Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Dragons Coming Home to Roost

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Julius Carry - Too soon?

Tom Garden - @Julius... you need to learn some respect. It was a thousand-year-old icon. You need to learn to View events outside of the American racist view that we all have.

Julius Carry - Tom... you need to acknowledge and call out the institutionalized racism in this country before lecturing me about some shit that has no bearing on my life or the life of others that look like me.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Tom... A thousand yr old 'icon' that was 100% part of the trend of savage, white supremacist, European conquering and pillaging all over Africa.

Julius Carry - @Muhammad... #exactly

Julius Carry - I guess I should feel bad when old Plantations burn down, because history?

Muhammad Rasheed
- "That's a 200 yr old old Black slave breaking Plantation of the Lord White Jesus! Show some respect, n1993r!"

Tom Garden - When all of Europe is burned to the ground and every mansion south of the Mason-Dixon line has- been destroyed will you find Comfort here?

Muhammad Rasheed - @Tom... Will I find comfort in seeing the total destruction of the White Supremacist Ideology's global blight and the anti-Black systemic racism for which it stands?


Julius Carry - I was just trying to make a funny y’all.

Muhammad Rasheed - It was funny to me.

Julius Carry - @Muhammad... #thankyou

Muhammad Rasheed - Next time add more dragons.

Julius Carry - I can’t take the credit for the photoshop though! Lol

Tom Garden - @Muhammad... seems a bit racist to me don't you think?

Julius Carry - Reverse racism?

Muhammad Rasheed - @Tom... Pushing back against 400 yrs of anti-Black racism isn't racism. It's righteous rebellion against a demonic oppressor.

According to the reports, the white supremacist idol-worshiping edifice (French edition) wasn't structurally damaged anyway. They'll throw some of their unlimited, plundered-from-Black-flesh wealth at it and make it better than ever. So relax.

It's a special thing to have such a strong sense of national identity based on lineage and shared heritage. Obviously such a mindset can't WAIT to step up in pride to help out one's Nation.  #ADOS #AmericanDOS

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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  1. Not to be a killjoy, and far from me defending the french, but do you realize the Cathedral was built long before colonial exploitation, slavery and invasion of the Americas started, right?

  2. I don't see how you are supposed to be a killjoy with your comment, nor how you can't see that the beginnings of the cathedral have nothing to do with the time period when the French gov WERE involved in those anti-Black activities and the Church definitely was a major tool in the process.

    1. Is pointing out that the building of the church before the French gov & church took part in white supremacy supposed to mean they never took part in it? I don't get the 'killjoy' part at all. Please explain.