Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Tale You Think I Want to Hear vs Your Honest Self-Expression

Muhammad Rasheed - I think it's more important as an artist to discover your own particular "voice" than to attempt to achieve the illusion of a "universal appeal."

Muhammad Rasheed - I think it's impossible to discover your own voice if your creation attempts are built around trying to determine what someone else may enjoy. Personally I don't like plastic stories built around demographic analysis and discourage them.

Tom Racine - I just did a roundtable discussion on this...creating a new thing in the age of social media and how it affects the process. Finding your own voice is KEY. Or else you're just copying. Or you're Michael Bay.

Jerry Lee Brice - I hate artist who's style looks like somebody els'es a lot of dudes mimicking anime styles nowadays because they are fans....or whatever.

I always like new designs, and originality in art.

Jerry Lee Brice - ...but the motivation for a lot of what you are seeing is money, so people sometimes equate artistic talent with how much money they make from it, so they take the shortcut, and just put out more of what they see working for some other artist they admire...imo.

Muhammad Rasheed - Meanwhile the who's who of Most Successful Properties of All Time (that immediately open the flood gates of copycats and new 'genres') were made from the heart... the personal vision of the creator[s].

Jerry Lee Brice - must remember that in the face of all these so called "top" talents out here, that are just giving us more anime fan art...shits taking over comic book artist, and lately, every black animated show on TV, which is not many.So do not believe the hype, no matter how many jobs mimikers get out here in Babylon, because no matter what, if their style is someone els's,..then they are basically just high tech biters...
who needs that other than the folks benefitting from it's exploitation?...bring on the original artist...

Ali Rashada - A lot of this thinking is taught and reinforced through our present educational system. There is such a veneration of old ideas that you must find someone who already agrees with your thoughts or ideas or no one takes them seriously. There is always the question "who said that?" or "where did that come from?" How about, my head?

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes, especially in academia. If you don't pretty much worship the dead writers/artists/historians/historical figures, it's pretty much impossible to reach the top.

Jerry Lee Brice - Nothing wrong with learning from or respecting past talent or even current greatness, you just should not copy or mimic their style...that's all.I like to look at the life of a person behind the talent, and learn from their experience, and implement their best practices in life and business pertaining to the business of art, but not to copy of adopt their artistic style.
That sais everybody should have the basic commercial skill to mimic many styles, because working on professional commercial crews, that's always a basic demand on the job.

Milton Davis - My voice is angry and self righteous.

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