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Awakening the Atrophied Eye: A Personal Quest to Find the Followers of Second Sight

Atrophied Eye, O Atrophied Eye, where are you? O you who are in front of the Immortal-Half, where are you? You are in the Immortal-Half so that you may be set-in-place in front of the seer, so that you may cause bliss for him who carries you, so that you may cause to be a spirit him who carries you, so that you may cause him to be Serpent Powerful in his Eternal Body, and so that you may cause respect for him in the two-eyes of all spirits, they who shall look at him or anyone who shall even hear his name. ~The Pyramid Texts; Utterance 77

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This would be a good time to meditate. 

Thousands of miles away from my family… my wife and two daughters… sitting in this sparse, company-provided apartment in Kuwait, my lifestyle is little different from the bachelor nerd life I lived after college.  Frugal.  Creatively productive.  Alone.  Isolated away from the regular noise and distractions of normal family life, I can meditate everyday if I wanted to and actually attempt to open my Third Eye. 

A casual Internet search of the mystic Third Eye of Legend will reveal numerous Photoshopped eyeballs in foreheads, and as many complicated, abstract descriptions as there are philosophers to lecture.  I first learned of the concept in 1998, when everything before that point was mundane and boring.  At the time, as now, I considered myself a Muslim, a practitioner of the religion of Al-Islam.  As such I believed in the supernatural, specifically that the One God of Abraham told mankind in His revealed scripture, as preached by the anointed prophet-messengers, that we all should believe in Him, reject evil and do good, and if successful we would experience infinite reward in the afterlife.  I professed to believe this at the time, but from my current hindsight, I recognize that the twenty something year old me still had been influenced by the message of the secular humanist movements.  And why shouldn't I have been?  These were powerful groups who had influence over Western society in general and especially over the mainstream media.  I watched television.  I liked the movies.  Read popular novels.  Despite attempting to hold on to my belief in one of the largest Abrahamic Religions, it was hard to resist the near continuous bombardment of the idea that nothing exists except what properly accepted branches of scientific academia were able to study using their limited tools.  That there were no supernatural phenomena.  That there was nothing fantastic about the universe beyond what our five senses could confirm and if you didn't recognize this “fact,” then there was something wrong with you, and you were a kind of mental primitive, typical of the kind that the species needed to evolve away from. 

As a comic book creator and fan, I longed for something ‘cool’ in the world that would reveal that sense of ‘awe’ I got from reading the Qur’an, as the One God Himself spoke to us in His own words.  If the Book is true, and is all that it claims to be, then that same sense of ‘awe’ should be in the creation itself.  These would be no less than the ‘signs’ of God, the signature of the Supreme Creator upon His creation.  But after reading/experiencing only a bunch of mainstream works up to that point, I was under the impression that the scientists in their skepticism really wanted the supernatural to exist, too, and were only finding scam artists and charlatans attempting to manipulate gullible folk out of their coin, but that the scientists themselves were really after truth, and if they were confronted with evidence of the supernatural, they would welcome in the new field of study with open arms, and they just sadly had never found any such thing.  This being the state of the world the secular humanist mainstream of scientists and orthodox academic scholars said we all shared. 

I believed, back when the world was still boring and mundane, that the scientific community had demonstrated with their rigorous skepticism that there was no such thing as magic.

And then one day while returning to Texas by train from a trip visiting some college friends in North Carolina, I went into a bookstore to pick up something to read for the hours-long ride home.  The title Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock caught my interest, and the back cover description intrigued me.  By the time I arrived in the San Antonio train station, my entire world had changed.  No longer boring or mundane, Hancock’s book opened a voyage of discovery into a wide array of other books and subjects that I never even knew existed, ones that I was aghast to find that not only did the secular humanist “scientific” community know about, but did everything they could to both condemn and suppress these amazing findings.  It turns out that they were every bit as stubborn, narrow-minded and dogmatic as the extreme religious right attitude that they claimed to want to free society from, and they couldn’t be trusted.

Excited, I was more than happy to “empty my cup” of all I thought I knew about the world (to borrow a phrase from Bruce Lee’s philosophy), and enthusiastically dived into these new fields of discovery authored by people I had never heard of, but were considerable thorns in the sides of the mainstream and their monopolies and cartels in their self-appointed roles of guarding the gates of the acceptable.  I read a few of Graham Hancock’s books and quickly became a fan.  In those long ago days of the late 1990s I didn’t have any kind of web presence; my email address on Hotmail was empty and lonely, but I managed to find Hancock’s Website.  There this one section titled “Articles,” where he encourages folk of like minds to post original works, which are often previews of books they are promoting or publishing.  At the time there were only a few posted, but I kept coming back until one day I found an article by a gentleman named Clesson H. Harvey whose essay entitled “The Great Pyramid Texts” in combination with Hancock’s The Sign & the Seal at least doubled the sense of ‘awe’ that this new journey had awakened. 

It is here that I first heard of the Third Eye.

Well, I came across the concept before in fiction.  One of the Dragonball Z characters… Tien… had a big anime eye on his forehead.  He was supposed to be ‘enlightened’ but he functioned not dissimilar to that weird fire bender assassin who shot bolts of heat force from his mind in the Avatar: The Last Air Bender series.  I remember wondering why Tien wasn’t the most powerful guy on the show if he was supposed to be ‘enlightened.’ It seemed to me that he should’ve been.  Why not?  I was intrigued by the implications of the idea of it, and looked around for more badass and less ham-fisted and limited examples of it somewhere, but didn’t find any.  Inspired, I played around with what the concept of it conjured within my own sketchbook jams, but Clesson H. Harvey’s work really brought the concept alive for me because it was real.

As a fan of Graham Hancock and his peer group/friends and how they approached supernatural phenomena, not just with a truly scientific, investigative open mind, but also with a lack of that mystic, over-deep, pseudo-philosopher speak.  I’m from Detroit, the birthplace of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam in the Wilderness of North America (yes, that’s the true full name of Elijah Muhammad’s original Nation of Islam group) and the apparent Mecca for every single “deep” armchair pseudo-philosopher.  You know who I’m talking about.   The over-eloquent caricature that Damon Wayans made fun of in the show In Living Color, who felt that the more big words he used in his nonsense, the more enlightened he was somehow making you.  It’s not just the self-educated, former prison inmate from Detroit that acts like that, there’s a LOT of folk competing with each other in “deepness” from many ethnic groups, nationalities, and schools of thought who are like that, surrounded by eager acolytes determined to puzzle out all that “deepness” so they too can become deep.  I have zero tolerance for that nonsense, but that’s all I found during my efforts to find more information on exactly what the Third Eye was, until I found Clesson H. Harvey.

It’s his background that made him so fun.  Harvey was a physics and chemistry teacher at the University of California in Berkeley.  On the side, as a hobby, he traveled extensively and studied the meditation techniques of the Far East.  Oh, and he could read and translate ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.  He was obviously very interested in the ‘mystic’ stuff, but he had a mind for hard science, so when he explained the mystic stuff, it was without all the “deep” talk, and he just laid it out ABC/123 without all the fluff.  That was awesome to me, but that’s not the best part.

The BEST part is that he actually opened his Third Eye.  He actually achieved that state. 

Because of this he was able to recognize, within the vast amounts of literature of Far Eastern meditative techniques and instructions on becoming ‘enlightened’ that he was expert on, who was truly full of crap and who was on the up-and-up.  Or more accurately, he saw which writers had actually done it, and which were just talking about a concept that they only thought they knew about because they read someone else’s accounts of it.  And on top of THAT he recognized what the true message of the great pyramid texts on the Saqqara plateau was trying to tell us, which was no less than the secret of correct mediation designed specifically to open the Third Eye.  Once he saw this, translating The Book of Coming into Light, as the ancient Egyptians called the powerful words chiseled into those hundreds of granite stele we know as the pyramid texts, became Clesson H. Harvey’s life’s work.   His book The Short Path contained a series of lectures in which he described his findings, as well as giving some fascinating incidents from within his own life concerning the topic.  His Website was the compliment to this book, featuring a FAQ, many examples of his translations, and an instruction on how the reader could follow the pyramid text’s guide towards meditating correctly and efficiently so that anyone could attempt to open their Third Eye, too.

Harvey’s findings revealed that:

1.) The Third Eye is not an 'eye' at all… despite all the photoshopped Google images the unenlightened have flooded the Internets with… but a portal/doorway separating your finite mortal self and your immortal spirit body.

2.) Can only be opened if your spirit self finds you worthy.

3.) If it opens for you it will first show you different scenes either from the present, the distant past, or the far future.

4.) At its highest stage, it will pull your consciousness into it and merge you with your spirit body that will then take you on a tour of... wow.  lol  It's up to the individual as to what it (your True Self) feels you need to see.  At that point you will have officially attained the concept of "Enlightenment" in its strongest meaning.

5.) The energy needed to access the Third Eye is translated as "The Serpent Fire of the Universe" and called 'sekhem' by the ancient Egyptians, 'chi' by the Tibetans/Chinese, and 'kundalini' by the Hindi.  It is the energy source for all psychic phenomena.  The 'serpent' aspect of the title has nothing to do with an actual snake, but refers instead to the rippling sensation one experiences as the energy builds up on each side of the spine.  The sole point of building up this energy is to access the Third Eye; the psionic powers developed as the energy builds are nothing more than a side-effect of this effort.

6.) The way to open the Third Eye was perfected by the ancient Egyptians in their 30,000 year old Science of the Spirit, and is recorded in detail upon the granite stele of Saqqara.  The technique involves a precise form of meditation composed of staring into a spot approximately six inches in front of your brow, while breathing simultaneously through both your nose and mouth in such a way that your exhale sounds similar to saying the word "sah."  You only need to do this for an hour, that being sufficient time for your sekhem levels to rise enough.  Interestingly, as the spiritual energy builds up, simultaneously your natural levels of the chemical called DMT (dimethyltryptamine) also builds up, demonstrating the physical triggers that mirror the spiritual ones in our dual nature.

7.) As you meditate, almost immediately, you'll start to see visions appear around the edge of the area you are staring into.  The ancient Egyptians say that you are NOT supposed to attempt to see them clearer, and warned that such an effort will tell your spirit self that you aren't interested in opening the Third Eye and it, quite simply, will never open for you.  Instead they instruct a simple technique of quickly glancing down and to the left and then immediately back up to your staring spot (you are allowed to blink btw), and the visions will eventually stop trying to get your attention.

Amazed, I gobbled this info up and applied it to my sketchbook jams to eventually make its way into my masterwork Monsters 101, the ten-title graphic novel series, and will also feature as the core/foundational concept behind the expanded Monsters 101 universe within other titles in the queue.  But the comic book fan in me also wanted to try it… it sounded way too much like real life superpower stuff!  So I hyped myself up and followed the directions of Harvey’s pyramid text translations…

…and promptly scared myself to death.

This was back in 2002.  I was still single and had a lot of time on my hands, similar to my current life as a contactor on a government/corporate defense contract on the other side of the planet.  Because of Harvey’s own Third Eye experiences, he was able to describe in detail the various stages one goes through on the way to the event horizon of the Eye opening up.  I diligently followed the directions but was genuinely spooked when I quickly achieved the first stage.  And I stopped.  NEVER had I been so nervous.  I decided to leave it alone until I was “ready.”  Whatever that meant.  A few years later, after I was married, and thinking about that day while lying in bed, I started performing the techniques again while lying there, and ACHIEVED THE FIRST STAGE AGAIN!   After that I vowed I would stop playing around and sit still somewhere and mediate regularly until I at least reached the event horizon, or actually opened the Third Eye myself.  But I didn’t do it.  

Years went by, and I got a serious rush of motivation when I read Graham Hancock’s Supernatural, and was so impressed by his courage in following through and ingesting some ‘hallucinogenic’ mushrooms and telling us all about the experience in the book.  With that impressive feat on my mind, and once again finding myself living the functional equivalent of my old nerd bachelor lifestyle, I’ve decided to finally start to awaken my own atrophied Wisdom Eye and become one of the Shemesu Heru, the Followers of Second Sight.  According to Harvey’s work an hour of meditation is all that is necessary.  Over-excited, I haven’t been able to meditate that long, and will need to build up to it like it’s a workout.  Which I guess it is really, working out my spiritual muscles... the atrophied Third Eye muscles of correct meditation.   I’ll meditate as long as I can, with the goal of doing it for an hour a day.  I might not do this every single day the way I imagine during my most ambitious moments of super-hype, but every time I do it I will describe what I did, what I saw, and what I felt in a blog entry.  I will also describe the steps and the process, too, in case any of you would like to do it, too.  I strongly suggest you do, even if you don’t believe in the concept of the spirit or the Wisdom Eye.  The stage one experience I encountered twice now (which I will describe in detail if I manage to make it happen again), is of course very personal and internal, like the visual entopic images.  They’re real and they actually happened to me, but I have no way of sharing the experience with anybody; you have to experience it yourself.  This experiment is a fun way to motivate me to stick to the thing, but I am also very much interested in actually doing the real-world version of the feats my characters are able to perform, which will be super cool.  But if you do it with me, follow along with the steps, you’ll be able to see what I see and we can encourage each other along the route to enlightenment. 

Stand by for the events of Day One.  I’m getting myself hyped for it now…

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