Sunday, October 1, 2023

Notes While Observing #20: Cosplay as a Social Engineering Tool


Elijah Muhammad mimicking Jiddu Krishnamurti (top)
and Shahid Bolsen mimicking Malcolm X 

A few days ago, I saw a clip of this Shahid Bolsen character and my first impression was that someone told AI to mimic Malcolm X using a white dude's image. Everybody has spent sometime being fascinated with Bro. Malcolm — I'm certainly no exception — so, of course I would recognize an effort to deliberately mimic how he came across in his old 1960s television appearances. I went to this Bolsen dude's YouTube channel to investigate, to see if his account really was set up as an AI platform. It wasn't, but you can see, while scrolling through his video backlist thumbnails, the exact moment when the creative decision was made to begin deliberately mimicking Malcolm X in the aesthetic.

I felt an instant flash of anger, thinking at first this was yet another "Wallace Fard" agent trying to misdirect my people into some more bullsh*t. Did we come full circle? At first, real Islamic missionaries were prevented from converting the abused and dejected jim crow era American Descendant of Slavery (ADOS) ethnic group, and were instead replaced by a succession of grifters pretending to be exotic ideological gurus. That's why Elijah Muhammad's handlers had him mimicking Krishnamurti's accent and going on about the "Asiatic Black man" bit. So, is this Malcolm X impression a white dude's mimicry designed to make him a "guru" from the other direction?

According to Bolsen's channel description, the message is supposed to promote the interests of Muslim majority countries, he just decided to exploit a popular ADOS figure to do it. Unless, like Marcus Garvey, his intention is to attract a bunch of Muslim ADOS followers that he can exploit for his own foreign goals? To successfully pull that off, in addition to fabricating a familiar Malcolm X identity to attract the target group, he would have to build upon a generation of anti-USA/Western rhetoric as provided by the pan-africanists. So, in order to successfully build an ADOS army, Bolsen, like Garvey, would have to convince us that our own interests in our own country weren't worth fighting for, which is 100% how pan-africanists talk.

Interestingly, according to another video of his, Bolsen appears to believe that the racial issues that Malcolm X fought against were fictions invented by Western liberals even as he performs his cosplay of an anti-racism, civil rights leader. How offensive is that? Especially considering he readily admits that Malcolm was not only an influence upon him, but also led Bolsen to eventually accept Al-Islam. Noble enough, but why does he—and many other foreigners besides—think that it's okay to exploit our ADOS historical figure while joining white supremacy in downplaying/dismissing the ADOS freedom struggle? How come you can't use your own cultural heroes? In that, it's similar to whites fabricating a fictional 'white' version of Malcolm X's story to give white youth a socially engineered motivation, instead of using whoever their cultural figures are.

Spike Lee's Malcolm X film was studied to
make the plastic American History X,
because whites don't want to use
their own culture's figures for stuff.

I also wonder, if he is indeed trying to attract ADOS with this performance, if it's similar to white entrepreneurs (like DJ Vlad) who will often court the interest of ADOS to give their product a numbers boost to enable them to leverage into bigger investments later.
A sampling from hundreds of
white-owned, fake "black"
platforms infesting social media

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