Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Spirit of Hypocrisy

Warren Murphy - so the stupid perverted criminal who is the attorney general of this country has now finally achieved his goal: a race war in the United States. one can hardly wait for him to go to jail where he belongs.

John Nielson - Holder is such a freakin scumbag

George Wanko - So, the New York Times publishes Officer Wilson's home address in yesterday's edition right before the Grand Jury findings are released.....real nice. I guess endangering Officer Wilson, his family and neighbors is of no concern to the 2 NYT reporters.........Shame on JULIE BOSMAN of 5620 N. Wayne Ave., Apt.2 in Chicago and CAMPBELL ROBERTSON of 1113 N. Dupre Street in New Orleans........

Clyde Levine - come on you know this is not going to happen. But maybe sometime down the road a thing may come about...

Isaiah Stewart - This is wrong ... sorta like when bloodthirsty Christian conservatives publish the addresses of physicians who provide legal abortion services.

Clyde Levine - and that did not mean a thing to the fair and balance media.

Isaiah Stewart - Warren doesn't think there is such a thing as a bad cop. Lots of LAPD cops do contract murder on the side. Lots of cops have been busted framing and killing innocents for sport. Such accounts have been reported for decades in most states.

George Wanko - Kiss my Big Big Black Ass Isaiah.

HG Ohlsson - Erin Burnett, Anderson Cooper and the rest of their ilk can join him.

Warren Murphy - i don't know how you figured that out, ike.

Isaiah Stewart - .. says Warren, who wrote Murders Shield, a Destroyer where Remo has to oppose and kill bad cops! F@ck crooked cops! They are the lowest of the low! And they are far too common today!


Timothy Janson - Isaiah Stewart...put down the crack pipe and back away slowly. First off you obviously haven't the slightest idea of what constitutes first degree murder. Secondly your little angel Micheal Brown had prior felony arrests. Third he was a known gang banger and pictures have shown his stupid ass holding a wad of cash on his mouth pointing a gun while he sits around with the rest of his "home boys".

Timothy Janson - Isaiah Stewart is obviously too stupid to realize the irony of his comment referring to Darren Wilson as a racist southern white cracker

Muhammad Rasheed - Timothy Janson wrote: "Secondly your little angel Micheal Brown had prior felony arrests."

ALLL 18 year old white men who have prior felony arrests should IMMEDIATELY be rounded up and shot dead by the police.

Timothy Janson - And another idiot heard from...

Muhammad Rasheed - Wasn't that the reason you mentioned Mike's prior felony's? Were you not implying that he deserved to be shot and killed because of them?

So logically all 18 year old white men with prior felonies should be killed, too, yes? If this isn't why you brought up Mike's record, then explain why you mentioned it. What was the point?

This is an Official Integrity Check.

Muhammad Rasheed - Should this man be shot and killed?


Muhammad Rasheed - Timothy Janson wrote: "Third he was a known gang banger..."

Known by whom, Timothy? You and your anal cavity?

Timothy Janson wrote: "...and pictures have shown his stupid ass holding a wad of cash on his mouth pointing a gun while he sits around with the rest of his 'home boys.'"

All white teens who are posing on camera holding guns and cash should IMMEDIATELY be rounded up and shot and killed by the police.

Timothy Janson - Muhammad Rasheed stay away from my anal cavity. Go toss someone else's salad

Isaiah Stewart - THANK YOU, Muhammad!!! You are obviously too wise and enlightened to be joining the usual brain-damaged morons on this thread.

Isaiah Stewart - Time for Ike to take off the kid gloves!

Isaiah Stewart - Exhibit One: Cops in Albuquerque murder in cold blood a homeless mentally ill man for doing nothing but camping illegally … all cops were suspended for what I see as First Degree Murder … Watch ...


Muhammad Rasheed - Timothy Janson wrote: "Muhammad Rasheed stay away from my anal cavity. Go toss someone else's salad"

I see. So you sidestepped the Official Integrity Check altogether. Very interesting. That is an automatic failure.


Isaiah Stewart - Exhibit Two: A very heavy, burley cop beats the CRAP outta a tiny SHOELESS homeless WOMAN … a WOMAN (the jew in me is freaking out) … literally punching her in the face FIFTEEN TIMES … which easily could have KILLER HER … for no reason at all ..


Isaiah Stewart - I am SICK to people thinking cops are perfect angles. Police officers are HUMAN BEINGS, folks … and HUMANS AIN'T PERFECT. They are just as imperfect as all of us. Warren knew this fact in 1972 when he felt the need to write Murders Shield and having Remo and Chiun killing cops by the car loads. He STILL knows it today! As we all do … HUMANS ARE NOT PERFECT (!!!)

[Timothy Janson deleted all of his comments]

Isaiah Stewart - Officer Darren Wilson's official statement was full of so many holes … it made cheesecloth look like concrete. I read it many times over and over. Could NOT believe it. What a crock of excrement.

If Officer Wilson had told me that "rain was wet" after that loony statement I wouldn't have believed it. Obviously an insecure cop with racial issues who got VERY offended that his authority was being questioned. His brain went into the red zone and he gunned an unarmed kid down in a flash of rage. Pure and simple.

Isaiah Stewart - When I was in Los Angeles I was having breakfast next to two WHITE police officers. This was near Inglewood, a black community bordering South Central L.A. One cop says to the other: "How does a black woman fight crime? …. She gets an abortion." The other cop laughed! Made me SICK TO MY STOMACH. So sick that I had to physically leave the restaurant. This is the racist crap that poor black people have to put up with. Disgusting!!!!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes, and these are the very people in charge of "justice" in my communities. Of course their people see nothing wrong with it, because your own are inclined to cover over your own people's faults. That's natural. But in America's centuries old racially divided nation – as Timothy's hypocrisy has revealed in this very thread – they are NOT inclined to cover over our faults. They will instantly shoot us dead over even the smallest imagined slight, and then immediately justify why it was necessary.

Isaiah Stewart - So WHY is Ike so sensitive about cops being killers? Simple. I happen to be jewish. Worst yet, my mom's name is Schewel (a Germanic surname that means "house of worship" in Yiddish).

Hitler murdered many Schewels doing WWII, and the German Gestapo rounding them up and killing them WERE nothing more than domestic COPS.

Trust me, folks. COPS CAN KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE … COPS CAN BE CROOKED! You NEVER want to see America become a Police State where cops are not held accountable for their actions when they kill. Us citizens ALWAYS need to hold them accountable for each and every life they take. Killing should NEVER get a free ride.

Joseph Patrick - For 25 days the grand jury heard more than 70 hours of testimony from 60 witnesses, (including 3 medical examiners.) in its deliberation the grand jury considered 5 possible charges ranging from first degree murder to involuntary manslaughter.

Exactly how many hours and days did you pour over evidence and research the incident? I'd venture to say nowhere near that much. You watched tv. You read a few memes. And you saw your favorite celebrity bellowing that you should be outraged. So being a good liberal, you slathered at the teeth and obeyed when your masters told you to.

This cop apparently did his job. The "gentle giant" was anything but. That's the biz, sweetheart

Muhammad Rasheed - Joseph Patrick wrote: "For 25 days the grand jury half listened to more than 70 hours of testimony from 60 witnesses, (including 3 medical examiners.) in its deliberation the grand jury dismissed 5 possible charges ranging from first degree murder to involuntary manslaughter."

Joseph Patrick - And your evidence is? Oh, a burned down Little Caesars.

Muhammad Rasheed - Joseph Patrick wrote: "Exactly how many hours and days did you pour over evidence and research the incident?"

I don't know. Should I have logged that?

Joseph Patrick wrote: "I'd venture to say nowhere near that much."

"That much" of half ass listening like they did?

Joseph Patrick wrote: "You watched tv."

I don't watch tv.

Joseph Patrick wrote: "You read a few memes."

I create memes.

Joseph Patrick wrote: "And you saw your favorite celebrity bellowing that you should be outraged."

Nope. In fact, in this very thread I disagree with one of my favorite celebrities.

Joseph Patrick wrote: "So being a good liberal..."

I'm not a liberal. I lean libertarian. But I am anti-racist and tend to be immediately suspicious of any rhetoric that sounds like it. I don't give the benefit of the doubt on those kinds of opinions, no more than Wilson and other white cops give to their victims. Should I?

Joseph Patrick wrote: "...you slathered at the teeth and obeyed when your masters told you to."

Nah. My knowledge of history, suggests that white people hate black people (to put it mildly), and this tends to color how I see you all's comments.

How I interpret them... on pretty much any subject. I am free of masters, Joseph, save one.

Joseph Patrick wrote: "This cop apparently did his job."

For an organization that has proven time and time again that they hate black people, the nature of his "job" is obvious at this point.

Joseph Patrick wrote: "The 'gentle giant' was anything but."

How do you know?

Joseph Patrick wrote: "That's the biz, sweetheart"

Yeah. The biz is fundamentally unfair, and why people get fed up about it so often.

Muhammad Rasheed - Looks like it will never change.  I don't expect it to.

Muhammad Rasheed - Joseph Patrick wrote: "And your evidence is?"

My evidence that the grand jury half listened to the evidence and didn't take it as seriously as they took their pre-determined biases?

The verdict itself is my evidence.

Muhammad Rasheed - They found Wilson not guilty of killing that black kid, because they didn't believe black kids are worth leaving alive.
Further up in this thread I posted a clip of a white guy resisting arrest, fighting off two cops, and running. Stronger than either cop, I find it odd that they didn't shoot him, don't you, Joseph?

No, no, of course you don't think it odd. You probably agree that they shouldn't shoot him, right? Why that misunderstood "gentle giant" white man probably has a family to support! Let's not go off all half-cocked, shooting good white people willy-nilly! Why what kind of society would this be if cops went around treating white men the way they treat those scary black guys who were probably asking for it anyway, huh?

Warren Murphy - there's a lot of racist bullshit being posted here. for myself, i stand with jefferson and lincoln.

Muhammad Rasheed - You stand with jefferson and lincoln on racist bullshit?

Which parts?

Joseph Patrick - Flawed logic of one who generalizes: "Cops are racist. White people are racist. Everyone is racist...but me."

Generalizing: it's easier than actually thinking.  :D

Muhammad Rasheed - I am racist.

Did you think I can read through the events of world history and come away from it singing "Kumbaya?"

Muhammad Rasheed - White people have committed the worst events in history -- with the highest body counts -- but in my country, you've somehow convinced yourselves that it is black people who are the big, scary threat.

Muhammad Rasheed - How could I NOT be a racist after being confronted with that hypocrisy?  A symptom of your peculiar psychosis.

Muhammad Rasheed - Using Malcolm X's example, I judge people one-on-one, and give them the benefit of the doubt based on their actions within my life.

But as a group, it brings out my inner racist when I see folk like Darren Wilson receiving this support from you.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't expect you to change.

Muhammad Rasheed - In fact, you seem to have actually gotten worse since Jan 2009.

Neil Bagozzi - Hey Muhammad why do you live in in the U.S.? There has to be many countries that are far greater and fairer. I recommend the Middle East or Africa.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol

Muhammad Rasheed - All country's have their pros and cons.

Muhammad Rasheed - This is the only nation I know. It is my home. All my roots are here. As you may remember, when my ancestors came here as slaves, we were stripped of knowledge of our home countries, to be broken for the chattel slave role, so now we know none other than this one. This one I helped build.  We've invested quite a few blood, sweat & tears in this land -- both willingly and unwillingly -- to leave now before finally getting to enjoy the full fruit of freedom that we have definitely earned by now.

Personally I like the opportunities here better than in other places.

Muhammad Rasheed - The society as a whole is very gradually getting better over time, and the pros outweigh the cons by far.

Unless you all decide to start lynching us all the time again. You act like you want to, based on the verdict from the other day.

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