Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Cop's Word

Willy Trujillo - So everyone ignores the fact that Mike brown was a criminal who robbed a store attacked a police officer tried to take his gun than tried attacking him again. If Mike brown would not have been braking the law he would still be alive today but all you ignorant people think a cop has no right to defend himself by using deadly force when Mike brown was willing to and he proved that by trying to take his gun. Cops have a rigth to go home to there families too not just get killed by some punks who want to live the thug life

Muhammad Rasheed - 1. Michael Brown did NOT have any felonies. His juvenile records (if any) are confidential and are just speculation.

2. That picture of Michael Brown holding the money in his mouth and pointing the gun...WASN'T Michael Brown.

Willy Trujillo - Still dosent change the fact that he robed a store and attacked a cop and tried to take his gun does it

Muhammad Rasheed - The store owner and the other patrons said he didn't rob the store. The video shows a completely different person.

I don't believe for a second he tried to attack that cop.

Muhammad Rasheed - Since Brown didn't have a criminal record at all, why do you think the cops were telling the truth?

Muhammad Rasheed - They got Wilson off by playing up the "scary big black guy" stereotype, that apparently all white people believe, hence the nature of the controversy.

Muhammad Rasheed - You want to vilify Mike Brown because he was black, just like the Ferguson cops did. You want to exonerate Darren Wilson because he is white, just like the Ferguson cops.

I just showed you that Mike Brown wasn't a criminal, so why are you still determined to believe conflicting evidence? Because you want to believe that he was a criminal because that's how you are indoctrinated to think about black people.

Muhammad Rasheed - Willy Trujillo wrote: "So everyone ignores the fact that Mike brown was a criminal..."

So even though it WASN'T a fact, white people still go around saying it IS a "fact." With enthusiasm.

Muhammad Rasheed - You PRAY for it to be true. You NEEED it to be true.

Tell me why you are like this, Willy.

Willy Trujillo - So I guess the fact that his blood was on the gun and inside the police car proves nothing the cop must be a good shot to shoot him in the thumb

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you kidding? Brown's blood was on Wilson's gun because Darren Wilson is a murderer. THAT'S why.

Was that supposed to be a question?

Muhammad Rasheed - https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153023650353352

Muhammad Rasheed - https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152703651683469

Muhammad Rasheed - I have zero reason to trust a cop's word on anything.

Willy Trujillo - Look just keep ignoring the facts see where that gets you. I'm not racist it's just the witnesses all are not reliable and evidence proves other wise if evidence was in favor of Mike I would be supporting his cause as well

Muhammad Rasheed - Willy, you are the one who have been ignoring facts. The only thing that supports Wilson's version of events is his word based on his integrity as a cop. Cops have no integrity as the clips I just posted are representative of their behavior prove time and time again.

You are inclined to believe Wilson's side because of that faulty "cop integrity" piece, because he is white, and because you believe in the "savage black scary man" stereotype.

Muhammad Rasheed - These are the only facts. Darren Wilson is a liar and a murderer. Mike Brown did not have a criminal record. So why are you so quick to believe Wilson's story? Wilson hates black people, shot one in cold blood over a lie, and was forced to defend himself in court when he was surprised to find the spotlight shined on him for his deed. Don't you think he would cook up any cock-n-bull story to keep from going to prison? Wouldn't you? Cops don't have any integrity, so why wouldn't his defense be built upon a lie, especially since EVERYONE knows all blacks are criminals and probably deserved to get shot dead in the streets over SOMETHING, right? That's the only reason Wilson is free right now, Willy.

There is no evidence that supports his story. The jury believed him because white people think ALLL blacks are criminals inherently, and it was on the strength of pure racism that they believed his story and the "evidence" that supported it.

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