Monday, April 30, 2018

With Allies Like These...

Mike Wilson - Fuck that. Time to stand up.

Matt Ravencroft - #antiracism + #whitepeoplearebad = ?

Cynthia Sonier - Something has to be done. Fast. But not everyone who does not agree with every. Single. Word. You. Say. is paid by the bad guys.

Humans are complex beings.

Matt Ravencroft - Well said. Although I'm not entirely sure what can be done about racism, I don't feel generalizations help anybody.

Cynthia Sonier - That being said, I might not agree with everything the cartoon says, but I still agree with most of it.

I don't want to be another jerk to whitesplain race to black people but the cartoon conveys one of the most toxic ideas we have about evil, from school bullies to concentration camps to child abusers: we believe that all evil must have been planned, intentional and the work of people who willingly do evil just because they are evil. Social psychology like the works of Milgram, Zimbardo and Arendt prove otherwise: evil is sneaky, banal, ordinary. It is not the work of cartoon villains but of ordinary people, like all of us, who do small amounts of evil and brush it off as "no big deal" to go along with the crowd or get validation from people we look up to...or are just too lazy or scared to try to do anything positive. I've done that mistake quite a few times.

That white guy does exist. We're all him but don't give him the grandeur of being paid, that kind of machavellianism and evil is above most people. He's at most a coward and we're all coward sometimes.

It is in no way an excuse, or a downplaying of the consequences of that cowardice because add one coward too stupid to put himself in someone else's shoes instead of just going along with the most rabid dog, then another, then another and that is how genocides happen.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol @ "whitesplain"

Thank you so much. That describes that phenomenon perfectly.

Cynthia Sonier - Well let me whitesplain again that if any form of evil in evil in the World was the stuff of conscious, loud, obvious cartoon villains we would have stopped it some time in the 10 000 years since we came out of the caves. If we really want to stop it, we have to dissect our own minds like the corpses of an epidemic victim to learn what's wrong.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Whitesplaining" isn't going to be an efficient way to sway someone to your argument when it is only backed by your uninformed opinion of the subject. In reality, there really are truly evil people deliberately conspiring to keep Black people in a subjugated state ripe for exploitation and plunder, and it's been that way for half a millennium across the globe. The documented historical record reveals these 'cartoon villains' are the who's who of well known Western historical figures up into the present day.

Steve Mills - ?

Kimberly Moseberry - You should draw the black dude saying. "Nah I got back up." Then saw three big black dudes behind them looking pissed.

Muhammad Rasheed - But it would change the meaning of my message. lol

You make the sequel.

Kimberly Moseberry - @M. Rasheed... Challenge accepted. =)

Muhammad Rasheed - Do it. I'll do the next panel.

Ben Jones - Great expressions and gesture. All people really have to do to erase racism is to realize we are all the same race and start treating each other that way. Unfortunately ignorant, hateful souls of all races continue to train their children in racism sometimes deliberately, but often through ignorance. Fighting racism with messages like this is similar to trying to put out a fire with lighter fluid. It has to happen at home.

Muhammad Rasheed - If only that was all we had to do to eradicate racism. Unfortunately it isn't that easy since racism is more than emotion-based bad feelings about another. Racism is an economic system designed to plunder the wealth of Black people to feed into a racist aristocracy. The bigoted bad feelings aspect is just the marketing arm of the system.

In order to cure society of racism, it will require a dramatic change in the economy on a similar level as what the South experienced after the Civil War.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

...because they all were WHITE

Gary McCoy - What better reason is there to vote for Trump in 2020 than knowing he's Kanye's Dragon Engergy?

Muhammad Rasheed - Not good enough reason. >:(

Gary McCoy - But Kanye's wise. The wisest of all Kanyes. And he's married to a Kardashian. How much more wisdom do you need?

Muhammad Rasheed -  >:(

Mark Hitsman - @M. Rasheed... rotflmao ,Kardashians lol I heard beiber unfriended him he'll that should make you turn

Richard Cross - Better listen to Yeezy!

Jack Ohman - You raise an excellent point.

Bret Rasch Sr - I’m following Kanye just because he’s black!! I’m in

Gary McCoy - Of course to do otherwise would be racist.

Bret Rasch Sr - You got it!!

Muhammad Rasheed - This is ironic considering literally everything whites do is because it supports your pro-Eurocentric systems. All the Black people you approve of are notorious coons that support pro-Eurocentric systems.

Gary McCoy - No, all the "black people I approve of" are simply not victim-card-playing liberals, like the kind you support.

By the way, I always thought that "coon" was a racist word. Tell me I'm not wrong.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Victim-card-playing" implies that systemic racism is a fiction, which is an attempt at gaslighting. Do you believe that Cliven Bundy was "victim-card-playing" during his well-publicized protests against the USG?

Gary McCoy - Cliven Bundy didn't claim that every facet of his life that wasn't unicorns pooping gold-plated rainbows was because of the government cheating him out of property rights. You just claimed that "literally everything whites do is because it supports my pro-Eurocentric systems". I can loan you a dictionary if you want to look up the word "literally".

Muhammad Rasheed - Bundy protested because the gov wouldn't allow him to keep his taxes and use their land for free from his colossal sense of white privilege/entitlement. That attitude comes directly from the classic pro-Eurocentric mindset.

The very concept of "victim-card-playing" that you use as a rhetorical weapon, means whites want Blacks to stop complaining about the abusive and exploitative systemic racism the country was founded upon and white-owned/controlled institutions maintain.

lol It doesn't move me when a professional political cartoonist wants to call tech on my decision to use 'literal' as hyperbole.

Bret Rasch Sr - @M. Rasheed... if a cartoonist( one of the best in the buisness) doesn’t impress you.... unfriendly him. Pretty simple. And as far as suppressed black folk, I have a lot of black friends. Most are proud people who have good jobs, speak plain English, dress like normal humans and have raised respectful children. I also have a couple friends who wear their pants around their knees, talk like idiots and won’t try to better their personal situation. They always complain. They are friends but I do not respect them at all. Tell me what’s wrong with this picture? If people, white or black, want to act like animals, they get treated like animals. We have laws to follow in a civilized society. You can’t pick and choose which ones you are going to follow.

Bret Rasch Sr - @Gary McCoy... you need to thin your friends list.

Muhammad Rasheed - Bret, I said it's Gary's attempt to step outside of his own flexible-minded skills as a political cartoonist to pretend like he's really calling tech on my using 'literally' in my hyperbole that doesn't impress me, not his skill and career as a cartoonist. Try to keep up, bud.

I think all that dedicated anti-Black racism you're holding on to is starting to affect your thinking (such as it is).

Muhammad Rasheed - Bret wrote: "They are friends but I do not respect them at all."

lol That's pretty good evidence that we speak a different language even inside of English. A "friend that you don't respect." Weird.

Tell me this, Bret... are you equally close-minded and critical towards all the raggedy, lower class poor white people in your "friendship" circles, or just the Black ones?

Muhammad Rasheed - Bret wrote: "We have laws to follow in a civilized society. You can't pick and choose which ones you are going to follow."

Setting aside the oxymoron concept that an anti-Black systemic racist society would be considered "civilized," if your comments were true, then America would still be a colony under the British crown. Unjust laws are supposed to be fought against by those who want to live fairly within a civilized society. "Rebellion" is a normal and accepted part of how civilization functions when the greater mainstream populace allows tyrants and their tyrannical laws to oppress the citizens.

Were you for or against Cliven Bundy's armed rebellion, Bret? Were you rooting for him to win? #IntegrityCheck

Bret Rasch Sr - smh

White Solutions: Curing Racism from a Racist Perspective

Monday, April 23, 2018

The Selfishness of Freedom

Rasheed, Muhammad. "The Selfishness of Freedom." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 23 Apr 2018. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

The Milksop Cowardice of 'Respectability Politics'

The Hard Sell: Developing a Committed Workforce Through Indoctrination

Muhammad Rasheed - [VIDEO] 3 workers fired at L.A. Fitness after black men kicked out of NJ gym

I disagree with Oates' over-generous and naïve sentiment. The reason why racism happens is because it is profitable. Make it unprofitable using a zero tolerance boycott that destroys a company's brand and racism will stop cold. I guarantee it. You think the billionaire owners won't desperately figure out how to save their wealth if they know a nation-wide Black Boycott is in place and 100% serious? Try it.

Stephen Wilkinson - no racism is a non-profit

you are also looking at racism incorrectly, if i may dare correct an expert.

Racism and its expression is multi faceted and nuanced and the expression of it is also similarly multifaceted - restricting our mental grasp of it will also restrict our options and mental model limiting our abilities unnecessarily

Muhammad Rasheed - "Racism" is a money-making system designed to uphold the collective Euro-ethnic groups in an artificial racist aristocracy at the expense of Black people. The emotion-based, individual-level bigotry aspect that has falsely come to define racism was only ever the marketing/propaganda campaign used to indoctrinate the poor and middle class whites to justify in their minds why it's okay to abuse Blacks in this way.

If you only address the marketing 'bigotry' piece of racism without ever addressing the root cause economic core of it, then racism will continue and you will be forced to invent false narratives to explain the racial wealth gap and mass incarceration, etc., which will of course force you to return to believing the false marketing campaign that sold the poorer class whites on maintaining systemic racism in the first place.

The 1% class needs you to buy-in to the fallacy that the surface film bigotry aspect IS racism in its entirety. Therefore if they "train" their workers in an 8 hr (+ lunch breaks + get out early) seminar to stop being emotion-based bigots, and release the training sign-in sheets or whatever to the public, it will give the illusion that the corporation is now purged of racism, while the racial wealth gap continues to widen and the managerial/overseer-level racists pretend it's because of "culture" and "deficiencies in IQ."

Stephen Wilkinson - Hmmmm true

Appease the anger with platitudes and self admonishments while the rape continues

Muhammad Rasheed - Your observance that racism is "multifaceted, nuanced and multifaceted in its expression" is just the various ways the poorer class whites manage the system. The core of racism is still all about siphoning wealth out of the Black community to hand to white people.

Joe Engesser - Democrat founders

Muhammad Rasheed - It's true. In those days, you white conservatives favored the Democrat Party.

Joe Engesser - Neither of us lived in those days, but I do know our conservative President favors success and safety for ALL Americans.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) Your first post was full of confidence regarding your knowledge of what was going on in those days, but suddenly you're expressing doubt on both of our behalf? lol

2.) You are misled since that opinion does not reflect the facts of Trump's public record.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

CURING RACISM: Desperate Diseases Must Have Desperate Remedies

SheStillTweets - I really don't care abt #Starbucks closing & doing "racial bias training day". I'm still getting coffee from #BlackOwnedCoffee shops only. Yall see how afraid they are of losing Black dollars? I hope u don't fall for the okey doke. This is all abt money, nothing else.


Muhammad Rasheed - Agreed.

A zero tolerance policy towards racism is EXTREME, but racism is extreme. Subjugating, exploiting, plundering Black people for centuries to build a white racist aristocracy into the present day is extreme. Your brand will be destroyed if any of your employees is caught in a racist act towards Black people. That's what it will take to cure us of racism, and that extreme position is not unreasonable.

Every Black person should staple this Tweet to their foreheads and LIVE it...

SheStillTweets - I’ll be glad when we do.

Robb Armstrong - I’m not gonna miss Starbucks at all. I’ve always made better coffee at home, anyway!

Rick Stromoski - The President and CEO of Starbucks has called the harrassment of the two men arrested for being black an abomination and is meeting with them to personally apologize and institute sensitivity training in all of their stores nationwide.

It seems to me that the actions that took place in the Philadelphia Starbucks are less likely a store policy than an example of the institutional imbedded racism that sees young black males as threats.

Its too bad this entire nation cannot undergo such training.

Rick Stromoski - I'm not apologizing for Starbucks. Just recognizing when a corporate head takes full responsibility for the actions of their employees. Its a good first step.

Now if they would just stop burning their beans....

Eric C. Martin - @Rick Stromoski... Um, that wasn't directed at YOU. I'm confused by all of these "screw Starbucks", "I hate Starbucks", "boycott Starbucks", etc. posts.

It was ONE incident, by ONE (now fired) employee, at ONE location.

Outrage at the incident?....understandable.

Outrage at Starbucks nationwide?...unintelligent.

Muhammad Rasheed - Racism is the nation's most enduring sin. A zero tolerance policy from the citizens -- just ONE incident will be enough to end your brand forever -- will definitely help cure it.

Rick Stromoski - M. Rasheed wrote: "just ONE incident will be enough to end your brand forever -- will definitely help cure it."

Even if that brand denounces the incident of its employees, fires the employee responsible and institutes sensitivity training?

That doesn't seem fair....we should be trying to educate not be unnecessarily punitive. Reserve the punitiveness for those who are Fox, Chic Fil A, Holly Lobby etc...

Muhammad Rasheed - 500 years of systemic racism isn't fair, Rick. Destroying a brand with a zero tolerance for racism policy is justice, and that's VERY fair.

It'll also be very educational for the racist community, I'll bet.

Eric C. Martin - So let me get this straight… Destroy a business for the actions of one employee? Instead of pulling the weed, burn down the entire garden?

There is no logic or intelligence to that idea.

Destroying a business because of the actions of one employee isn’t going to educate anyone, it isn’t going to make racism go away. There are 7 billion people on this planet. Racism/prejudice will never go away 100%.

Those who are actually naïve enough to think it can be eradicated? These are the same people that must believe that somehow you can fix stupid.

Actually, I don’t believe you. I don’t believe for one second that you believe it’s fair to destroy an entire brand/corporation for the actions of one employee. You’re way smarter than this.

Muhammad Rasheed - The education will revolve around the fact that if we ALL work together to destroy racism once and for all, then even the dominant class who traditionally benefitted from it will finally face the harsh hand of justice.

It doesn't matter if you believe me or not. I do believe that in your heart you don't think racism is a big deal. You're not the only one either. That's why Starbucks must fall.

Eric C. Martin - M. Rasheed wrote: “I do believe that in your heart you don’t think racism is a big deal.”

That’s your ego talking.

You’re not a mind reader, and how arrogant of you to think otherwise. Nowhere in my retort did I mention anything about it “not being a big deal“ comment all I said was that it will never go away. Ever. That’s not pessimism either, it’s realism. There are 7 billion people on this planet.

No, I don’t believe you. You’re smarter than that. You know perfectly well that if “justice“ revolved around your so-called logic, there wouldn’t be any companies left. One bad apple would mean the end of a company. Where’s the justice, logic, or intelligence behind that?

Once again, you have failed to present an intelligent and logical reason why, in your words, “...Starbucks must fall.”

There is no evidence whatsoever to back up your belief that making Starbucks go out of business will somehow eradicate racism.

Muhammad Rasheed - Meanwhile your entire retort is saying that "racism isn't a big deal, and it's not right to fight it because some people may lose money if you fight it. Blacks are just going to have to get over it and hope that the rare instance of evil white people getting fired happens a little more often instead of you getting shot all the time over being Black."

THAT'S your message, Eric.

Racism is an economic system. From the very beginning it was designed to build up wealth for white people at the expense of Black people. Common sense and plentiful evidence has shown that if racism becomes unprofitable for the evil white aristocracy it will go away.

You are unlearned on the topic and somehow believe your power of whiteness alone gives your uninformed opinion magical weight, but that is only your arrogance, ego and fear of the idea of racism going away that's talking.

Eric C. Martin - Not surprisingly, you didn’t read one single word of what I wrote. Sadly, you made the decision to lie as well:

You made false accusations: you falsely accused me of saying or believing that “racism isn’t a big deal“, but you know for a fact that my entire premise is that The very idea of boycotting or as you put it “Starbucks must fall“ is nothing short of illogical, idiotic, and pointless. You also accused me of arrogance, having an ego, (project much?) and being afraid of the idea of racism going away. (that’s the best you could think of?)

Your last retort was completely scatterbrained. Just all over the place. The Irony is you claim to have “commonsense“, but you’ve failed spectacularly to show any.

You might want to try to control your emotions which have affected what is otherwise a clear head:

I have no power. (The hell are you talking about?) “Whiteness?“ Newsflash: my mother is 100% Mexican. Raised by a single mom in a Mexican household.

“Fear of the idea of racism going away“? OK I think I’m done here. I cannot possibly debate with somebody who is even more paranoid, and more of a loon, than Alex Jones.

I truly feel sorry for you. But hey, it’s your life. You can go and keep checking under your bed at night for the imaginary Klansman.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Mexican" isn't a race, it's an ethnic group. There are Black and white Mexicans... races within the ethnic group. I'm pretty sure you self-identify as a 'white man' within your half-Mexican citizenship.

It wasn't a false accusation. It's what your position is. It's what you are arguing. You believe that racism isn't a big deal and attempts to cure it aren't 'fair.'

Racism is systemic, embedded throughout our entire society. It's EXTREME. It's fundamental purpose is economic -- it plunders wealth from the Black community to artificially uplift the white community. It's literally how the great wealth of the Western nations was built up in the first place.

The way to cure it is to make it unprofitable. Extreme measures were used to create it, therefore equally extreme measures are needed to destroy it. A Fortune 1,000 company that knows society has shifted to a zero tolerance policy will either root out the racists during the hiring/recruitment phase or go out of business (you may consider it a corporate-level 'lynching' if you will). That's how we can cure it.

Or we can have another Civil War. I suggest we choose the economic route.

Rick Stromoski - M. Rasheed wrote: "500 years of systemic racism isn't fair, Rick. Destroying a brand with a zero tolerance for racism policy is justice, and that's VERY fair."

I think destroying a brand for the actions of one manager is a bit overkill. Especially when corporate immediately responds in a positive and repentant way to correct the racist actions of its representative.

I agree with you regarding the systemic racism embedded in America’s history that continues to this day. But I disagree with a zero tolerance policy in ANYTHING. The world shouldn’t be looked st as a zero sum all or nothing proposition. Going nuclear immediately is a losing proposition in the long run.

Rick Stromoski - @M. Rasheed... I’m not sure how you would root out racists during the hiring process. But I agree with you that racists institutions should be boycotted and called out with the end result being their demise but it’s important to pick your targets because they have systemic racist policies, the banking industry, Fox News and other businesses I mentioned earlier, and not because of individuals whose actions taint that corporates brand. Starbucks reacted appropriately to the actions of a stupid and racist employee.

Personal racism would be impossible to eradicate. Institutionalized racism is a much more realistic target that should be the focus.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) You're telling me that you don't believe in a zero tolerance for racism. lol We will never disagree more, I think. Racism MUST go. If people are too attached to their systemic racism income streams to let it go, then they are courting another Civil War. Nobody wants a sequel to the bloodiest conflict in American history, but if that's what it takes, then that's what it takes.

2.) It's not my job to figure out how the 1% will save their mega-corporations and root out the racists. I'm sure they will figure something out since their great fortunes would be on the line.

3.) Institutional racism is the only target. The emotion-based, indoctrinated individual bigotry part of racism will go when the economic part goes. Or at least it will go in the closet and learn to hide better.

Rick Stromoski - M. Rasheed wrote: "1.) You're telling me that you don't believe in a zero tolerance for racism." 

That’s not what I was referring to and it’s disingenuous to suggest that. 

If an employee of any company expresses racist views and the company fires said employee, apologizes to the victims of the racism and then institutes a policy and program for racial sensitivity, I think it’s logical that said company has acted on good faith. To continue to call for the boycott or punishment of that company even after they take corrective and apologetic action is just unnecessarily punitive and illogical.

Muhammad Rasheed - Racism is itself unnecessarily punitive and illogical, Rick. The entire system is racist; it's not racist on an mere emotion-based individual by individual basis. The infamous wealth gap between the races isn't caused by emotional bigotry but by systemic racism, and that was created and maintained into the current day by by deliberately manufactured extreme conditions.

How the police responded was part & parcel of the problem. When that cop arrested Skip Gates for "trespassing" on his own porch, the POTUS called the behavior 'stupid' and ALL white people got mad at him and his popularity dropped. lol smdh

Your entire corporation will be destroyed if a single employee commits an anti-Black racist act. That means more than the cashier-level or middle management worker. That means you're due an extreme Mueller Investigation-type super audit of EVERYTHING. And fuck you.

Rodney Rodgers - Muhammad guy doesnt seem happy, why is he still here? everyone is free to go to a different place and find happiness. but i know how he feels, it is not easy being a black female , transgender, height challenged muslim trapped in a white mans body in this country, I feel so misunderstood.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Rodney... I wonder why Cliven Bundy and his cronies didn't just leave America since they seemed so unhappy over their very illegal armed government protest? I wonder why the Tea Partiers didn't just leave the country when they were so upset over whatever imaginary nonsense people like that whine about?

Perhaps you can provide some insight?

Woody Woodrow - Love how people automatically play the race card.

Muhammad Rasheed - I love how racists scream "you play the race card!" on cue whenever anti-racists protest the racism of the racists. lol

Muhammad RasheedJustice Department, CFPB Say Mortgage Lender Overcharged African-American and Hispanic Borrowers

U.S. Government Uses Race Test for $80 Million in Payments

‘I Put in White Tenants’: The Grim, Racist (and Likely Illegal) Methods of One Brooklyn Landlord

Hasidic neighborhood in South Williamsburg is a top beneficiary of Section 8, but some question whether law is strictly followed

Honda to pay $25M for overcharging minority buyers on loans

How Toyota May Have Started Overcharging Minority Customers

Survey Finds Insurance Companies Charge Black Drivers Living in Predominately African-American Neighborhoods 70% More for Auto Insurance

City Council alert: Fifth Third Bank hiked interest rates on minority customers

Wells Fargo Deliberately Pushed Dangerous Loans On Blacks, Hispanics: Lawsuit

Feds: BancorpSouth illegally denied black consumers fair access to mortgages

Just FOUR Home Loans Were Given To African-Americans In This Major City In A Whole Year

Credit Card Debt’s Mighty Grip on Black America

5 Big Companies Sued for Racial Discrimination

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Truth, the Half Truth & the Kirby

Kirb Brimstone - @M. Rasheed... For you my friend. [VIDEO] How Muhammad Ali Was Deceived by Islam

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh.

I thought you were tagging me to show that you finally responded to that thread you promised that you weren't going to abandon. Instead I see you've tagged me in more nonsense.


Kirb Brimstone - You watch the video? NO. So how do you know it's non-sense?

I'll respond when I have time. In the meantime See above.

My gift to you.

Muhammad Rasheed - Because everything you tag me in is nonsense (except for ONCE, but it was a very noble cause), and the "deceived by islam" part is inherently nonsense, and your entire opinion of religion -- especially tied to anything you've tagged me in -- is nonsense. Oh, and your position in the thread you abandoned, that you swore you wouldn't abandon, was un-defendable nonsense, hence why you abandoned it.

Any more questions?

Kirb Brimstone - @M. Rasheed... Nah your responses are non-sense. You're prophet is obviously false.

Watch the video.

Muhammad Rasheed - Don't tag me in anymore of this nonsense.

Kirb Brimstone - @M. Rasheed... See you on the thread.

Muhammad Rasheed - To do what?

Kirb Brimstone - When I respond. I never forgot about the thread.

Kirb Brimstone - I just have life.

Kirb Brimstone - Islam is false.

Muhammad Rasheed - More nonsense?

You are false. Grow up.

Muhammad Rasheed - My favorite part is how you believe you're going to convert me to the white supremacist's version of Western Christianity by insulting my belief system like a sociopath.

Good luck!

Adam Thompson - Is “un-defendable” the same as indefensible?

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "I never forgot about the thread. I just have life."

Is this really the excuse you want to use considering you're the one that tagged me in all of these vids as you try to pull me into these discussions? You always initiate them and when I respond suddenly you "have a life" and are too busy to defend your own position.

Right. 😏

Michael Daniels - I watched it. His main points were Muhammed was white, both Muhammed and Ali owned black slaves, and Cassius Clay was a great hardcore abolitionist who was at least partially responsible for the Emanicipation Proclamation.

The guy made some grat points, but he was such an unfunny deuchebag I almost gave up halfway through.

Muhammad Rasheed - Ah. Thanks for confirming that this was something Kirb had posted before in one of the many threads he's abandoned.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm curious as to what you're using to discern whether the guy's points were "grat" or not, considering the following quote from him seems to sum up both you and Kirb pretty well when it comes to this topic:

When we don't know history--when we become ignorant of history--there will always be someone waiting to step in and take advantage of our ignorance. ~David Wood

Michael Daniels - @M. Rasheed... when did I confirm that? I have no idea if he's ever posted it before. And are you jumping on typos now as some type of dig? Clearly I know how to spell great, and you knew the word that was meant. Is this type of assholery really necessary?

Muhammad Rasheed - 1) You confirmed it when you described what was in it.

2) Yes, but it was just a light dig. That Adam Thompson dude, who responded under my comment above, meant it as his entire argument apparently.

3) Sometimes that type of assholery is necessary if only for the comedy factor and to lighten a mood.

Michael Daniels - @M. Rasheed.... Do you refute any of the major points the guy made as put forth above. I already stipulated the guy's a dick, so no need pointing that out.

Muhammad Rasheed - Of course I refute them. He made his points from a place of shallow, xenophobic ignorance of the willful sort. An outsider, who only pretends to be an expert on the material, disingenuously using the phrase "Islam's most trusted sources" while ignorantly or willfully ignoring the complexity of the body of hadith and what they have gone through over the centuries cannot be taken at his word.

Muhammad Rasheed - His audience is composed of people exactly like you and Kirb, who already casually dismiss Al-Islam out of hand, and have zero interest in the nuances of its complex extra-scriptural literature.

Michael Daniels - So, just so I'm clear, in your mountain of research

1) Muhammed wasn't white.

2) Muhammad and Ali did not own black slaves

3) The original Cassius Clay was not a hardcore abolitionist.

(Btw....if you hold to #3 you lose all credibility as this is an area of history I am very well versed in and can site numerous sources.)

Muhammad Rasheed - 1) Exactly.

2) Exactly. The prophet perfectly reflected the instructions of the Qur'an, in how God wanted us to use the institution of slavery. And Ali was number four of the rightly-guided Caliphs that reflected the prophet's behavior regarding the Qur'an.

3.) I don't care about that part. I don't care about celebrating a white man over behavior/deeds that should have been received as just basic human decency. You're asking the wrong one to feel bad about Muhammad not wanting to be named after a white man.

(btw... You have no credibility on the topic of Islam. Ever.)

Michael Daniels - 1) What is your source stating he was other than white when so many other sources say that he was? Why is your source better.

2) How does that add up to either of them "not" owning black slaves. How are you not contradicting yourself by saying this.

3) What you care about is immaterial to the question which was whether or not you refuted the original dude's assertion that Cassius Clay was an abolitionis.

(I never claimed to be an expert on Islam, nor am I one on Hinduism or Shinto, or any other false religion. I know exactly what I need to know...primarily that they are all paths to destruction, and therefore inherently Satanic.)

Muhammad Rasheed - 1) The same old, vast body of literature that Woods quoted from. Some of the quotes are more authentic than others, some were more accurately interpreted into English, while some are just false and were invented during a period when politically corrupt sultanates were trying to manipulate and/or being manipulated by the 'mullah class' for various purposes.

2) I'm not contradicting myself, you just don't have any knowledge of the material to use to reference my comment to. You're just referencing it to the falsehood you believe you know about the faith. The prophet had one slave, who he freed upon receiving his prophethood commission from God, and promptly adopted as his son. The Qur'an doesn't encourage slave taking at all, but instead lists "freeing the slave" as one of the great good deeds a believer can perform. So when I say that "The prophet perfectly reflected the instructions of the Qur'an" and that Ali, the fourth rightly-guided Caliph of Al-Islam reflected his prophet's behavior, there is no contradiction except in the mind of those who love falsehood more that clear truth.

3) What you care about lacks interest to me. I'm refuting the claims about Islam. The champ changing his name because he didn't care to be named after a family of white enslavers--whether one of them came to his senses and decided to try to be something close to human or not--isn't the most important point. I agree with Ali. The hell with those people.

(you admit to not knowing about the faith, but you proudly proclaim that the uncritical, uninformed pieces you did manage to retain are enough to justify your habit of blasphemy against Abraham's God and His prophets. Interesting.)

Michael Daniels - 1) The sources you're citing claim Muhammed was white. If he wasn't what color was he and where does it say that?

2) Those same sources claim Muhammed and Ali owned black slaves. Please site the source that says otherwise and explain why it's a better source. The contradiction seems to be what the Quran says versus how Muhammed lived his life. This makes sense as he was not perfect as Jesus is.

3) Now you're exposing your own ignorance. He wasn't named after a family he was named after a specific person, a person who championed the cause of defeating slavery.

(You keep trying to make this about me when in fact it's about information and its credibility. My knowledge is not what's at issue here. Itsthe hypocrisy of your stated beliefs and its so-called prophet.)

Muhammad Rasheed - 1) The sources are vast and say a lot of things, much of it contradictory, which is why the learned Muslims do not treat the body of hadith literature as holy, or even above the Qur'an as some were trained to do. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his family were Black people.

2.) The hadith sources that claim Muhammad and Ali kept slaves after Islam were false. That many of them emphasize the 'Black race' of those slaves also reflect falsehood, as both of these types were written after the slave trade was brought back after nearly being wiped out completely in the Muslim world. These later hadiths added to the body were not religious literature, but political propaganda to patronize the merchants, the same as what goes on today when corporatists have favor with politicians. The invention of hadiths is what it looked like when the political class happened to belong to a theocracy.

3) "Clay" was the family name of that guy, and it was also the name of the individual. So what? He wasn't worthy of naming a Black child after him just because he decided to stand out from the evil crowd and be a basic-level decent human.

(It is about you and your knowledge, since your position is a fundamentally uninformed one as you willfully allow Woods to step in and take advantage of your ignorance. You don't even have a base to pushback against me with, and you admit you don't care enough about my religion to even try. By definition that means you lack credibility and are wasting my time.)

Michael Daniels - My base is Yahweh, Creator of the universe, and His definitive, uncorrupted word, the Holy Bible. If you look back at this discussion I only claimed not to be an expert on Islam (I don't consider you one either btw) I only wanted your perspective on what the video poster said. It took you numerous posts to finally give me a half assed answer. You still didn't give any sources. One would think, if you were soooo concerned about your time you would have answered succinctly in the first reply. If the tables were turned and you asked me about the Holy Spirit inspired Bible I would have probably quoted you chapter and verse and sited all extraBiblical and historical sources had I used them.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1) We've established long ago that your base is not YHWH, Lord of the worlds, but instead your base is the quasi-pagan pauline doctrine of Western Christianity. Your secondary base in this context is a firm rejection of Al-Islam, with a conspicuous lack of even a mustard seed worth of study into the faith. We've been having these arguments for quite a while now, and if you haven't bothered to look any of it up at this point, it's clear you never will. It should go without saying that makes you a poor debate partner on that topic.

2) You admitted you lacked knowledge about Islam and then you immediately began pushing back as to what was or wasn't true within it's historical literature. That's the proud performance of a fool. Your proclaiming to a dedicated adherent to the faith that is learned on the subject that he isn't an expert from your position of deliberate ignorance makes you a fool x2.

3) I gave you may perspective.

4) Because your proudly deliberate ignorance about Islam makes you unworthy of the effort to pretend you are a real debate partner. Should you somehow make the effort to pull out my kit worth it while I have the time, then I may have done so if only for my own amusement, or for the benefit of anyone who may be reading the thread. Years of experience in M. Rasheed vs Deacon arguments proves you often lacking in that regard.

5) If the tables were turned, I would have critiqued your responses from my base of study into your faith, re-interpreted your scripture from what you babbled to align it to the One God's ACTUAL message, and patiently explained why the tainted ideology that used to be the pure faith you believe to be is now wrong, as I usually do when we argue from the other direction. Then you would say you were sleepy, had to go off to bed and then abandon the thread.


Michael Daniels - I only abandon threads because there is only so much of your bullshit and incoherent gibberish that I can take for an extended period of time. The fact is, despite your useless blustering you know less about the Bible and the Christian faith than I do about your false religion.

I was not attempting to be a debate partner with your scaggly ass. There's no debate. I don't have to debate the truth of the Gospel message. I'm not looking to score some meaningless points when someone makes a typo. I only wanted your take on the video. You said you didn't watch it so I took the time to provide you with the main points and my assessment of the dude's character. But you want to turn every fucking conversation we have into a silly ass pissing contest. There's a saying coined by a great Biblical Man/God you hate so much for the truth He supplied "Do not cast your pearls before swine." Well Mo, you don't eat pig, but you're really starting to resemble one.....Shalom

Muhammad Rasheed - You abandon threads because, like Kirby, your arguments are weak and you have problems defending your positions because of poor and surface-level research. In the case of Christianity, your research consists of a pre-packaged folio of arguments and indoctrination tracts full of cherry-picked verses that were connected for you in an ideological series. You don't know how to think for yourself within that topic, yet you think you "know" your religion because you can verbatim recite these pre-packaged tracts on cue.

I gave you my take on the video. You then pushed back on it from your base of literally nothing at all. Naturally I find it difficult to consider that an attempt at debating while you complained that I didn't bother to throw my heavy guns at you. lol For what? You don't care anyway, remember?

I told Kirb after this last song-n-dance of his that I wasn't being pulled into his consistent nonsense anymore, so I didn't even click on the thing. You were kind enough to tell me what was in it, so I had seen it before when he posted it in a previous thread.

I didn't turn this into a 'pissing contest,' Deac. You don't know anything about Islam except that you reject it out of hand, but you went on and on talking about how "grat" Woods' points were. That was not only fundamentally foolish of you, but it was also a demonstration of you picking a fight with me, not I with you. Note that you even started off being high-strung and defensive when all I did was acknowledge that you confirmed with your description that I did see the clip before.

Michael wrote: "There's a saying coined by a great Biblical Man/God you hate so much..."

Considering I wouldn't be a Muslim if I didn't love Jesus and accept his message as truth, is this a proud example of you knowing more about Islam than I do about the twisted version of God's message you're supposed to believe in?

Try harder. lol

Michael Daniels - You just reminded me of another reason debating with you is annoying....You outright lie. If you can say anything you want true or false to make a point and I'm bound to only say the truth that should put you at a disadvantage....and yet you lose every time, how ironic. Case in point...please show me where I went on and on about how grat the guys points were besides one offhanded comment. You can't because it was an outright lie. And how do you turn that one innocuous comment into me picking a fight with you. I said mean things about the poster of the video not about you. I only asked for information which you never actually provided.

This discussion was never a debate about whether Islam is an authentic religion, supported by God. The door's was closed on that debate a long time ago...It isn't. When Jesus proclaimed "It is finished!" He meant right there on the cross not five hundred years later when some bloodthirsty, slaveowning conman had his say.

And you may actually love Jesus but not the Biblical one who called Himself the Son of the Living God, the one who claimed to be the I Am and participated in the creation of the universe, the Savior of all mankind. You love some guy who is the second most important prophet to the con man.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) Calling the prophet a "bloodthirsty, slaveowning conman" is a demonstration of you outright lying. Saying you are "bound to only say the truth" is also an outright lie by you. Saying I "lose everytime" in our arguments is another outright lie by you. Your claims that you believed Woods' point were 'grat' as only an "offhanded comment" was yet another lie by you.

2.) The act of praising Woods' points as "grat" just because you want them to be true was a hostile act that you performed with Kirb against me. You lacked the knowledge (or the desire to attain the knowledge) that would confirm the guy's claims, yet you just "This is GRAT!" for no other reason but to antagonize me. Claims that you weren't trying to pick a fight with me were outright lies btw.

3.) By its nature, a religious argument between two different adherents over one of their beliefs is an authentication argument.

4.) There is only one Christ Jesus, son of Mary (peace be upon him). This is the very same Nazarene man who was conceived within his mother's womb without the seed of a human male. THAT guy. That's the one I love, whose message I accept as truth, and who will rebuke you firmly as a stranger on The Last Day should you dare run up to him hoping he will save you from the Fire you court whenever you allow your pride to blaspheme within these discussions. Be forewarned and repent.

5.) There is no such thing as "the second most important prophet" since they all performed the same duty (see: BELIEF IN THE PROPHETS). Is this yet another example of you knowing more about Islam than I do?

Try harder.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Hate That Racism Produced

jojo - i just want to know WHAT black people did so wrong for every race to hate us. what have we done?? we didn’t mass colonize, enslave, or anything like that. so what’s the answer?

maxine - This is the most infuriating part of anti-Blackness. We didn’t even do anything lmao

Muhammad Rasheed - The 'hate' is a mask designed to artificially justify why it's okay to subjugate, exploit and plunder you for centuries to build and maintain a racist aristocracy.

Khalil MuMinun - The secret code word for "real" Americans is..."They're Black"

Jay Y. Diagana - Accurate. Very good stuff showing a very ugly truth

Will Keen - Don't forget. One of THEM had a beard! Definitely trouble!

David Lawrence - Just thank god they didn't reach for a cellphone. That can get you killed.

Ashanti Ghania - Becky needs to get beat.

Juliana Korsborn - This situation was so fucked up.😡😠😡😠😡

Gary Byfield - Turns out it was a dude that called the cops. I initially thought it was a Becky that did the deed also.

Ashanti Ghania - Thanks for the research. I couldn't find it. Dude is a panty waist for not approaching them with a simple question as any goof host would.

Muhammad Rasheed - GOOF HOST: "Do you blackies want to get arrested? Y/N?"

Kelly Bechtle-Woods - Doesn't matter if it was Becky or Brad. You don't call the cops when someone asks to use the restroom while they wait for a client to arrive. (It's rude to order for yourself before your guest arrives, and FUCKING HORRIBLE if a restaurant demands it!) Anyway, ahem, unless they have an irrational fear of nicely dressed professional men, whoever made the call is giant Capital R Racist, whether they admit it or not. Starbucks need to take the hit for hiring someone with such uncontrolled "unconscious biases"....

Kelly Bechtle-Woods - ALSO, the police are acting like they did nothing wrong, and since they didn't shoot anyone, I hesitantly agree. Except, of course, for the handcuffs part. Like, normally these civil disputes are handled civilly, where the two parties are separated and give their accounts, and then the cops tell the wrong party to stfu and everyone goes about their business. But handcuffs, even while a white dude witness is explaining to the cops how monumentally they are fucking shit up right now!

Kelly Bechtle-Woods - I've seen too many videos like this. It hurts so much. :'(

Muhammad Rasheed - Kelly wrote: "...normally these civil disputes are handled civilly..."

Normally, Black people are shot.

Kelly Bechtle-Woods - Pretty sure I said that. Don't make me the enemy.

Muhammad Rasheed - I wasn't. I just had a burning itch to get right to the point when I read that part.

Kelly Bechtle-Woods - K, just not sure why you gotta school me when we're on the same side. My point was that even though no one got shot, the police still handled this dispute ABNORMALLY, likely because of our pal Racism. :'(

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I wasn't trying to school you. I just typed towards the part that stood out to me most in your multi-post essay.

Kelly Bechtle-Woods - Multi-post essay?! Am I talking too much about this issue which I feel passionate about? Stop tying to "win" against me. We agree that this is awful, right? Geezus.... Fucking facebook.

Muhammad Rasheed - Calm down, please. I said I wasn't making you the enemy or trying to school you. Stop getting amped up over my posts.


Muhammad Rasheed -'re the one that called the police on those two guys.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why are you so defensive, "Kelly?"

Muhammad Rasheed - Let me see some ID, please.

Kelly Bechtle-Woods - There is a time and place for trolling, but this thread is not it. Gfuckyerself.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's my cartoon.  :)

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you MORE upset as a white woman over the incident that terrorized two Black guys than I am as a Black guy?


Muhammad Rasheed - The historic relationship between our two demographics makes me the one in danger, remember?

Perhaps you should calm down?

Muhammad Rasheed - "Normally, Black people are shot."

I'm a Black male. It's my "normal" to be terrorized and attacked by your group. So I am capable of bringing levity to a terrible situation, especially since statistically speaking this is my terrible situation.

Yet we find you getting all extra ramped up like you're about to call the mods on me because "He's making me uncomfortable, officer!" lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you really portraying yourself as the most emotionally distraught person in this thread over this #StarbucksWhileBlack incident?

I don't know about FB, but over in #BlackTwitter they refer to this phenomenon as "Becky centering herself in our tragedies" or something similar.

Tell me, are your insults an effort to call out for someone to save you from me?

Kelly Bechtle-Woods - Fucking hell. If you kindly look back at my "essay," I haven't said or done anything you accuse me of. Seriously, READ IT. But you've obviously identified me as a woman, so you should know how problematic it is to order me to *calm down* while you unfairly berate me for nothing. Please stop, or I will rip your head off like a preying mantis. Cheers!

Kelly Bechtle-Woods - And honestly, I'll continue being an stupid white girl ally, regardless of you calling me Becky or not.

Muhammad Rasheed - Should I interpret "rip your head off" as "falsely accuse you of rape?"

Kelly, kindly read back over the thread and please note I was joking through most of the exchange, spent the early part telling you I wasn't making you out to be the enemy or trying to "school you" (ebonics...?), and yet you kept responding by getting more defensive w/profane insult attachments.

So now we're in an actual argument. I guess this is what you really wanted, yes? Are you angry that the bicycle cops didn't shoot those guys?

Muhammad Rasheed - Actually, I'm not angry or anything, but I am learning a lot.  :D

Muhammad Rasheed - Hey, is your proud proclamation of being a "white girl ally" another effort at centering yourself into this thing? Do you get a tax write off or something for it with every mention? Y/N?

Kelly Bechtle-Woods - See? There you go, dude. You're just a fucking troll. I should've stopped at the first Gfuckyerself.

Muhammad Rasheed - ...and yet, here you go. Curious.

Is centering yourself into race issues a fetish for you?

Kelly Bechtle-Woods - Lololol. Depends. Are you single?

Muhammad Rasheed - O_O

Muhammad Rasheed - ummm... I am NOT single. Even if I were, white people centering themselves into race issues is a turn off and actually frightens me.

Kelly Bechtle-Woods - It was a joke, like you said most of your posts were.... I'm not even going to bother trying to answer your attacks anymore. Honestly, I'm not sure what you think you've achieved here either. You instigated a stupid slap fight to screenshot for twitter, and you got one. Good for you. Meanwhile, cops are still racist. But that was never your point anyway.

Kelly Bechtle-Woods - The only way I'm going to "center myself into race issues" is by saying that I think this sucks:

A Black, Hasidic Jew Says He Almost Got Shot By Police — For Buying Conditioner

Kelly Bechtle-Woods and this sucks:

[WIKI] Shooting of John Crawford III

Kelly Bechtle-Woods - I think it sucks.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) You don't think the "Lololol" gave the comment away as a joke? Did you really think I thought you were being serious after you led with "Lolololol?" That's a major communication glitch between us, I think.

2.) Don't try to answer my "insults" because you give the impression that you would be terrible at it, threat to "rip my head off/falsely accuse me of rape" or not.

3.) I didn't expect you to answer the "Normally, Black people are shot" line, since I just really intended it as a off comment. Your defensive position that grew increasingly with each post surprised me, and then amused me. Then I wanted to 'slap fight' for comedy purposes.

4.) My point was to tickle you once you revealed your tender underbelly. *shrug* Thanks. You've given me more reference material for my political cartoons.

Muhammad Rasheed - You centered yourself in the race issue by taking over the thread and performing as if you were the most invested and the most emotionally distraught over the #StarbucksWhileBlack incident.

Muhammad Rasheed - Me: "Wow! Look at her go!"

Kelly Bechtle-Woods - And here, I thought you were just a hilarious troll, so I friended you. Gfuckyerself for the THIRD AND FINAL TIME!!!! (Also I'm accusing you of rape.)

Muhammad Rasheed - DAMMIT!!!

Muhammad Rasheed
- i was actively trying to white guilt you out of doing that >:(

Muhammad Rasheed - *doubts it's actually the final time*

Muhammad Rasheed - (i think white people mean something different when they say "final" in a sentence)

Kelly Bechtle-Woods - It's OK. I live in New Zealand.The cops are only racist to Maori here.

Muhammad Rasheed - The same.

Muhammad Rasheed - [carefully writes in journal] "White guilt doesn't actually seem to work as a manipulation strategy to keep 'them' from doing traditionally racist dirty shit. Or maybe I'm just bad at it...?"

Muhammad Rasheed - [carefully writes in journal] "Will test on a few different subjects for scientific accuracy. Must go. Cops are here over this most recent false rape accusation."

Muhammad Rasheed*fully expects to get the book thrown at me even though I've never stepped foot in New Zealand in my life*

Kelly Bechtle-Woods - Welp. OK. Getting back on track, whoever called the police was racist, but also, those cops, who proclaim they did nothing wrong, shouldn't have arrested those guys. The fact that they did is also super racist and needs to be addressed.

Muhammad Rasheed - They "shouldn't have arrested those guys" based on what exactly?

Saturday, April 14, 2018

GOP Wages War on Flint, Syria

The Amazingly Colossal Lazy Entitlement of White Privilege

Rasheed, Muhammad. "The Amazingly Colossal Lazy Entitlement of White Privilege." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 14 Apr 2018. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Alt Fed Employee‏ - A white man who has a law degree and worked on the campaign of the president can have a meltdown of epic proportions on national TV, but republicans think we should drug test food stamp recipients. #Nunberg

Muhammad Rasheed‏ - I'll bet that very same white man would deny that "white privilege" is a thing.

Kyle Tomlinson‏ - Where do I cash me white privilege card in I need it bad. It just seems to not work for me maybe I need to act more white. Idk

Muhammad Rasheed‏ - There are numerous people in the country who've gone through certain institutions (like university, the military, etc.) who were just not clever enough to take advantage of all the opportunities that were available to them, effectively wasting the experiences.

Muhammad Rasheed‏ - You're asking a Black man to help you, a white man, figure out how to take advantage of your 'whiteness' card while in a society specifically designed to favor you over me.

That colossal level of lazy white entitlement is "Expert," I would think.

Kyle Tomlinson‏ - Keep making excuses we keep on climbing

Muhammad Rasheed‏ - What 'excuse' did I use and for what action, Kyle?

Kyle Tomlinson‏ - I’m not going to sit here and say it doesn’t exist, First, no reasonable person can argue that white privilege applies to the great majority of whites, let alone to all whites. There are simply too many variables other than race that determine individual success in America

Muhammad Rasheed‏ - The European imperialism, that spread the white supremacist ideology all over the globe like a blight, does indeed apply to the "great majority" of white people. In fact, the term "white people" was created as the privileged access badge of exactly what you are denying.

Muhammad Rasheed‏ - The access to the path towards economic success is stronger for you than it is for me within a society specifically built to favor a white male over a Black male. It would serve you better to stop whining and go figure out how to get a better quality of life. You look foolish.

Kyle Tomlinson‏ - crying over BS na, “white privilege” is an actual thing, but for you to assume that it’s been easier for me because I’m white is childish. You don’t know me, where I been. Without even knowing me you see privileged just because of the color of my skin. #twowrongsdontmakearight

Muhammad Rasheed - 1) "Been easier" means nothing to me. It IS easier for you; you just failed to take advantage of the legacy of racism that benefits your specific demographic. Again, all whining from your direction looks foolish and amazingly lazy/entitled.

Muhammad Rasheed - ‏2) "Privileged for the color of skin" is the system your specific demographic created (at my expense!) to benefit YOU. lol Literally.

You sound crazier and crazier the more you type. Do YOU even know what your point is trying to be? hahaha

Kyle Tomlinson‏ - Excuses, times are changed stop feeding this bs into young black kids heads, before they grow up they already fail. People like you are holding the African American youth back. Say what you want, believe the lies from the lips of the same people that created white privilege

Muhammad Rasheed - Negative.

It's people like you who tell people like me to stop warning my people about the nature of white supremacy who we need to guard ourselves from. The LAST thing we need is to believe the diabolical lie that the devil doesn't really exist WHILE it's exploiting us. You may keep what you're selling, Kyle. I can't use it.

Kyle Tomlinson‏ - I hope you don’t have kids man growing up to hate white man, yeah you want to educate them about “what it’s like” but it does is create a bigger divide. Have fun yelling in the streets, and defending clearly guilty people, “stay woke” can’t fail if it’s not your fault.... right

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't hate white men. I hate white supremacy, and those who willingly support it. It was my understanding that "white people" and "white supremacy" were two different things, unless you've accidentally admitted to something you weren't supposed to reveal.


Muhammad Rasheed - While you're explaining that, I haven't yet figured out what you mean when you type "excuses." Are you just using that for filler or what? It doesn't make sense in context. Explain that too, please.

Kyle Tomlinson‏ - White supremacy there you go again bouncing shit off the wall we were talking about the effects of white privileged people and then you bring that up am I a white supremacy supporter cause I’m white

Muhammad Rasheed - lol White privilege would not exist without the white supremacist system. The one is the stinking, runny discharge of the latter.

Kyle Tomlinson‏ - This guy, whatever clearly you just see color with shades of factual stats surrounding it. Maybe some day you can get to know some one not based on the color of there skin. You can’t change the world by contributing I the hate.

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, since white supremacy is evil and is used to subjugate and exploit Black people to fuel white privilege, I'm pretty sure you're wrong and I AM supposed to hate it.

You're not very good at these kind of arguments, I noticed. Maybe you should stick to North-Western sports.

Kyle Tomlinson‏ - Hahahahahaha I will and you stick to wasting your time, I’d like to thank you for standing up for something though, most people just give up because they tell they’ve already been beatin. Keep up the good fight, whatever that is.

Kyle Tomlinson‏ - Excuses, you let something get in the way of your progress, and you brought that up about the white supremacy BS. you referred it to a byproduct of my way of life because of years of wrong doing on there part. You say you don’t hate the white man but negate the success of one

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh, okay. You're just projecting while pretending you're talking about racism from my perspective. I'm doing just fine actually; this is a systemic problem that affects the whole. Some individual Blacks (and families) have managed to escape poverty. #BootStrapsLOL

Your "excuses" filler doesn't apply to me individually, but it does to you with all your lazy whining.

On the other part, I can't tell whether you are trying to gaslight me, or you really are ignorant about the history of racism in the West. Have you ever looked it up before?

Kyle Tomlinson‏ - So your saying some people are better then others. I mean you did say some black families have managed to make it out of poverty. How they do that fam

Muhammad Rasheed - Wait... your first sentence implies that you believe that having more money makes someone inherently "better."

Better in what way exactly, Kyle?

Kyle Tomlinson‏ - My first sentence is summarizing what you said and you said economically it’s geared towards white people way from the start I’m just rephrasing what you said. And you didn’t answer my question what do you mean “some people made it out” POVERTY.

Muhammad Rasheed - To be clear, white supremacy is evil, so a society that is fundamentally built around it is an evil system. Black people who for whatever reason are able to benefit from aspects of that society that are normally withheld from them in favor of whites doesn't make them "better."

Also, the USA uses a form of capitalism as it's core economic system, so there are alternate ways for people to escape poverty here. There were numerous wealthy free Blacks during the height of slavery itself. So that's not a trait of "better," it just means you have more money. Racism is built into class in the West, creating a white supremacist racist aristocracy. Black people are prevented from pooling their resources and building a political-economic support base so they can achieve economic inclusion within the mainstream society. When they try to do so they are actively attacked and sabotaged by the intelligence agencies and lesser law enforcement in a system set up originally by J. Edgar Hoover.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm basically giving you a glimpse/snapshot into the body of information about the history of racism that's available. I suggest you take the time to be informed before you go around lecturing people from your "just made it up" ideas.

Kyle Tomlinson‏ - When you fight prejudice with prejudice, not only you escalate the tension but also compound the problem, making it harder to solve. Ima just leave because your gonna hate even with all the reason in the world #notallwhitesarebad #mediasheep #MAGA

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm not prejudiced against white people, Kyle. I'm protesting white supremacy and the systemic racism built to plunder Blacks in order to maintain the racist aristocracy. Anyone who loves the ideals of the Republic and believe all people are equal should feel the same way.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kyle wrote: "notallwhitesarebad"

If you really want me to believe that, and specifically about you, then why do you think a white man who is 100% uninformed on the topic of racism in the USA can lecture a black man who is informed about it?

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A Justice Discrepancy Along Racial Lines

Muhammad Rasheed - Hmm. Hey, how come when Black people are convicted of small crimes trumped up by cops that they often didn't even do, just the 'former convict' label is enough to follow them forever and ruin their lives, but when whites commit even the most heinous crimes ever, the system bends over backwards to forgive them and allows them every single opportunity to prove that they didn't REALLY mean to be bad?

Monday, April 9, 2018

The Impotence of the Forced Diversity Quota

Alyssa!!! Cole‏ - I see people talking about the business benefits of diversity re: Black romance authors and the RITAs. It’s a logical argument, but racism is illogical and doesn’t care about profit or the greater good.

Muhammad Rasheed - Racism is ALLL about profit. It began under the very economic system of chattel slavery. It continues under the very for-profit mass incarceration industry.

Alyssa!!! Cole‏ - I know all about the history of racism, thanks. I'm talking about profit on a business level (i.e., diversity creates a more profitable business), not for a specific few (i.e., rich people investing in private prisons).

Muhammad Rasheed - The model of "diversity creates a more profitable business" does nothing for the disenfranchised Blacks... leaving them as a group in the economically excluded condition. actually siphons talent out of the Black community to 'integrate' it into supporting the white supremacist system. This leaves the left-behind Black poor vulnerable and ripe for exploitation by the mass incarceration industry.