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Notes While Observing: The Doodles

As a cartoonist at heart, I tend to build up stacks of doodles while doing pretty much anything.  No stray piece of paper is safe.  Consequently there are quite a bit of informal cartoons laying around, illustrating whatever is on my mind at any given time, in various stages of roughness.  I've decided to start posting my favorites of these otherwise unseen/unpublished drawings within this blog.  I'll be adding to it relatively regularly so make sure you peek back here often to check out the new additions.

For some of them, I'm interested in seeing if you'll be able to match the drawing to whatever the subject I was studying/reading/watching at the time.  Perhaps I'll give out a prize at some point.  :)

Thanks for watching, all.

Very respectfully,

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2017 is the 100 yr anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.  I wonder if Putin plans to proclaim himself Tsar or something?

"The Other Nixon"

Considering the obscene amount of massive wealth generated by slavery's free labor economy -- that saturated every aspect of society from Wall Street to the cotton fields -- it's pretty naive to believe the lie that the American Civil War wasn't chiefly about the economic system of slavery.

In what other circumstance, especially in the context of western civilization, would anyone leave that kind of wealth on the table and willingly walk away from it without a fight? Britain freed their slaves without a war, but here was a very practical reason why that happened: They paid off all the slave owners what their slaves were worth. After Lincoln paid the Washington DC slave owners to free their slaves, the rest of the US slave owners outright refused Lincoln's offer to buy them out, and opted to fight for the potential long-term greater profits promised to them if they kept slavery going. The rivers of blood spilled during the deadliest war in American history was all about greed. Does this surprise you? Western civilization's core evils were all about enslaving and exploiting people, and that's what it owes it's economic successes which enabled it to dominate the world. No one would give up all that money willingly, and certainly not the key architects of western society.

The efforts to soften the harsh brutality of Western history to make it look kinder than it really is -- even while it continues to enslave, subjugate and exploit while pretending it's not -- is the very reason why we don't progress, and why the ideology of White Supremacy continues to hang over society like a foul stench.

Despite the passionately expressed opinion of my debate opponents, this depicted scenario is quite far-fetched, especially in light of sharecropping, how Reconstruction ended, and the former slave owners' ready exploitation of the 13th Amendment's "except for prisoners" loophole.

"Woke" is a slang word applied to people who identify as members of the Black Empowerment Conscious Movement. Over the decades, the informal conscious community has formed a loose subculture, which uses a lot of Black civil rights era terms, iconic Black leader quotes, Afrocentric slogans, political agendas, philosophical arguments, reading lists and other tropes to define it.

One of the inevitable side effects of such a movement are the many people who grew up in proximity to it who become familiar with its most popular tropes and have exploited them for base personal gain in a caricatured form. Such as using similar-sounding speech ("You see, you need to free your mind, mah Brotha") for picking up gullible women, selling quasi-Afrocentric merchandise as a side hustle income stream, etc.

The number of folk running around like that are enough to give the movement itself a bad name alone, but when people who otherwise should know better use the noble terms of the Black Empowerment Conscious Movement itself to label the scam artists, hustlers, exploitative goons, and even black-faced 'alt-right’ infiltrators, it serves as only a self-sabotage of the movement itself. Instead they should make an effort to properly label good as "good" and evil as "evil." Protect what's yours from being defiled, or else you simply contribute to transforming a potent tool for your own growth into a joke that not even your children will take seriously, and they’re the ones that need it most of all.

The seeds for this were planted during the campaign. 

The GOP are going to pretend that the Trump Administration didn't have ANYTHING to do with the party or its principles, the GOP voters will applaud them for the effort of their lack-of-integrity song & dance teleplay, and they will continue partisan business as usual. 

And the die-hard Trumpamaniac true believers will go on to subscribe to Trump's proposed [threatened] cable news channel.

"The president denounced his own attorney general in public..."

Obviously Trump agreed to take this one for the team. That's what that immediate closed door meeting with all of his former GOP primary opponents was about.

White People: "This is a story that NEEDS to be told!"

Also White People: *starts all Black stories at the RESPONSE to their racist shit so they can pretend Blacks are always "riled up" and crazy*

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Biblically Black

Detail of a Roman fresco depicting the prophet Abraham (pbuh), painted about 320 A.D.

Alaba Samuel Oluwadamilarey - What makes the majority believe that there was never a time when a Black person was among angels or prophets in the scriptures?

Muhammad Rasheed - This is no less than a deliberate self-indoctrination designed to blind them from their wrongs. Pretending that Black people had no meaningful contributions to the human story (in which they are the white-knighted protagonist) is only a flimsy effort to clear their conscious from all the anti-Black enslaving, subjugation and exploiting they have grown addicted to.

Studies have confirmed that this centuries long practice has measurably deadened them from feeling empathy towards Black people: Gutsell, J. N., & Inzlicht, M. Empathy constrained: Prejudice predicts reduced mental simulation of actions during observation of outgroups. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (2010), doi:10.1016/j.jesp.2010.03.011

Alan Spinks - There were original ancestors of Homo Sapiens who lived about 40,000 years ago, a male and a female, ancestors of the the whole human race today. We can call them Adam and Eve. They lived somewhere in central Africa and they were Black. Let not that be forgotten. Some scientists might dispute the 40,000 years ago. I am open to hear of more accurate estimates, But there were common ancestors, and they were Black.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) Adam & Eve were on earth much further back than 40,000 yrs, since the oldest discovered human fossil to date ('homo sapiens idaltu') is estimated to be 160,000 yrs old.

2.) Alan, there's zero point of bringing this info up here, since the specific form of discrimination we're currently experiencing, based on racial phenotypes, is only as old as the 500 yr old reign of European Imperialism that birthed it. Back then Whites did not feel the same way about Black people as they do today, as can be attested by the glowing praise your precious Classical Greek personalities heaped upon the African race in the hoarded piles of your oddly-selective celebrated writings of theirs. The pre-Western History ancient Blacks civilized Europe, remember? (see: "prisca theologia")

Alan Spinks
- Thank you for your comment. I agree there is much racial discrimination, particularly in USA. In New Zealand it is much less. I am from UK, might I say, white european, but I have friends from Zimbabwe, also living here. They are blacker than most people I have known. They are beautiful people. The father is a computer engineer, and the mother has a PhD in Psychology. Their children are beautiful too. There are some of us who would like to rid the world of the anti black bias, but we can only do what we can in the area where we live. The way we integrate with the family referred to above is an example of what can be done. I say, if ever you want to know what Adam and Eve looked like, then look at them.

I think there would be many prophets in the past who would be considered “black” today, but I am not aware of the problem ever appearing in the bible for example. I am aware of a recent find of a clay tablet from the area of ancient Ninevah, dated older than 5,000BC, which lists the names of the kings of the Chaldeans starting from Seth followed by the same names which are given in the bible as generations of Adam. It is felt that the Jews in captivity in Babylon about 700BC found the list of names and incorporated them in Genesis as descendents of Adam. Those names are not as old as 160,000BC, but they are a lot older than 4,004BC.

I accept your estimate of 160,000 years for the age of our common ancestors, Adam and Eve. I am not an expert in that field. I think the age has been pushed back continuously as new evidence comes to light, much of it in recent years.

I appreciate your contact. I think social media is great.

Muhammad Rasheed
- The secret to ridding the world of the anti-Black racism isn't 'Integration' theory, since that just serves to delegate Blacks to a lower support class inside of a fundamentally White Supremacist societal model. Treating Blacks "nice" while they are still discouraged from achieving the freedom of economic inclusion as a group is still racism. Anti-Black racism is destroyed by the immediate ceasing to exploit them, and simply getting out of their way, both of which will take a complete breakdown and rebuilding of how the Western world thinks in general.

All the Hebrew prophets were Black people. Abraham's father Terah was of a powerful aristocratic tribe in Kush. lol The Solomonic era children of Israel were indistinguishable from the Eastern Black African. All of this is documented. "The Jews" didn't become synonymous with the White people that are the face of the group today until well after the Mongol horde dismantled the converted Eastern European tribes of Khazaria.

It's possible that the captive children of Israel found those Ninevah names and incorporated them as you say, but I think it is much more likely that they were already carrying such a list with them in their oral traditions passed down. They are a People of the Book after-all.

lol It's not my opinion that Adam & Eve were 160,000 yrs old. The available data only authorizes me to admit that the oldest homo sapien fossils found to date were estimated at 160,000 yrs. Only the orthodox academic community would so foolishly proclaim those fossils as the 'first humans' for no other reason than because that's the oldest ones they FOUND. lol That's not what 'science' sounds like at all, but it's certainly what an agenda-driven doctrine pretending to be science sounds like.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

BATTLE MODE: Splitting Your Religion into Sects

Q: Shias tell me the Qur'an is incomplete, while Sunnis say it’s the final Word of God. Whom shall I believe?

Muhammad Rasheed - The shia sect was created from the manipulative machinations of a guy named Abdallah ibn Saba, who was known to have sown dissension among the early Sahabah. The toxic ideological seeds he planted by claiming Ali was really a divine figure, obviously contradicting the basic message of Allah, are what eventually evolved into the shia doctrine as we know it today.

There is no reason to ever take the shia's opinions about the Qur'an seriously since their entire group functions as a disruptive spy agency created by some of the long-time enemies of Islam.

Q: Why do Shias believe the Qur'an is incomplete?

Muhammad Rasheed - The shia are convinced, through the centuries old deceits of a diabolical figure known as Abdallah ibn Saba, that Ali is somehow a deity figure of some kind, and that the early Muslims should have established a royal caliphate dynasty of him and his male descendants.

They are SO convinced of this foolishness, that they blaspheme and say that Allah Himself supported this belief of theirs, but say that the non-shia Muslim guardians of the Qur'an have hidden it from them.

Reza Rezvan - Please first study and then talk. What you claim about Abdullah ibn Saba is completely wrong. please click here to find out the truth.

Muhammad Rasheed - The entire point to this article you linked to, is that there isn't any evidence in the literature that supports the ibn Saba theory. You do not find this ironic coming from a shia sect member?

Did you also happen to notice there is nothing in the Qur'an that supports the existence of the shia sect itself? In fact, exactly the opposite. You're only being defensive about it because the historical record demonstrates the bloody split in the early Muslim community was not only your fault, but it was based on un-Islamic claims that cannot be supported from within the doctrine of Allah and His messenger.

Hell On Earth?

Jane CP Wei - Will people ever realize that the inequality issues of the world do not have roots in race relations, but power hungry leaders with goals of unfair competition?

The wealthy of all colors conspire against the poor by miring them in these false “wars” against “racial discrimination”? More people suffer because of the income gap between the rich and poor! Filthy rich members of disadvantaged racial minorities fuel this to kill off future competition.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's true that some form of wealthy ruling class has taken unfair advantage of the poor for countless ages all over the world. The current wealthy ruling elite families that dominate the globe have done so only within the last 500 yrs, and from underneath the banner of White Supremacy. Western Civilization is absolutely a race-based hierarchal caste system... 'race' and 'class' are entwined as a legacy of the Atlantic Slave trade and jim crow laws that enriched it. Because of this, wealthy minorities jockey for position of influence in the lower-level leadership ranks, and often make decisions that subjugate/exploit their fellow minorities to gain favor from their White bosses.

The fight against classism inequality is ancient, with this particular form of it absolutely rooted in both class and race.

Jane CP Wei - Here’s a problem with buying into the race hierarchy, and correct me if you disagree — If one buys into the “race-based haste system” then one is essentially buying into the potential view that the hell that nearly all of the majority religions speak of is on Earth. The hell pits of fire, as interpreted through the scientific lens, would be the earth when it is no longer inhabitable by the folks who might have evolved with lighter skin and zero heat tolerance (if you evolved from Iceland then in all likelihood, you would die first if global warming took a leap forward). Is it that the “God” or whatever power that has/had control over planet Earth, has such a hierarchy in mind for those who are darker-skinned to stay until the end (when the heat becomes intolerable)? Because if that were the case, and white people get to leave the planet first in space exploration, would that not make you upset? I would rather not buy into it and wish/work towards a planet of the most collaborate and intelligent beings of all races (note that diversity helps survival of the species). Why is that such a dauntingly difficult message for anyone to accept?

Muhammad Rasheed - Jane, I recognize that this society has been built into a race-based caste hierarchy, but that doesn't mean I subscribe to the White Supremacist Ideology myself. That seems to be the essence of what you are expressing.

White supremacy is a lie, and a great evil. I do NOT accept it as a truth, and only see it as a tool of my enemy.

Mario Rossi - But most western countries didn't join slave trade and have nothing to do with Jim crow's laws. Seems to me you equate west with US. Besides the world is moving east but the differences still there, not only , even bigger.

Muhammad Rasheed - All Western nations participated in the slave-fueled economy. France, Britain, Portugal, and Spain operated the capture/distribution/labor cartel, while all the others invested by purchasing shares in slave taking companies, and the buying & selling of slave produced goods.

The other Western nations didn't literally implement the "Jim Crow" laws by name, but they all practiced discrimination/racist policies against Blacks as an ongoing legacy of the superiority complex developed from a culture that enslaved and exploited a people based on racial phenotypes.

Mario Rossi - Than even Africans states partecipated, and much more than many other western states. The investing in slaves companies was individual maybe, not by states, and most didn’t partecipate anyway.. most western counties didn’t have anything to do with slave trade.

Which racists policies against blacks you talk about? Do you have any reference or you just suppose so? Which superiority complex?

They weren’t enslaved based on racial phenotype, but simply because from weak countries, like it has always been.. there were slaves from central-north europe before for the very same reasons, and slaves even from europe for the same reasons.

Muhammad Rasheed - African nations participated in slaving in the traditional ways the practice was done throughout human history, and never because of race-based permanent chattel class delegation as established by the West. Western investing in slave companies was permeated throughout the entire interconnected greater European society as the slave-driven economy permeated all aspects of Western life. They were ALL invested in it whether they literally purchased shares or not.

The European racist policies that even now have Blacks discriminated against in those cultures. Those. Do you hold references for your offensive racism denial stance? My references can be found in the following sources:

1.) Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America 4 volume reprint; originally published 1930-1935

2.) Ebony and Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America's Universities by Craig Steven Wilder

(Despite the titles, these two are comprehensive works that describe Europe's involvement as well.)

3.) History Ireland: The Irish and the Atlantic slave trade 

4.) [VIDEO] Britains Forgotten Slave Owners (pt 1 of 2) "Profit and Loss"

European countries 100% targeted Africans based on racial phenotypes, built a race-based hierarchal caste structure, and deliberated avoided enslaving fellow White people. Whites participated in 'indentured servitude' programs that were nothing like the slave system.

Star Wars: Just Wing It!

Jamal Yaseem Igle - I've always had a feeling that when Yoda said "No, there is another" in The Empire Strikes Back, he was referring to Han, not Leia.

James Babbo - I always had a feeling the writers were making it up as they went along. Nothing was planned. No one was more surprised by the popularity than Lucas.

Erica Southward
- this is my feeling too. Like Lost.

Thomas Scott Roberts - To a great extent, that's true. The whole idea that Darth Vader is Luke's father didn't emerge until the second draft of EMPIRE. And although Lucas did have it in mind for Luke to have a twin sister, it was a late-in-the-day game change when it became Leia. It was originally going to be a new character.

Tom Hodges - 75% of it was written in the early 70s. In fact, pretty much the entire Prequel Trilogy was in the original drafts. But to his credit, he knew that was the least interesting story.

I worked for Lucasfilm on several projects for ten years. Spent a lot of time looking at materials and all sorts of notes. The bulk was always there.

Thomas Scott Roberts - Some elements of the prequels are mentioned in the introduction to the novelization of the first film. Ghosted by Alan Dean Foster from Lucas' working script, the book mentions Palpatine (by name) and his rise. It was published about half a year before the movie was released. So yes, much of it was already there, but some things were invented on the fly.

Muhammad Rasheed - @James... It's STILL being made up as it goes along.

Tom Hodges - Yup. People bitch about the PT but it was put in front of them in 1976 and they ignored it. No, they're not perfect, but their place in the Saga are valid.

Muhammad Rasheed - I think the Prequels would have been truly brilliant if they would have went with the "Jar-Jar as secret Sith Lord" concept.

Thomas Scott Roberts
- I suspect many people never read the novelization, and were unaware of the Palpatine reference in it.

E. J. Barnes
- But in the original trilogy, at least one character makes an allusion to a historical event known as "the Clone Wars".

Tom Hodges - They reference the Clone Wars. They reference the final fight between Obi-Wan and Anakin. They reference a lot of things. The Novelizations of Return of the Jedi even goes further.

Go back to the old outlines and scripts, as far back as 1972, a lot of the material from all of the films are in there. Anyone who writes knows changes are constantly made.

Saying they "winged" it isn't remotely true. The only major change made in the original trilogy was how it ended because there was a third trilogy planned but Lucas had decided that was it.

Thomas Scott Roberts - I'm going by some comments Lucas himself made about the decisions regarding the family relationships. He said that the father and sister reveals were not in even the Leigh Brackett draft of the EMPIRE screenplay. Perhaps 'winging' is a facetious choice of word, but I'm a writer myself. I certainly know the story building process.

James Babbo - I'm always amazed by those that ascribe some deeper meaning to Star Wars which is pure escapist fantasy. Nothing more. Perhaps certain bullet points were there in the original outline but the films constantly contradict themselves, Speculating on what may happen or what did especially with family relationships is wishful thinking & frankly soap opera drama. And it has that feel. The extent of planning who is related to who started that way & got...creepy.

Peter David wrote an interesting critique about how a theme could be the rejection of science in favor of faith (The Force) but to me the only appealing aspect was that anyone could be a Jedi. That of course was erased by the Prequels that seemed to ordain only certain bloodlines could be Jedi. Almost a sinister eugenics tone that wiped away any enjoyment. 

Yeah, kids. You could be Robin or Bucky but you gotta be born a Jedi. Like I said. Creepy.

Dan Houser - "I know what I'm about to say isn't very popular -- it may make some fans angry, and many have been less than kind over the years already -- but, and I have to say this -- I created these stories for 12 year olds. To tell stories about the threshold to adulthood.

It is very humbling that people have been so passionate and have been so excited about things I've also been passionate and excited about, and that's why I'm happy to be here 40 years later."
 ~George Lucas; Star Wars Celebration 2017

Muhammad Rasheed - Is that supposed to be presented as an acceptable excuse for why an artist didn't bring his A-Game to a project that had the multi-million dollar backing of the Hollywood Studio elite?

Because that sounds like something sensitive people say when they get butthurt after a trillion people poke their pet project full of holes.

Hey, as an aside, how many Western Literature Classics were actually written for children?

Dan Houser - The prequels were successful. They were the A-Game. 

Episode 1: The Worst One = 1.027 billion USD
Episode 2: The Second One = .75 billion USD
Episode 3: The Last Prequel = A billion USD. 

Appealing to all audiences, worldwide, making all the money back and telling the exact story George wanted to tell - in the way he wanted to tell it - with no editor or studio interference -- the man WON.

Sorry if it wasn't what you expected or wanted, or whatever. If George Lucas was butthurt - he used the salve of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to soothe it. The only thing he seems to have been hurt by was the lack of interest in continuing with his ideas as a whole, and just cherry picking what he gave them.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Dan... Considering the Kardashians are raking in big dollars while we type, money can never be used as a measure of quality. Ever. lol "Critically acclaimed with a poor box office performance" is demonstrated often enough in Film Land for you to know better.

An artist's A-Game is related to him putting together quality work, and in Lucas' case, making sure his story was tight before he released it into the world. This is not an impossible request for a consumer, but giving him a trillion dollars in exchange for sub-par "12 yr old" work is only encouraging Hollywood to churn out mess for the fans to bitch about.

Muhammad Rasheed - Seriously, considering the size of the budget on these blockbusters, there is no reasonable excuse for why the scripts aren't tight. None.

You can apply the same amount of herculean effort used to figure out how to make CGI hair flow believably to plug the damn holes in your story.

Tom Hodges - We get it, you hate the prequels.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't "hate the prequels," Tom. Stick to the topic.

Or is this a personal, religious stance for you?

Tom Hodges - Stick to the topic? Personal Religious stance? K

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you have a Star Wars shrine in your house? You do, don't you?

Muhammad Rasheed - lol

Muhammad Rasheed
- Do you perform a little genuflection ritual every time you walk pass your Star Wars shrine?

Dan Houser - Critically acclaimed, but made no money -- that happens too - but the public spending money on tickets, giving it acclaim by going to see it over and over, buying merch means they found something in it that you may not have. (I'm betting on good old fashioned juvenile entertainment.)

By no means is public acclaim the measure of quality either -- but when is fan appeal or public appeal ignored? Seems like only when you want to prove a point that something was terrible.

The holes in the story - the problems in the script - all of that was because George Lucas - the auteur filmmaker - got to put EXACTLY what he wrote on the screen. Welp. Looks like he did what he wanted. Again, he's no longer making this things, if anyone's got a hard-on for beating on the man and his films - it's you, dude.

Try to have fun at the movies, but I figure we're at a philosophical impasse, man. So - no more fruitless debate.

Muhammad Rasheed - Dan, there's lots of movies that follow the "good ole fashioned juvenile entertainment" formula that don't capture the film audience's dollar, and some of them used the same source material that inspired Lucas, Spielberg, Cameron, et al. Alter all this time, and all the money spent on research, it's still a mystery why one movie that SEEMS to have everything going for it doesn't do as well as one that comes across as hack work.

Whether businessmen ignore fan appeal isn't my argument at all. My argument is "Why aren't the people who are given tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to make movies, making the necessary effort to make sure their stories are tight before they go into the film production queue?" The answer seems to be because they know the film going audience is willing to give them a pass on sloppy work as long as the movie is flashy, bangy & loud.

Since Lucas made the script up on the fly every step of the way, it doesn't really seem like he did what he wanted. It seems like he had no idea what he wanted, and second guessed himself continuously from a stressed out/freaked out position of quasi-terror. Is this a perfectionist trait? I doubt it, since perfectionists don't tend to have so many holes in a sloppy product released to the public.

I rarely don't have fun at the movies, since I'm generally pretty good at avoiding movies I know I'll dislike. I only get pissed when I'm anticipating a film being enjoyable, only to discover it was crap while in the theater. Like that damned 'Attack of the Clones.'  >:(

I liked 'The Phantom Menace' though.

Dan Houser - Fistbump. Nod. :)  Fans rule.

I liked Sith more than Clones - thought both Clones and Phantom Menace could have been skipped.

Muhammad Rasheed - I have very little memory of 'Revenge of the Sith,' and I watched it twice. lol

Qui Gon's and Obi Wan's Force mastery demonstrations in 'The Phantom Menace' gave me much of what I always wanted from the Jedi (except for why they just didn't use The Force to crush the innards of those destroyer droids).

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Sharia's Masters: Serving Lusts & Not the People

Kowteng Wong - Why is the Sharia law considered good?

Muhammad Rasheed - Sharia is considered to be a good thing based purely on how it was originally intended to function based on the highest ideals. It was supposed to be the formal religious laws of Al-Islam, as derived from the divine revelation of the Word of Allah (Qur'an), and the way of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in demonstrating God's message as collected within the body of hadith. Under sharia, new policies and laws are supposed to be filtered through those two lenses, and when addressing matters not specifically mentioned by either, should be solved by scholars with so thorough an understanding of the Qur'an and sunnah, that they come to a decision one can reasonably trust would be as close to what a God-fearing Rashidun Caliph would have decided. Based on this intention -- societal laws based only on the justice, mercy, and compassion of the One God of Abraham and His messenger -- sharia is indeed a good thing.

In historical practice, however, sharia law is none of that, and it is NOT good. Far from being based on the Qur'an and the way of the prophet Muhammad, it is instead based on pre-Islamic Arabian paganism, superstitions, misogynistic customs, and other wretched foolishness that almost immediately crept back into the early Muslim community before the prophet's body was even cold.

How did it get this way?

Starting during the Umayyad Caliphate, rulers were taking what can only be described as "bribes" to allow newly conquered pagan or general disbeliever kingdoms to continue to perform certain anti-Islamic practices. While they were at it, other influential peoples with access to the ruling powers would make such requests themselves. Old habits die hard, and the Qur'an and Muhammad were pretty strict regarding how people were to be treated, but not treating people poorly generally means a dip in profits for the most influential types. Not to mention the fact that the sinful pagan mind didn't want to give up its patiently cultivated, but anti-Islamic deviant behaviors, like misogyny and pedophilia. Of course the body of believers weren't haven't any of that, so to get around their scrutiny, the administration would have people simply invent hadith and add them to the body of Islamic texts. Once the judges would make a ruling on one of those fraudulent hadith, it became cemented into the community's culture.

Today, sharia is composed of a lot of pre-Islamic mess pretending to be from God, with the fraudulent "sahih" label stamped upon it by lustful ruling class officials. Allowing these people to insult their religion this way is why the people suffer as they do. Sharia isn't of Islam, and it isn't from Allah. They only pretend it is.

Kowteng Wong - Interesting. Can you recommend a reliable and authoritative source of reference about the sharia law?

Muhammad Rasheed
- “Authoritative” is the primary problem, since it’s the traditional, pagan-minded ruling/scholar classes of the Muslim world that are responsible for these very woes.

But reliable, high-level scholarship I can provide: "Believing Women" in Islam: Unreading Patriarchal Interpretations of the Quran by Asma Barlas

Kowteng Wong - Thank you.

Tahir - Why don't Muslim scholars rewrite Sharia law?

Muhammad Rasheed - The Muslim "scholars" of sharia law function as an authoritarianism ruling class priesthood, and are powerful in this institution pretending to be Al-Islam they've created for themselves. All of their so-called sharia decisions are designed to protect the generational system they've created, based on old pre-Islamic traditions instead of the Qur'an and sunnah of the prophet. They alone get to say 'what is what' in Islam, and they frequently uphold their rulings over the Qur'an itself, as well as over common sense. They will never willingly give up their power monopoly to rewrite sharia to finally actually align with the Qur'an — and thus help the people the way it is supposed to be — because of shear greed. “Unreasonable men make life unreasonable.”

LEVEL UP: Call for Black Men to Heal the Community

"Ha! That hoodrat's titty popped out!"

Cynthia G and Aye Yo Cheryl![VIDEO] Why We Need to Stop Arguing with Caucasoids about Racism; Dusty, Neutered Beta Males

Sankofa Ma'at Ra Nysut - we as black men that aren't cooning and that are fighting against racism and white supremacy need to either try to talk to the black men who are cooning and try to enlighten them on what's plaguing our communities and get them to join us, or if they dnt and still decide to coon then we shall exterminate them because as long as they have breathe an continue to coon out for this subhuman cave beast then they will continue to be an incurable disease in our black community, and the way to cure our black communities from the virus of cooning and krakkatosis is to kill the virus that's plaguing us.

Agar Addictionz
- @Sankofa Ma'at Ra Nysut... fuck off shitskin back to the fields uncle tom

Muhammad Rasheed - @Sankofa Ma'at Ra Nysut... Talking to them will just make them defensive. You'll be better off focusing on protecting Black women, securing the black community, continuing your fight against racism and white supremacy, and training the next generation in acting correctly. Let the lost stay lost. Perhaps they will wake up while watching you lead by example.

Sankofa Ma'at Ra Nysut
- @Muhammad Rasheed... You're right my brotha we all must step up and lead by example.

Trent Davis - @Sankofa Ma'at Ra Nysut... As a man who has never dated a white chick, I'm very cautious of you always saying someone coonin cats. Fulla shit, but Cynthia fly.

ckzckw - @Muhammad Rasheed... Maybe not talk to them so much but perhaps remind them so they always remember the correct path to follow. They'll be more likely to change if they hear about how they can change and how it benefits them.

Muhammad Rasheed - @ckzckw… Talking or reminding will just have them freaking out, getting defensive, and spewing more of their foolishness. It's better to treat them as non-factors, and if they somehow manage to become enlightened and change, then great. No good comes from giving them attention.

charles neely - @Trent Davis... well you know being pro black means living in an all-white City and wearing a weave I need to see pictures about earlier and sisters on the same Plantation ain't never got to or wearing a weave how so she hate white man so much that all of her sisters are married to white men that what the f*** that all about does she hate her nephews and nieces? But they got Miss white man bun in them

charles neely
- @Trent Davis... brother man she gets need to submit a song she need to submit to a brother like it says in the Bible that man is head of the household she's a strong black woman take a strong black man to put a cowboy lasso rope around hook and reel her in and get her to submit

Sankofa Ma'at Ra Nysut
- @Trent Davis... how are you cautious of me because I never celebrated with the daughter of the oppressors huh, whoever the Fuck you are, that statement made no damn sense, I guess if I did stick my dick in a cave dwellers pussycat you wouldn't be cautious of me hmmmm that makes sense yea ok get the Fuck on white boy.

ckzckw - @Muhammad Rasheed... Every decent man has the responsibility of always reminding coons that there is a better way and just encouraging them to do better. You're just asking for people to give them a pass which is even worse because so many men will write in on DM to upright BM vloggers and thank them for what they say because nobody told them that in their life.

We see this all the time from those who change their ways. Next time you're at the barbers and an overgrown boy is talking to you about rubbish, be ready to share some manly encouragement. Nobody's asking for a lecture but definitely BM need to hear this. What you're saying is daft and poorly thought out. This stupidity virus started by BM constantly having it shoved down their faces, ears, minds for decades and the way to reverse it is remind them of who they are, that's how you heal the community.

Muhammad Rasheed
- I will consider myself checked, and take your wisdom to heart. I was basing my opinion on the antics of this 'charles neely' character, who was dancing around us while we were typing, and I really couldn't imagine him changing just because he was told how stupid he was. Who am I to make such a prediction? I do not see into the unseen to the future. The bottom line is that if we never even try to fix it, we can't hope it will get better. You're right. Moving forward I will act accordingly.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

What Do White Conservatives Think About Black People?

Muhammad Rasheed - The majority of White conservatives identify with the Republican Party, but this wasn't always the case. Their political ideological ancestors were the pro-slavery, pro-jim crow Democrats, the very ones that created the Ku Klux Klan. This has been true up until the recent past, when the Democratic Party used to split into progressive Northerners, and the anti-Civil Rights Southerners. It was Republican Presidential candidate Ronald Reagan who successfully courted these Southern Democrat White conservatives, and they all joined the GOP en masse. This is an easily verified documented history of partisan politics, yet the White conservative oddly likes to pin their old Democrat sins upon the modern White liberal Democrats, as if the two had never switched places.

No matter which party they've belonged to over the years, White conservatives have always thought the same way about Black people consistently, and proven by their behaviors, either directly as individuals, or through the political policies they've pushed. Study of this material, and even by way of what they say during the heat of debate and argument, one can reasonably determine that they think the following points about Blacks:

1.) White conservatives are resentful of Blacks when they demonstrate any amount of success. When Blacks are upwardly mobile in any way -- from being released from chattel bondage, to having the first Black American President of the United States elected -- they immediately seethe with intense hatred and fury to literally murderous proportions.

2.) White conservatives are jealous of the very idea of Blacks competing on an equal playing field. The New Deal of FDR was established specifically to increase the wealth gap between poor Whites and the Black community, giving White conservatives free handouts, free land, free education, and many other affirmative action benefits that Blacks were purposely excluded from. This created the White middle class, and when Blacks sought equal treatment during the civil rights era, Whites became FURIOUS at the very idea and sabotaged the process at every turn, which included the assassination of civil rights leaders, the infiltration and dismantling of all effective pro-Black organizations, corporation mergers that put thousands of Black companies out of business, etc., all of which led to a sense of hopelessness in later Black generations.

3.) White conservatives are determined to ensure that Whites maintain their race-based class hierarchy over Black people. Before slavery was legally abolished, the Black stereotype was that Blacks were goofy, harmless, affable, and were happy being slaves. So much so that they could be trusted stewards of White property and even White children. After slavery was abolished, White conservatives immediately exploited the 13th amendment loophole ("except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted") to market a whole new Black stereotype: Blacks were conniving, vicious, angry, and were inherently criminal. So much so that they couldn't be trusted anywhere near White property, White women, or White children without the certainty of theft/rape. White conservative police were thus instructed to harass Black people continuously so that the free slavery labor void would be filled by free prison labor. This new "Blacks are criminals" promotion has continued up into the present day, and in fact, was made worse in Reagan's "War on Drugs" mass incarceration era. Any and all "Tough on Crime" talk coming from the White conservative direction is nothing more than the rhetorical tools of the new slave taker.

4.) White conservatives were sure that the election of Obama would usher in the era they had always dreaded... that Blacks would be gifted with everything they needed to finally be placed on an equal socio-economic playing field as they. Of course this turned out not to be the case (see #2 above), but that didn't stop White conservatives from freaking out at the frightening potential of it. They unleashed a continuous stream of insults, disrespect and general insanity at Obama for the entire duration of his presidency. During the Trumpamania campaign rallies they gleefully assaulted Black protesters with only the presence of recording devices preventing them from unleashing their true old school lynch mob fury.

5.) White conservatives have spent many generations conditioning themselves to think of Black people as less than human, unworthy of compassion & respect, so that they can justify in their minds why it is okay to subjugate and exploit them to fuel their White privilege. White conservatives think that the White poor are inherently more deserving of help than the Black poor, and they think that when Whites commit crimes against Blacks, that the latter somehow deserved it just because they are Black. Consequently, Whites want Blacks to simply shut up and never complain about the racist treatments they receive, and that manifests into the fake goal of "colorblindness." The colorblind society is very similar to the Antebellum South of the slave era, when Blacks simply "knew their place" and never complained. If they didn't complain then their White masters could live in the La-La Land fantasy that there were zero problems, everyone was content, and everything was fine. In other words, the "colorblind" goal is no less than another way of expressing the White Supremacist Ideology racial contract. In a society that is fundamentally racially divided on the institutional level, never "seeing" or talking about race would benefit no one except those who are already at the top of the racist class hierarchy.

Chris R - Actually, the Republican party’s ancestor was anti-slavery: How today's GOP has its roots in anti-slavery crusade

Muhammad Rasheed - Sure, the Republican Party® used to be the political platform for anti-slavery. Everyone knows that. Of course.

It's the flesh & blood White conservative himself, who currently and proudly makes up the GOP, who used to be in the old Democratic Party® advocating for slavery's continuation. They are the very ones today still advocating for slavery with their "Tough on Crime" talk from now within the Republican Party®. All they did was switch political platforms.

Chris R - So, do you think crime is okay?

Muhammad Rasheed - You’re presenting a logical fallacy known as the 'straw man effigy' as if it is a question relevant to this discussion. The White conservative criminalizes Black people to fill up the for-profit prisons to exploit Blacks for his own gain. The true question isn’t about whether I think crime is okay or not; that's just you being disingenuous here.

The true question is this: Why do you think it is okay to treat people this way? How are you justifying this evil to yourself?

Chris R - I am a White conservative who doesn’t criminalize black people. Crime is colorblind. If you break the law, you go to prison. The high amount of black people in for profit prisons is due to black individuals committing a higher amount of crimes. The percentage of black adult males incarcerated is 4.7%, compared to 0.7% for white adult males. The only thing that criminalizes blacks is when a few black individuals commit crimes.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your responses to my blog post revealed that you were either a White conservative, or a non-white responding in a devil's advocate role. The fact that all of your responses thus far are attempting to justify why it's okay for White conservatives to deliberately propagandize the Black American as inherently criminal in order to fuel their anti-Black Prison Industrial Complex, means that you absolutely criminalize Black people.

You've conspicuously ignored the fact that the former slave owners immediately exploited the 13th Amendment loophole in order to reclaim their free slave labor class, and the marketing that developed from that evolved into the disingenuous, deliberately poor analysis your post above displays.

FACT: During the height of the crack epidemic, Whites were using that drug more than Blacks, yet the 'War on Drugs' propaganda presented it as a "Black community drug" with Blacks being targeted for arrest more than the White users. That reveals your analysis of the incarceration data to be complete nonsense.

FACT: Policies were pushed that gave higher prison terms for users of crack than for users of powered cocaine, with the latter being more fashionable among White users. This also reveals your analysis of the incarceration data to be complete nonsense.

Your shallow, anti-Black GOP political talking point rhetoric has no interest to me, Chris, other than as confirmation of everything I already know about your demographic, as listed in my blog post.

Chris R - Your responses to my comments have revealed that you are most likely a liberal attempting to demonize me as racist because I do not agree with your political opinions. I have nothing against Black Americans personally or politically.

Also, you are presenting a strawman argument here. I never argued that it is okay for white conservatives to “deliberately propagandize the Black American as inherently criminal.”

Furthermore, it seems that you are claiming that the higher numbers of blacks in prison are only or mostly due to pro-white, anti-black propaganda. I hope you are aware that that is untrue.

FACT: Crack cocaine is more addictive than powder cocaine because it is smoked, which means it is absorbed into the body for more quickly.

You still have not refuted a previous point I have made. You are bundling all white conservatives into one group and claiming they all hate and demonize Black Americans. This is clearly untrue. I agree that racism is a terrible thing, but just because a few white conservatives are racist does not mean they all are.

Though I respect your right to have an opinion, I do not share your opinion. Likewise, it seems you do not share mine.

Muhammad Rasheed - I cannot confirm as to whether I am a 'liberal' or not in this context, since you did not define the term from your White conservative perspective. I can unequivocally say that I am pro-Black, anti-White Supremacy, and 100% against the oppression of Blacks as well as the efforts of White Supremacist internet trolls to justify the oppression of Blacks. Do you consider this position "liberal?"

That wasn't a straw man. I patiently pointed out the root cause of why Blacks have been criminalized in American society since slavery was abolished, and why they are unfairly over-represented in the prisons. You responded by accusing me of wanting crime to run rampant, as if the unfair treatment of Blacks was all in my head. That means you buy into the for-profit prison industry propaganda that criminalizes Blacks, and/or you are trying to convince me to buy into it. There is no third option.

To be clear, the higher numbers of Blacks in prison is 100% because of the predatory machinations of White conservative corporations and political leaders that do so to exploit Blacks for profit within the centuries old tradition of American White Supremacists exploiting Blacks for profit.

FACTS: The ability to get high on crack cocaine faster than you get high on its powdered form has nothing to do with the higher prison sentences, the discrepancy in why users of the one are criminalized more than the other, nor the fact that more Whites used crack than Blacks, yet it was Blacks who were targeted by the police for the use and treated as the face of the drug.

The history of White conservatives attacking, subjugating, exploiting Blacks for money constantly for 500 yrs, their current penchant for pretending that they aren't doing it while duplicitously looking for ways to do it more efficiently, and their consistency in supporting any and all political candidates and policies that are for attacking, subjugating, exploiting Blacks for money, proves without doubt that all White conservatives hate and demonize Black Americans.

I will never share your opinion, Chris, and consider you my ideological enemy.

Chris R - Actually, I didn’t accuse you of wanting crime to run rampant, I asked if you were of that position.

Also, I disagree with your premise of blacks being criminalized in American society. It actually was a strawman, because I never argued that criminalization of blacks is okay. In fact, I argued that it is not “the white conservative devil” that criminalizes black Americans; rather, that the higher crime rate in the black community causes higher incarceration rates for black Americans.

Furthermore, you said, “ The higher numbers of Blacks in prison is 100% because of the predatory machinations of White conservative corporations and political leaders.” That sounds a lot like a conspiracy theory. Because of this, do you absolutely deny even slightly higher crime rates in the black community? If so, it seems impossible that we can hold a civilized conversation, as you are unwilling to accept basic facts.

Instead, I hope we can both agree that the higher crime rates and incarceration rates in the black community are a problem. The solution to the higher incarceration rates for blacks is not to free them from jail and the “oppression of the white man.” Instead, it is to attempt to decrease the crime rate of black individuals by providing police for black communities with high crime rates.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) You casually and conspicuously dismissed all the points I raised regarding Blacks in the mass incarceration era to ask me:  “So, do you think crime is okay?” which is obviously an accusation framed as a question in context.

2.) I know you disagree, because it conflicts with your preferred White Supremacist Ideology.  By dismissing the active attack by White conservatives that is directly responsible for the artificial criminalizing of Blacks, who are saying it’s okay while pretending not to with your classic Forked Tongue™ double-speak.  The higher crime rate in the Black community is caused by anti-Black police departments unfairly attacking Blacks while ignoring Whites for their criminal behaviors.

3.) I cannot confirm as to whether that would be a ‘conspiracy theory’ or not in this context, since you did not define the term from your White conservative perspective.  Even during the height of the crack epidemic, Whites abused the substance more than Blacks did, yet the “War on Drugs” was waged primarily in urban areas in black communities.  That means that literally everything you’ve convinced yourself about “higher crime rates in the black community” is 100% wrong.  Nothing you believe about this topic represents a “fact.”

4.) I’ll  agree that the higher crime rates and incarceration rates in the Black community are the direct result of the problem of your people’s commitment to White Supremacy.  Here: [PDF] White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement; Prepared by FBI Counterterrorism Division (17 Oct 2006)

Chris R - If anti-black police departments ignore criminal whites, why are there whites in prison?

I disagree with the entire premise of your comments. I am not a white supremacist any more than you are a black supremacist. You calling me a “white supremacist” is a false, ad hominem attack. I cannot engage in civilized conversation if you will call me a racist, white supremacist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, etc, just because I have an opposing political viewpoint from you.

It sounds like a conspiracy theory that you think the higher number of blacks in prison is completely and only because of the “predatory machinations of White conservative corporations and political leaders.” That is obviously untrue and is just used as a justification to hate white conservatives.

In this comment, you openly admit that there are higher crime rates in the black community. But in the previous comment, you said that the higher incarceration rates of blacks are not due to the higher crime rate of blacks (that you have admitted exist) but rather the “anti-black propaganda” of white conservatives.

To recap, you admit there are higher crime rates in the black community and higher incarceration rates. You attribute the higher incarceration rates to white conservatives rather than the obvious factor, a higher crime rate. That is an obvious breach of logic.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) The police depts are still a money making org. They have to meet a quota, so they toss some of your folk in jail, too. Note that Whites leaving prison are given compassion and chances to redeem themselves and help, while Blacks are criminalized for life. ;)

2.) I know you disagree. This was clear from your very first post. I know who you are, Chris. Admit your your proud subscription to White Supremacy and shame the devil.

You are not demonstrating a willingness to engage in civilized conversation by thinking your White Privilege alone is enough to simply deny the points I’ve brought up like you’ve waved a magic wand. Everything I’ve mentioned is documented fact, while your denials are based on your feelings and wishes.

3.) The predatory machinations of your White conservative corporations and political leaders is feeding the for-profit prison industry and enriching all involved (except Blacks, of course). It’s Slavery 2.0 in action and it is very much verifiable truth. Why do you think this is okay? Why are you defending this evil? Tell me. Do you believe in God?

4.) I seem to have confused you when I addressed the “higher crime rates in the Black community” item. Allow me to clarify: White racist police officers are harassing/attacking Black people for small or made-up violations, and allocating their resources to target Black communities and disproportionately arresting Blacks for crimes that more Whites commit. Thus the “higher crime rates in the Black community” is an artificial and fraudulent creation by a deliberately biased and evil police force (that the FBI proved were infested with actual White Supremacists).

Chris R - 1. How do you back up that whites leaving prison are given compassion, while blacks leaving prison are “criminalized”? That is a baseless accusation and you know it.

2. As much as you want me to “admit my proud subscription to white supremacy,” I won’t. Because I don’t subscribe to white supremacy. I am not a member of the KKK and do not subscribe to their beliefs. That is a false attack on me as a person, rather than my political opinions. I must ask that you stop with the ad hominem attacks. I cannot debate with you if all you do is call me a white supremacist and a racist.

3. Also, you are wrong about everything you saying being fact. NOT everything you have said is documented fact. You cannot simply bend facts to your will like that. You are putting out your opinion and saying, “Agree with me because this is fact.” It clearly isn’t. The idea that higher black incarceration rates are because of white police officers is not a fact. Instead, higher crime rates in the black community are due, most likely, to socioeconomic inequality and single-parent households.

4. The idea that “white privilege” exists is an obvious fallacy. Privilege assumes weakness and a lack of hardship. Tell that to the poor white homeless person. Is he “privileged?” Is he immune from hardship? No. White privilege does not exist. If you think that “white privilege” exists, please tell my what advantages I gain from having lighter skin.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) Please stop saying “and you know it” and comments similar to that, since we’ve already established that we literally agree on nothing. White conservatives criminalize Blacks by pretending that they are inherently criminal just because they are Black people. They spread this propaganda so Whites will be conditioned to lack empathy for them. That’s why White cops are more likely to bring in White murderers alive, but will casually shoot and kill Black children playing with toy guns.

2.) You refuse to admit you are a White Supremacist because the ‘alt-right’ doctrine says you are supposed to pretend to not be racist. We need to talk about the online radicalisation of young, white men | Abi Wilkinson

3.) Just because you are incapable of proving your opinion using only the wishes & feelings in your debate tool kit, doesn’t mean you can project your intellectual impotence upon me. I don’t expect you to agree with me, and I expect you simply ignore any links I post to support my points, especially since you could just look it up if you wanted. lol I know you make the habit of simply dismissing facts that make White conservatives look bad. I’ve already brought up several points that you didn’t even try to actually counter, yet you want to pretend you are “engaged in civil conversation.” That’s not what that looks like, Chris. You not a serious debater, you are a troll. And not a very good one btw.

4.) White privilege is the status you enjoy based on living in a society that considers the European ethnic to be default normal or ‘mainstream.’ Your race is considered the ‘normal’ standard, and everybody else is ‘Other.’ So your ability to walk into a store or interview for a job, etc. and not have a certain stigma (criminalized by default) perceived about you is a privilege. The “poor white homeless person” can also make the effort to improve his quality of life, and he can do so with less societal barriers than a Black person would have if they started from the same position. Your willful ignorance as to what White Privilege actually means isn’t powerful enough to nullify its reality. lol

Chris R - 1. If whites act like all blacks are criminals, how come all blacks aren’t in jail? Whites are a race majority in this country, (if not by much.) Also, the idea that white cops just randomly shoot blacks on no basis is false. If you support the Black Lives Matter movement, how come you don’t are about the black lives that are being lost in gang violence and homicides due to underpolicing of black communities?

2. You are very wrong. I refuse to admit I am a white supremacist because, (get this), I am NOT a white supremacist.
3. I am not incapable of proving my opinion using facts and statistics. If you actually think that the entire police system is horribly racist, look at this: The Myth of the Racist Cop
4. It is clear you have no idea what trolling is, because this it not it.

5. I notice how you say what white privilege is, but you don’t give me concrete evidence about what I can gain from it. Is white mainstream in music/entertainment? No. Is white mainstream in athletics? No. Even assuming that white is ”mainstream,” what do I gain from it? The reason I’m not criminalized is not because I’m white but because I’m not a criminal.

6. Blacks are not automatically “criminalized” when they walk into a store. If you have a rich, well-dressed black man and a poor, badly-dressed white man, who will the store owner think is more criminal?

7. If white privilege exists (which it doesn’t), then doesn’t Asian privilege?

8. You constantly saying that white privilege exists doesn’t make it so.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) You commit at least two "false equivalency" logical fallacies in this point. All Blacks aren't in jail because White conservatives don't have total power. They are actively working towards it though just so that they can put all Blacks in prison (the parole/probation side is part of the for-profit prison industry, too).

I support both the BLM movement's anti-police violence activism, as well as the other activist movements (Youth Guidance, CeaseFire Illinois, H.E.L.P.E.R. Foundation, GRASP, Men against Violence/BLAC Detroit, etc.) working to control the violence within the poor Black communities. The ridiculous idea that advocacy for one means dismissal of the other is a nonsense partisan talking point that is an idiotic trait of White conservatives. Thanks for demonstrating that GOP Clown Show right on cue btw.

2.) I am not wrong. You refuse to admit publicly to being a White Supremacist because you follow the 'alt-right' White Supremacist playbook. The fact that you are here arguing FOR the criminalizing of Blacks while disingenuously dismissing White conservative efforts to criminalize Blacks, gives you away, Chris. You're pretty shameless about it.

3.) I'm amused that you think Heather's opinion piece represents facts that prove your point. Representatives from your own group think she's a blowhard, and I must agree with them. "What Mac Donald calls a 'war on cops' is better described as a much-needed debate about crime, law enforcement tactics, and how to deal with systemic police misconduct. Conservatives have some worthwhile ideas to offer in this debate, but Mac Donald's polemics add heat, not light." ~Tim Lynch, Cato institute director (review in Reason magazine)

I'm also amused that you think her dumb opinion piece trumps the FBI's findings regarding how you people are.

4.) [DEFINITION] An Internet troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion, often for the troll's amusement.

Hey, Chris, remember when your very first post falsely tried to equate the modern Republican that routinely criminalizes Blacks with the old, anti-slavery Republicans? Remember when you asked me “So, do you think crime is okay?” (since deleted) as if my hatred for your fraudulent criminalizing of Blacks for profit meant I supported crime itself?

Admit to your trolling, and your dedicated commitment to White Supremacy, so we can start making some progress in this discussion, please. Thanks.

5.) The fact that you are too lazy to puzzle out how a White male can gain from a White Male Dominated system that normalizes him, and lacks the stigmas and discriminatory societal barriers that plague other groups, means your White Privilege seems to be turned all the way up to 11.

Music/Entertainment - Whites own the distribution channels and the means of production. Whites take home the lion's share of all profits in those industries while exploiting the artists.

Athletics - Whites own the teams, the stadiums, the merchandise distribution channels and the means of production. Whites take home the lion's share of all profits in those industries while exploiting the athletes.

You're not criminalized because your specific demographic is literally in charge of the process that determines who gets criminalized and who doesn't, and your specific demographic controls, directs, and infests the ranks of the Police departments.

6.) Blacks are always seen as the criminal by default by White people. A "rich, well-dressed black man" will be assumed to have won his success unfairly at the White poor's expense, and be criminalized even further. The White store owner will resent the rich Black guy just because, and might even call the cops just to invent a charge against him ("Help! Rape!")

7.) Why don't you troll some Asians and take a poll?

8.) A White Conservative who, for whatever reason, decides to deny the truth of his White Privilege on the Internet, fails to move me, Chris. Just so you know. You might as well stop bringing it up. lol

Chris R - Well dang, you wrote me an essay here. If nothing else, I admire your commitment to your political views.

1. So if all blacks aren’t in jail because all white conservatives aren’t in power, do you think if all white conservatives were in power, then all blacks would be in jail? Again, the idea that all white conservatives hate blacks with everything they have is a conspiracy theory (i.e. false).

2. Actually, I refuse to admit publicly to being a white supremacist because I am not a white supremacist. I think I know myself better than you do. I am arguing against you, not for criminalization of black people. You saying I’m a “white supremacist” because you like to dehumanize the opponent rather than engage them in discussion, whether because your position is weak or because you hate everyone who disagrees with you..

3. “You people”… really? Who is the racist here?

4. I’m not a troll any more than you are. The wording of your response indicated that you deny black crime (not all blacks are criminals, but some are). You started the “argument” by responding to this question, and I criticized your response. Also, I did not delete the “So you think crime is okay?” question. Presumably, the asker of the question did because they disagree with my political opinions.

5. Do you really think that black professional athletes and musicians are being controlled by whites? Are artists like Beyonce and athletes like Cam Newton being “exploited?” Really?

6. Nobody assumes that a rich black man obtained his money by exploiting poor whites. I don’t, and nobody reasonable does. If you legitimately think people do that, then either there are a lot of horrible racists where you live, or you have been lied to about this.

7. Even assuming that whites are viewed as normal, what do they gain from that? Almost every single argument for white privilege can be applied to Asian-Americans, but you don’t talk about that. Asian-Americans have very low incarceration rates, economic advantages, and are not “criminalized.” I don’t see you talking about that, though.

8. I’ll tell you the reason why I deny my “White Privilege” on the Internet… It doesn’t exist. Your angry assertions that I am a white supremacist who hates blacks doesn’t make it true. So I hope you know, Muhammad Rasheed, that you blaming white privilege for your problems won’t convince me or any other reasonable conservative.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't care what you admire or don't admire, Chris.

1.) Western civilization owes its success to the exploitation of Black people, with the enormous wealth that free labor system generated. America fought a civil war because the wealthy class that depended upon the exploitation of Black people to generate its revenue streams refused to let that money go. Today, the descendants of those very same wealthy families have put a system in place that will enable them to continue to generate those massive profits from the subjugation and exploitation of Black people. The only difference between then and now, is that the usual suspects are pretending that they aren't doing it. But the documented proof is found within the actions of the Social Policy Network (SPN), the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and CoreCivic.

I'm interested in how you justify things as "i.e. false" when you literally know zero about a given topic or the background of what I'm even talking about. You must believe your White Privilege mind trick powers are off the charts, huh?

2.) I hate White Supremacy, and I hate all those committed to upholding it. You've taken offense at my Quora Answer that is speaking ill of White conservatism and its own historical ties to the White Supremacist Ideology and have come to weakly defend it with empty rhetoric and the shallow force of your will. Naturally this effort outs you as a White supremacist yourself. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, I don't have a problem proclaiming it as being a duck... especially when the duck's only counter-argument is, "Quack! Quack! Quack!" So either just admit to your proud subscription to White Supremacy, or continue to reinforce your clear commitment to it with every new response while fumbling from behind your transparent Wizard of Oz curtain.

3.) Are you admitting that White conservatives aren't people? I'm not sure whether to be frightened or consider this some form of progress in the discussion. Just admitting you were an White Supremacist would have been enough for me, dude. yikes...

4.) When you posted about the Republican party in a way that made zero sense in the context of what you were responding to, that absolutely qualified as the "posting of an off-topic message with the intent of provoking me for your amusement" per the definition of Internet troll.

Oh, and btw, your "deny black crime" comment is a logical fallacy known as the "straw man effigy." I didn't deny that Blacks do commit crimes. I do deny that the higher incarceration rates are the results of Blacks organically committing more crimes than Whites as you suggested, since Blacks being arrested by the police is due to the police force being infested with White Supremacists, as the FBI discovered to your 100% expressed apathy.

5.) Yes. Despite you pointing out that some of them managed to escape the Plantation Matrix. Actually that's why so many large companies were complaining about the Internet's ability to allow the creators to reach their consumers directly without the need to go through their industries' exploitative gate keepers. Incredibly, the latter referred to their escaping former slaves as "greedy." lol

6.) If by "nobody" you actually mean "all White conservatives," then I agree with you.

7.) You don't think Whites assume that their own group is the 'normal' group out of all human groups? Really? Then why did they label the Caucasian skin tone crayon as "Flesh" without blinking an eye? That doesn't shout "We're default normal!" to you?

I'm not Asian, Chris. I have my own beef with your folk; why would I waste my time arguing for someone else's battle when they are more than capable of vocalizing their own grievances for themselves? If you want to know what their argument is, then troll them. Don't ask me.

8.) Should I consider this another straw man logical fallacy, or is it just a demonstration of your lack of understanding of the term definitions? I don't blame White Privilege for my problems, since that just represents the perks you have for being of the dominant class in a race-base caste hierarchy. I blame White Supremacy for my ethnic group's socio-economic problems.

Chris R - Wow, I’m surprised you can’t take a compliment.

1. So… I’m white, but I don’t know about white privilege. The single largest determining factor of socioeconomic inequity is NOT race but rather two-parent households and your parents’ salaries.

2. There is a difference between “taking offense” and “respectfully disagreeing.” However, I hate white supremacy too. Nothing I have said supports white supremacy. I have argued against your demonization of white conservatives that they hate black Americans, never for the suppression of black Americans. White supremacy is a horrible and disgustingly racist ideology. If you think I have said something in support of it (which I haven’t), you can appeal to Quora for racism.

3. “You people,” as referring to whites, is a broad generalization. You can’t bundle all white conservatives under one umbrella and call them all racist; likewise, I don’t bundle all black people as committing crimes. Do you know why I do that? Because I believe in judging people individually, not as part of a group, like you do.

4. My apologies if my wording of “black crime” was confusing. I meant that you deny higher crime rates by black individuals

5. rather than that you deny blacks commit any crimes. If the police force is infested with white supremacists, then why are there blacks in the police force? Why didn’t the Obama administration dismantle or change the police force if it was so “racist?” Cops are here to keep you and other law-abiding citizens safe. Do you know what America would be like without police? I hope neither of us ever has to find out. Some cops may be racist, but the vast, vast majority are not. Do you know why there are so many gang shootings and black homicides (i.e. the victim was black) in the black community? Because of underpolicing, not overpolicing.

6. I feel sorry for you if you think that black celebrities and athletes are “being taken advantage of.” Have you seen Cam Newton’s salary?!?

7. Yes, you, a liberal, should tell me, a conservative, about what conservatives do. Also, by nobody, I mean nobody. No reasonable human being looks at a rich black man and thinks, “I bet he got his money by taking advantage of some poor white people.” At least I certainly don’t, and if you do, then it is you, not I, who is the racist.

8. Whites should not have labeled the Caucasian skin tone as “Flesh,” I agree with you there. Second of all, though, it has been changed to have a different label. Third, this was done during a time of a lot of anti-black racism, which is horrible. But if you think that America is just as racist now as it was decades ago, you are flat out wrong.

9. Ah… so you blame someone else for your group’s problems instead of blaming them for your own problems. That makes it all better.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're surprised that I'm automatically distrustful of unsolicited praise from my active enemy? I'll just toss that onto your long list of disingenuous crimes.

1.) To be clear, you know exactly what White Privilege is, how you yourself benefit from being a member of the dominant class of a race-based hierarchical caste system, and are committed to the 'alt-right' doctrine of pretending you aren't a racist.

2.) lol Chris, if you really hate White Supremacy, then please explain your casual dismissal of all my points without ever looking up the info to counter with a solid response. Please explain your demonstrated, several day long, kneejerk defense of literally every thing that represents White Supremacy.

3.) Do you realize that the "#NotALLWhitePeople" response is not only a continued part of your kneejerk defensive position, but also the exact opposite of the "engage in civil conversation" you claimed to seek?

I'll say this once: I use hyperbole as a normal and accepted tool of discourse, both as a scholar, and as a genre creator. Get over it. If you don't think it's fair that I don't put the "not ALL white people" disclaimer on all my posts, then I suggest you work to put "Cured Racism" on your resume.

4.) I deny the analysis of the recorded higher crime rate data as filtered through your cock-eyed White Supremacist lens.

5.) Why are there Blacks in a White Supremacist police force? Is this a real question? Why were there Blacks helping the European Atlantic Slave Trade cartel take slaves? I can't pretend that any one group of humans... neither yours or mine... operate within a single hive mind. You see that damned fool Ben Carson shufflin' & dancin' on your team, yes? Likewise the police departments are full of both the White racist, and the Black 'coon'. Both of these creatures are my enemies.

The Obama Administration didn't have the power to do so as it didn't work like an absolute monarchy. Please discover how the Federal Government of the United States of America actually functions to at least cut down on the number of these kinds of embarrassing gaffes.

Now that the FBI has reported their findings that White Supremacists have thoroughly infiltrated the police departments, and you are here telling me that "cops are my friends," despite the numerous high-profile abuse by these same racist cops towards the Black community confirming the FBI's report, are you still denying that you are 100% in support of White Supremacy? 'Cause at this point you really sound like a nut who is incapable of processing info. The cops aren't here to help me, Chris. They are the enforcement arm of the White conservative elite that hates my guts.

One of the main traits of the mass incarceration era is not only did the number of [racist] cop resources increase by government mandate, but they increased specifically in the Black communities. They have plenty of cops; the problem is that the cops are not there to help, but to feed Black bodies into the Prison Industrial Complex.

6.) I feel sorry for you if this is how you really think about isolating the rare exceptions from the trend, and pretending those clear exceptions really are the greater trend. The traditional model of the exploited creator/athlete is still the norm. Btw how well the talent is compensated doesn't mean much if they are discouraged from being on the other side of the power table where the REAL money is.

7.) You never did define what you meant by "liberal." Do you consider me a liberal because I am pro-Black and hate White Supremacy?

So by "nobody" you DID mean "all white conservatives." I'm glad we've cleared that up.

There's nothing reasonable about racism, Chris. That’s one of the reasons why it's bad.

White conservatives don't do a good job of hiding their evils. That's part of their White Privilege in that they fully expect to be blatant and still get away with it. (see: voter suppression; Trump's Russian collusion; ALEC)

8.) Pro-Black activism and pushback are what made them change the minor crayon label to something less racist and more normal human. The key being that the people being victimized by this indoctrination actually fought back against it, and their determination is what solved the problem. You should know that at the beginning of that battle, there were quite a few Crayola execs that acted exactly like you, telling the activist that the problem was all in their head, they were making a big deal about it for nothing, it was just a conspiracy theory, etc.

America is just as racist now as it's ever been. Please note that with every single gain in the history of Black American struggles, the response from White conservatives was to immediately counter those gains and strip them away.

9.) As a representative of the Black American, I have problems that were caused by me that I deal with and blame myself for, and I have problems caused specifically by the White conservative enemy who has never ceased in his commitment to exploit me for his own gain.

Chris R - “Disingenuous Crimes…” Now who is criminalizing whom?

1.Yes, I know what white privilege is. It is a figment of the imagination used by liberals such as yourself to brush off any criticism of leftist policy by white conservatives.

2.I am criticizing you for acting like white conservatives criminalize blacks. I hope that you are smart enough to realize there is a difference between that and me supporting the criminalization of blacks. Also, as for the dismissal of your points, most of your points aren’t backed by statistics, so I dismiss them using logic, not statistics. The vast majority of your points are extremely illogical.

3.Well, it doesn’t sound like hyperbole when you say it, because you have not ONCE made the effort to say that it is not all whites who do this. Also, by civil conversation, I was referring to not slandering the other party (i.e. calling them a “white supremacist,” a “racist,” etc.)

4.I can’t believe you’re seriously denying higher crime rates in the black community. We can’t progress at all if you claim that all data and statistics have been distorted by whites. You can deny the data all you want, but it’s true.

5.Please do not use racist language. That is a violation of Quora’s policy. Also, you say that cops are not your friends. What do you think would happen if there were suddenly no more police in black communities, especially those with high crime rates? Also, you are aware that the FBI is different from the local police, right?

6.A hypothesis can be disproved far more easily than it can be proved. If you think that major black celebrities and athletes are being taken advantage of, then prove it. I don’t look at a guy with millions of dollars and think, “Wow, I bet he’s being taken advantage of.”

7.No, I consider you a liberal by the way you call all white conservatives “racist” and “white supremacists.”

8.“America is just as racist now as it's ever been.” REALLY? So you’re telling me that we are just as racist now, with a black president in office for the past eight years, as we were decades ago with Jim Crow laws and slavery?

9.What problems has the “white devil” caused for you, specifically? Not for your group, but for you, personally. Last I checked, I haven’t exploited you. Heck, I don’t even know you. So how has the white conservative exploited you?

Muhammad Rasheed - lol You're confused. When a random Black guy on the Internet says "crimes," it's just empty hyperbole. When White conservatives say it, it means they are drafting bills through their billionaire-funded policy machine to put Blacks in prison to fuel their checking accounts.

1.) No, you don't. But you don't have to understand it, that's the nature of how it functions.

So was my assessment of what you mean by "liberal" is true? Do you consider liberals to be pro-Black/anti-White supremacy?

2.) You're not criticizing me, Chris. You're trolling me. You're not addressing any of my points, and you don't have an argument of your own. I'm literally just using you as a sounding board to flesh out my Quora Answer further. You're not providing any value on your own initiative, since I'm forced to push the topic in the direction I want to in order to have an excuse to post the links I want to post.

3.) [DEFINITION] hyberbole - exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally

You're welcome. You want to try answering that one all over again? Correctly this time, like you went to school somewhere or something? smh

Anyway, so you consider it 'civil' for you to slander my whole race by supporting White Supremacy, but when I point out your support for White Supremacy is a trait of White Supremacy itself, it's somehow NOT civil? lol

Can you read what you type? Or is this some kind of braille app you're using? Asking for a friend.

4.) I can't believe you're still pretending to be informed on the topic when you clearly are only operating from a pool of wishes, feelings, partisan talking points, and butthurt. You don't have any data, Chris; you're not supporting your argument with anything. I'm not claiming the statistics have been distorted by Whites, I'm pointing out what the actual facts of history were that led to why the statistics read what they read. Your analysis of what they read is absent the actual history of the areas in question, and you want me to believe that the crime rates are higher because Blacks organically commit more crimes "because Black." For some reason you think that the FBI's findings about the police force is irrelevant (or you're pretending to think this because you can't take the cognitive dissonance dizzy spell).

5.) What part of my language did you consider 'racist?' Bearing in mind that your demonstrated support of White Supremacy is racist.

If all the cops were pulled out of Black communities, then magically Blacks would stop getting shot for nothing by cops, Blacks would stop getting harassed and arrested for nonsense fake crimes (the reason for the "high crime rates" btw), and the revenue stream of the Prison Industrial Complex would get cut off. The Black communities can police themselves.

6.) Giving them millions of dollars, but penalizing them for supporting the causes of their own ethnic group/community means they are millionaire slaves. The owners make the lion's share of the profits from those industries, and those owners are a closed-group cartel. Being individually wealthy isn't "freedom." There were wealthy Blacks during the height of slavery. Freedom is economic inclusion for the whole group.

7.) Stop being racist, stop supporting White Supremacy and I'll promise to change.

8.) There are more Black males in prison today than were slaves in 1850. This trend of mass incarceration didn't begin until your precious Ronald Reagan waged his war on Black people when he unleashed crack into their communities, followed by legions of laws and policies designed to throw the book at ONLY the Black people who touched crack. There is no "tough on crime" war rhetoric directed towards White druggies... only "they need help!" humanized speak. Whites commit more crimes, but the cops empathize with them and don't 'bag-n-tag' them over minor nonsense offenses.

9.) I'm more interested in why you've committed to trolling my Quora Answer after demonstrating you literally know nothing at all about this topic, aren't remotely interested in learning anything about the topic even on your own initiative, and believe you have the power to change my mind just with the power of your projected butthurt alone. Please explain all this.

Chris Robinson - Most of the time when people say crime, they mean crime. At least, I do.

1. No, I disagree with your assessment of liberals. No conservative I know is pro-white supremacy. I consider liberals (such as yourself, as demonstrated by your responses) to be those that demonize all white conservatives and falsely claim that they are all racists.

2. I am criticizing you. Also, as for criticizing your points, why do you think I have adopted this numbered method? Have you sensed a pattern yet? If not, I’ll tell you: Every single number I have corresponds to one of your points that I am criticizing.

3. I do not use hyperbole as a tool of debate since it definitionally false. Admittedly, it is difficult to know whether you are using hyperbole because (a. you haven’t even tried to say you judge whites individually and b. it is an accepted part of leftist narrative to demonize whites). I have not once slandered your race, like you have mine. I am criticizing you, not all black people. You, on the other hand, are criticizing all white people.

4. You have literally claimed that the statistics have been distorted by whites multiple times. You acting like your position is based on facts is utter falsehood. You are acting like America is just as racist now as it was some time ago. You are pointing out historical racism and claiming that that racism is prevalent in mainstream modern society because it once was mainstream. You equate individual racism to systemic racism. Also, blacks don’t commit crimes “because black.” The black crime rate is higher due to single parent families, underpolicing of black communities, and socioeconomic inequity.

5. You used a racial slur - “coon.” Also, I am not a white supremacist, you fool. We cannot have a conversation if you don’t want to leave your little bubble of calling everyone who disagrees with you a “white supremacist.” If cops were pulled out of black communities, there would be more homicides and crimes by black criminals because there would be no one to arrest them. Really? Detroit can police itself? Does every black own a gun? If a black wants to police the black community, he would join the police force. Just because some are willing to join a “streets is watching” program doesn't mean they have the resources, professional training, or government backing that police officers do. I’d like to see them catch a criminal, lol.

6. Prominent black celebrities aren't penalized for supporting what their ethnic group supports. Often, they are celebrated by media and liberal groups. Black celebrities are not slaves. That idea is ludicrously incorrect. Industry owners make money because of capitalism, not slavery.
We can argue this all day, lol. You say I’m a white supremacist because I disagree with you, I explain why I’m not, and it keeps going.

7. Do you have a source for that statistic? Also, whites commit more crimes because there are more white people in America. They do not have a higher crime rate, though. It’s comparing apples and oranges.

8. You didn't answer my question. However, I will answer your’s. Call me a “troll” all you want for disagreeing with you. I've already explained why I’m not. If I wanted to troll, do you really think I would pick Quora? Saying, “Wow, you literally know nothing about this topic” doesn't negate my answer. If I’m not interested in learning about this on my own initiative, you sure aren't either. All you want to do is shut down your opposition by calling me a white supremacist, like so many other liberals do. Also, I don’t think I can change your mind. I’m doing this because I enjoy debate and would like to make my case as well. Given everything you've said, it’s very, very funny that you think I’m the butthurt one, when you clearly are.

Muhammad Rasheed - Per their proposed and implemented policies, their 150 yrs old marketing strategy, as well as the coded language of their partisan talking points, when White conservatives say "crime" they mean Black people.

1.) You disagree based on what exactly, Chris? Because you've consistently responded to me as if you agree with my assessment in every way.

2.) You're not criticizing me because you aren't saying anything of substance; you don't have an argument. You're just tossing empty rhetoric at me hoping that the force of your White Privilege alone will be enough to sway my position. You've adopted the numbered method for no other reason than because you're copying off (appropriated) my technique. ;)

3.) Sure. Why bother with hyperbole when you can just be racist, amirite? Chris, I will never use that "not ALL white people" fake disclaimer. Your over-sensitive butthurt over that doesn't trump actual racism inflicted upon my people. Get over it. If you want me to stop mentioning it, then cure racism. Period.

4.) The crime race statistics look the way they look because of the schemes of greedy White conservative corporatists, and their politician pawns. You've literally ignored all the links I've posted and the names I've mentioned that support the facts of my position, so your comments "critiquing" them are dismissed as foolishness.

The historical racism of slave taking, jim crow profiling, etc., continue in the present day with mass incarceration, “stop-n-frisk,” etc. Your willful ignorance of the subject does not change that fact.

The Black incarceration rate is high because of the proliferation of a White racist police presence targeting Black males to feed into the Prison Industrial Complex (which is owned by White conservatives, and White conservative organizations… see: SPN, ALEC, CoreCivic, etc.). Starting from the so-called "War on Drugs" announcement (which happened just BEFORE crack came out mind you), there are now more Black men in [for-profit!] prisons today than were slaves in 1850. This new slave taking strategy is of course directly responsible for the single parent family epidemic in Black communities, and contributes to the socioeconomic inequity.

I'm interested in your #4 bullet because of what you conspicuously did NOT say. Tell me what you think is the cause of the single parent family issue, please.

5.) Why do you think the White Supremacist label doesn't apply to you, even though every single post of yours in this thread has supported White Supremacy? Based on your actions here, how do you justify receiving a policy exception? I don't call everybody that disagrees with me a white supremacist, just the ones that support white supremacy (blatantly, in your case).

The Black street watching programs deter the criminal presence and control crime, the same way it did before the crime rate spiked from the crack infestations. Everything you believe about this item is wrong and insulting. Whites commit more crimes, but nobody is harassing you. All your cops are attacking my neighborhoods using this level of "police training":



I don't need these savages "arresting" my people. Get your OWN actually REAL crime in check and leave me alone.

6.) The fact that Black entertainers/athletes do all the work, but only receive a fraction of the income from the owners of the franchises, is the very definition of "exploited."

lol Slavery IS a capitalist economy, Chris. It's genuinely ridiculous that I had to tell you that. In fact, the capitalist free slave labor economy is the one MOST lucrative for the owners of the means of production/distribution, and that's why the traditional White conservatives who participate in it refuse to let it go (its the sole secret to the success of Western Civilization in that the European Imperialist literally enslaved his competition on the world stage). Remember when you had the nerve to actually call ME a "fool?" Hmph.

7.) Actually you haven't once explained why you are not. All you've done is proclaim that you aren't while hoping the power of your White Privilege Jedi Mind Trick alone will sway me. In the meanwhile, your conspicuously consistent ignoring of all my points, failure to address any of my links, etc., outs you as that very White Supremacist you deny being. That means I win btw. Level up or eat it.

8.) Cops target Blacks unfairly, arresting them for minor and nonsense reasons, which they deliberately escalate into "crimes" through their racist harassment.

9.) I posted the actual definition of Internet troll, and pointed out the specific instances in which you performed per that definition. Your response -- then as now -- was to shout "Nuh UHH!!!" as loud as you could. That means I win.

I'm sure I don't know why you choose to do the things you do, Chris. Perhaps you were content to lurk on Quora, and then a fellow White conservative sent you the link to my Answer, and you decided to save White Supremacy's honor for racists everywhere using the mighty power of White Privilege. Or maybe you were already following this Question, and kneejerk reacted by posting your 100% irrelevant "CNN explains" link.

You don't think I'm interested in this topic from my own initiative? I guess that perfectly explains my multi-link supported commentary, versus your empty, non-supported rhetoric.

No, one such as you lacks the power to change my mind. What part of "ideological enemy" confused you? I enjoy arguing on the Internet; it doesn't matter if it's a formal debate or not. This is not a formal debate since you have proven to be evidence-support adverse (and no, Heather's appropriately-labeled 'Opinion' piece doesn't count).

It's possible that an aspect of my righteous anger at my ethnic group being continuously abused/exploited by White conservatives does manifest itself in "butthurt" form. Probably. But not when I'm arguing with an impotent 'alt-right' peon such as yourself. All you've done is use empty rhetoric to deny my charges. Do you plan to ever level-up and link to evidence/facts to support your position, or at least use logic/reason/wit to even try to make me think? In other words, do you want me to think you've been holding back, or should I continue expecting more zero + butthurt from you? Let me know.

Chris Robinson - You don’t think anything has changed with conservative policy in 36 years?

1. I disagree that liberals are pro-black/anti-white supremacy. Though there are some alt-right conservatives who are pro-white supremacy, acting like that represents mainstream modern conservatism is false.

2. This was never intended to be a defense of my position. Rather, it is a critique of your position. I have adopted the numbered system so I can debunk each of your points.

3. Some people are so ignorant, you can’t tell if it’s hyperbole or their actual position.

4. I have ignored them because you have something known as confirmation bias. Also, you are citing cases of individual racists rather than collective, systemic racism in modern times. One cause of single parenthood is bad decision-making skills (having a pregnancy before marriage).

5. I have not ONCE said I support white supremacy. It is clear you don’t understand the difference between advocating for the criminalization of blacks and arguing that it is not systemic and mainstream. Where did you get your statistics from, that these “street-watching” programs deter crime more than police? Once again, whites commit more crimes because they have a larger population in America, they do not have a higher crime rate. There is a difference. Also, once again, you are citing individual tragedies and arguing that they are evidence of systemic racism. Though some are, the vast majority of cops aren’t racist. As for the officer who shot Philando Castile, he was Hispanic, not white.

6. Capitalism is slavery? Are you daft? Capitalism increases wealth; it doesn’t impoverish people. Do you know why the western economy has succeeded? Capitalism. Black entertainers do all the work? Yeah, right. Who does the advertising, ticket sails, equipment production, venue booking? They’re all done by the entertainer themselves, right? WRONG.

7. Again, I have explained that I’m not, because I’m criticizing you, not all black people. There is a difference between supporting black criminalization and arguing that it’s not mainstream or systemic in modern society.

8. You cherry pick individual racist police officers and equate that to systemic racism.

9. Yes, and I explained why I’m not a troll, lol. Actually, I stumbled upon your answer coincidentally. You can claim my rhetoric is “empty” all you want if that makes you feel better and helps you cling to your idiotic argument of “all whites are racist.” One difference between us is that I try to have a civilized argument, but you insult me and claim my rhetoric is empty. All of my responses use reason, but you claim they don’t. When will you understand - You saying something doesn’t make it so.

Edit: I’m also rather tired of writing massive essays here on Quora. If you wish to continue arguing, would it be possible to condense your response, which should allow for a more dynamic discourse? If you do this, I will attempt the same. Thanks!

Muhammad Rasheed - Did you even read my Quora Answer? Nothing has changed with conservative policies in 150 years. Their ruling class has literally spent the entire time trying to keep their free slave labor gravy train from stopping.

1.) Then why do you keep referring to me as a liberal? ALL 'alt-right' conservatives are pro-White supremacy since that's one of the tenets of the 'alt-right' ideology.

2.) So far you haven't provided a critique of my position, just a blunt denial of it. My counter is to critique your obviously pro-White Supremacy position.

3.) Some people are so ignorant they don't understand how hyperbole works, and then try to tell people they should stop using it in normal discourse.

4.) You've ignored them because you lack a counter-argument. Individual racists are the random sampling of the systemic racism supported by the FBI's findings.

5.) You support White Supremacy with your empty and emotional denials of my position, by definition. Once again, Blacks show a higher crime "rate" because the White Supremacist cops infesting law enforcement arrest them with a racist bias because they hate them, and to feed them into the for-profit prison pipeline per their White conservative plutocrat masters’ orders. 'Hispanic' isn't a race, it's an ethnic group. Castile's murderer was a White Hispanic male who reflected the systemic racist attitudes of the White Supremacist-infiltrated police department.

6.) Somehow you transformed my "slavery is a capitalist economy" into the straw man effigy "capitalism is slavery." Should I consider this feat a logical fallacy based on ignorance and semi-literacy, or a deliberate attempt at deception? Let me know.

The slave economy 100% produced massive amounts of wealth; this was the number one tool that enabled the European imperialist to build their empire in the last 500 years. The number two tool was that 99% of the wealth produced is controlled by the 1% rulers of a race-based hierarchal caste system. The wealth DOES increase, but not everyone is allowed to share in it. In an exploitative system, the most valuable people who create the original content receive a piece of the wealth, while the administrators you named receive the lion's share of the wealth (while calling the formally exploited "greedy" when they seek to throw off the yokes of the exploitative contracts).

7.) You support Black criminalization by denying that is not mainstream or systemic in modern society while you ignore the reports that support that fact.

8.) Individual racists are the random sampling of the systemic racism supported by the FBI's findings, and by the documented systemic racism performed by the Koch Bros and their racist network of corporatist policy manipulators.

9.) You proclaimed that you aren't an Internet troll by ignoring the definition of it that your actions line up with, and by simply denying the charge. I will continue to point out that all your rhetoric is indeed empty until you decide to level up and use evidence to support your points.
You insult yourself by taking on an evil position.

“All whites are racist” is another straw man argument, unless you're providing some kind of insider info you need me to know. Are you admitting all Whites are racist to me, or are you just saying that all White liberals are secret spies for the GOP? I can't tell.

If you don't want to reveal your rhetoric as empty then start citing evidence to give it weight. How hard is that? Whine less, step-up more.

Let the record show that not one of your points used reason in it. Why do you think it is logical to simply ignore the findings of the Federal Bureau of Investigation demonstrating that White Supremacists have "infiltrated" law enforcement in America, and then proclaim that there is no systemic racism, and that ("Nothing to see here, people! Move along!") the higher crime "rate" of poor Blacks is not because of those same cops? So that's how you demonstrate "logic" and a "civilized argument," huh? You never stop being offensive.

If you're tired of writing "massive essays" then write less. How is that my fault? It's not like you're providing any value, or anything new. Did you plan to? If so, then try to focus on that instead of this nonsense I don't respect at all. Try a refreshingly different, somehow less empty angle.