me" or not. Ever.

Is that more direct?

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you still consider that avoiding the question? lol

Kirb Brimstone - Okay... now I am asking you. Do you think Camel Urine is good for stomach aches?

Muhammad Rasheed - I wouldn't think any kind of urine would be good for stomach aches personally. Just the thought of it is turning my stomach now.

Kirb Brimstone - Okay. How does the Hadith that says Camel urine is good for your stomach contradict the Quran?

[anti-Islam Spam]

Muhammad Rasheed - "How does it support the Qur'an's message?" is the real question.

How does drinking camel piss get me closer to paradise?

Muhammad Rasheed - The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had a very specific job function, and God told the believers to follow the messenger's way of performing the religion for a very specific reason.

How does drinking camel piss (or using it as shampoo or whatever else) save me from hell?

Muhammad Rasheed - To question another type of hadith in that same vein, how would dressing like a desert-dwelling Arab, while in the winter of Detroit, Michigan, get me closer to paradise?

Muhammad Rasheed - My point is that -- even if every single ahadith really is authentic and exactly what it claims to be* as far as being the exact actions/sayings of the prophet -- they are not all relevant to my religion.

*they ain't.

Kirb Brimstone - You are in serious denial. According to you the sources about Mohammad's life can't be trusted.

You don't believe much of them. Muhammad is an obvious huckster. If you applied a 10th of the criticism you have for the Bible that the Quran affirms to the Quran you'd flee the lie that is Islam.

Kirb Brimstone - [anti-Islam Spam]

Kirb Brimstone - Paradise is far from you if you follow a false prophet.

Obviously false. Camel Urine doesn't heal your tummy. Why did Muhammad say it does?

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you think the prophet said it did, Kirb?

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "You are in serious denial."

You lack the ability to critically think. A vital skill in scriptural analysis, hence the piss poor quality of your argument. 

Kirb wrote: "You don't believe much of them."

I believe in the ones that matter, that perform the function they were intended to. The ones that were fabricated to further some sultan's or mullah's agenda, not so much.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why don't you believe the other things in ahadith that the prophet was said to be?

Kirb Brimstone - Such as?

Muhammad Rasheed - That he was the final messenger of Abraham's God.

Kirb Brimstone - Why did Muhammad teach THIS?

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you believe the prophet taught that, Kirb?

Kirb Brimstone - Multiply attested early sources claim he did.

If you look at Hadith tradition (even if the earliest texts that are considered merely as historical interest then you should believe he taught that. You can't dismiss the hadith because it embarrassed you or you think it contradicts the Quran ( I don't see how it does)

If you dismiss strong Hadith like the drinking camel urine and suckling your friends wife. How in the world do you follow the Sunnah of the Prophet?

So why did he teach this?

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb, the hadith claim LOTS of things about what the prophet Muhammad said and/or did. If you're going to go on a crusade to convince me I should accept the hadith as definitively true and divinely infallible because you want to believe that, you know that makes you a Muslim, right?

The hadith say that Muhammad wasn't a false prophet, was indeed the messenger of Abraham's God, and the Qur'an is exactly what it claims to be. Do you believe all of this hadith material, too? Or do you just want to cherry-pick the parts you absorb into your anti-Islam confirmation bias?

Kirb Brimstone - M. Rasheed wrote: "Why do you believe the prophet taught that, Kirb?"

I answered: "Multiply attested early sources claim he did."

M. Rasheed wrote: "Kirb, the hadith claim LOTS of things [...] because you want to believe it, you know that makes you a Muslim, right?"

This is what I have to deal with. I answer your question and you ignore mine opting to attack a straw-man instead.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "If you dismiss strong Hadith like the drinking camel urine..."

What are you using to determine whether a given hadith is "strong" or not, when the scholars themselves admit that no serious vetting took place to determine which hadith were actually strong or not? This is the main source of the hadith controversy.

Kirb wrote: "( I don't see how it does)"

lol You're the same guy who kept referring to the Qur'an as incomprehensible gibberish, right? So what does your admitting that you "don't see how it does" anything supposed to mean to me? If you deliberately take the time to attempt to manipulate me into not using the Qur'an in a discussion because you proudly proclaim you are far too ignorant to use it as a reference, why then would you spin on your heel to try to use the Qur'an as a reference and expect me to take you seriously?

Once you saw early on that the Qur'an point blank says Jesus was never crucified, you never attempted to read the Book again. That's the impression you give every time you mention the Qur'an, and why you've doubled-down on your attempts to throw the very NON-divine hadith in my face as if it would be good enough.

The ahadith are not the Qur'an, Kirb, and I have never been confused about that. God told us to follow the prophet's example in how the unlettered prophet performed the commands of scripture. Since you seem to be confused on that score, please note that the Qur'an tells the believers to be clean... to purify themselves. Since literally nothing about drinking or rubbing animal piss on one's self is even remotely 'purifying,' it should be obvious to anyone with at least half a brain that these so-called ahadith contradict both the verse (there are no camel urine references in the Qur'an) and spirit (rubbing thick, greasy animal piss on yourself is the polar opposite of being clean) of the Qur'an. Therefore the camel piss hadith are fabricated nonsense.


Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "This is what I have to deal with."

Or you COULD choose to stop tagging me in this foolishness.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "I answer your question and you ignore mine opting to attack a straw-man instead."

"Strawman?" You want me to accept the camel piss hadith as real, even though they do not align to the verse nor spirit of the Word of Allah, but you dismiss the ahadith's numerous confirmations that Muhammad ibn Abdullah really was the holy prophet of God. Why doesn't your same argument for believing the camel piss hadith apply to the far more important Al-Islam 101 hadith?

Because you're just playing silly games. And you're bad at it.

Kirb Brimstone - M. Rasheed wrote: "What are you using to determine whether a given hadith is 'strong'"

Islamic scholarship. What else? Circular logic? Blind faith?

No thanks.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Islamic scholarship" is notorious for having dropped the ball on a proper quality assurance methodology for vetting the hadith. That's a YUGE/BIGLY part of the hadith controversy from within the Islamic institutions themselves.

So how are you as a dedicated outsider justifying his insistence on how he believes a Muslim should be treating that body of problematic literature?

Muhammad Rasheed - And stop pretending Christians aren't using blind faith to accept the 'Jesus is divine' narrative, please. It's embarrassing.

Kirb Brimstone - Non-sense. Controverial hadith is weak hadith.

There are hadith that aren't controversial those are called strong Hadith.

Muhammad Rasheed - All hadith are controversial based on the early 'scholars' NOT using a proper methodology to determine whether the narratives they collected from the populace over those centuries were real or not. They never even tried later either, so the whole 'scholarship' around them is a sham.

That's why I only accept the ones that align in verse and/or spirit to the divine Al Qur'an, the undisputed Word of Allah. Which is what they should have used in the first place.

Kirb Brimstone - I definitely don't use blind faith to follow Christ. I wouldn't be a Christian if that was all they had to offer. It's why I am not a Muslim. You have no evidence to support the Quran.

As Paul suggested my evidence is in the Resurrection.

Islam has no such confidences.

This dialog with you strengthen a informed and evidence based faith in the true God and I pity your blind faith in deception.

Again. Willing Ignorance and irrationality is no excuse.

Kirb Brimstone - Pathetic.

Muhammad Rasheed - You definitely use blind faith and literally nothing else, and all your claims to the contrary are just the silly babbling foolishness I've come to expect from you.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you keep tagging me in this stuff?

Kirb Brimstone - 99.999999999999999999% of Islam would condemn you as a heritic.

But why should I be surprised can you agree on anything? [anti-Islam Spam]

Muhammad Rasheed - Appeal to the People logical fallacy.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't give a damn what other people think. I study to show myself approved before my Lord. You may go on to hell with that 99.999999999999999999%.

Kirb Brimstone - M. Rasheed wrote: "Why do you keep tagging me in this stuff?"

I get good feedback from many who read our interaction.

You are angry and bitter. You can't be happy. I hope you abandon your folly and repent. Come to the true God.

Muhammad Rasheed - You should know that I think you are the biggest fool I've yet encountered on social media. Your own "feedback" is the metric I use to determine whether I'm on the right track or not in my research.

Stop tagging me in these, please. You are quite on my nerves.

Kirb Brimstone - Good. If it wakes you up then good.

Muhammad Rasheed - How would you "wake me up," Kirb, when everything you type is the committed babbling of the fool?

All you do is irritate me. You lack value in discourse, and are rapidly using up the last of the BSH nostalgia energy I keep you around for.

Muhammad Rasheed - Without fail, whenever a Black person calls me "angry and bitter" it means they are a white supremacy supporting coon.

Go away, please.

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