Friday, November 30, 2018

"...Against Threats Foreign & Domestic (but ESPECIALLY domestic)"

Cartoon depicting the critical need for protecting all
citizens' Right to Bear Arms, to prevent a tyranny-by-terror
from unfairly advantaged groups.

Muhammad Rasheed - You know what happens when we are not actively engaged in the high-stakes chess match of the political process? Our rivals and enemies position themselves to advantage, rule over us, and create a new normal for our lives.

The historic record demonstrates that isn’t good.

If you aren’t actively involved in your own community, doing your part to ensure your special interest group and the similarly-minded groups within your party’s collective receive what you need from your government bodies, then you’ve put yourself in danger. For any of the swarming piglets pushing & shoving to latch onto the sow’s teat to decide to opt out of the process, it will mean death. Either through starvation, or one of the rapidly growing gluttonous siblings will simply eat the piglet. The new normal for the piglet switched from being elbow-to-elbow within the active fight to nigh-hopelessly weakened, exploitable snack.

When the frustrated Black American makes such comments as “The 2nd Amendment was never meant for us!” it means that we’ve accepted the new normal created for us by the traditionally hostile special interest political group who has seized power. It isn’t true. We’ve endangered ourselves by accepting our rival’s programming—using the force of our own creative narrative to interpret his message for him to us and our descendants—and now we are demoralized and cynical. Disinterested in the political machine because we believed our enemy’s narrative that it wasn’t for us anyway, we seek only to find our own corner somewhere so we can ‘do us’ and hope that the dominant power’s goons will find something else to do rather than harass us for that day.

Of course this is what it was like to be Black during both the chattel slave era and jim crow, so where’s the progress? Progress doesn’t come through magic and wishing, it comes from consistently staying in the active battle. Fortitude, patience, courage are all tools that come with that kit and it is our job to push and shove and latch onto a dripping sow’s teat, too (I’m Muslim, so I’m really grossing myself out with that analogy, but I’m pushing through it for you. You’re welcome.). The Constitution guaranteed me this right, and in defending my right I am by default defending the scope of what the Constitution says I get to have as recognized under the Republic’s Law.

“But the Constitution wasn’t for Black folks!” Nonsense. There were powerful Black people at the beginning of the nation’s founding who helped draft the Constitution, who helped define the high-ideals that we all have the right to reach for. There were always strong and determined Black people along the way who’ve used the laws themselves to score major milestone victories for Black people. Did many of the white founding fathers own slaves? Yes. Some were downright despicable in numerous ways, but the issue wasn’t so much one of hypocrisy, but of raw greed. They created a United States of America that was designed to be flexible, designed to be amended by more enlightened future citizens. They KNEW slavery was wrong—conflicting as it did with both their religious principles and with the “land of the free” rhetoric—but were determined to use the racist economic institution to ensure their own family fortunes and pass the filthy and immoral buck of anti-Black systemic racism onto the next generations to solve.

And solve it we must. We have to be engaged. We HAVE to be in it and acting like U.S. citizens, acting like we belong and in fact, built this great nation, too. When your right to life, liberty and  property are threatened by domestic terror then you play the Right to Bear Arms card and protect hearth & home from barbarity just like every other U. S. American citizen has a right to, and you do so unflinchingly. Recognize that anyone at all telling you it is wrong to defend yourself from the unreasonable savagery of unreasonable men is an enemy. Use your energy, use your fire to actively engage in the political process ALL THE WAY, and fill your belly with the portion of rich, over-thick, fatty sow’s milk that belongs to you.

Kelly Erickson - The cartoon is good, but whooo, the post is SO good. Yes and yes.

Tom Deyoung - Who were the black Americans to help draft the constitution?

Muhammad Rasheed - Not literally helped write the document itself necessarily, but free Blacks who were part of the discussions—like in Benjamin Banneker’s letter to Thomas Jefferson—who helped shaped the tone, force & scope into what it was to become.

Tom Deyoung - I think you mean Declaration of Independence. Jefferson was in France for the constitution.

Muhammad Rasheed - I mean the discussion had by the intellectuals of the day, from both races, who contributed to the greater discourse that was drawn upon to build the founding documents of the nation. This is very important for the progress of race relations, since it’s not only rarely discussed, but the dominant powers have a history of hiding/downplaying stuff like that to protect the anti-Black economic system.

Tom Deyoung - when it comes to race relation I completely agree with you, I believe we must recognize the path taken to get here, and respect each other instead of assuming. I honestly believe it is in human nature to notice patterns then label those patterns to groups of people. To combat racism we must all fight our instinct to look for patterns in differing races.

Muhammad Rasheed - The historic record is definitely full of real patterns of behavior, by all groups and for multiple reasons. I don’t think it’s healthy to pretend that’s not a real thing under the name of progressive race relations, when to deny the phenomenon and pretend it isn’t real would serve only to benefit the dominant group at the expense of the traditionally disenfranchised.

Fenris Lyulf - More Than Slaves: Black Founders, Benjamin Banneker, and Critical Intellectual Agency by LaGarrett J. King | Clemson University

Tom Deyoung - Yes, I did look up Banneker to get a better understanding.

Kristen Greenberg - I'm confused, is this Republican or Democrat? It's on the War Donkey, but pro gun and pro constitution and pro equality

Steve Marck - All Americans should be pro-gun rights, pro-constitution, and pro-equality. Unfortunately, neither party lives up to that very well.

Kristen Greenberg - I agree :) I was surprised to see this on TWD as most liberals are not pro those things normally though.

Steve Marck - True, and they should be called out for it when it happens.

But neither are conservatives. Conservatives often conflict with the first amendment, the fourth, fifth, heck, mostly they like the constitution when it suits their pre-conceived idea of what they’d like the resultant policy to be.

And both parties struggle with equality. Affirmative action is inherently racist, sure, but conservatives aren’t angels on issues of race (quite the opposite), and actively seek to suppress minority rights from the voting booth to a laundry list of others. Plus the rhetoric we’ve heard recently, well, it’s disgusting.

These new “spaces” in Quora could result in more echo chambers, or we could push to hold the wings on both sides accountable to the center so that Quora works to help put the country back together instead of helps tear it apart. I like that they let independents into both, and even those of the opposite side. I just hope we see constructive rhetoric instead of the pettiness of the first few months. Trolling, strawmen, graffiti, I hope we can find a way to raise the bar.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Yelps of the Hit Dog

Cartoon depicting the over-the-top nervous behavior
of the dominant group whenever the Black American ethnic group
claims some of their most basic rights as legitimate U.S. citizens.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Weaponized Nonviolence

Cartoon illustrating the nonviolence protest as a political tool
designed to pressure societal in order to influence key
decision makers to bend to the protester demands.
If it fails, then stronger methods are recommended
(see: economic boycotts) to apply more pressure.

Anonymous - Do Liberals often engage in violent protest more than Conservatives? (Think SJWs, Antifa & BLM)

Muhammad Rasheed - No. This is based on a deceptive myth invented by conservative political strategists. The truth of the matter is that the left shows up to peacefully protest, and the triggered right sics their goons on them.

Note that conservatives refer to the protest events as “violent riots” before the cops show up and anything has even happened? They just want people to accept their unfair and abusive practices and stop complaining about injustice, so when you do protest, they consider it “starting a riot.”

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Fool Me Once...

Cartoon depicting the certainty of a "Trans-Space Slave Trade"
that repeats the darkest times of the white supremacist
era's origins when corporate establishes colonizing
missions to other planetary bodies. 

Rasheed, Muhammad. "Fool Me Once..." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 27 Nov 2018. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Anonymous - How would you react if white nationalists sometime in the future established a whites-only space colony?

Muhammad Rasheed - I would expect to have to fight to the death for the personal liberties and freedoms of myself and my family—for the usual reasons—and would exercise my Right to Bear Arms accordingly to protect hearth & home.

The historical record reveals all "whites only" attempts to be "white male fantasy Whitopias" in which they live as amazingly selfish, discriminatory elitists while delegating all the work (and savage abuses) to non-whites. No thanks. I will expect the plan to dissolve once they run into the insurmountable hurdle of "Bismi'Allah - Fight to the Death as Policy" which will render their schemes unprofitable.

Monday, November 26, 2018

That Anti-Black Bi-Partisan Song & Dance

Cartoon depicting yet another strong reason why it may be
in the best interest of the Black American ethnic group to
break away from the two treacherous parties and
form a Black Political Party of their own.

Gravitucron -
You have no idea how long I have felt this way!!!

Gary McCoy - The left decries Trump's harmful effect on American values. The same left that's for giving $500 million to Planned Parenthood -- The left decries Trump's harmful effect on American values. The same left that's for giving $500 million to Planned Parenthood

Muhammad Rasheed -

Gary McCoy - Terrible, if real. But off topic regardless.

Muhammad Rasheed - No, it's real and still on topic. Abusing babies has apparently been America's value system since its inception. This "let's pretend we are so outraged over Black baby abortions!" GOP political talking point is just a grift deflection from the murders of innocents Republicans routinely allow with a stony face ("I CAN breathe").

We're either REALLY for the ideals of America's highest values, or we're just continuing to play like we are for another 200+ yrs.

I'm a conservative Black American Muslim who believes in civil rights for my ethnic group, so that leaves me with the problematic liberal/Democrat team since the conservative/Republicans hate my f*cking guts because I'm Black. It wasn't the "Trump vs Hillary" election that represented the "lesser of two evils" choice, but both political parties period.

So these rhetoric memes you're posting aren't real, don't make real points, and aren't triggering real discussion, they are just playing more damn games.

Gary McCoy - I see you have not learned to think for yourself, much to Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Chuck Schumer's delight. "Conservative/Republicans hate your f$cking guts"? That's hilarious. Tell Condoleeza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Mia Love, .... I could go on and on. But tell me more about how Hillary "I carry hot sauce in my purse" Clinton, or Joe " Obama is the first clean, articulate black man..." Biden are the ones looking out for you. Which party freed the slaves again? And which party is it that treats blacks like the slaves they kept for years?

Muhammad Rasheed - You see that conservative/republican squirting that Black child in the face with tear gas because he thought it was funny? Why do you think your cherry-picked list of GOP Black people means the conservative/Republicans don't have a modern history of hating Black people? Because you've committed to playing games?

Muhammad Rasheed - The modern white hate groups --including David Duke's crew -- side with the conservative/Republican team. It's not hard.

Gary McCoy - Wow, you must have great eyes to be able to see the voter ID card in that cop's pocket. Can't argue with your kind of "logic".

Muhammad Rasheed - He's a white policeman abusing a Black child because he thinks it's funny and believes that he can get away with it.

There's a 100% chance he's a Republican.

Gary McCoy - I'm going to bed. You just proved you got nothing. No proof. This guy is likely a Joe Biden Democrat. That's the party that's keeps throwing table scraps to its black base to keep them voting in lock step. It's a shame that a smart fella like you lap up their transparent hocus pocus.

Muhammad Rasheed - Here's Gary doubling down on game playing. Nice.

Chris Bassett - @Muhammad... whooopsie May want to Check your bullshit before spreading you bullshit

Margot Maven - @Chris... I knew there was "something wrong with this picture". Thanks

Robbie Guina - M. Rasheed wrote: "You see that conservative/republican squirting that Black child in the face with tear gas because he thought it was funny?"

That's funny. I see a black woman in the process of committing a crime WITH her children. At best that is child abuse & neglect.

Richard Sherman - @Gary... Muhammad is not a 'smart fella' at all. He writes nice, but he's easily duped and manipulated - an emotional yo-yo. Nothing smart about that.

Al Goodwyn - Even if the photo actually had ANYTHING to do with US law enforcement (and it clearly doesn't if you take 2 seconds to check), Muhammad Rasheed makes the link that the act represents something whites are okay with. That smacks of racism. Plus, I didn't know the Pinto came in a Law Enforcement model.

Richard Sherman - @Al... I've been explaining his racism to him for years.

Muhammad Rasheed - Chris wrote: "whooopsie"

In the USA, white conservative cops routinely do stuff like this, and you lot think it's okay.

Al wrote: "Muhammad Rasheed makes the link that the act represents something whites are okay with."

The fact that all the comments here, especially Robbie's, are justifying the Brazilian cop's actions nullifies Chris' "whoopsie" and supports my point. White conservative racist whites are the same in all counties it turns out. Right, Richard? ;)

Margot Maven - @Muhammad... some of the most extreme racists I have met are not white. They are black. And they hate it when they are called out on it, because they absolutely can't hear what they are saying. Like Mr. of the most outrageously racist individuals we have had the displeasure of hearing...he has gotten away with blatant racism because he is black... A lot of your comments illustrate your disdain for white people.

Al Goodwyn - There are 800,000 law enforcement personnel in the US with arrest authority. Please help me understand what percentage of these you consider to be "routinely doing stuff like this"? And yet Muhammad, you pull a picture from 2011 that shows a Brazilian LEO. Shoots down your theory that it's so routine if you have to resort to lies.
And disgusting name calling all of one political affiliation who are of one race is, well, racist.

Gerry Harris - @Muhammad... What a dumb ass you are.

Gerry Harris - It's like taking your kid to a riot. Then when shit hits the fan, it's the cops fault.

Muhammad Rasheed - Margot wrote: "some of the most extreme racists I have met are not white."

All that means is that you made up your own special definition for "racist." Your comment means nothing to me.

Richard Sherman - @Muhammad... Time for your meds, now.

Muhammad Rasheed - Al wrote: "Shoots down your theory it's so routine if you have to resort to lies."

lol For one, it doesn't shoot down my theory since it just demonstrates that the blight of demonic anti-Black white supremacyparticularly prevalent in law enforcementis a global blight. For two, I didn't lie. Clearly the Brazilian cop featured in the meme is a white conservative behaving the way we in the USA are used to white conservatives behaving, so my point stands. It is irrelevant whether he was specifically an American Republican or not since these responses from you lot show a despicable spiritual affiliation with his deeds.

White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement | F.B.I. Report (2006)

Muhammad Rasheed - Gerry wrote: "It's like taking your kid to a riot."

lol She didn't "take her kid to a riot." Instead, they showed up to peacefully protest the oppressive injustices inflicted upon them as is their right and in typical fashion, the slimeball moneyed powers unleashed their psychopathic cops upon them.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

For the Glory of Money & Monopoly

Cartoon illustrating the corporate-led empire building of the
USA's military industrial complex, and the
proud enthusiasm with which the indoctrinated masses
celebrate the diabolical activity.
Anonymous - Why do Americans always believe they are somehow freeing people from oppression and bringing democracy when they are invading foreign countries?

Muhammad Rasheed - The average U.S. America citizen believes that because they are thoroughly indoctrinated in the military industrial complex propaganda. The USA has been empire building since its inception, and the point is to:

  • monopolize the world’s wealth
  • keep rival sovereign nations unstable and/or with Western intelligence hand-picked dictators in power so their resources are easily siphoned away at low cost
  • possess the indomitable power nigh-unlimited wealth provides

The 1% elite class that benefits most from these centuries old schemes require the marketing-propaganda to convince the people that our bullying, thieving, murderous country’s political leadership class are the ‘good guys,’ so there will be little chance of nation-wide revolt out of their control.

Eric Lurio - I haven’t seen such infantile commie cartooning in years

Muhammad Rasheed - Hm. The "infantile" aspect is only a reflection of the real life greed-fueled barbarity I'm depicting.

The term "commie" doesn't compute since I am firmly a capitalist. Note that corporatism (aka 'crony capitalism') is the enemy of the open markets that are the life blood of true capitalism. Our anti-trust laws are designed to check corporatism and protect capitalism.

Eric Lurio - Communist party newspapers have published countless versions of that exat cartoon for over a century.

Muhammad Rasheed - Post just one of them so I may examine it for analysis, please.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

OPERATION: "Greystoke" or, Indoctrinating Blacks into Hating Their Own Past

Cartoon depicting the anti-Black brainwashing techniques
used by the agents of the Eurocentric
White Supremacist Empire's war machine.

Muhammad Rasheed - [ARTICLE] Baptist Pastor Defends Slavery As Beneficial and Biblical |

"If it wasn’t for slavery, those folks would still be in Africa with a bone in their nose…" ~Pastor Keith Gomez; Northwest Bible Baptist Church, Elgin, Illinois

There are Whitopias all over the African continent—millions of white people enjoying all those lands have to offer while treating the indigenous people like crap in the usual fashion—and many are even the descendants of the original Spanish, Portuguese & Dutch Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade corporatists and crew. White people know good & damned well what Black African civilizations were really like in the pre-white supremacist era, since the elaborate pomp & circumstance rituals of their wealthy elite are but the attempts to copy the opulent splendor they witnessed of the powerful Black rulers that inspired them.

Seriously, Black people, it's long time to stop taking what they say at face value and turn your attentions inward. Focus on YOURSELVES and stop playing their games and getting played. #ArentYouTiredYet #antiracism #BlackEmpowerment

Andre Felipe - Black panther anyone?

Muhammad Rasheed - Did T’Challa come to Europe and become master of the land and its people, or did he stay home in his own country as guardian of his own traditions?

Did you see the movie, Andre?

Andre Felipe - Tarzan didn’t become the master of the land either. He became the leader of his tribe.

Muhammad Rasheed - There were 60,000 books with him strutting all over the continent. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Did T’Challa come to Europe and lead a white tribe of neanderthal goons he could be superior over as a ‘reverse racist’ message?

Eric Lurio - Muslims have been doing that far longer and still are doing so....

Muhammad Rasheed - lol That's a myth cooked up by white conservatives, Eric, as a very uninformed tu quoque logical fallacy.

Dan Weasel - Yet Christians have been doing this longer than Islam has been in existence Eric....

Eric Lurio - is it now Muhammad Rasheed ?  The role of Islam in the Arab slave trade

Eric Lurio - @Dan... Does this mean that Muslim slavers are actually innocent babies who just can't help themselves?

Maps | Global Slavery Index

Muhammad Rasheed - Eric wrote: "is it now ?"

Yes. For starters, the so-called "curse of Ham" was a re-interpretation of the original scripture used to faux-justify the anti-Black slave trade.The original had nothing to do with race, genetic linage, etc.

Second, the Qur'an regulates the behavior of the believers in general (that's what it is for), so the fact that it regulates how the slave/servant class is treated doesn't mean it encourages slavery. Not even a little bit. No where does the Qur'an condone the enslavement of others, but instead it counts "freeing the slave" in the list of righteous deeds the believer needs to amass in order to pass the terrifying scrutiny of Judgment Day and win through to the eternal bliss of paradise. This fact alone was responsible for the near eradication of the slave institution pretty early on in Islam's history. Interestingly, it was BROUGHT BACK later during the conquering expansion age.

Eric wrote: "Does this mean that Muslim slavers are actually innocent babies who just can't help themselves?"

Muslim slavers are greedy men who are following their lusts and not their religion, as in the example of all other filthy slavers. It's this lot who began to invent hadith out of thin air to faux-justify their evil since they could find so such condoning in the Holy Qur'an (despite the efforts of ones such as yourself).

By the way, I notice that your 'Global Slavery Index Map' doesn't include the millions enslaved within the for-profit prison system. That's a major blow to your xenophobic, partisan-biased credibility.

Eric Lurio - @Muhammad... The Triangle trade was controlled by Black Muslims for it's entirety. I do not for one minute say this exonerates the Whites receiving kidnapped people at the coasts, it doesn't. but the Prophet owned slaves and so did every single Caliph who followed him. The Saudis only banned the practice in 1963. I don't know how old YOU are, but I was alive that year.

Muhammad Rasheed - Eric wrote: "The Triangle trade was controlled by Black Muslims for it's entirety."

Is that ignorance speaking, or a weak attempt at deception?

The rum distilleries, great stinking ships, the West African forts/ports, and Caribbean sugar cane plantations were all owned and operated by a short group of interconnected families out of New England. Here's the wealthy descendants of one of the largest ones here: The DeWolfs

Eric Lurio - @Muhammad... The Africans could have said "no" they were the "producers" of the "commodity" so they controlled it.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Eric... Your understanding of that concept does not align to the facts of history. Here: Atlantic Slave Trade | Fallacy of Blacks Selling Blacks

Friday, November 23, 2018

DECODED: Racist Double-Talk #117 "Victimhood"

Cartoon illustrating the revelation that when white racists
charge anti-racism activist with "playing the victim," it is
just a deflection from their own faux-victimhood complex
as they freak out at the idea of true equality between the races.

Darryl Morhardt - If you create "Affirmative Action" to make everyone equal, doesnt that violate the very same principle you are trying to establish?

Muhammad Rasheed - That would only be true if the affirmative action programs of the 1960–1970s post-Civil Rights Act were put in place during a fictional scenario in which both races started out equally poor. The facts of history reveal this as far from accurate. In the previous decades, a much stronger and much wider in scope affirmative action program was put in place to rescue lower class whites from poverty and create the new middle class:

  • The New Deal (1933-1936)
    Black Americans were denied economic relief that was granted to poor whites; the vast majority of Black people were deliberately excluded from social security benefits, government grants, elderly poor assistance, and unemployment insurance programs
  • National Labor Relations Act (1935) & Fair Labor Standards Act (1938)
    Poor whites were granted free handouts enabling them to improve their standard of living but agricultural and domestic labor --the vast majority being Black -- were deliberately excluded; When Black workers were allowed to secure lucrative industrial positions during WW2, the southern congressmen who pushed for labor reform programs that enabled poor whites to climb the economic ladder abandoned the effort, which also severed link between civil rights activism and demands for economic equality/inclusion.
  • The G.I. Bill (1944)
    Black Americans experienced abuses and segregation during WW2 while their white counterparts were provided the plethora of benefits that came with the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944, which included having the US government pay off their mortgages and increase education quality and opportunities.
The significantly weaker affirmative action programs from the 1960s-1970s were intended to help Black Americans receive the same government free money boost that the whites received previously so that the races could then finally be equal, but this was not to be. The now financially comfortable white community became furious at the idea of Blacks receiving comparable free government handouts as they received. They immediately used their political muscle to strip the new affirmative action programs of much of its force, leaving the Black community with just enough aid to enable them to “get by” while still leaving them firmly in an impoverished state. Later, president Bill Clinton—doing his best impression of an anti-Black white conservative—stripped the programs of even more force and scope.

So to answer your question, the first wave of affirmative action programs were by no means an attempt to “make everyone equal,” but were in fact designed to continue to give the white racist aristocracy, built up as the anti-Black chattel slave institution’s primary legacy, a further advantage over their prey. Although the pro-Black affirmative action programs were originally intended to make everyone equal economically, they were promptly and continuously sabotaged, barely keeping the lower class Black community in the most basic survival state, while their selfish white rivals invent fictional reasons why even those meager rations should be stripped from them as well.

John T. Craig - BULL SHIT!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - lol What's the "bullshit" part, John? Considering I merely cartooned an actual conversation. hahaha

John T. Craig - too much racist BS going on in this world people simply need to Live and Let Live somebody's going to make a cartoon making all the dark skin people look bad somebody's going to make the cartoon making all the light skin people look bad just all b*******

John T. Craig - Got a better idea maybe everybody should check out their own family tree check out those DNA genetics and DNA might be really interesting what we all might find there actually already have on mine mine

Muhammad Rasheed - John wrote: "too much racist BS going on in this world..."


John wrote: "...people simply need to Live and Let Live..."

Sure, once the racism stops and Reparatory Justice is paid out to help make up for it.

John wrote: "...somebody's going to make a cartoon making all the dark skin people look bad..."

They already are doing that.

John wrote: "somebody's going to make the cartoon making all the light skin people look bad just all b*******"

They'll be alright.

Muhammad Rasheed - John wrote: "Got a better idea maybe everybody should check out their own family tree..."

It's not about genetics, it's about theft.

John T. Craig - theft?

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes. Racism is an economic system. It always has been.

John T. Craig - Well if that's being the case maybe you should jump on board and make yourself at happy dollar

Muhammad Rasheed - The system is still set up the way it was during slavery, tilted towards a white racist aristocracy. In order to profit off of it myself, I would have to sellout my own people and willingly support white supremacy.

I do not care to do so.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Right Tool for the Job

Cartoon satirizing the outstanding effectiveness of the
Black Economic Boycott, a potent weapon mysteriously
abandoned by the struggling Black community.

Cynthia He - Do you think nonviolent resistance is an effective form of protest?

Muhammad Rasheed - Based on how the nonviolent protest model is being used today, it forces me to read into the question the assumption that the OP is specifically referring to the ‘pacifist’ aspect of the resistance form. Other than the national (or even international) attention on the cause and the making fun of your political foes on Twitter, there has to be some kind of “sting” involved that will pressure the opponent to take your demands seriously in a timely manner, otherwise the protest effort will be impotent.

For example, within anti-racism activism, the pacifist stance all by itself means nothing at all against a bullying, murderous foe who gleefully hung Black people from trees as “peculiar fruit” for over a century as the originator of the modern era’s domestic terrorism. A stoic-faced pacifist protest that was 100% all words with no bite would do nothing but encourage more sadistic, hate-fueled violence against the protesters. Fortunately, the early Civil Rights Movement DID have that bite to go along with their commitment to nonviolence, and it was very effective at that. Two communities in Alabama used the power of the Black Economic Boycott to force their enemies to cave to their demands:
Without raising a single hand, both of these Alabama Black communities caused their political foes to panic and weaken far more efficiently than even the deadliest fire arm by striking them in their savage, wealth-hoarding pockets. By its nature, racism is an anti-Black economic system and the Black communities merely "fought fire with fire" by withdrawing their dollar. Tellingly, the white racist aggressors believed themselves naturally entitled to Black wealth as some kind of “superior master race” privilege perk while they oppressed by law and by rope, and yet, in the end, it all came down to the power that money affords.

This is the lesson in how to conduct a successful nonviolent resistance movement — make sure the compromised ‘crony capitalist’ political leaders you hope to influence receive the sting where they fear it the most.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Psychological Warfare

Cartoon illustrating the effectiveness of using the
'character assassination' weapon to subjugate a
targeted group by destroying their leadership.

Simon King - Why were there so many political killings in the USA in the 1960’s (JFK, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King) and none since?

Muhammad Rasheed - The cartel involved in directing these extreme political actions later decided the high-profile nature of the killings caused more long-term problems (in the form of blowback) than they were intended to solve. Having the affect of martyring the victim, the killings actually radicalized both the followers, and others heavily sympathetic to the late political figure’s cause. This created a whole new militant group larger and potentially more dangerous to the oppressive status quo than the original movement that influenced them.

Consequently, in their efforts to subjugate a targeted group more effectively than crudely assassinating their leaders, the cartel instead switched to a ‘character assassination’ plan. Designed to sour the followers’ opinion of a leader by revealing and/or falsifying leaked information that will cause the figure to lose public credibility, the new tactic had the advantage in not only stopping the momentum of the leader’s activist efforts, but also dissolved the often critical public support.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

GateKeepers of Dubious Black Safe Spaces

Cartoon satirizing the curious practice of white founders
of Black social media discussion groups that are
uncomfortable entertaining topics that are actually vital
to the empowerment of the Black community.

Muhammad Rasheed - Are black social media discussion groups that are founded by white gatekeepers who don't allow anti-racism and black empowerment topics inherently racist?

"The main lesson most whites absorbed from the Civil Rights Movement wasn't that they have a personal responsibility to fight systemic racism, but rather, that they have a responsibility to maintain a public appearance of being 'non-racist' even as racism pervades their lives." ~Shannon Sullivan; Good White People: The Problem With Middle Class White Anti-Racism

It seems odd to see so many “Black” social media discussion groups that don’t allow discussions that whites feel uncomfortable discussing. It gives the impression that the point of the group is to figure out how to force the narrative of Black history and Black philosophy into a pro-white supremacy direction as part of the anti-Black systemic racism marketing campaign.

If you're not trying to actually help solve the problem, then what ARE you doing? Creating a small space within the Black experience that you can make personally lucrative for yourself?

Monday, November 19, 2018

That Artificially Propped Up "Saint"

Cartoon pointing out the fact that greed-fueled, hostile
and destructive anti-Black policies from the Republican Party
certainly didn't begin with the Trump Administration.

Anonymous - Was Ronald Reagan a good president for the African American community?

Muhammad Rasheed - No. The Reagan Administration stopped the upward mobility of the Black middle class with the devastating anti-Black “War on Drugs” attack. This was a cartel of villains composed of intelligence agencies, politicians, police departments, the incorporated for-profit prison system and foreign connections that pumped designer drugs into the Black community and set up inherently violent distribution/quick retail cells that not only made the government and their connections obscene profits by re-distributing the wealth of the Black populace through plunder, but it destroyed an entire generation of Black family unity. These actions set trends that the Republican Party took pains to flip and somehow blame on the victims themselves as partisan rhetoric on a continuously playing loop.

Anti-Black Racism's Peculiar Hypocrisies

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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Anti-Black Racism's Peculiar Hypocrisies." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 19 Nov 2018. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.



Anonymous - Why have white men convinced themselves that black men as a group prefer white women to black?

Muhammad Rasheed - There are several historical layers to this question, so my speculative analysis will touch on several points as follows:

  • The pre-white supremacist era demonstrated that the Black woman was highly-favored and sought by everyone, which obviously fueled the rise of the global ‘Supreme Goddess’ matriarchal traditions of pre-recorded history. The first layer of the white male’s “self convincing” is merely a projection to deflect from his own lust for the Black woman’s amazing form (he’s supposed to be on that “pure aryan race” script because of his commitment to the White Supremacist Ideology).
  • Once the white supremacist era began, it became clear that the white woman would represent a boost in social status for the indoctrinated Black male to a degree, so those Black men who sought after them for that purpose merely created examples that infuriated white males into believing this stereotype they created around it.
  • When anti-Black chattel slavery was abolished, the 1% moneyed class desperately took advantage of the 13th Amendment loophole to retain their anti-Black streams of revenue as free prison labor. The marketing arm of this new “slavery 2.0” was the idea that Black males were inherently criminals who wanted nothing more than to capture and rape white women. Since the idea of Black males lusting after white women is directly tied to the for-profit prison industry, white males NEED to continue to propagandize the concept as a multi-generational self-indoctrination so their group will remain on code.

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Devil You Know

Cartoon illustrating the fact that the white conservative presence
within the Republican Party means it is NOT the party
Black Americans once knew. Joining the GOP would
be same as fighting on the side of the Confederacy.

Jarvis Christian - How can we as Republicans connect with the African American community?

Muhammad Rasheed - The biggest problem that the African-American needs addressed is the nation’s enduring sin of anti-Black systemic racism. Now that the traditionally pro-racism white conservative has taken up residence there, the Grand Old Party is no longer the partisan platform Black people once knew and it is inherently hostile to their interests, property and persons. In this current “Make America Great Again” climate, what does the GOP actually have to offer Black Americans?

  • Black people will receive pro-business class tax breaks, favorable interest rates, and other perks that come with joining the anti-capitalist tradition/anti-open free market/pro-crony capitalist/pro-corporate cartel/pro-monopoly party
Both white liberals and white conservatives are pro-racism, they merely express the issue in different ways. The liberal dangles empty anti-racism & Black Empowerment promises like the proverbial carrot, but has zero intention of helping Black people achieve these goals as they will distract from their own political aims. The white conservative is traditionally more blunt about his anti-Black hatreds (although he has learned to take on a crude ‘code’ to mask his public face in the ‘politically correct’ era which he loathes), and neither party offers what Black people really need—both representing a lesser of two evils position:
  1. Join the Democratic Party and be champions of the poorer classes without any material benefits
  2. Join the Republican Party and help prey upon the poorer classes while receiving some business perks
To truly connect with the African-American, serious (and moral) leadership—from whichever party wants to use their vote—needs to meet them where they are and work with them to help them reach their true goal of FREEDOM. To be clear, pretending to work with Black people to reach this goal while actually grifting them out of their vote to enrich your own interests, is NOT how to connect with them.

Jo P. Lindsey - 4 thumbs up.

Henry Rogers - Conservative Republicans are wolves. Liberal Democrats are wolves in sheeps clothing.

Paraphrased from Malcom X.

Sathyajith M S - No offence intended ,but dont the liberals champion your cause ?

Asking everybody to meet you and give you work is almost like asking why God susnt give you a hot girlfriend .

Muhammad Rasheed - Liberal party leadership pretends to champion our cause, but without an active political agenda and aggressive pro-Black representation to be the dedicated "squeaky wheel" to pressure them, it will never be a real thing.

Sathyajith M S - I think the liberals are trying to represent all non-whites and women ,a coalition whose wants and needs are disparate.

They are to play to the gallery too.

Muhammad Rasheed - Those other special interests under the 'liberal' umbrella do possess the necessary active political agenda and aggressive, hand-picked elected representation to be the dedicated "squeaky wheel" to pressure the party into getting their needs met. Black people are uniquely discouraged -- and even sabotaged -- from doing the same.

Sathyajith M S - Special interests being women. Hispanics, or Asians ?

Muhammad Rasheed - Those, the LGBTQ community and any others who typically use the model Black Americans developed during the civil rights era.

Sathyajith M S - But aren't there concerns legitimate enough to try yo address ?

I wasnt aware that there was apraticualr model of protesters developed by Black Americans during the Civil Rights era .Could you shed some light on that ?

Muhammad Rasheed - Sathyajith wrote: "But aren't there concerns legitimate enough to try yo address ?"

Of course. Why would that automatically mean the concerns of Black americans should be shelved or ignored? because that's what's actually happening... party leadership has decided the concerns of black people are not worthy of addressing at all for whatever reason.

Sathyajith wrote: "I wasnt aware that there was apraticualr model [...] Could you shed some light on that ?"

Here you are:  Black citizens boycott white merchants for U.S. voting rights, Tuskegee, Alabama, 1957-1961

This is the highly effective political activism model developed by politically astute Black people during the civil rights era, that has since been copied/appropriated by other special interest groups to achieve their goals.

Sathyajith M S - Okay , let's look at it this way.Black Americans seem to be a reliable voter-base for the Democrats and it would be illogical for them to ignore the same.

With regards to boycotts , no form of struggle is any class's alone.For example , I come from a country where people have used boycotts as a form of protest since 1905 .That doesn't mena tagt teh8e cause isn't legitimate.

Isn't it a lot wiser to build a consensus around what most peole require and then move forward ?

Muhammad Rasheed - No, it’s not wiser. That’s the literal party line that Democrat leadership have fed the Black community for 50 yrs now, and the result is that they are now completely disenfranchised, the wealth gap between the races is wider than ever, and their rivals have been allowed to put numerous anti-Black policies in place with little pushback.

If the Black community aren’t aggressively engaged as a special interest group with a focused political agenda, accountable elected representation and the force of the economic boycott, then they are losing. Their political “allies” have proven without doubt to be exploitative phonies looking out ONLY for themselves.

Allegiance to Falsehood

Cartoon satirizing the white supremacist Internet troll's
commitment to driving a false propaganda narrative
to protect his lucrative anti-Black systemic racism.

Anonymous - Do people show racism in Quora?

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes, but it’s not just Quora. It’s an infestation that is found throughout all social media platforms that allow average people to create accounts for free and share their thoughts. Whenever people use these platforms to sound off in protest against our oppressive systemic racist traditions, you can count on those who support the White Supremacist Ideology to show up to defend it.

This comes in both blatant hardcore forms as well as more subtle ones. A huge part of Western Civilization’s white supremacist tradition is the toxic Eurocentric narrative of history, which indoctrinates the populace in anti-Black systemic racism using tools such as:
  • White washing of Black historical figures
  • Downplaying of major Black contributions to civilization and their significance
  • Cultural appropriation
  • Cover-ups of the true originators of key scientific and/or civilizing principles of innovative/pioneering Black Africans
  • Vilification of Black people and their allies who fight against the anti-Black systemic racist tradition
  • Rewarding of Blacks willing to sellout their people for ‘Assimilated Integrationist Token’ roles that support white supremacy
  • Pretending that the low-brow sub-cultural traits the enslaved Africans picked up from the poor whites (including crude English dialect and anti-civilized violent behaviors) are inherent within the Africans’ descendants and a reflection of their natural intelligence (to be preserved within ‘multicultural’ programs)
  • Propaganda that describes “good” Black people as content with being subjugated for white racist exploitation and abuse
  • Propaganda that describes Black people as inherently criminal and/or savage to justify white racist abuses
…and this false narrative is made mandatory in the education system by the dominant group that controls it. The racists who infest social media in support of that system come in the form of white supremacist ‘race soldiers,’ as well as just average people who genuinely believe they are saving civilization by supporting the most harmful aspects of society.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Business of Being Tired

Cartoon illustrating the mental fatigue produced
from throwing community-empowering messaging
into what often seems like a bottomless pit.

Nate White - What are African-Americans tired of explaining?

Muhammad Rasheed - As an African-American, I am tired of explaining the following:
The sooner I no longer have to explain these things, the closer Black people will be to the freedom of full United States of America citizenship.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Lonely Road Towards Black Empowerment

Cartoon satirizing the solitary ladder the Black American needs
to climb in order to achieve the Black Empowerment and
political enfranchisement we need.
No matter the party chosen, the same
work will need to be done.

Harry Underwood - What do you think will be the state of African-American advancement in 2065, 100 years after the Voting Rights Act and 200 years after Emancipation?

Muhammad Rasheed - I do not know. It will depend on a number of factors, all related to how the Black American people themselves behave moving forward. At the moment, Black people are completely disenfranchised from the political machine; they vote for the Democratic Party out of loyalty tradition, without receiving any benefits in return to improve their quality of life. In fact, their conditions grow worse as their political rivals and enemies in the opposition party diligently chip away at all post-slavery gains with the obvious ominous intention of returning the Black American ethnic group to the ubër-lucrative chattel slave institution. Their “allies” within the Democratic Party are providing zero protection against this scheme, preferring instead to selfishly exploit Black labor & services to achieve their own political goals, dangling empty promises of what Blacks will get in the aftermath of a maybe victory.

If things continue as they are, it will not look good for Black people in 2065, and I can predict the worse case scenario as a nigh-inevitability.

In general, Black people are in four main groups when it comes to politics:
  1. Those die-hard Democratic Party loyalists, who vote ‘blue’ just because they’ve voted ‘blue’ for a long time and they wouldn’t dream of betraying their party (“Go, Team! Go!!!”)
  2. Those of a strong conservative bent who believe Black people should rightfully be at their original Republican Party, the “Party of Lincoln.” I suspect these affluent Republican Blacks would be willing to sell out lower class Black people to the mass incarceration grift, and look the other way to allow conditions designed to force innocent Blacks into that demonic system.
  3. Those who believe the two parties should be abandoned for an independent Black Political Party of our own.
  4. Those who see the entire political machine as a set-up by diabolical white people to trick them; a grift that was never, ever intended for Black people to take part in, so they may as well live in a lawless anarchy state.
Other than the ignorant and cowardly fourth bullet, all the rest will still require Black people to use money, unity among all class and ideologies across the Black Nation and massive action using the four core tools needed for achieving enfranchisement and ultimately Black Empowerment:
  • Black Vote - The African-American ethnic group coming together across class and ideological lines to vote as ONE special interest political bloc.
  • Black Political Agenda - A checklist of must-have items the Black community demanded from their government that their special interest group required for full U. S. Citizenship, Black Empowerment and Economic Inclusion.
  • Black Political Representation - Hand-picked and-or hand-groomed officials, committed to the Black community’s interests, that the Black voter elected to office and held accountable to their agreement for achieving the items on the Black Political Agenda.
  • Black Economic Boycott - An agreement between a significant number of the Black American special interest group to withhold their spending power from industry as a highly effective economic punishment when the government refuses to heed the demands of the Black community.
Whether we go independent, stay Democratic or even decide to re-join our old party (currently infested with murderous white supremacists), we will still have to put in the massive work to achieve our goals. We CANNOT count on our rivals—from within or outside of the parties!—to help or do the work for us. We are on our own.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Our Rebellious Tradition of Half-Truth

Cartoon illustrating the critical need to develop a tradition
of interpreting sacred scripture from both sides
of our species' dual intellectual capacity.

Sean Green - Why do people associate God as being male when women are the ones who give life?

Muhammad Rasheed - There is indeed but a single accurate answer to this question:
The people associate the One God as being 'male' for no other reason than because the latest versions of God's message were revealed during the time of dominant patriarchy.
Consequently, the males in power seized the message and interpreted it through their male-centered viewpoint, which became tradition.

In order to have a fuller and even more accurate understanding into the Word of God, the insights of the woman's perspective and analysis into the body of sacred scripture, that we have shamefully shunned and casually dismissed for centuries now, must be solicited, cultivated and held up to its proper place of honor. Only then will we be closer to achieving an enlightened state as a species and more fully reap the benefits of having the Lord's Merciful Guidance within our midst. The human being of earth is a dual being, composed of both the paired male & female, each gendered component with its unique viewpoint. To treat the perspective of only one of those as ‘good enough for everybody’—as if the comically egotistic male gender is somehow able to relate to the truly unique Divine Singular perspective of the One God—is genuinely stupid and unacceptable.

When it comes to the formal interpretation of the Word of God for the human archival record, it requires our total focus, our total intellect, and the total 360° viewpoint of the dual perspective of our species.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Opting Out of Civilization

Cartoon illustrating the concept of rejecting our
civilizing humanity by allowing our lusts to lead us in
a lifestyle of hoarding and over-indulgence.

Q: - Is it true that human beings weren’t meant to be monogamous?

Muhammad Rasheed - That concept is the literal equivalent to saying that:
  • humans weren't meant to eat healthy and in moderation
  • humans weren't meant to get enough sleep
  • humans weren't meant to not develop harmful addictions to dangerous substances.
Our lusts don't believe in putting the breaks on and partaking only in healthy moderation. If we allow our lusts to drive us, we will overdue EVERYTHING to the point of devastation & destruction, so the idea that we "weren't meant" to control our natural foolishness is an appeal to a barbaric lifestyle and a rejection of our civilized humanity.

This is not worthy of serious thought.

Instead, we should strive to be our BEST individual selves, and then aid one another in community that we may reach our highest ideals as a species.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Projected Anger of Self-Disappointment

Cartoon satirizing the suspected white supremacist fed flames
of anger projected from certain tribes among the Black Nation,
that reflect their self-disappointment in failing to be properly
prepared when they shockingly found themselves with an
African-American President of the United States.

Dick Raphaël - Is Donald Trump right when he said that President Barack Obama has done nothing during his presidency for African-Americans?

Muhammad Rasheed - No. President Obama did a lot for Black Americans, and had plans to do even more. Unfortunately his most ambitious plans required a Democratic Party President of the United States to come after him to build upon them, and since it looks like Trump is trying to break the USA so nobody will ever be able to use it again, I guess that’s that. It was fun while it lasted. smh

The actual problem is that the American people in general were so used to assuming that there wouldn’t be an African-American POTUS anytime soon, that when it DID happen, the extremely pessimistic Black community were ill-prepared. Despite the intense imploring of the new president-elect to “Tell me what to do!” during his 2008 victory speech, only a few scattered specialized activists and independent mavericks even tried to place mini-political agendas on Obama’s desk. The eight year silence from the Black community as a whole was deafening. Conspicuously, the Black Congressional Caucus members hastily slapped something together only in response to Trump’s “What do you have to lose?” insult to the Black constituency and that was it.

So now nearly two years into Trump’s presidency, we find many Black people upset at Obama because they think he didn’t do enough for them. I strongly suggest they seriously analyze those eight years, see what worked for those special interest groups who did have their stuff together and promptly responded to Obama’s directive with a rock-solid political agenda checklist to get what they demanded. There is a process to all of this; Obama wasn’t just going to pull up to everyone’s houses in a Brink’s™ truck, give everyone dap and a $50,000 cheque just because. Life doesn’t work that way, and you still have to put in the work to get what you say you want.

Especially when you find yourself as the disenfranchised group everyone else likes to exploit.

Obama did a lot for the Black American inside of the narrow area he had to work in, but he could have done MUCH more if the Black community themselves had engaged in the political arena and actively partnered with him in it. When you know better, you do better. It’s not too late. Now that we know what’s needed we can start TODAY! to work together across class and ideological lines, put together our formal Black Political Agenda, effectively strategize as to how we will enfranchise ourselves and elect Black representatives committed to fighting for our special interest causes. Then the next time we find ourselves with a Black POTUS, we’ll tell her or him what to do so we can finally close out The Struggle and become truly free.

John Connolly - Why don't we as Americans of every non black race just give a part of our paycheck every week because of your oppression.You see how ridiculous you sound all most people hear is I am black blackity black black ,it's time to address your community problems on an individual level and take responsibility as a man.Obama was a failure and Trump is the rubber band snapping back,deal with it as a man not as a color.

Muhammad Rasheed - John wrote: “Why don't we as Americans of every non black race just give a part of our paycheck every week because of your oppression.”

You 100% should. It would not only help in fixing the anti-Black systemic racism evil your group has allowed to continue on into the modern day, but it will have the benefit of purifying your soul.

Do it.

Ed Guenther - "When You’re Accustomed to Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression"

@John... Nothing else needs to be said here. Of course, you didn’t give any real argument, but rants and typical right wing propaganda points.

Zev Rosenblum - Black Political Agenda? Isn't that just perpetuating political racism? I'd think a political system that was all inclusive would be the ideal.

Muhammad Rasheed - No, it wouldn’t be ideal. All it would do is enable strong and cohesive special interest groups who DO have a political agenda to hoard wealth & power from those who don’t, widening the wealth gap between the Black American ethnic group and everyone else.

Zev Rosenblum - Wait, how? By definition wouldnt an all inclusive agenda be a political counter to special interest groups?

What would keep the most powerful of the legacy families from ‘crony capitalism-ing’ their way into special interest status anyway, no matter what the all inclusive agenda was supposed to say? *sighhhh*

Muhammad Rasheed - The mere “definition” of an abstract term never reflects the real life jockeying for advantageous wealth & power positioning of actual politicking.

Roosevelt Pitt - This a fabrication. Now its black folks fault that Obama didn't do anything for black people as a group. Dr. Claude Anderson approached the Obama with a black agenda and he turned him away.

Muhammad Rasheed - Many of these items were built into the list of accomplishments Obama did put in place in some form or another. Even though they weren't as powerful as what Dr. Anderson hoped for, they still represent the basic structure that subsequent accountable Black representation can build upon.

Economic Policy Expert Claud Anderson Writes Open Letter to President Obama (2011)

Muhammad Rasheed - Roosevelt wrote: "Now its black folks fault that Obama didn't do anything for black people as a group."

In his 2008 victory speech, the new President Elect point blank told you to "tell me what to do!"

You failed to do so.

So he was forced to work the plan he did work that y'all are currently bitching wasn't good enough, while your political rivals brought him focused political agendas to "tell him what to do."

Instead of complaining you should instead analyze the process, take the lessons learned from what you failed to do to prepare for a Black POTUS' election, and get yourself together while you work on electing new Black representation to hold them accountable when you tell them what to do.

Arizechukwu Okeke - If he can't do anything for us because of the political process, then why bother voting in the first place?

Muhammad Rasheed - Arizechukwu wrote: "If he can't do anything for us because of the political process..."

That's a strawman effigy. He DID do stuff for us. He worked his own agenda battling against his partisan rivals. If there were specific items you wanted him to fight for, too, then why didn't you come together as a Black special interest group and formally put that political agenda in front of him in the process like the other Democratic Party special interest groups did for their communities?

What were you waiting for?

If you aren't going to work the political process ALL THE WAY, then why did you vote? Just to practice?

Arizechukwu Okeke - I'm not a politician. The purpose of voting for politicians is to do the things we cannot do ourselves. If we gotta do everything ourselves, what's the point voting? 🤨

Black people made our issues known for a long time. By now BLM is well known. Our agenda isn't hard to find at this point. We just want more protection against the killer cops. But Obama was busy signing bills FOR the cops (BTW Andrew Gillum is also pro police).

Why are we always expected to do more? We've been voting, donating and organizing for the Democrats since before JFK. When do we get something back?

Muhammad Rasheed - BLM represents one specific aspect of the Black Political Agenda, and it was one of the very few that formally put a plan in front of the POTUS and got their demands met.

Where was everyone else?

Why do these generations of post-civil rights era voters think the rules and processes of the voting process somehow don't apply to them and they think they can do the very bare minimum (voting, donating and organizing for the party but not for themselves) and get everything they want? #WhereTheyDoThatAt

Arizechuwu wrote: "When do we get something back?"

When you follow through pass the bare minimum and do the rest of the work. Like in the BLM example you brought up. Recognize that it's absolutely an on going process that requires continuous work and maintenance because your rivals will NEVER stop jockeying for position and scheming to get an advantage over you. Politics is a long and intense game of high stakes chess. Who told you otherwise? Where did this new, entitled "I don't have to do shit but toss my ballot into a red-white-blue box" expectation of politics come from?

Arizechukwu Okeke - Where are their demands met? The police are still killing us and Obama's bill has helped them do so.

Big question: Why should we have to BEG not to be murdered? And why vote for any politician we have to pull teeth for in the first place?

Voting is simple. Either fulfill my needs or get your vote elsewhere. Period.

You can be a Democratic shill if you want but the facts remain that there is nothing tangible they have done for us.

Arizechukwu Okeke - And you still refuse to address the Blue Alert Law.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) The BLM reps sat with the Obama administration and they were actively in the plan to reform our broken criminal justice system. It was an active back-n-forth because their rival group was trying to put stuff in place--and reinforce stuff that was already in place-- while BLM were fighting for theirs. Obama signed bills that had BLM items in them and stuff their rivals had in them, too (Blue Alert) as part of the USG leadership compromise dance, and it was understood that it was going to be a big fight but at least they had a POTUS willing to help be in that fight with them.That's the stuff the incoming president's AG was trying to break.

2.) You HAVE to fight for your political gains because you are in active rivalry with people who are trying to get their political gains met at your expense. Politics is high-stakes strategizing that never ends, and when it fails, you go to WAR. Physical bloodshed WAR. When your political rival has a YUGE/BIGLY headstart and is the dominant power, it makes your side of the fight that much harder, but you cannot be lackadaisacal in it! You're not "begging," you're DEMANDING and you don't stop going full stream ahead until you get what you want and even after THAT, you remain vigilant from your rival's counter-attack.

3.) Voting is simple. And it is just a piece of the over-all political strategy needed for enfranchisement of a people, ESPECIALLY when they have literally been out of the game for 150 yrs.

4.) I'm not a "Democratic shill." If the Black community's detailed plan for full enfranchisement determines that it WOULD be better to have our own "Black Party" then I'm all for it. Right now, we have equity built up in the Democratic Party, and we are the only special interest group in it that ISN'T hardline pushing a formal political agenda from behind a strong empowerment strategy of any kind. Of all the special interest groups under the Democratic Party banner, we're the ONLY one that isn't fighting for ourselves while waiting for our inner-party rivals to do OUR work FOR us and looking crazy.