Friday, November 11, 2016

Keep Calm & Achieve Economic Inclusion

Muhammad Rasheed - In his Nov 2008 victory speech, President Elect Obama told you to “tell him what to do.” You now had someone in the White House who represented your interests, and he told you to bring your laundry list so he could get you what you needed. You did not take advantage of this situation, and instead spent the last eight years complaining that the Black President was not really for African-Americans, as if there was not an established documented process to formally tell your POTUS what to do.

Meanwhile, while everyone from the Black intellectual public figure, to the folk who didn’t vote the other day out of “protest” were complaining that the Black POTUS wasn’t doing anything for them, every other special interest group made sure to take up President Obama on his offer and tell him what they wanted him to do. He complied.

Trump’s core fan base told him to give them more gun rights. He did so.

The homosexual community told him to legalize ‘gay marriage.’ He did so.

The Jews told him to pay reparations to the Holocaust survivors. He did so.

The marijuana advocates told him to release Federal restrictions on the usage of medical cannabis. He did so.

When Obama at first dared to strictly adhere to the letter of immigration policy, and deported many illegal immigrants back to their native countries, the Hispanic community told him to reform immigration policy in their favor. He did so.

Once upon a time, you were also politically savvy, using your force to make the laws that conquered three of the four Freedom Checklist items you need to finally be a full citizen in this country.

 After hard-fought struggle, you were able to make the system very slowly work for you by ending slavery, ending jim crow, and achieving civil rights.

After that, you mysteriously stopped being politically savvy, and lost the momentum of your progress. For some reason you stopped fighting for the desegregation that would allow you to compete on the socio-economic national stage as a strong and independent community, you traded it for “integration’ into someone else’s independent community.

You literally gave away your power, and became a supporting cog for someone else’s machine. You, the African-American, are not a self-sustaining, self-supporting group economically included in this society. Your political and economic power are dormant and/or neglected, and when you complain, you are ignored and laughed at. If this newly elected president started mass deporting you, the way Obama started his presidency doing to the Hispanic illegals, what would you do about it? As a thoroughly economically included people, the Hispanic community flexed their political-economic might and told the POTUS to stop, and make laws they needed. They used their force, voice, and political skills to make him listen and comply to their will as American citizens, the way government works. The government works very differently than that only if you don’t use your own power, and instead sit around wishing that the POTUS would read your mind and just do stuff for you ‘because.’

In order for you to get what you want, and be fully happy as an American citizen, you need to achieve economic inclusion as the Hispanic and Jewish peoples have, and use your now dormant political might, and neglected and thus exploited economic might, to tell the government to do what you want it to do. This is the force and energy that powers the other three items you’ve won; without finally achieving your own Economic Inclusion you are still half a slave, half under jim crow, and only have half your civil rights. To be truly empowered into your idealized state as free citizen, you must check off that final item.

How do you do this?

As an individual, you must get your mind and your finances right. Become a property owner, and an entrepreneur. ABOVE ALL ELSE support, promote, patronize Black Business. Instruct your children in the same.

Master the political machine, and entrench yourself in every single aspect of it, STARTING AT THE LOCAL LEVEL. Organize your communities into powerful groups that know, love, protect, support, their own.

Consolidate your force by joining together with all Black communities across the nation, supporting each other ABOVE ALL ELSE.

Develop a lobby that represents the best, high-level interests of the nation-wide group of Black Communities, and tell the Executive Branch what you want it to do in order to strengthen what you have put in place yourself.

Don’t sleep!!! Remain vigilant and maintain and protect the system you made. Remain economically included and fight for what is yours. Love, protect, and cherish the African-American community ABOVE ALL ELSE.

As a strong, independent, economically included entity... composed of numerous Black communities around the country working together for our collective betterment and survival, reach across the ocean and join with the African nations and support each other mutually, too.

Start the ball on doing all of this right now under this new president. It doesn’t really matter who is sitting in the White House as long as you do what you are supposed to be doing (of course if you do everything right and he refuses because he's racist against you, then that's a different story). Get yourself together, and tell the POTUS what you need in order to strengthen you. Of course it would be an easier sell if you made sure you were represented at the highest level of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government, but you let that opportunity slip passed you, and dropped the ball. Pick it up, and make Trump give you what you need after you put in the work you’ve neglected over the last 60 years or so.

The Unbelievers are protectors, one of another: Unless ye do this, protect each other, there would be tumult and oppression on earth, and great mischief. (The Holy Qur'an 8:73)

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