Saturday, November 25, 2017

Whites Don't Want Blacks to Achieve Equal Opportunities for Advancement

Muhammad Rasheed - The raw and candid interviewee opinions from the Civil Rights Era have become the encoded Republican political talking points of today.

White people don't believe Blacks deserve the opportunities that will enable them to also become politically empowered and financially free as full citizens of the United States. Across class lines, whites have conspired to permanently delegate Black people to the exploited lower classes so that the poorest whites will always have a leg up over them. This is what "the forgotten promise to the white working class" actually means. Electing a Black President was a slap in the face to the old guard whites, who were afraid it would lead to the entire Black community being economically raised up to be equal or above them.

We are at war, ladies & gentlemen of the African-American community. You need to realize that you are still being subjugated, held back, and sabotaged by your traditional enemy and rival on the world stage. Nothing has changed of any real substance. Literally every single civil rights gain you have ever achieved was IMMEDIATELY countered and neutralized while the media pretended you got what you always wanted. Wake up and walk smartly.

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