Saturday, February 27, 2016

Return of the Fiery Phoenix!

Wow...! I've been really looking forward to Graham Hancock's Fingerprints of the Gods sequel and it didn't disappoint. As usual his work left me creatively inspired, and in awe of the powers & knowledge of the ancients, but this time it left me quite terrified. Missing from the previous work was the "smoking gun" -- the exact nature of the cataclysm that smashed mankind back down to the stone age at the end of the last Ice Age, wiping out all obvious traces of the source advanced civilization we've inherited our own sciences from. The evidence is backed by irrefutable, rock-solid scholarship, and is as amazing as it is alarming.

My personal conclusions were little different than they were after reviewing the movie The Road (see: A Bleak & Dreary Future). If we hope to survive the inevitable return of 'The Phoenix' we all need to invest in Marcin Jakubowski's brilliant Open Source Ecology project IMMEDIATELY! We haven't a moment to lose!

Thank you Graham Hancock for another masterpiece, and a much needed wake up call for the species.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Ebola versus Jesus

Muhammad Rasheed - Obama is Infecting Christians with Ebola To Destroy Jesus and Start A New Age of Liberal Darkness

Dude... couldn't wait till you were a LITTLE closer to November?

Ola Betiku - would love to know how Christian DNA differs from others... lol

Muhammad Rasheed - It's Science, Ola. You wouldn't understand.

Ola Betiku - Muhammad Rasheed I probably wouldn't

Ola Betiku - as comical as this is... there was a time not to long ago when a great deal of people thought that a particular virus only affected gay people...

Muhammad Rasheed - Even though that turned out to be an inaccurate exaggeration of the truth, what they both have in common is the fact that certain behaviors can lead to greater chances of being affected by the disease.

In this case, if you hate Jesus, you'll get Ebola. #fixYoself

Ola Betiku - well I suppose when pregnancy is not in the equation gay guys used to have a lot of unprotected sex and that led to them getting hit pretty hard by the disease. The only way I suppose you could target just Christians with a disease is to lace bibles with it...

Muhammad Rasheed - Uh, nooo. The force of your blasphemous denial will cause the affliction to seize you, no doubt on the cellular level.

Paris Pacman Collins - Muhammad Rasheed were are you from? You certainly have no education from a real school or university.

Muhammad Rasheed - 'MURICA!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - @Ola... Yes, unprotected sex is one of the behaviors that increase the chances of being affected by a certain virus, but there's also another behavior that has THIS highlighted-in-red trait attached:

Ujamaa Crear - "'MURICA"

I cackled. ROFL

George Williams - WTF?

Dennis Thompson - I would share this but I am afraid that some people are so dense they would actually believe it.

Paris Pacman Collins - Wow this Muhammad Rasheed guy is really stupid.....lmao

Muhammad Rasheed - How DARE you!

P. P. Collins = jackass

Paris Pacman Collins - You are stupid. How dare you make up lies!? We're did you go to school?

Muhammad Rasheed - We're = Where

Muhammad Rasheed - Apparently the School of Jesus is superior to whatever jackass school YOU attended! STEP, FOOL!

Paris Pacman Collins - iPad auto correct but ok. You clearly have no education. No common sense. So again "Where" did you get your education of Jesus.?

Muhammad Rasheed - From the Internet, stupid! (and maybe some television back before the internet) and why would THAT lie???

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm offended by your dumbass questions.

Paris Pacman Collins - I am offended by your dumb ass post!

Muhammad Rasheed - YOURS!!!

Paris Pacman Collins - Where did you get your knowledge ?

Muhammad Rasheed - see, this is why Black people can't get ahead the way other, more jesus-friendly people are.

Muhammad Rasheed - Because of stupid people like YOU!   >:(

Muhammad Rasheed - It's the Information Age, dumbass!! I get my knowledge from the Internet!

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you deaf AND stupid???

Paris Pacman Collins - Fuck Jesus the slave master forced black slaves to except Christianity . Now Black People are more religious than Masa! I am a Proud Atheist but your post is extremely ignorant.

Paris Pacman Collins - Yet you can not even say where you got your knowledge . Are you one of those guys who went to jail and read a few books and now you trying to enlighten everybody.?

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) [to get serious for a minute] The oldest Christian church in the world is in Ethiopia, and predates the American slave trade by about a trillion years. Just because Whites intro'd the Black slave to his Eurocentric version of the faith doesn't mean Christianity has zero value. That reveals your poor levels of research into the topic. [back to the show]

Muhammad Rasheed - 2.) I SAID I got it from the Internet!!!!! Stupid!!!!

Paris Pacman Collins - West Africa never practice Christianity until White People came with their abuse. E.I. Nigeria Ethiopia is in East Africa. Christianity is a hateful religion. Spread through fear , rape, plundering, hate, enslavement, lie and genocide. Keep your Christianity . I am all for facts but lies like this post are ridiculous.

Muhammad Rasheed - 3.) [to get serious again] The idea that West Africa never saw Christianity during the 2,000 years of the faith's existence... despite all of the trade & commerce with the world the region took part in... is insane. There were many West African Christians, who converted to Islam almost in totality over the centuries. This gave the impression to colonizing White people that they had never seen Christianity before, but that is not true. [back to the show]

Muhammad Rasheed - 4.) You wouldn't know a fact if it bit your autocorrect!!!!

Helen Mesa Ortiz - Actually Paris, he's informed and knows what he's. He in Miami high school students are doing exactly that. Soaking tampons with alcohol, inserting them in their rectum and going to school wasted.

Paris Pacman Collins - Helen get lost he is a big boy I think he can speak for himself. Clearly you dont know what your talking about.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol She was referring to my post to Ola above.

Paris Pacman Collins - Why did she say my name then? Helen pay attention...

Muhammad Rasheed - She called herself being funny and thought you'd be in the joke with her against me.

Ujamaa Crear - Wow. Somebody whose name I'm not allowed to say COMPLETELY missed the joke, and created a whole other joke in the process.

Carry on. *sips some Jesus tea*

Ujamaa Crear - Reminds me of this poor clueless guy:

A guy started trolling his 'friend' for saying stupid stuff on Facebook, but who is really the jerk here?

Dumb people who are uber serious and uber offended are fun.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

NO!! Douse the Bern!

Muhammad Rasheed - If You’re Liberal and You Think Hillary Clinton Is Corrupt and Untrustworthy, You’re Rewarding 25 Years of GOP Smears

Muhammad Rasheed - There's no WAY putting a "Democratic Socialist" (Communist) in the White House would be "evolving."

Marc Keelan-Bishop - Why not? America Is WAY behind when it comes to democratic socialism.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Democratic socialism" is what the communists renamed themselves after their experiment crashed & burned. Infecting us with that disease until it consumes us will be the ultimate joke, laughing at ourselves towards our own destruction. Nothing about democratic socialism is progress.

It's evil.

Marc Keelan-Bishop - Hogwash. Democratic socialism is what exists and succeeds in Norway, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, Iceland, France, Canada and many more countries. Communism was only ever totalitarianism.

Jeremy Travis - If Democratic Socialism is so bad, why does it work so well in other countries?

Muhammad Rasheed - Norway isn't a democratic socialist system. Their conservative party took the majority seats in 2013. Their central gov has total power, and their socialist part is a social-democracy.

Sweden has continuously reversed its position on allowing free markets and re-privatization of public industries since the 1980s, which means it is not a democratic socialist society, but a social-democracy.

For the most part, Germany is a lot like the USA with 2 parties dominating the political landscape. One is the center-left Christian Democratic party, and the other is the Social Democratic Party of Germany. Germany is not a democratic socialist system.

New Zealand is similar to Germany, with its left political dominating party being a social democratic one, not a democratic socialist system.

Iceland's system makes groups of political parties work together. Their democratic socialist party is ranked as the 3rd most influential, but they are still watered down by the Eco-socialism, Euroscepticism, and Feminism ideologies. Social democracy and liberal conservatism have way more influence to consider Iceland to be democratic socialist.

France's Socialist Party is split between the social democrats and the democratic socialist, with the former having the lead in influence.

Canada's largest socialist party is the New Democratic Party, and they are social democratic.

So it turns out your "hogwash" comment was complete nonsense, Marc.

Jeremy Travis - What's the difference between Democratic Socialism and Social Democracy?

Marc Keelan-Bishop - I think your definition is quite narrow. Democratic socialism is not antithetical to capitalism. Even the most right wing parties in most of the countries I mentioned are socially democratic.

Marc Keelan-Bishop - And you can't go by the name of the party. Don't forget that China goes by The peoples DEMOCRATIC republic of China.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Marc... I'm not going by the name of the party, I'm going by the party's stated ideology and goals.

Muhammad Rasheed - A social democracy seeks to fix or soften the problems with traditional capitalism so that an ideal capitalist-socialist blend is created in society.

Democratic socialism has no use for capitalism at all, feels that is is 100% evil and must go, and works to gradually convert it over to a full socialist system. It is Communism by another name. Literally.

Marc Keelan-Bishop - Where do you get this definition of "Democratic socialism" vs "social democracy?

Muhammad Rasheed - Political Ideologies: An Introduction by Andrew Heywood

Social Justice by David Miller

Muhammad Rasheed - where do you get your extra, extra broad definition of democratic socialism? So broad that that it treats the two different ideologies as if they are synonymous?

Muhammad Rasheed - Which I've noticed a lot on FB since Sanders has been getting more and more word-of-mouth attention.

Marc Keelan-Bishop - You are the first person I have ever read who differentiated between democratic socialism and social democracy.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're welcome. lol

Marc Keelan-Bishop - yours is certainly not the definition of what Sanders stands for.

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes, it is. He's a sneaky ass.

Muhammad Rasheed - Democratic Socialists work towards a gradual transformation from capitalism to total communism. Gradual.

So of course in the beginning they are going to pretend to be social democracy advocates.

Marc Keelan-Bishop - @Muhammad Rasheed… Hogwash again. He's for a rebalancing of capitalism, which has run amok in America. He seeks a balance like in the other countries I described.

Muhammad Rasheed - That's what the democratic socialist says in the beginning. "Rebalancing." He's easing you into his true goal.

Muhammad Rasheed - You never did say where you got your own definition for the term.

Who told you this?

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me.

Marc Keelan-Bishop - My definition simply comes from reading about politics over time. Again, i've never come across a parsing of those terms the way you describe, and I have not read those two books.

I will ask this: what communist régime ever came in gradually? I can't think of a single one that was not the result of a violent revolution.

Muhammad Rasheed - You read about politics where?

Marc Keelan-Bishop - @Muhammad Rasheed… Newspapers, magazines, biographies.

Muhammad Rasheed - Which newspapers? What magazines? Biographies written by who?

Marc Keelan-Bishop - I read regularly The Globe and Mail, The Week UK, The Guardian, New York Times, Maclean's, Hill Times, LA Times, The Walrus, The National Post, Jerusalem Post.

Loads of biographies over the years, but the best recent one is Mao, by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday.

But of course all of that is besides the point. You are ascribing nefarious hidden motives to Saunders based on what appears to be an uncommon definition of a term. Everything Saunders says shows that he would like to work toward the type of capitalism enjoyed in the countries i described.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's not beside the point. The layperson, even the journalists from your favorite rags, think that every term with 'socialist' in it is interchangeable with every other. Meanwhile they each refer to a very specific thing, and when an actual career politician SME singles one out for his personal self-identification, it also means a very specific thing.

Sanders shows no less than the sneaky manipulative tactics of the Red Menace (i wear my melodrama proudly as a comic book writer).

Thomas Mack - I am forming a new political called Living On a Lonely Islandist... or LOLI for short. The LOLI party grows their own food, uses solar power, and purifies the surrounding water of the island to drink. The only requirement to be a Loyal Loli-ist is the desire to remove ones self from the current governments of the world and answer to your own sovereignty and the creator God... Now to find an unoccupied Island.

Andre Roberts - Doesn't matter to me. Whichever Dem gets it will get my vote.

Todd Holland - Hillary lost to a Black man in racist ass America...Let that sink in...She is near unelectable...I wouldn't back her McCain or Romney for dog catcher...

Muhammad Rasheed - He wasn't just any Black man. Obama represented the polar opposite of everything Bush did, and with his sharp wit and charisma, won over the independents and the youth for two landslides. Hillary will be good because she'll partner with Obama's agenda and work to make permanent the Executive Orders he put in; she won't sabotage his agenda the way Sander's is guaranDamnTeed to do. Hillary's problem is that she lacks charisma, and comes across "wrong" on camera, like Bob Dole or Gore or somebody.

Todd Holland - Hillary will/would be another scandal ridden mess that will sell out Obama,Black folks,her mother if it would keep herself in power...I ain't pro Sanders either,but I have no illusions about Clinton standing for ANYTHING but gaining or keeping power.

Muhammad Rasheed - Obama did partner with the Clinton agenda on many of his items... this was no secret. His commitment to strengthening the middle class is something that needs to continue so it will be cinched in for keeps. Hillary will do so, Sanders will not. The idea of a "strong & prosperous" middle class doesn't give him a warm & fuzzy. He will sabotage that for his bs commie foolishness at the country's expense.

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Belief in the Prophets

Artie Buckley - Egyptian Scholar Admits Temple Mount Mosque Not Sacred to Muslims

Muhammad Rasheed - Dude, why wouldn't a known site established by previous prophets of God, on the command of that same God, and known to house the Ark of the Lord, not be sacred to Muslims?

Artie Buckley - Islam is a baby religion 632ad go figure !

Muhammad Rasheed - 'Belief in the Prophets' is a major aspect of Islam. Their stories and message are vital to the doctrine. ALL of their stories have that thread running through them that represent Al-Islam. That's why God commanded us not to treat any of them different than the others.

Of COURSE the Temple where the Ark of the Lord rested should be sacred to Muslims.

Roy Allen Grabow - They built it on top of where the temple was so they couldnt build it back ,,,,,but said its where somebody said was a Flying Donkey ........ISUM Raped the Bible and took our prophets and people out an made the karon from it .......NO Saviuor No Eternal Life ,,,,,,,,,a Book of BONDAGE

Muhammad Rasheed - lol They built it where the Temple was because the site of the prophet-kings David and Solomon was sacred to Muslims, too (peace be upon them both).

In islam you will be saved by accepting the fact that there is no god but the One God of Abraham, and living your life according to that belief. There is no other salvation. Do this and the believer will receive Eternal Life in the hereafter.

I don't understand where y'all come up with your stuff. Instead of passing along nonsense, you would be best served by researching.

Artie Buckley - David according to the storyline has nothing to do with muhammed if he existed.

Muhammad Rasheed - David received revelation from the One God of Abraham, and instructed the people in scripture & wisdom. This was the mission of the prophet-messengers, which included Jesus, Jacob, Joseph, Noah, Lot, Moses... up to Muhammad, who sealed the prophet-messenger line, and whose revelation closed the canon of sacred scripture.

Artie Buckley - Prove that biblically since David and the others u mentioned surfaces first in the bible.

Muhammad Rasheed - They were all of one Brotherhood, who covenanted with the God who anointed them, the One God they all served on the very same mission. It is for this reason why the Muslim upholds the Pillar of faith known as "BELIEF IN THE PROPHETS."

We recognize that they all had the same mission, and hold none of them above any of the others. Thus why the site of David & Solomon's Temple is sacred to Muslims, too.

Muhammad Rasheed - Didn't Jesus prophesize the coming of The Comforter after him? That was Muhammad, the seal of the prophethood.

Muhammad Rasheed - Didn't Moses warn the children of Israel that if they continued to rebel against God, that a prophet would be raised up among their brethren tribe that would instill in them much envy? That was Muhammad, the last of the prophets through the line of Ismael, brother of Isaac.

Artie Buckley - But someone who can live again is more than a prophet so why is this muhammed exalted over Jesus ? Whole books are dedicated to mary and Jesus in koran how many times muhammed ? It's all about giving the arab an identity as he rose in power into Northern Africa .

Artie Buckley - U cannot prove it u just uttering lies that were told to u get some sleep !

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) All believers will live again, Artie, if they submit to the One God that made them as did the Christ Jesus, son of Mary. To be saved is to accept the Word of God as true and live it.

2.) Muhammad is not exalted over Jesus. "Belief in the Prophets" is the Pillar of Islam that explains that they all had the same mission, and none is to be exalted over any other.

3.) God told the story of Mary and Jesus to confirm their miracles and clear them of the numerous falsehoods said about them. Muhammad's story wasn't told in the Qur'an because it wasn't needed; his job was to preach and demonstrate the Qur'an.

4.) The message of the One God is for all of mankind. The identity of the Arab is irrelevant in that sense.

Muhammad Rasheed - I can't prove it? Did I not just remind you of two well-known prophecies within your own book? How then are ye deluded away from the truth? Have a care, Artie.

Artie Buckley - My book ? Who's name is on the copyright ? I'm here to show the fraud of Islam that's all

Artie Buckley - And u didn't provide anything from the biblical text fyi

Artie Buckley - And the Arab is important to Islam u know that u can't say those prayers in English they are inefficacious in any language other than Arabic. When the Arabs conquered others they changed the language to Arabic. I just posted something related to this it happened in Egypt their language was changed from Coptic to Arabic anyone speaking any other language would be killed @islam the peaceful religion, NOT !

Muhammad Rasheed -

Muhammad Rasheed -

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) It sounds like you are advocating for the pauline Christian doctrine over Islam. You seem offended at the idea that Muhammad would be exalted over Jesus, even though Allah does not command that.

Muhammad Rasheed - 2.) The Arab's only role was to receive the message and distribute it. That's all. There was no inherent worth in the Arab himself that made him better than any other. The Arabic language of the Qur'an's original revelation is preserved in tradition only as a protection layer to help prevent the text from being corrupted over time. I am allowed to read English translations; only my Lord can command otherwise, and you will find no such command in the Qur'an. Some individuals, and sub-doctrinal schools prefer to only read the Qur'an in the original Arabic, but that is by no means a Pillar of Faith, only their over-strict subjective preference. Even though I understand the reasons for the practice, that does not make it Islam.

Muhammad Rasheed - 3.) The politics of government does not equal the religion. What the Arab-Egyptian gov rules that falls outside of the Qur'an's direct commands does not automatically equal Islam. The idea is absurd. If the new Pope declares that it is okay to have animal sex, does that automatically mean animal sex is a Christian practice? Christianity has very specific tenets that can be traced to the book, as does Islam; the well-researched scholar can discern between the two.