Friday, September 13, 2013

Awakening the Atrophied Eye: DAY ONE

The fovea spot is a pinpoint-sized area where the exact center in the retina of each of your eyeballs’ vision crosses over into each other.  There’s actually some form of an electrical effect produced in your brain from this that enables you to see the fovea spot gleaming like a faint star even in total darkness.  You can see it now if you want, just look up into the center of your vision about six inches in front of your brow.  The ancient Egyptians had all kinds of star references, analogies and symbols for this thing, and for good reason.  It’s the key to the whole shebang.  That’s the spot that the Third Eye portal will open up in.  After the proper breathing rhythm has been obtained, which we’ll discuss in a minute, steps two and three in this correct meditative practice as instructed in the pyramid texts, is to focus on that ‘star’ and, because it is elusive, hold it there with the force of your vision. As soon as you see it and focus on it, it will literally start trying to avoid your gaze and skipping around within the little confined area you see it in, but you mustn’t let it get away.  Make the conscious effort to focus on it and actually try to use your eyes to mentally will it to be still so you can continue to focus on it.  Repeat for an hour.  And that’s the entire meditative exercise.  It’s very simple.

For me it seems a lot harder in practice.   Wherever you are sitting, even after just staring at the screen of your preferred electronic device, you can look up at your fovea and try this.  The fovea will still be visible to you; I can see mine now, too.   But I’m very visual-minded, and get distracted easily, so I need to meditate in total darkness or I’ll ended up focusing on whatever I can see in the room and daydreaming about old Hong Kong Phooey episodes or egg sandwiches or whatever.  It has to be total darkness for me, or as soon as my eyes adjust to whatever the poor lighting conditions of the semi-darkness is and I start being able to identify stuff in the room, then I’m out.  Ideally, I need something like the true total darkness of the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza to meditate in, sans all the modern tourist lamps and torches and stuff. 

I don’t have that in my apartment.  What I do have is a closet that’s a tiny bit too little for me, that I can sit a pillow in the bottom of and slide the door shut.  I’ve been thinking about that for weeks now, and saw no reason why it wouldn’t work.  So at 10:31am this morning, I sat my pillow in the bottom of it, ambitiously set my cell phone alarm to 11:31am, closed the door, and practiced my Powers of Perception upon the star Sirius (or whatever the pole star is during this current age) in the form of my unsuspecting fovea spot.

Before I started I put myself in a ritual state of purity like I was getting ready to make one of the five prayers of Islam.  The ablution ritual, ‘wudu’ in Arabic, is sort of a mini-baptism symbolically transforming you from the worldly common state to a holy one.  It is composed of:

1.) using my left hand to rinse off my right hand three times
2.) using my right hand to rinse off my left hand three times
3.) rinsing out my mouth three times
4.) rinsing out my nose three times
5.) washing my face three times
6.) using my left hand to rinse off my right forearm, from wrist to elbow, three times
7.) using my right hand to rinse off my left forearm, from wrist to elbow, three times
8.) using both hands to wipe over my head and around my ears one time in one fluid motion
9.) wiping over my right foot to the ankle three times
10.) wiping over my left foot to the ankle three times

Done.  Now I’m ready to have a spiritual experience.  By the way, if you came from the restroom after a ‘number two,’ had sex, or was ill, then the wudu ritual isn’t enough.  You’ll have to take a full shower in order to be in the proper state of purity.

Anyway, so I sat in the closet, alarm set (*sniff*), door closed, and I began finding my breathing rhythm.  You have to breathe out of both your nose and mouth at the same time, slower on the inhale, and a bit forceful with the exhale so that the noise mimics saying the sound “sah.”  Not “saaah” or “sahhhhh.”   Just “sah.”

Okay, so I was doing it.  It’s fine.  I was nervous as heck, but I pretty much expected that.  But then I noticed I could see in that damn closet. 

“Eh?  What the…?  NO!!!”

There was light showing through the side of the sliding door.  It was 10:30am in the morning, and the sun pretty much lives in Kuwait.  Really.  Its summer house is right over there.  So it’s bright as hell.  I have the lights out in the room, the thick hotel-grade curtains are drawn, but there’s still enough light streaming around the edges of the curtains to read by.  I originally envisioned doing this at night for maximum darkness, but one of the conditions mentioned in the research is to make sure you get enough sleep beforehand, and I was WIDE awake at that time.  So combined with how hyped I was after posting my intro to this thing the other day, 10:30am just made a lot of sense.

I noticed that the other half of the sliding doors was closed on the other side of the closet, so I pulled that part half way open to overlap my side of the closet, and the light quality dimmed significantly.  More-or-less pleased I continued with the session, and was even more pleased to notice that I didn’t see the light or the interior of the closet at all anymore while trying to hold the fovea spot in place. 

After about a minute the threshold visions began to appear. 

There was a faint corona around the small dark area I was focusing into (I never noticed that corona before, but I had never meditated in this level of darkness before either) and these… shapes… were appearing out of the darkness around it, presumably attempting to distract me from what I was doing.  This happens every single time, and it happens to everyone.  The pyramid texts are very explicit about NOT attempting to see these things clearer or attempting to somehow identify them.  If you do, your immortal self will not allow the Third Eye to open for you.  Ever.  So don’t do it.  Consider these things your enemy.

The technique for getting them out of your face, as instructed in the pyramid texts, is to simply glance down to the left and then go right back to focusing on the fovea.  That’s it.  Just a quick glance down to the left and back up again.  I did that and they immediately disappeared.  They reappeared, or attempted to, after a few more ‘sahs’ so I did it again every time they showed, or attempted to show.  I redoubled my efforts to focus on the fovea spot and they seemed to leave me alone.  I continued for a while longer, excited to notice the beginnings of Stage One starting, and then I felt the symptoms of my legs starting to go to sleep (I was sitting back on my heels with my legs folded underneath me).  I ignored it for a bit until it became a clear distraction, and then I called it a day.  I opened the closet door, and looked at my cell phone clock.


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