Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Racial Contract: Pact of the Managerial Class

Joe Tolliver - Trump supporters are racist!!! So clever.

Muhammad Rasheed - (pssst. one of them is wearing Democrat blue)

Joe Tolliver - I'd love to see u produce something about racism from other groups. Now that would be thought provoking. Other then that every group has bad people in it. Trump voters are good people and it is getting old hearing everyone spread silly lies that undercut a good movement meant to build a better country.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you need to see me do art that's outside of my scope? I'm positive there are legions of alt-right cartoonists producing the art you want to see, Joe.

Joe Tolliver - I want to see fairness that has an opportunity to destroy racism everywhere. If everything is one sided u simply breed more racism. That's why.

Muhammad Rasheed - You don't want to see racism destroyed, Joe. That's why you're getting triggered whenever you see it called out.

The West is built upon anti-Black racism. That's the reason for the white/Black wealth gap and the fundamental inequality of our society. Whites somehow believe that the fight to topple that evil goliath -- which will remove the system that supports their special favors -- is "reverse racism."

The fight against racism is justice and it is a worthy fight. This is the mission of my work. I'm not interested in the complaints of the oppressor class when they contemplate what it would be like if the anti-racism activist actually win and the two races stand as equals. This concept terrifies you, obviously, and why you respond at these cartoons the way you do.

Naturally, I'm open to hearing your rational response that would prove me wrong.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm positive there are more alt-right 'Charlottesville Marcher' cartoonists making the cartoons from the angle you enjoy. You don't need me to do it, too. You just want me to stop.

Joe Tolliver - So how do we fix it. Rather then calling an entire race out for being racist?

Joe Tolliver - Lol. My ? And . Should be switched.

Joe Tolliver - Pay gap isn't going to change overnight. Obviously African Americans are two to three generations behind. But not all whites have any built up wealth regardless. So what is stopping the black community from building wealth?

Muhammad Rasheed - There are many white people who are as offended by the anti-Black systemic racism as I. At no point have I called all whites racist.

We fix it by stopping the plunder of Black communities, stop politically disenfranchising the Black communities, and stand out of Black people's way so they may fairly achieve economic inclusion as a group politic...

...everything that systemic racism prevents.

Muhammad Rasheed - Wealth Gap =/= pay gap

Joe Tolliver - I believe there is an organized and well controlled mechanism with education. school districts based on zip code to control class and race mobility is in my opinion the first step in fixing opportunities for all Americans.

Muhammad Rasheed - That is definitely one of the aspects of systemic racism.

If you recognize that as a truth, tell me your justification for asking me to stop attacking it in my art. Do you think NOT shining a spotlight on evil will somehow make evil stop? History reveals the exact opposite to be true.

Joe Tolliver - But minorities are the only groups that actual get special support with colleges and job opportunities. I don't think any specific job opportunity is being held from any group.

Muhammad Rasheed - No special support comes to the Black people. All the special support goes to the whites (they are the gate keepers of those systems, right?) while whites and their Black cronies have sabotaged those social programs over and over and over again to prevent Blacks from catching up politically and economically.

Muhammad Rasheed - Black business districts were dismantled throughout the last 60 yrs or so, which started the modern "integration era." Without their own business support structure, Blacks are forced to compete with each other to get very limited seats within white-owned companies. Everyone knows that entrepreneurship is how you get rich, not "getting a job." This was done to Blacks on purpose.

Joe Tolliver - I agree. Sorry I'm at work and can't give u the appropriate attention.

Muhammad Rasheed - I am amused that you are unaware of this information, yet your first response was to try to convince me to stop expressing myself from an angle you are unaware of to get me to create more cartoons that support your knowledge void.

People do that to me a lot btw. You need these cartoons of mine, Joe. Perhaps they may inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and research the side of history you've been actively avoiding all these years.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Intrigued Target Market Expresses Disappointment When New 'Dawes Rolls' Five-Dollar Investment Start-Up Takes Hit

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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Intrigued Target Market Expresses Disappointment When New 'Dawes Rolls' Five-Dollar Investment Start-Up Takes Hit." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 30 May 2018. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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Guerrilla in the Midst: The Agenteur

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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Monday, May 28, 2018

Classical Delusions of the Racist Aristocracy

Brendon Templin - spicy, but direct

Victoria Chapman - This is nonsense.

Brendon Templin - @Victoria... ?

Kaspar Michael Wolfe - @Victoria... this is how white people act don't even try to deny it

Kocoa Scott Winbush - Love it!

Sandra Gilmore - Dito

Keith Jackson - WTF

Lynn Olejniczak - Ugh! Haven't those people died off yet?

Simon Magus - They are teaching there kids the same thing

Saturday, May 26, 2018

BREAKING: Whites Outraged at Responses to Their Evil, Demand Forgiveness From Victims

Joe Tolliver - Way to push racism. Good for u buddy.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Joe... Do you believe talking about racism is "pushing it"? Why?

Joe Tolliver - I'm sorry u are a racist. Moving on. I hope u don't pass it to the next generation.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you believe I'm a racist?

Roosevelt Pitt - You will not receive a answer. Whenever blacks point out the hypocrisy of anti black white supremacists, you’ll hear a hit dog holler. And btw, black people can’t be racists. What a weak response but typical.

Joe Tolliver - Lol. Blacks can't be racist. That's cute.

Roosevelt Pitt - 'Cute' or not it’s true. Prove otherwise. 😏

Roosevelt Pitt - I’ll help you out... [VIDEO] Black People Cannot Be Racist | Dr. Claud Anderson

Joe Tolliver - Sorry. Just because u don't believe in Gravity or the earth being round doesn't mean I have to take u seriously enough to explain fact.

Roosevelt Pitt - But I know you already know this. White people as a group created anti- black racism.

Dustin Olson - Satire about racism is obviously too much for Joe to take... He's offended by the topic, and cartoon, because he feels he has the moral high ground over others because he isn't a racist and thinks that ignoring that racism exists, because he doesn't partake in it, is how we rid our society of it. Which is easy to think when you dont have to deal with it on a regular basis in your own life... But saying this cartoon is 'pushing racism' is ridiculous. Putting the issue in font of ppl, through a cartoon, can help with understanding the problem. Pointing out our deficiencies in social progress, or the current rampant hypocrisy and irony connnected with it, is not 'pushing racism'. It's giving insight into our problems. Dealing with and understanding racism isn't pushing it forward, it's a way to drive it back. To help fight against it when our current political and ideological climate is increasingly volitile due to current leadership and resistance to social progress.

Roosevelt Pitt - Nice try Joe. But that is a false equivalence. And the reason you can’t explain or prove it is because it isn’t true.

Joe Tolliver - @Dustin... my family is Puerto Rican Irish. My mom is super dark don't make assumptions.

Dustin Olson - way to not understand what I said... Good job.

Joe Tolliver - Roosevelt... maybe you should just look up the definition of racism and move on. Also feel free to look up gravity in the dictionary. I assure u both are correct. Then have the moral courage to question that u may be wrong.

Dustin Olson - The only assumptions I made were that you don't partake in racism, and feel that bringing up the topic is less effective than ignoring it. Am I wrong?

Joe Tolliver - @Dustin... u pushed that I know nothing about racism. The fact is I do.

Roosevelt Pitt - Ha! And there it is. Classic white anti-black racists reply. You should of just said “I have a black friend, so I can’t be racist.” Stop while you are behind Joe. I’m done here. You proved my point for me. Peace all.

Joe Tolliver - @Roosevelt... bye. Obviously u weren't up to the task.

Dustin Olson - Joe... I don't think you have had it too rough concerning dealing with racism, becuase if that profile pic is you, you are a square jawed white male with light hair. Seeing your mom be discriminated against or at the receiving end of racism is different than walking around in life as the poster child for privilage... But you're dodging my original points by deflecting that your mom is brown...

Dustin Olson - Joe... I don't think you have had it too rough concerning dealing with racism, becuase if that profile pic is you, you are a square jawed white male with light hair. Seeing your mom be discriminated against or at the receiving end of racism is different than walking around in life as the poster child for privilage... But you're dodging my original points by deflecting that your mom is brown...

Dustin Olson - But, anyway, your outrage at a cartoon tells all...

Joe Tolliver - @Dustin... lol. Sure. Not Hispanic enough but definitely white enough to be treated differently because O wait my skin color. Feel free to continue pushing racist points of view.

Dustin Olson - dont flip the script... Deal with your own problems about having the topic of racism brought up in cartoons...

Joe Tolliver - @Dustin... you are missing my complaint. But please continue to be misguided and Misinformed. But that's par for the corse for someone who goes off skin color to make snap judgments about another.

Dustin Olson - I'm sorry. I guess the possibility of being pulled over and beaten by police for being white and making eye contact with an officer is very scary for you... Being a tall, masculine, white male with light hair is a hard thing to endure in our society....See More

Dustin Olson - But really, just deal with the cartoon for what it is; A commentary on modern race relations and social problems...

Kevin Birge - Unless you fuck up with me on the street, you are not my victim. Hit the road, fool.

Scott Wampler - Thank you Muhammad this is hilarious, and the artwork is funny too. Lolz

You are exactly correct about the white reaction to being called out for hypocrisy. I see it constantly in conservative media and in all the unwoke white people I interact with daily.  They are very quick to call "snowflake" in justifying their tremendously offensive implied racism and they also just as quickly flip to a victim narrative when cornered by logic.

I like the art and the message is poignant honest and valid. Congrats

Dedicated Keepers of the Gates

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Stringing Along the Blind

Muhammad Rasheed - [TOON] The Dream of a Consequence-Free Moon

Mike Beckom - I ain't intimidated. I'll pick a fight in a minute. Where I live, most everybody has at least 2-3 guns within arms reach at any given time. If mine don't do the trick, one of my neighbors will......

Beckom Toon01

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Being intimidated isn't the message of the toon, Mike.

Is spamming people with every cartoon in your entire archive folio part of your marketing campaign? I'm going to start doing it to you.

Muhammad Rasheed - I notice that the message of all these toons is composed of the strawmen effigies and partial truths the conservatives believe about these topics. I think I'll spend the next few days or so dissecting them to fuel my own counter message political cartoons.  😏

Thanks, bud!

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad... Pray tell what IS the message if not intimidation? You drew an isis member with a gun and bombs menacingly glaring at the hapless white cartoonists. As for your dissecting my toons....good luck with that. I always enjoy our back-and-forth sparring matches. I await your responses with gleeful anticipation.

Mike BeckomBeckom Toon04

I have lots more......

Muhammad Rasheed - How is the 'mocking cartoonist' hand in this one any less "hapless" than the two jokers in my cartoon, since your 'terrorist' figure is also wielding a weapon?

Mike Beckom - my cartoon was directed precisely AT the cowards who murdered some other cartoonists. They thought they could silence all by killing a few. The opposite happened. Cartoonists worldwide joined the collective nose thumbing at these pathetic animals. Correct me if I'm misreading you but it almost appears that you're somehow or for some reason - supporting the crazies who commit murder against innocents. Please tell me I'm wrong.....

Muhammad Rasheed - Go ahead and click on the link included with the cartoon to see the point I was actually arguing with those same cartoonists, Mike.

Mike Beckom - Read the link stuff. You still seem to be defending the crazies. I never once even hinted anything untoward about the religion of Islam. My pen was pointed directly at the cowards who murdered in the name of Islam. I have Muslim friends. I often have them look over my toons and ask if they are in any way insulted by them. To insult a fringe few who commit heinous crimes in the name of religion is nowhere near the same as insulting a religion.On a side note - I HAVE dome cartoons about the pope.He's a little bit cra-cra.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "You still seem to be defending the crazies."

Copy/paste me an example, please.

Muhammad Rasheed - it may be just a miscommunication twist.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "I never once even hinted anything untoward about the religion of Islam."

I'm Muslim. I don't eat pork and I honor the Arab prophet founder of Al-Islam. I'm not a terrorist, and don't do the anti-Islamic things the terrorists do.

In their supposed "anti-terrorist art" they are going after the pork and prophet targets instead of the terrorist trait targets that separate me from them.

Do you see the source of my questioning to them yet?

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "On a side note - I HAVE dome cartoons about the pope.He's a little bit cra-cra."

All I know about him is that he leans left. So your "cra-cra" talk is just partisan-flavored rhetoric. lol

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad... I re-read some of the comments further down in the blog. It appeared they were directed more at you and your beliefs. I don't condone that. I never berate anyone for their beliefs nor do I attempt to force my beliefs on anyone else. I WILL make fun of crazies.......and there are some of those in every religion.

Mike Beckom - had no idea you are such a conspiracy theorist........

Muhammad Rasheed - *tacks this comment to my gag idea board*

Muhammad Rasheed - Keep 'em comin.'

You're a goldmine. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Your gag messages on this topic are way more 'conspiracy theory' (your definition) than mine btw.

Douglas E Pendleton - A master cartoonist at work. Great job man. I am loving these.

Mike Beckom - you remind me of the pessimist in the old joke.

seems a mother had 2 twin sons. The boys were identical in every way except one was a complete optimist and the other a total pessimist. She tried in vain to help them become more 'leveled out' and finally called in a psychiatrist. The shrink suggested that she take the pessimist and place him in a room full of the most expensive, most wonderful, most interesting toys and leave him for an hour. She also was to place the optimist in a room stacked to the ceiling with horse manure and leave him for an hour. She agreed to give it a try.

A couple of days later, the doc received a call from the mom who was sobbing her eyes out. The mom explained that neither son was changed. The doc had to see for himself. When he arrived at the home, he went in first to see the pessimist. There in the middle of the room sat the malcontent, whimpering and crying.....'this toy is broke, this one is the wrong color, this one isn't popular',on and on he wailed. The doc was flabbergasted but sure the other son must surely have changed.

He opens the door to the optimists room and finds the child sitting atop the pile of crap happily shoveling away. The doc was stunned. He goes over to the child and inquires....'son, don't realize you're sitting on a pile of crap?' The optimist replies....'yessir, and with all this horse crap, there's bound to be a pony under here somewhere'.

YOU, my new friend, remind me of the pessimist. Nothing will ever please you or be good enough. I, on the other hand....choose to keep looking for that pony. In fact, my mom likes to tell the story that when she was pregnant with my little sister, Mom asked me one day which I'd prefer...a baby brother or baby sister. After a second or 2 of contemplation, I turned to her and replied....'well Mom, if it wouldn't put you too outta shape, I'd rather have a pony'.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "Nothing will ever please you or be good enough."

Not so. I would be quite pleased at the dismantling of systemic racism in the land of my birth, and for the Black American to achieve full citizenship, political enfranchisement, and economic inclusion. True and practical equality between our peoples would indeed be 'good enough' for me as far as the secular aspect of our society.

These are things worth fighting for and worth dedicating my art to making a stink over to me. Not to say or do anything only encourages the dominant oppressor class to continue as they are, which of course is unacceptable.
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~Edmund Burke
Mike Beckom - let's take this one at a time......dismantling systematic racism.....racism is no respecter of persons. No one race is totally immune or guilt-free. We as humans can only affect change to those around us.....realizing full well that we will never change all.

Black American to achieve full citizenship - umm...I think that matter was resolved a LONG, LONG time ago. There's documentation and everything.
Political enfranchisement - umm...huh? I vote, you vote, he, she, they vote. When we vote and or run for political office, we have done what we can to be 'enfranchised'.

Economic inclusion - same answer. How are any of us NOT included? True, the top 1% call the shots and have all the money. It is what it is. Rich get richer, poor get poorer.

True equality between our peoples - never gonna happen. I do not believe everyone WANTS to be equal. There are some who want more for their lives, some who are content with their lives and some who are miserable. Can't please everyone. I personally see the content of a person's character, the way they take care of their family (or don't in some cases), their work ethic, honesty, integrity, loyalty. These are the things that matter to me and the scale I measure people by.

As long as we're sharing quotes - there's one I like, thought I'm not sure of the goes....'you can please all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you will never please all of the people all of the time'.

We are not so different, you and I. Not as much as you might think. We both love our family, work to take care of them, use our God given talents to try to affect change or to influence opinions, try to do no harm but good. We just see things differently. You see the world as a dark place, intent on destroying you and all those who look like you. I see this as a wonderful and amazing place....a place given to us by our creator for just a little while...a time that zips by at an incredibly quick pace. We are here for a visit. We should do what we can to help each other, encourage each other, teach each other and care for each other. Not everybody thinks that way, and it's ok. Our lives are but a puff of smoke...gone in an instant. You go on crying over all the toys....I'll keep looking for my pony.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "No one race is totally immune or guilt-free."

The specific systemic racist system of western civilization is of the "White Supremacist Ideology" form in which a white racist aristocracy was built and maintained into the modern day by the subjugation and exploitation of Black people. The Trumpian "on both sides" angle is a gaslighting grifter scheme.

Mike Beckom - ok, I'm not hip on all the lingo. Explain to me, if you will....exactly how it is you came to be subjugated and you, I mean YOU personally.

Muhammad Rasheed - The attempt to find one individual among the masses of exploited to prove a false narrative is a logical fallacy, Mike. There were financially successful Black people during the height of the slave era. Did that magically mean slavery wasn't real?

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad... no, but it certainly disproves your narrative that all black people were exploited and sunjugated

Muhammad Rasheed - Your idea of "proof" is ridiculously flawed. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "Political enfranchisement - umm...huh? I vote, you vote..."

Your casual dismissal of the ample evidence of anti-Black voter suppression I posted the other day is offensive, Mike.

Mike Beckom - requiring proof of citizenship is not voter suppression.

Mike Beckom - and do you actually believe that some voting districts are not constructed in such a way as to yield the desired candidates (of all colors) are elected? Happens in every city on the country.

Muhammad Rasheed - Redlining & gerrymandering are part of the voter suppression technique package listed in the article I linked to the other day that you casually dismissed.

Muhammad Rasheed - smh

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad... explain then, the likes of Maxine Waters and the hat lady. Do you think the average white guy voted for them?

Mike Beckom - like I happens all over.....the votes and districts are constructed to favor certain candidates. Period.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "like I said..."

lol dude...

Muhammad Rasheed - What are you using exactly to support your opinion on these topics we're discussing, please? Bearing in mind you casually dismissed the hard-won evidence compiled and reported by a dedicated investigative journalist.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "Period."

hahahaha wth....? hahahaha

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad... I refer to personal experience. Right here in my hometown. There are black voting districts - same as white voting districts. In the black districts, a white candidate has never and most likely will never win election.Same for majority white districts. In one district in particular, a certain black candidate has won election after election, year after year....based on their skin color. There have been more qualified candidates.....but they weren't black.....same for certain areas where white candidates win year after remind me of the fable of Sisyphus. You drone on and on, day in and day out.....same thing, every day............and it isn't gonna change anything. Keep pushing that rock, though. I may not respect the message but I respect your dedication to it.

Muhammad Rasheed - You were better off continuing the "When life hands you lemons make lemonade!" angle you started with. I have no respect for the "These are not the droids you're looking for" gaslighting technique from the criminally uninformed. It's genuinely offensive. I'm letting you know that for the sake of our new friendship, please.

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad... for the sake of our friendship, I'll ask you to speak in language I understand. I have no comprehension of gaslighting, caping, or any of the other words you casually toss about. Might as well be speaking french. If the things I say offend you, the best I can offer is to say I'm sorry you're offended. You've said things that I find offensive as well. It's part of who you are. Ironically, it's also part of what I find interesting about you. I'd rather be friend with someone who isn't afraid to speak their mind than with someone who only told me what I wanted to hear.

Muhammad Rasheed - 'Caping' isn't a term directed towards you, but for those specifically using that term for the sake of previous arguments. lol

"Gaslighting" is something you and your specific demographic uses to casually dismiss systemic racism. "What??? You liberals and your silly conspiracies! That's not true because [insert nonsense pulled out of butt]"

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "You've said things that I find offensive as well"

Tell me.

Mike Beckom - no sir. not my style. were I to be upset enough to mention, I'd send you a PM. I prefer to speak man to man rather than FB to FB. The things you've said that were offensive were not enough to cause me to not be friends with you. I had a boss once who, after I told her I was offended by something someone had said, told me...oh grow some hair on your ass. I took it to heart. As I said, the things you say or speak out on are what makes you, you. I may not agree with the message but I respect the dedication.

Muhammad Rasheed - Did we magically stop being men because we're expressing our views electronically? Is that a thing?  🤔

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me what I said that offended so I may have the opportunity to reflect on them to see my error. My goal is to speak truth, not to attack. If I am doing the latter and not the former, I'd appreciate the feedback.

Mike Beckom - Muhammad... your truth is not my truth no more than mine is yours. Your speaking the truth may seem to you to be just that. To me, it is an attack on my beliefs, convictions and sometimes my race. You make generalizations in the name of 'speaking the truth' while imitating the same racism you claim to eschew. None of it is enough for me to get bent outta shape about. On the contrary, I find your enthusiasm to be inspiring - even while I think your message may be off base. As I told you before, it's part of what makes you, you. I tell you this not for you to reflect on or change. I am merely pointing this out because you asked. In fact, others pointed out the same things on that first post in the Cartoonists Cafe. They were just more direct and attacking about how they said it. I would never belittle or attack you for your beliefs - whether I espoused them or not. I'm not sure you can truthfully say the same.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "...even while I think your message may be off base."

I'm genuinely interested in what metric you are using to determine what is "truth" and how you know my message is "off base."

Tell me.

Muhammad Rasheed - So far you've demonstrated an enthusiastic penchant for dismissing facts/evidence as a prerequisite for formulating your "truths." A trait associated with partisan political rhetoric.

Mike Beckom  - and you have zeroed in on a couple of incidents and painted a large number of folks with the same brush. Not all cops are racist or out to get you. Not all politicians are corrupt. Not all people who disagree with you are bigots, racists, ignorant or any of the other adjectives you've used verbally or in your imagery. Your generalizations are your truth. They are not mine. Have there been truly horrific acts committed by cops, politicians, etc that have been documented? Sure.There are terrible people in this world who do terrible things. Some are documented and brought to light, some are not. The difference between you and I, my friend is you zero in on and focus on the negative actions of a few. Your glass must be perpetually half empty. Mine is half full. I've told you that I respect your opinions even when I don't espouse them. I respect your dedication to wanting to be a social justice warrior. Frankly though, your incessant lumping all together in one group is kinda tiring. I'm not arguing politics with you. You will never change my mind and I have no desire to change yours. I appreciate your art and business acumen. I consider you to be a peer. I enjoy talking shop with fellow artists. Could not help but notice that you focused in one 1-2 key sentences in my last few posts, rather than address the rest of it. No worries. As with other things, we'll agree to disagree.

Beckom Toon

Muhammad Rasheed  - Mike wrote: "and you have zeroed in on a couple of incidents..."

No, I didn't. "Systemic racism" is more than "a couple of incidents," Mike. It means the evidence shows that the entire system is slanted in a pro-Eurocentric/white supremacist direction because the gatekeepers are doing that to the populace as culture (see: DoJ report on Ferguson, MO PD). The "zeroed in on a couple of incidents" line is how people think when they list "experience" as their metric for determining that their subjective opinion trumps the body of factual evidence they casually dismissed (see: "confirmation bias").

Mike wrote: "Could not help but notice that you focused in one 1-2 key sentences in my last few posts, rather than address the rest of it."

I like to get to the heart/root cause of the point early since that's where the insights lay. I don't always have the leisure time to pick apart the fluff of you all's submitted storytime tales (not that I don't appreciate the read). For example, the majority of this latest post of yours consisted of strawman effigies (I know that not all people XYZ) and appeals to 'turn the other cheek' type talk that lacked value to me within this particular topic. I called myself zeroing in on your post's core message.

Mike wrote: "Your generalizations are your truth."

Inside of the problems of the system, you will find people of all demographics with varying levels of dedication to doing the right thing and not willingly going along with our tradition of anti-Black systemic racism. I never said that there weren't "good white people" in the world, fighting the good fight at whatever level they stand in it. Showcasing those individuals is not my focus.

Mike wrote: "Your glass must be perpetually half empty."

lol You remember Burke's quote I posted earlier? How will the bad guys ever be checked if everyone is deliberately looking the other way because of some foolish LaLa Land philosophy that is 100% divorced from reality? If we never address the wrongs of society, how will we ever be cured of them? Naturally, I will expect your response to be something like: "What 'wrongs?' That's all in your head!"

Monday, May 21, 2018

Vote Suppression by Gaslight

Muhammad Rasheed - [FB NOTE] #AskGregAQuestion: Elections 2018 | Voting Rights Under Attack

Mike Beckom - @MR... you can't possibly buy into this load of crappola, can you? Voter registration is bad? Proof of citizenship too? How so? And voter spoilage? Seriously? How exactly does the voting machine figure out your race or ethnicity? Dude, I understand that you're not enamored with the present administration. I get that you feel like minorities are getting the short greasy end of the stick. We ALL get that. It's in everything you post be it articles or toons. How do you function? If I carried around all that hate, all that anger and angst, I'm not sure I could get outta bed in the mornings. You are much too intelligent to ascribe to some of this blatant stupidity.

Muhammad Rasheed - There's a lot of research that went into this body of information, Mike, and I've been following it for a while now. Many of the techniques involved were resurrected from the 1870s era when the aristocracy were actively stripping away the gains of Reconstruction, working to disenfranchise the Black community from the political process. So now they're back, with a few extra toys added from the digital age, but the purpose is the same as it's always been. So yes, I do tend to buy into facts.

I'm more inclined to look with suspicion upon someone who demonstrates they haven't researched the material (your questions are answered in the vid clip below btw), but seem over-eager for me to look away from it, especially when it involves the topic of my life's work.

[VIDEO] Greg Palast: Cross Check- Motherlode of Vote Purge Scams

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "If I carried around all that hate..."

Several months ago, I came across some quotes from a white conservative radio personality who said that racism is the fault of Black people themselves. He said that if they would just learn to let go of their resentments, and turn the other cheek and forgive whenever a Dylann Roof situation happened, then racism would go away. Is this the spirit you are coming from when you talk about "all that hate?" I hate the white supremacist system that plunders my people to feed/maintain the racist aristocracy, increasing the wealth gap. Any moral, righteous and freedom-loving people should.

Mike wrote: " some of this blatant stupidity."

I'm not sure what part you are calling 'stupid.' Is it the FAQ from Greg Palast, the voter suppression apparatus, or the effort to expose it as the evil scam it is?

Mike Beckom - the blatantly stupid part is questioning voter registration. Or voter suppression. Yeah, I've seen the redistricting plans of big govt. They work the voting districts around to benefit whomever they wish, whenever they wish. I've also been privy to the blatant stupidity of others. I lived in a part of SC where the population was 80/20 - black to white. I went to vote one fine sunny afternoon and found (at the prescribed distance away from the voting center) a couple of young black gents who were passing out....get this....sample ballots. They were imploring other people of color to 'vote the way this is marked'. I asked for one and was rebuffed. When I inquired why I couldn't have one, I was told I didn't need one. I then went on the offensive and it because I'm white? Perhaps it's because I'm capable of making up my own mind - which seems to be in contrast to what you're implying by passing out these 'examples'. I told them that they should go home and do something constructive with their lives instead of insulting others with their propaganda. How is it wrong to ask someone to prove their citizenship before casting a ballot? Businesses ask for proof of id for entry, to buy things, etc. Seems like with this being one of our most basic fundamental rights as real citizen would have a problem providing it. As for voting - I firmly believe everyone should make up and vote their own conscience. Otherwise, they are merely doing the bidding of others.

Muhammad Rasheed - I understand the official political justification stated for why voter registration laws were put in place, and from within the shallow confines of the surface film it seems to make sense. However, the practice and procedures of how these laws are consistently implemented reveals them as only a classic tool of voter suppression to disenfranchise a targeted group.

This article linked below reveals how slimy the practice is when GOP officials in NC were busted a couple years ago, before they learned to hide their slime better:

[ARTICLE] The ‘smoking gun’ proving North Carolina Republicans tried to disenfranchise black voters

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Caping for Hillary...?

Jason Farmer - [FB THREAD] M. Rasheed defends Hillary over Bernie supporters

Muhammad Rasheed - Your post link implies another false equivalency fallacy. I voted for Hillary because she was going to further Obama's agenda for building up the middle class and the Black communities with long-ranging tech initiatives, not because I'm uncritically pro-Hillary.

You disagree?

Jason Farmer - I agree that you were caping for the Becky who spoke of your people like animals in a successful push to bring mass incarceration to our communities. You disagree?

Muhammad Rasheed - I do disagree. Because of the Obama endorsement, I decided to accept her apology since she was actively partnering with the Obama administration to help reform the criminal justice system her family helped break. The acknowledgment of her wrong, with the actions that went with a true repentance and the partnering with the Obama vision I believed in, is why I felt she deserved my vote.

Jason Farmer - 😂😂😂 GTFOH! I could keep posting about the damage she's done to communities of color throughout her career, but let's just save some time, since this petulant act of attention seeking is really just an extension of an argument we've already spent enough time on. The president has the power to pardon federal prisoners. As president, she could have pardoned all of the federal victims of mass incarceration without anyone else cosigning. You can go to Clinton's criminal justice platform. Nowhere in there does she commit to that. Why? That would be a substantive move toward correcting what she did, but it would also be a turnoff to those White swing voters the Clintons have always played you for to be seen doing to much for the Blacks.

Muhammad Rasheed - There would definitely be a certain amount of political strategizing involved in any partisan candidate's publicity. I don't think that's a reason to automatically believe she wouldn't follow through on her Obama partnership just because she refrained from tipping her hand to her rivals.

Muhammad Rasheed - I am interested in why you are willing to cape for Constand and Troiani an'em in the way you are --- over that specific topic --- while in the same breath distrustful of Clinton for 100% reasonable reasons.

Jason Farmer - "I don't think that's a reason to automatically believe she wouldn't follow through on her Obama partnership just because she refrained from tipping her hand to her rivals."

Tell that to the Mothers of the Movement and Ferguson. But listen brother, ain't nobody talking about some "Obama partnership" that wouldn't have come close to correcting the damage she's wrought on communities of color. You're big mad that people believe Bill Cosby is a rapist, making little strawman pictures equating believing a person was raped to caping for Becky and not believing a White woman could lie about being raped, but you yourself were caping for the Becky that mass incarcerated your people (and more).

It's actually pretty damn ironic. Belief that someone was raped in one situation does not dismiss the existence of systemic racism. You, however, were willing to dismiss how your Becky implemented systemic racism on millions of Black people in your caping for her.

Jason Farmer - Becky so untrustworthy we can NEVER EVER EVER believe even one case where she was raped by a Black man.


Let's make Becky our leader!


Jason Farmer - But Becky said she might maybe partner with T'Challa to build some community centers in Oakland and I believe her!

Muhammad Rasheed - lol It's all I had. Between her and Bernie, she's the one that partnered with the Obama vision I believe in.

Muhammad Rasheed - The damage the Clinton admin caused to our community was built upon damage caused by previous administrations going back quite awhile. You know this as well as I. All we could hope is for her to add to the reversal attempts Obama kick started, with a plan for later elected officials to do the same, until eventually we can see the Big Change. It's not realistic to think any one president can reverse all of that in one fell swoop.

Jason Farmer - Oh cool. So let's make Becky our leader and hope that she does less damage this time around than she's able to incrementally correct (over time) the next time she hits the campaign trail, visiting Black churches and carrying hot sauce to convince us to vote for her.

Jason Farmer - Correction: Cape for her.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jason wrote: "...making little strawman pictures equating believing a person was raped to caping for Becky..."

The way you dismissed the defense's argument entirely to take up the prosecution's cause of focusing solely on the Troiani-narrated deposition, functioned as a belief system. This while you pretended your position was "about the facts." You put your faith in becky and gave her all of your benefit of the doubt.

I don't have a problem with the woman's movement, but as much as I would like to be all-in supportive of MeToo at all levels, I'm not the one that invented racism. When a certain demographic needs me to believe her at her word, the justification memo will need to be VERY strong.

Muhammad Rasheed - Did you vote for bernie, or did you sit that one out?

Jason Farmer - We actually debated using the evidence of his words, but we're not going to circle the drain on that again. This is about your petulant cartoon and caping for Becky.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol My cartoon imagery represents the impression you lot gave me during that argument.

Muhammad Rasheed - ...especially your brother.

Jason Farmer - Yeah, well, that's your impression. I just hit you with your reality.

Muhammad Rasheed - You just reinforced the impression since it only functions as carry-over from that thread as you pointed out.

Please note that I didn't deny Hillary's problematic career in my assessment.

Jason Farmer - You actually did that thing you tend to do, when confronted with evidence you don't want to deal with, of claiming people who believe it are brainwashed or sheep and attacking the source as a way to avoid the validity of what was presented. Just one of your responses to criticism of her from that link:

"I don't give a shit about your indoctrination clips. Keep it, and peddle it elsewhere."

Jason Farmer  - M. Rasheed wrote: "You just reinforced the impression since it only functions as carry-over from that thread as you pointed out."

Let's clear that up too. Me checking you here isn't defending Becky. You weren't attacking Becky. You were attacking a number of other Black men in your deluded attempts to defend one rapist.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Jason... that's what you did to the links I posted. You dismissed everything I used that convinced me of my stance as "conspiracy theory," and didn't even try to see it objectively.

Jason Farmer - I spoke on Cosby's admissions. Again, circling the drain. You did it in the link I posted as well.

Muhammad Rasheed - Pointing out that Hillary was working with the Obama admin at the time to help in correcting her family's past mistakes was an example of me avoiding the validity of the complaints of her family's past mistakes?

Muhammad Rasheed - Jason wrote: "Me checking you here isn't defending Becky."

You said you believed her when she claimed to be raped, so how could your protests at the cartoon be seen otherwise? Curious. What are you supposed to be checking me over then?

Jason Farmer - I'm checking you over your nonsensical decision to attack multiple Black people in your intent to defend one Black rapist.

And Muhammad, let's not pretend I didn't provide you a direct quote. Stop it with the strawmans.

"I don't give a shit about your indoctrination clips. Keep it, and peddle it elsewhere."

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Maybe you should focus more on deciding to convince your multiple nonsensical fellows to stop caping for becky.

Jason Farmer - Yawn. Another petulant deflection.

Jason Farmer - You caped for the very Becky who promoted mass incarceration. You have no room to talk.

Jason Farmer - How are the Black people in Libya doing since Hillary's involvement there?

Muhammad Rasheed - The group all decided to believe the prosecution's argument as presented, and then came to fuss at me about it. What impression did you think you would leave?

Deciding to vote for Hillary because she had the endorsement of the president I trusted isn't really "caping for becky" in the strict since that you're doing for Constand and Co.

To me anyway. But I'm open to hearing your argument, of course.

Jason Farmer - Your full of yourself. In your judgment we're caping for Becky, but your grace will be so kind as to entertain our arguments to the contrary, before rendering his verdict? You were caping for the Becky responsible for mass incarceration and the criminalized way Blacks are treated to this day.

Muhammad Rasheed - I probably am full of myself to some degree, Jason. You're not helping by having this squishy tantrum of yours.

Are you going to fight for real or just toss these word salads at me? Throw down your rod.

Jason Farmer - "I don't give a shit about your indoctrination clips. Keep it, and peddle it elsewhere."  ~*M. Rasheed defending his Becky Boo.*

Jason Farmer - Tantrum? You got in your feelings and drew a cartoon, because you're still not over how the other thread.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm a cartoonist, Jason. lol  Is that how you've determined that I'm "in my feelings" because I drew a cartoon?

Jason Farmer - BTW, is that some Freudian thing, that the Becky in your cartoon resembles Hillary more than Constand?

Muhammad Rasheed - Actually, I changed my mind about drawing Constand, and directed my gaze towards Dolores Troiani instead, since she's the puppet master's director in this.

Jason Farmer - Nah. It was the what you drew a cartoon about and who you decided to go after with it.

Muhammad Rasheed - Ha! That's only because it was you four that were front and center in the thread and putting up a fight. Why NOT you?

Muhammad Rasheed - I voted for the becky that called me a "super-predator," whose husband placed milestone anti-Black policies in law that devastated our communities. I did so because she admitted her mistake and actively worked with Obama to reverse the damage her family caused.

If it wasn't for the latter, and Obama's endorsement (and fierce campaigning on her behalf and what that represented) I would not have. Prolly.

Jason Farmer - She reversed mass incarceration? News to me. How are those Black people in Libya doing?

Jason Farmer - You know, after she pushed for our invasion there, after having claimed to learn her lesson from Iraq.

Muhammad Rasheed - No, she didn't reverse mass incarceration itself, but she was part of Obama's team to put in place the criminal reform initiatives that she would build upon as POTUS herself.

Muhammad Rasheed - No way. Clinton's foreign policy position was as shitty as any other western asshat.

Jason Farmer - That's a whole lot of hopes and dreams, brother. I already told you the president has the power to pardon federal prisoners, as many as they want. Why didn't she commit to pardoning all those affected by her mistake?

Muhammad Rasheed - Libya is in terrible condition.

Jason Farmer - M. Rasheed wrote: "Clinton's foreign policy position was as shitty as any other western asshat."

It actually was. She was the one who pushed Obama to invade, but nevertheless, that's a pretty low bar you're setting for your Becky.

Muhammad Rasheed - She wouldn't tip her hand like that to her political rivals. She would lose the fence-sitter voters she was hoping to take from Bernie.

Jason Farmer - Didn't I say that?

Jason Farmer - She didn't want to scare off those White voters the Clintons have historically sold us out for.

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes, but you asked me anyway.

Jason wrote: "...that's a pretty low bar you're setting for your Becky."

It's the nature of the game. There's no universal POTUS where we all will approve of all of their decisions and positions.

Muhammad Rasheed - I voted for her for my own reasons, but of course she was problematic.

Jason Farmer - I did ask, but are you telling me you think she was going to follow through?

Muhammad Rasheed - Because of Obama's endorsement, I was willing to give her the chance to disappoint me.

Jason Farmer - The same Obama who called our Black youth "thugs" for the cameras? Besides, you have to know that endorsement was politics.

Muhammad Rasheed - Obama believed in 'respectability politics.' There is no universal POTUS.

Jason Farmer - Hillary is the Becky who set Trump up to be president.

Muhammad Rasheed - Nah. Trump is POTUS because the GOP cheated using their Karl Rove voter suppression apparatus.

Jason Farmer - Your Becky set you up. She propped him up, believing that if America only had a choice between her or Trump, America would have no choice but to vote for her.

Muhammad Rasheed - I saw more of an over-confident arrogance on her based on how uncouth Trump was. The 'set up' was purely behind the scenes using vote suppression cheating.

Jason Farmer - [ARTICLE] How the Hillary Clinton campaign deliberately “elevated” Donald Trump with its “pied piper” strategy

Muhammad Rasheed - It's a good strategy, and it would have succeeded if it wasn't for the vote suppression thing. Hillary thought that she would be able to tap into Obama's unprecedented rock star voting numbers --- which actually overwhelmed the vote suppression attempts twice --- which is why she was so over-confident.

Jason Farmer - Propping up White supremacists is a good strategy? Do you hear the things you're saying in defense of her? It would have succeeded. What is this, Scooby Doo? It didn't succeed. But you know who is least affected by that failure? The Becky you caped for.

Jason Farmer - That's about as White privilege a strategy as it gets. A White woman elevated racists, risking their getting elected, as a gamble to attain power for herself.

Muhammad Rasheed - All the high-end racists are signed up on the GOP side anyway, so caricaturing them and forcing them upfront in their org is a good thing. Political campaigning is all about Big Money strategizing. She didn't lose because of her strategy; she lost because she wasn't as popular as Obama.

Jason Farmer - She lost because she's a choke artist who does not do well against populist candidates, like the White supremacist her gamble put in the White House.

Muhammad Rasheed - She lost because her rivals cheated.

Jason Farmer - So did Obama's and the rivals of people who weren't choke artists elevating racists to have a shot at victory.

Jason Farmer - I'm calling it a night, but I would think you would have found a bit more nuance in our positions than how your cartoon characterizes them for someone able to find so many excuses for Hillary.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I didn't have any excuses. She was an asshat, who seemed to reform. Since the POTUS that I actually wanted to stick around for a 3rd term endorsed her, it allowed me to lower my guard.

Muhammad Rasheed - Political cartoons aren't supposed to be nice or nuanced, Jason. hahahaha Sometimes they can be mean in their messaging.

But you work out. You're tough.

Jason Farmer - No doubt. But satire should expose an underlying truth. This is a deliberate perversion of the truth. That's not even an exaggeration of our positions.

Muhammad Rasheed  - To me it perfectly exposes this underlying truth as demonstrated in this image:

Muhammad Rasheed - That's your entire argument right there, and your justification is weak to the point of nonexistent. So the impression it leaves is captured in my cartoon.

Jason Farmer - My brother can speak for himself, but Cosby has over 50 accusers, of varying race. No one was arguing the purity of White women. They said, as you quoted, Cosby is a rapist.

Muhammad Rasheed - The "50+ accusers" were not legit, and only a part of Troiani's grifter circus performance. She was counting on the public reacting the way they did to the number of people she strategically paraded in front of them. The fact that each of their accusations dissipates into nothing at the slightest touch of scrutiny reveals all.

Jason Farmer - Comments like that betray your lack of knowledge of the case. The vast majority of those accusers came along long after what you described as "Troiani's grifter circus performance." They came along long after the settlement was reached. That you seem unaware of basic facts and the timeline of events tells all. But again, circling the drain.

Bottom line: They weren't legit according to you. That doesn't mean you get to dismiss that there were 50+ accusers to feed this narrative that we're caping for Becky. What you presented was little more than a strawman in the guise of satire.

Rufus Farmer - His take on the Clinton stuff is hilarious too. "And it would have succeeded if not for those meddling kids!"


Jason Farmer - On a side note, add some hang time and my avatar is a keeper. He's even got muscle definition. 😂

Rufus Farmer - He really created a piece of art just to say, "And I'll continue to support that rapist. Phooey to the rest of y'all! 😤"

Rufus Farmer - Bill Cosby is a rapist.

Muhammad Rasheed - He's not a rapist. That's why the prosecution had to perform all of those tricks to get the verdict they wanted.

Muhammad Rasheed - Rufus wrote: "'And it would have succeeded if not for those meddling kids!'"

Here: [VIDEO] Greg Palast: Cross Check- Motherlode of Vote Purge Scams

Rufus Farmer - M. Rasheed wrote: "He's not a rapist."


Rufus Farmer - It certainly isn't my intention to make light of the situation (rape, and Cosby being a terrible person). I do find certain comments to be so incredibly outrageous that they provoke laughter.


Muhammad Rasheed - I understand, Tril. I often feel the same way on a variety of topics. The concept isn't alien to me.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

If 'Conspiracy Theory' was Fiction

The Exploiter's Oncode Victim-Blaming

Richard Sherman - The face of victimhood.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't know what that means, Rich. The "victimhood" talking point is a Republican line. I never received their glossary of terms.

Richard Sherman - Received, probably not. Lived? Very much so.

Muhammad Rasheed - Care to decode for folks not in your club?

Richard Sherman - Not really, Muh. You'll end up butt-hurt and ranting.

Muhammad Rasheed - So leaving cryptic messages under my cartoon was intended to do what then?

Richard Sherman - [ARTICLE] Almost half of US families can't afford basics like rent and food

Muhammad Rasheed - Does this count as "victimhood?"

Lila W Grant - Good question. Depends on whether or not they're living beyond their means. I don't expect much insight from CNN, just hype.

Muhammad Rasheed - So the charge of "victimhood" is the perception that someone's plight is actually self-inflicted?

Lila W Grant - As someone who raised three kids on my own with little money, I never once thought of myself as a victim. That background, combined with your quotes around "victimhood," and CNN as the source, influenced me to read it as self-pity.

I can't say I agree with "self-inflicted."

Muhammad Rasheed - It seems like the kind of person who would level the term "victimhood" upon you, would say something along the lines of: "Well, she shouldn't have had all those kids! Then she wouldn't have had it so hard! It's all her fault, so why should taxes come out of MY hard-earned money to blah-blah-blah?!?"

Lila W Grant - My response would be that I may have as many kids as I want to. Every child is a gift from God and I don't allow man to tell me how many kids I'm entitled to. Not only that, but it's God who controls the womb, not birth control pills, no matter how much man wants to be in control. I received welfare only one time, when I moved to a town where employers do not hire single women with children, in spite of excellent references. I went thru all my savings and finally had no choice but to receive welfare. I hope I was receiving the tax money of all the jackasses who refused to hire me.

That's one side. The other side is that there are some women who have kids as a business venture, but the govt created that mess, so let the govt deal with it.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm pretty sure your hypothetical "victimhood" critic would get triggered over that one time you were on welfare and skipped the rest. lol

Lila W Grant - Undoubtedly.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Hate Club's First Rule

Rasheed, Muhammad. "Hate Club's First Rule." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 17 May 2018. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Mike Beckom - did you get booted from the cafe?

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm also being blamed for why you left, even though I wasn't even involved in the argument that you were having at the time. smh

Raymond Tyler - Really then I should be out too.

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad... I left because I despise blatant stupidity. Some of the fellows who were running to your rescue, were full of it. There's an old adage down here in SC where I goes....'never try to teach a pig to wastes your time and irritates the pig'.

Mike Beckom - and no, you were NOT the reason I left the cafe; quite the contrary. you and I have reached a place where we can 'agree to disagree' like rational adults.

Kwesi Ako Kennedy - Oh, so we kicking out productive members because they can stand up to the mediocre mod?

Muhammad Rasheed - smh Yup. I'm kicked out of Cartoonist Cafe again.  #snowflakes

Muhammad Rasheed - Ironically, this is the same demographic that's always going on and on about how much they hate political correct speech and want to say whatever they want. When I encourage that in their own racist-ass safe space I get banned.  lol Do racists ever try to make sense?


Alan Groening - Rash stop illustrating these essays of yours. It's inapropriate and NOT your job.

Muhammad Rasheed - My degree is in illustration. I'm trained specifically to illustrate prose. Your advice is inappropriate.

Alan Groening - Fuck you then

Muhammad Rasheed - I majored in Illustration. I was trained to illustrate prose material. I'm literally doing what I trained in.

Alan Groening - great. no one disputes the fact that you're a damn good illustrator, and you are.

Muhammad Rasheed - So your comments are weird.

Especially the "Fuck you then" part.

Alan Groening - you disregard any advice you're given, positive or negative.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your advice is inappropriate.

Alan Groening - its totally appropriate, let your cartoons speak for themselves.

Muhammad Rasheed - I draw some cartoons like that, but that doesn't represent the body of my work. I illustrate my prose/essays.

Alan Groening - dude. I love your cartoons, its the rant that follows that I can do without... you are NOT classically trained on creative writing, you dont have a degree in creative writing do you?

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes. I learned creative writing at a correspondence school I attended.

Why are you so determined to control me? lol

Alan Groening - control you?

where the hell did that come from?

Muhammad Rasheed - Mostly from your efforts in this discussion to control me.

Alan Groening - giving my advice isnt trying to control you.

Muhammad Rasheed - I already explained that I'm doing literally what I went to college to master, and I'm expressing myself honestly in my art. Why do you think it's okay for you to push your unwanted advice on a 50 yr old man?

I don't want advice from you, Mr. "Fuck you then."

Alan Groening - that is obvious

Muhammad Rasheed - Is it? Okay, then stop.

Alan Groening - you stop.

Muhammad Rasheed - You know you're attacking my Free Speech rights, yes?  I thought you were a patriot?


Alan Groening - you told me to stop first, you;re attacking my free speech rights too...

Muhammad Rasheed - I told you to stop trying to control me. Slavery is over, you know?

I have the right to not be harassed with unwanted advice and "Fuck you then's".

Alan Groening - isnt that the entire point of Weapon of the People, that slavery really still continues?

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, if the whole point of your attempts to control me is that you don't believe in my message, then why are you so determined to prove my strip true?

Does THAT make sense?

Alan Groening - no.

Muhammad Rasheed - Then why are you trying to push me around like you own me, Alan?

Knock it off.  I'm free. And I'm a free artist.

(not that my art work doesn't cost anything. You know what i mean.)

(people still have to pay for it and stuff)

Alan Groening - in your mind only i am trying to control you. which I have stated repeated that I'm not.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your actions show that you are.

Alan Groening - my actions are that Im sick as a dog on the couch under two warm blankets dude.

Muhammad Rasheed - I HEARD/READ your advice, and politely declined it.

The. End.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're sick because you're harassing me. lol Probably.

That's what you get.

Alan Groening - Im sick because my nephews got me sick on Christmas day.

Muhammad Rasheed - Noooo...

You're sick because you've been reading my stuff and getting all white conservative red-faced. Let it go. Get over it.

Then you'll feel better.

Alan Groening - damn. I am honestly stunned.

Muhammad Rasheed - Then why are you attacking my right of Free Speech when this is stuff I do know about? This is MY history.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your ignorance doesn't negate my Freedom to Express my OWN history in my art. Sir.

Alan Groening - wow, I was born in 1969 California and it wasnt covered in schools out here, so you can call me ignorant. Fine.

Muhammad Rasheed - Stop attacking my right of free speech because you don't like looking at the subject material. Thanks.

Alan Groening - and just to set the record straight, I'm not "attacking" you're right to free speech.

Muhammad Rasheed - Sure you are. Where'd my cartoon go then?

Alan Groening - I dunno... I didnt remove it.

Muhammad Rasheed - How is honestly telling my ethnic group's own history considered "hate speech" towards someone else exactly?

Can you explain that oddity using normal plain speak?

Alan Groening - hate speech? WTF are you going off on this time Rash?

Muhammad Rasheed - That's the message I got from FB when it was flagged. FB said "Hate Speech" was checked.

Muhammad Rasheed - Since YOU are the one that wrote "OKAY WE GET IT!!!!" obviously that was YOU.

Alan Groening - dunno... wasnt me that reported it.

Muhammad Rasheed - hahahahaahaha

Alan Groening - not me dude.

Muhammad Rasheed - hahahahaahaha

Muhammad Rasheed - Please explain how is honestly telling my ethnic group's own history considered "hate speech" towards someone else. Because I don't understand that point of view.

Muhammad Rasheed - Is this part of the "Get over it!!!" thing regarding your feelings about anti-Black racism?

Alan Groening - no. (its not part of the "GET OVER IT" thing.)

Muhammad Rasheed - "No" what?

Alan Groening - honestly dude, I did not report your cartoons to facebook, didnt push for them to be removed, didnt ban anything... I was at work all day

Alan Groening - when i got home from work, it was gone... but I had nothing to do with it.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm tired of people pretending to be "patriots" when all they what is special rules for their group alone. The MOST un-American of all US citizens are the ones who do the MOST parading around with the ole Red, White & Blue.

It's offensive.

Freedom of Speech is for all Americans, not just you. You are not the only American citizen, even if you wish it to be.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hypocrisy is evil. Please improve.

Alan Groening - I really hope these comments aren't aimed at me personally because I had noting to do with your cartoon getting reported and removed or whatever else happened. and by the way I dont know what "smdh" means, remember, I'm ignorant?

so what you're saying is that the vast majority of the flag waving Red, White and Blue patriotic US citizens out there are un-American (in your eyes) ? Isn't that just a wee tad judgmental, Rash?

That's just harsh, you cant say they're un-american just because they wave a flag...

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) It's directed to whomsoever it applies to.

2.) What I'm saying is that I'm tired of people pretending to be "patriots" when all they really want are special rules for their group alone, while wishing they could still legally throw balls at the heads of other groups' babies and are actually resentful of the fact they can't ("Make America Great Again!").

Muhammad Rasheed - Remember during Charlie Hebdo Gate, when this entire group filled up with offensive caricatures of the founder of Al-Islam, supposedly in solidarity for the right of free speech? Not once did I ask anyone to take them down, but I did ask how were those cartoons supposed to be helping anything. Just trying to engage in dialogue to understand the mindset involved got me banned from the group. I didn't flag anybody's drawings -- because I actually believe in Free Speech -- but I wanted to know what the message these guys were expressing actually was. I created cartoons that represented my interpretation of what they were actually telling me and I was banned for it.

While the actually offensive cartoons remained.

So with this blatant hypocrisy from this group in the record, don't preach at me about "wee tad judgmental," because the very group you are defending looks BAD. REAL BAD.

See Also:

It's one thing to know that's how they really think by
tracing the thread of truth through history,
and it's another thing to actually see them admit
how they feel from their heart in a raw state.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Caping for Becky

Muhammad Rasheed - [ARTICLE] Cosby accuser's family 'despises black people' & used Cosby for revenge on 'all black people'

"Bruce Castor opened an investigation on Bill Cosby for reports of a powerful black man sexually assaulting a white woman. After a lengthy investigation, he found Constand wasn’t credible given her extreme contradictions on what happened, when it happened and why it happened."

Jeremy Love - C'mon man, why post this nonsense?

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you think it's "nonsense?" I thought it was very interesting.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's very insightful in how the legal system works.

Jeremy Love - It's a very dubious news source.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol All news sources are 'dubious.' What matters is the strength of the materials they report. Do they hold up or not?

Jeremy Love - On the night in question:
Q: Can you tell me ... what you recall of the night in which you gave the pills to Andrea?
A: Andrea came to the house. I called her. ... We talked about Temple University. We talked about her position. And then I went upstairs and I got three pills. I brought them down. They are the equivalent of one and a half. The reason why I gave them and offered them to Andrea, which she took after examining them, was because she was talking about stress.

Cosby describes a several-minute sexual encounter that followed.
Q: So, you're not telling us that you verbally asked her for permission?
A: I didn't say it verbally, I said. The action is my hand on her midriff, which is skin. I'm not lifting any clothing up. This is, I don't remember fully what it is, but it's there and I can feel. I got her skin and it's just above the hand and it's just above where you can go under the pants.

Q: Then what happens?
A: I don't hear her say anything. And I don't feel her say anything. And so I continue and I go into the area that is somewhere between permission and rejection. I am not stopped.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jeremy quoted: "The reason why I gave them and offered them to Andrea, which she took after examining them, was because she was talking about stress."

Nothing here suggests even remotely that she was drugged without her knowledge in a date rape scenario. He went to get some meds for his extra-marital affair 'friend' when she came over complaining about how stressed she was. You know what else is good for medicating stress? Sex. Since they were actively having an affair, the leap towards "Cosby is confessing his rape!" is ridiculous to the point of offense.

Jason Farmer - "Nothing here suggests even remotely that she was drugged without her knowledge in a date rape scenario."

How about the fact that s̶o̶m̶e̶ ̶m̶e̶d̶s̶ Quaaludes have been as illegal as heroin since 1984? She says she thought she was taking an herbal remedy, but for the sake of argument, let's say that's a lie; she knew he was giving her something illegal. Andrea Constand is 44. Do you think she was on the disco party scene at 10 or younger getting high off Quaaludes? Quaaludes were two decades removed from being a party drug in 2004. Qualudes in 2004 are a date rape drug.

Cosby testified to being prescribed the drugs in the 70s.

Q: When you got the quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?

A: Yes.

He obtained the drugs back in the 70s for the purposes of sex and kept them 20 years after being classified a Schedule 1 drug. He kept a Schedule 1 illegal SEDATIVE known to be especially potent when mixed with alcohol for decades with the intent to give it to women he wanted to have sex with. He then gave that SEDATIVE with alcohol to a woman he wanted to sleep with from the first time he saw her, and then engaged in sexual activity with her, during which, he admits, she did not consent.

Q: So, you're not telling us that you verbally asked her for permission?

A: I didn't say it verbally, I said. The action is my hand on her midriff, which is skin. I'm not lifting any clothing up. This is, I don't remember fully what it is, but it's there and I can feel. I got her skin and it's just above the hand and it's just above where you can go under the pants.

Q: Then what happens?

A: I don't hear her say anything. And I don't feel her say anything. And so I continue and I go into the area that is somewhere between permission and rejection. I am not stopped.

His interpretation of consent is that she never said anything in her drug induced state, after taking a sedative he failed to identify, made especially potent by the alcohol he served with it.

And by his own admission, it's not the only time.

Q: Did you give her quaaludes?

A: Yes.

Q: What effect did the quaaludes have on her?

A: She became in those days what was called high.

Q: She said that she believes she was not in the position to consent to intercourse after you gave her the drug. Do you believe that is correct?

A: I DON'T KNOW (emphasis mine)... How many years ago are we talking about? 197[6]? ... I meet Ms. Picking in Las Vegas. She meets me backstage. I give her quaaludes. We then have sex.

How is this hard? You're caping for a rapist who rationalized racism because Black people have non-conforming names, Black women are unwed, and Black women (married and single) have multiple kids; a man who rationalized Black people being murdered for something as petty as stealing pound cake; a man whose very actions (the rapes and the "Pound Cake Speech" that resulted in a judge releasing the damning deposition I quoted) earned him his conviction.

Jason Farmer - Oh, and by the by. It's also rape if you decide to stick it in someone who is too drunk to give consent. Just so we're clear.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Jason... Please post the link you used for the pulled deposition quotes.

Jason Farmer - You don't have access to the deposition?

Jason Farmer - I'm not trying to be difficult for the sake of being difficult. I'm just trying to get to the point. You either do have access to the deposition, in which case you wish to challenge the context or veracity of those quotes, or you are lacking very pertinent information on this topic.

Jason Farmer - If it's the former, just go ahead and express your grievance.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm looking for a copy that will enable me to rapidly search for the quotes you pulled for convenience, and so far the ones I find are scanned page images that won't let me do that. Since I feel it is highly unlikely that you took the time to type out those lengthy quotes you posted from scanned page image reference, I just wanted to use the same high-speed link you used. If you do not care to give it then I'll find it the long way later on when I have more time.

Jason Farmer
- For expediency:

Read excerpts from Cosby's 2005-2006 quaalude deposition

Jason Farmer - For a little more depth:

Cosby Deposition | DOCUMENTCLOUD.ORG

Jason Farmer - I would encourage reading that second link.

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes, I was deliberately avoiding using other people's cherry-picked quote editorials about it.

Muhammad Rasheed - The second link document appears to have been written/packaged by the extremely biased Troiani herself.

This isn't THE Cosby Deposition, is it?

Muhammad Rasheed
- It's peppered with her complaints and driving narrative of events.

Jason Farmer - It does provide insight into the coaching Cosby was receiving when answering. It could have been worse for him if not for that. But ignore it if you choose. Do you dispute that is the deposition?

Jason Farmer - @Muhammad... So, what's up? What are you disputing? Or are you scouring a 66 page document on a quest to find supporting evidence for a conclusion you've already arrived at?

Muhammad Rasheed - So far, I've noticed an objective analysis of the case reveals something different than what Troiani and Co. want us to believe. This whole "He did it and that's that! Why dig deeper?!" doesn't seem right to me.

Jason Farmer - What part of what I posted are you objecting to?

Muhammad Rasheed - It's the revelation that it was Troiani's team that put together the deposition and released it to the public, and how it deliberately leads the reader in the direction she needs the narrative to flow in so the prosecution can influence the public... prior to jury selection.

The effort is very obvious and ham-fisted.

Jason Farmer - Are you stating what I posted was not Cosby's testimony?

Jason Farmer - She didn't release that to the public btw. It was sealed. I trust you know how it became unsealed? I alluded to it earlier.

Muhammad Rasheed - My question is: Where are the full source documents absent the heavily-biased Troiani's narration? Did the defense put together their own package of the deposition, too? Where is that?

Jason Farmer - Go look for it. Aren't you smart enough to parse out his testimony from her argument? I know you are. These are the deflections I was trying to avoid when I questioned your wanting me to post the source.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jason wrote: "Aren't you smart enough to parse out his testimony from her argument?"

But I'm not the one that has uncritically accepted what that woman has spoon fed the public as THE definitive version of events.

Jason Farmer - Again, you are choosing to deflect with questions about her complaints to the court concerning counsel's conduct. This is a document submitted to the court containing Bill Cosby's deposition. You wanted the source I quoted from. I gave you the source for expediency, and I also provided you this. Apparently, you have not done this much research on your own, which is surprising, for someone who has spoken so often and so matter-of-factly on this case.

Getting back on track. Are you claiming that the quotes I posted are not Bill Cosby's testimony? Deal with that.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm saying that the document the public references as "The Cosby Disposition" was prepared by the heavily-biased, and very crooked, prosecution team and even goes so far as to contain the prosecution's heavy-handed narrative of how they want the reader to think of events -- basically grabbing the reader by the scruff of the neck and forcing him/her to follow the thread they want followed.

Since the doc was sealed, it was obviously done this way to influence the jury they would hand-pick. That they were able to release it to the public, who were happily led around by the bull's nose ring as the prosecution had hoped, it only worked in their favor.

Jeremy Love - He doesn't want to admit that those were Cosby's words. Cosby's legal team has not disputed the validity of the deposition. He made a absolutely ridiculous argument that a woman saying she was stressed out was a green light for sex, now he's dismissing the deposition as fake news. That deposition is game, set, match and he knows it. It is a clear admission to a crime.

Muhammad Rasheed - As I pointed out a few times now, it's the prosecution leading the reader with the narration that taints the document for public consumption. I never said those weren't Cosby's words. That's a strawman effigy.

Jason Farmer - @Jeremy... Thank you. 

@Muhammad... That's a rather evasive and hypocritical stance for you to take, considering your earlier defense of this article. You also don't seem too informed on about this deposition, why it was sealed, and how it was released. This had nothing to do with the prosecution. In fact, it was created before there even was a prosecution.

Jason Farmer - "I never said those weren't Cosby's words. That's a strawman effigy."

I believe what was stated is that you do not want to admit that those were Cosby's words, not that you deny it. You're deliberately being evasive. So again, do you deny that was his testimony?

Muhammad Rasheed - I haven't denied the testimony, but now that you mention it, I wouldn't doubt that Troiani would leave out parts, or nudge a word or to in a direction she felt could be more 'clear' if she were so inclined.

Jeremy Travis - @Muhammad... Can you prove that she so tainted Cosby's deposition, or do you just BELIEVE that she did?

Further, IF she tainted it, what would his deposition look like if she hadn't tainted it?

Muhammad Rasheed - Jason wrote: "Jeremy Love Thank you."

Are you thanking him for his strawman? *thoughtful*

Jason wrote: "Muhammad Rasheed, that's a rather evasive and hypocritical stance for you to take, considering your earlier defense of this article."

The article authors don't have Troiani's slimeball reputation though, so I don't understand this comparison.

Jason Farmer - Again, not what I asked. I obliged your request. I ask you to return the favor. Are you denying (not have you) that is Cosby's testimony. Here are your choices:

A) Yes.
B) No.
C) I don't know.

If "A," show us some evidence to back it up. If "B" or "C," why were you speaking so matter-of-factly on the case?

Muhammad Rasheed - Jeremy wrote: "Muhammad, can you prove that she so tainted Cosby's deposition...?"

Throughout the deposition, the preparer's narrative of how she wants the reader to understand the material breaks in every 10 lines or so. Since the deposition package was actually prepared by the prosecution team itself -- and the reading media and public happens to believe EXACTLY what that narration wants them to believe -- it is obvious to me that unsealing and releasing these documents into the public tainted the entire eligible pool of potential jurors.

Jeremy Travis - Then how come Cosby's attorneys haven't set straight the record of the deposition?

Jason Farmer - @Muhammad... You've completely exposed yourself here. The deposition was not prepared by the prosecution. You are completely winging it. I'll be back. I hope you'll stop with these deflections and answer the question I posed in my last reply, or at least confess you don't possess the knowledge to have made some of the comments you did.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jason wrote: "The deposition was not prepared by the prosecution."

First page of deposition from your link:

Muhammad Rasheed - Second page of deposition from your link:

Jeremy Love - I don't see the relevance.

Muhammad Rasheed - It has Troiani's sig as the submitter.

Jeremy Love - Cosby said: 1) he gave her drugs 2) she was not fully conscious 3) he made sexual contact 4) she did not consent. No amount of "leading questions" can break that chain of events. That is a crime. If that deposition was doctored why would Cosby's legal team remain silent?

Jason Farmer - FYI (maybe TMI): I just hopped out of the shower, half dressed, and getting myself together. That should give you enough time to realize your error.

Jeremy Love - You don't understand, the deposition was for a CIVIL CASE. There is no prosecution in a civil case.

Jason Farmer - Damn it, Jeremy. 😂

Muhammad Rasheed - But they're using the deposition to influence the jurors to reach the verdict they just received.

Jason Farmer - Someone else want to handle this while I'm gone?


Muhammad Rasheed - Jeremy wrote: "Cosby said: 1) he gave her drugs 2) she was not fully conscious"

He said he gave her the pill, she examined and took it and he started touching her. How long does it take the effects to work?

Muhammad Rasheed - "HIS OWN WORDS" say he didn't give her any drugs against her will, and that he touched her seconds after she took the pill.

Muhammad Rasheed - His own words also admit that they were having an extra-marital affair, she came over for sex, and at no point (before the effects of the pill were felt) did she attempt to halt his advances.

Kenjji Jumanne-Marshall - Your mistake is that while you prosecute the victim you’re not gaining any ground in terms of his confession. Even if we dismiss everything Constand said you still have to contend with what Cosby said and if he won’t testify you have no means of doing that.

Jason Farmer - Kenjii's last comment gets at the crux of this. You're not just giving him the benefit of the doubt over what more than 40 women have alleged. You're giving him the benefit of the doubt over his own admissions.

From what I quoted alone, he admitted to buying Quaaludes for use on women he wanted to sleep with. He admitted giving Quaaludes to the woman prior to sex. She is accusing him of sexual assault. He admitted to giving Andrea Constand "pills" he claims were Benedryl, but Constand and the prosecution believe were Quaaludes or something similar. He admits he did not tell her what they were. He said he goes to sleep right away after taking two pills. He said he gave her the equivalent of one and a half, plus alcohol, prior to having sex with her.

That's just a sampling of Cosby's side of the story as concerns two accusers.

Jason Farmer -

Cosby deposition: Quaaludes came from L.A. gynecologist | SCRIBD.COM

Muhammad Rasheed - Kenjji wrote: "Your mistake is that while you prosecute the victim…”

Cosby is the victim here. The prosecution’s case is a grifter scheme.

Kenjji wrote: "…you’re not gaining any ground in terms of his confession.”

Gaining ground with whom? If you want to uncritically believe the fabricated lead-in that Troiani built from Cosby’s statement as given, then have at it. You’re allowed to be group-think stubborn as you like.

Kenjji wrote: "Even if we dismiss everything Constand said…”

And I do.

Kenjji wrote: "…you still have to contend with what Cosby said…”

Out from behind Constand’s and Troiani’s greed-fueled lens filter, what Cosby said looks different from the way you prefer to see it.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jason wrote: “You're not just giving him the benefit of the doubt over what more than 40 women have alleged. You're giving him the benefit of the doubt over his own admissions.”

Over an incident that happened 20+ yrs ago, in which he and the woman had an extra-marital affair that was based solely on the quid-pro-quo of sex for monetary favor, where we later find her acquaintances coming forward to reveal she did boast of working her celebrity mark and hoping for a big payout, and doing so from within Troiani’s grifter scheme designed to pull as many people who’d had any kind of past contact with Cosby in order to attempt to extort a $100 million settlement out of him. That, plus the documented history of white women falsely accusing Black men of rape up into the modern day, demands that I not only analyze passed what the prosecution is so desperate for me to believe, but it also demands I reserve any and all benefit of the doubt I have for the accused Black man … despite how much of a womanizing scumball he probably was during his swinger days.

Jason wrote: “From what I quoted alone, he admitted to buying Quaaludes for use on women he wanted to sleep with.”

What does that have to do with Constand?

Jason wrote: “He admitted giving Quaaludes to the woman prior to sex.”

Not Constand.

Jason wrote: “She is accusing him of sexual assault.”

She claimed many things, much of it changed over her varying accounts. *shrug*

Jason wrote: “He admitted to giving Andrea Constand ‘pills’ he claims were Benedryl, but Constand and the prosecution believe were Quaaludes or something similar.”

I have zero reason to believe them over him.

Jason wrote: “That's just a sampling of Cosby's side of the story as concerns two accusers.”

You combined two accuser testimonies to create a narrative about this case? Did you go to the same college Troiani went to?

Muhammad Rasheed - Jason linked: "Cosby deposition: Quaaludes came from L.A. gynecologist"

Oh, I thought it was going to be something real. Here. Mine are better...

1.) [for Janice Dickenson] Bill Cosby accuser admits concocting story for memoir

2.) [All the Rest] TRUTH EXPOSED: Cosby Case Corruption & Chaos

Jason Farmer - I don't know why it's titled that, but this guy just has the worst luck, doesn't he? He has affairs with so many sickly women who require medication prior to sex who all keep saying they were too drugged to give consent afterwards. I don't get it. It must be part of that Troiani plot to build a time machine to go back and hypnotize a young Bill Cosby into drugging women with sedatives prior to sex he doesn't bother waiting for consent to initiate. You know, so she can support her totally made up and identical case for her client years later, whom Cosby also acknowledges not receiving consent from after drugging her.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Your rant would be even funnier if it was true. Most of those accusers aren't even going so far as to say he raped them. They're just saying stuff so they can share in that payout Troiani was trying to extort. There's one of them--who cries on cue about it every time she's on camera-- who just says that she was uncomfortable when he was near by once.

Stop listening to these people. Listen to the RKelly accusers instead.

Jason Farmer - M. Rasheed wrote: "You combined two accuser testimonies to create a narrative about this case? Did you go to the same college Troiani went to?"

Pretty sure I broke down the circumstances of each for you, did I not? Let's not play dumb, and let's not play games. You have made, and continue to make, declarations about the Cosby rapes that are betrayed by the ignorance you've displayed of the facts.

Jason Farmer - There you go again.

Muhammad Rasheed - I hope one day you may discover what the facts of the case are to boost the value of that post. Right now it's trash.

Jason Farmer - Let's not act like I haven't been feeding you the facts.

Jason Farmer - Let's not even think to pretend that.

Muhammad Rasheed - You've bought in to a very specific interpretation of how the facts were pieced together, and I have not. That's the bottomline here.

Jason Farmer - Stop it Kanye. You thought the deposition was created by the prosecution.

Jason Farmer - That was after I had to provide you a source for Cosby's testimony..

Muhammad Rasheed - Meh. Details. Am I an attorney? It was put together by people who are on the prosecution's side of the conflict.

Jason Farmer - There was no "prosecution's" side when it was created. You fail again.

Jason Farmer - So how are you making such definitive statements when you're still playing catch-up on basic facts?

Muhammad Rasheed - You're nitpicking stuff that doesn't matter, which means my argument is stronger than yours. The fact that the prosecution's case is hinged on the very desposition doc put together by Troiani's original team that initiated this circus in the first place, is the relevant portion that backs my point.

Muhammad Rasheed - (and stop calling me 'Kanye') >:(

Jason Farmer - That accusation is comically lacking in self awareness. Also, the prosecution's case did not hinge on Troiani's doc. (Hey man, you're going all Kanye "free thinker" mode on me.)

Muhammad Rasheed - That's a false equivalency. You're nitpicking whether the deposition was important to the prosecution's case or not, and I'm saying this white woman changed her story a million times and isn't credible in her caught-out lies.

Jason Farmer - The point you keep missing is that we don't even need her story. We've been debating Cosby's own incriminating testimony. And it's not a false equivalency. You're trying to match factually supported arguments with "what if" conspiracy theories while declaring yourself not one of the sheeple as an excuse for avoiding the presented evidence.

Jason Farmer - Which again, if you were going to do that, I wish you would have been upfront about it when I originally asked you why you wanted a link.

Muhammad Rasheed - How did I avoid the presented evidence?

Jason Farmer - You are dismissing his incriminating admissions based on what if conspiracies.

Jason Farmer - Rather than deal with the admissions, you are desperately trying to impeach the source.

Jason Farmer - But more on that...

Muhammad Rasheed - Not so. You're making leaps and saying he did stuff based on the fact that he did stuff in the past. He said he did not give Constand Quaaludes, but you said you didn't believe him while you want me to take him at his admissions.

Jason Farmer - I'm addressing that now. But while I do, you are aware one rape makes you a rapist, right?

Todd Holland - @Muhammad... Massa say," Cosby's a rapist" that's it..The funny/ Sad thing is some of the same folks that are on THIS " Can't evaluate who's s saying this" bandwagon, will cry about Emmitt Till, Black Wall Street, Rosewood, and a million other cases where Black men and towns were murdered by a Woman lying about rape..I don't trust them without some proof and a fair trial.Not some four decade old hearsay in an atmosphere where you've been calling someone a rapist in popular media for the past few years.

Jason Farmer - You also did what you're accusing everyone but Team Cosby of doing in your earlier synopsis of my argument. So I'll do this again. I'm going to tell you what is referencing the 19 year old victim and when is referencing Andrea Constand.

Bill Cosby admitted buying Quaaludes (a sedative) for use on women he wanted to have sex with.

Bill Cosby admitted giving the sedative to a 19 year old woman he then had sex with.

Bill Cosby admitted he did not seek consent from the 19 year old.

Bill Cosby admitted he does not know if the 19 year old even could consent.


Bill Cosby admitted giving Andrea Constand a drug.

Bill Cosby admitted he takes that drug to go right to sleep.

Bill Cosby (late) admitted serving Constand wine with the drug.

Bill Cosby admitted Constand did not know what that drug was.

Bill Cosby admitted Constand and her mother were concerned about what drug she was given.

Bill Cosby admitted saying he would send that information on a piece of paper.

Bill Cosby admitted not following though on that.

Bill Cosby admitted having sex with Constand.

Bill Cosby admitted he did not seek consent from Constand.

Bill Cosby admitted, regarding Constand, not feeling a need to have her give consent.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jason wrote: " are aware one rape makes you a rapist, right?"

That sounds like exactly the kind of mercurial game-playing you keep snipping at me over.

Jason Farmer - LOL. That's how you take it? See my prior post.

Jason Farmer - Oh look, we got us another Kanye. Ho-ho! He's such a free thinker, unlike us sheeple who can't see how this is just like Emmitt Till. He's not a mental slave. Of course, he didn't really say jack as pertains to this case, beyond spouting irrelevant free thinker rhetoric. Quick reminder. Who is using actual evidence from this case to support their argument, and who is trying to exploit decades old cases to—what, argue Black people can never be rapists?

Jason Farmer - The media is so after Bill Cosby it took a comedian pointing out the obvious to bring light to it. Bill Cosby didn't seem to have a problem with the media when he was allowed to quietly kill off one of his accuser's stories before it could see print and replace it with his own. LMAO. Y'all acting like Bill Cosby was this unapologetically Black man the media feared. They loved his respectability politics and pound cake.

Kenjji Jumanne-Marshall - What’s really sad is the way self proclaimed pro-Black men are willing to hang yet another rapist around their neck at the expense of black women yet pretend like they’re doing it for the cause.

But the cause isn’t our struggle as a community or the defense of women from assault, it’s the defense of antiquated patriarchal oppression and Black male privilege that would dare suggest that a rape victim is just as responsible if not more for her rape than the rapist.

The rapists defense is still what was she wearing, why was she there, what was she drinking? The guy admits it and gets convicted and you’re still blaming the victim.

R. A. P. E. C. U. L. T. U. R. E.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jason wrote: “LOL. That's how you take it?”

Sure. The prosecution’s whole argument is based on that. In the disposition, that the prosecution needs me to take at Cosby’s word, he said that he gave her Benedryl, which the prosecution doesn’t want me to take at Cosby’s word. Because he used Quaaludes before, they insist he used them in this situation, too, because they need him to have so they can get their win. That’s not a strong enough argument for me for reasons already stated.

Jason wrote: “Of course, he didn't really say jack as pertains to this case…”

Sure I did. You just prefer your commitment to the prosecution’s version of events and are not even remotely open to other points of view.

Jason wrote: “Who is using actual evidence from this case to support their argument…”

That would be me. I’m using the evidence and the greater body of facts surrounding the case since I am not restricted to the biased and crooked rules of O’Neill’s court room.

Jason wrote: “…and who is trying to exploit decades old cases to…”

That would be you since you believe the other false accusers’ claims.

Jason wrote: “—what, argue Black people can never be rapists?”

My argument is that the judge, prosecution, Constand and her gang of false accusers are working a grift scheme against Bill Cosby. None of the accuser claims against Cosby are true.

Jason wrote: “…it took a comedian pointing out the obvious…”

You mean it took a comedian to popularize a rumor.

Jason wrote: “Bill Cosby didn't seem to have a problem with the media when he was allowed to quietly kill off one of his accuser's stories before it could see print and replace it with his own.”

It was rightfully killed off since it was just a money grab attempt and nothing more.

Jason wrote: “Y'all acting like Bill Cosby was this unapologetically Black man the media feared. They loved his respectability politics and pound cake.”

I don’t know who “y’all” is supposed to be, but I have no love for the meritoriously manumitted coon certified over-class of Blacks that Cosby belongs to, but there were powerful people among the multi-studio cartel that did indeed fear Cosby’s influence when he was at the height of his powers. It’s a ‘cartel’ for a reason. #NoMoreRoom

Jason Farmer - Brother, it's been over a day with no response. Are we going to be randomly coming back to this a week from now?

Here's why I mocked your response and asked if "that's how you take it." You are desperately trying to run away from Cosby being a rapist. You would rather direct your energies at nitpicking this one case with unfounded implications of a conspiracy than deal with Cosby's admission of giving a woman Quaaludes and having sex with her without bothering to get her consent or even being able to say she was of a condition to give consent.

The next few things you quoted were actually directed at your friend. But while we're there, you have not advanced an argument. You've stated an argument, but you haven't advanced it. You haven't substantiated it. You aren't trying to support your argument. You'd rather sit back and use conspiracy theories to snipe at the evidence others are using to advance their arguments.

M. Rasheed wrote: "That would be me. I’m using the evidence and the greater body of facts surrounding the case since I am not restricted to the biased and crooked rules of O’Neill’s court room."

Stop it. You've clearly demonstrated your ignorance of the facts. Anyone reading this can see you've been adopting your argument to previously unknown facts I have introduced to you. You were all about trying to question how fast Quaaludes take effect until I informed you he said he gave Constand Benedryl. Now you can't keep "Benedryl" out your mouth. But show me one post where you said that before I introduced that fact to you.

That brings me back to the ultimate point I want to make here. Because you'll just ignore a bunch of this like you've been doing and try to nitpick where you think there's an opportunity. You are way too ignorant about this case for someone who has been making the comments you have made for the past few weeks. You haven't even bothered to do your homework or show your work. You knew where you wanted to go, and you'll twist and turn, adjusting accordingly to get there. Thankfully, a person doesn't have to concede to lose an argument. I don't need a concession from you that will never come. I don't think you've really persuaded anyone here. I'm going to let the arguments speak for themselves and leave it at that. No need for me to play the lost camper in the woods circling back to the same place days later with you.

Muhammad Rasheed - That's a whole lot of words just to reaffirm your religious commitment to the prosecution's fictions. lol I'm amused at how you decided to respond to my Benedryl point, since I believe that's my strongest chess piece and wins the thread for me.

To recap, you want me to ignore all the stuff the defense revealed on Constand (that convinces me she's just another lying white woman in a long, long line of lying white women) to instead "take Cosby at his word" in the disposition, yet Cosby said he didn't give Constand Quaaludes in the disposition. Your comeback is that you don't take him at his word in the disposition while you insist that I take him at his word in the disposition. To quote Cosby from one of his classic comedy albums: "Now that's brain damage!"

To attempt to save face after this clear checkmate, you then covered over your embarrassment with a 400+ word salad and went on this tear about how I didn't even know the drug he gave her was Benadryl until you told me. Although I was aware he didn't give Constand Quaaludes, I'll admit I didn't retain the name of the drug he did mention. This is normal for me since I'm not a pill popper in general and rarely even take pain meds for the odd headache. Now that I've typed it out a few times now, I am unlikely to forget it in the future, for which I thank you.

Kenjji Jumanne-Marshall - Ok so one down and like 58 to go

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, she was already down; you lot are just so committed to 'caping for lying-ass becky' that you deliberately ignored as "conspiracy theory" the body of greater facts surrounding the case. The same is true of the other 58... their cases fell apart like Thanos' disintegration ash with even the tiniest bit of scrutiny as explained in the detailed breakdown of this Cosby scandal that you've consistently ignored over the last couple years.