Monday, June 25, 2018

Secrets of the Book of Raziel by M. Rasheed

The Prophet Raziel (Peace be upon him) was the Messenger of the One God and king over a vast global empire during mankind's first and greatest Golden Age.

By God's leave, he commanded the HIGH KNOWLEDGE and freely manipulated the forces of fire and light, and knew all the secrets of time and space. Raziel was Serpent Powerful in his eternal body and in his mortal form as well. Titles of the most powerful spells ever wrought even today still bear his name. Above all, he was a righteous man; God was well pleased with him.

Despite the Prophet King's goodly example and the strength of his rule, the absolute power of the HIGH KNOWLEDGE corrupted Raziel's subjects absolutely and they fell into paganism's sin and evil.

Raziel fulfilled the duties of his Prophethood by delivering the message of Revealed Scripture. He warned his subjects to repent of their wrongdoing or face the penalty of a dreadful day.

The people attacked the powerful Prophet King and tried to overthrow him. The wars lasted for many centuries before Raziel was finally struck down through trickery and deceit.

With his death upon him, he cursed his enemies. He prayed to the Lord Most High to bring down the full weight of the Celestial Wrath. God commanded Raziel to make a written record of the HIGH KNOWLEDGE so it would not die with him.

Raziel burned the potent glyphs into a tablet carved from a single sapphire. The Lord instructed him to hide the tablet, and upon completion of this last mission the king died.

The people celebrated the king's passing with a worldwide orgy and human sacrifices to their idols. The whole planet lacked a single righteous person save one. Burning bright amidst a sea of filth, God chose this one good person in all the land to be His Messenger.

The Great Deluge of Legend covered the world in liquid death. When its force was spent, and the ark came to rest 'pon the towering height of Ararat, God instructed Noah (Peace be upon him) to reach his hand inside a cavern hidden amidst the rocks and to pull out what he found therein.

Thus the Book of Raziel came into the possession of Noah's family. For centuries it was passed on to Prophet after Prophet, but it became lost during the Children of Israel's captivity in Egypt.

Solomon, son of David and Prophet King of the Promised Land (Peace be upon them), used his command of the djinn race to bring the tablet to his hand, increasing his already considerable power over one million fold. Mastering the HIGH KNOWLEDGE to the utmost capacity of his brain, King Solomon then placed the Book of Raziel inside of the Ark of the Covenant where it would be forever safe from the hands of greedy men.

Adepts, scholars and mystics traveled from all over to learn the secrets of the universe from Solomon. But far from revealing the full force of the HIGH KNOWLEDGE, by God's leave the king did impart the key for attaining Enlightenment.

They were thrilled with their treasure, but tainted with jealousy that too many others would share in the precious knowledge. Every single one of the king's students took the key of Enlightenment back to their native lands and enclosed it within the vault of secret society. They then weaved a web of initiations, rules, conditions and tests of such complexity that only a scant number of people have ever won the prize.

Even in this era, there is conflict brought about by absolute power's corruption. Evil men walk the path of Enlightenment only just long enough to gain the power to manipulate the masses for their own selfish ends. Those few who've actually struggled to grasp it seek to contain the damage caused by the wicked in order to prevent another worldwide cataclysm from a wrathful Creator...

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