Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Butthurt of Insecurity: Peter's Return

Warren Murphy - i have two new people on my heroes list: jason riley who's written a new book called "Please Stop Helping Us," and my rotten son, Brian, who took the ice cube plunge, and i now have to tell him i couldn't get a bucket big enough to engulf my whale-like frame so i'm sending off my check to als.

Muhammad Rasheed - I read Dr. Sowell's review of it. It sounds pretty good.

Dorian Yeager - Money is also good. Or so I'm told.

Brian Murphy - Did someone actually challenge you? I was afraid of killing you, so I didn't!

Peter Kaminsky - Muhammed! How I have missed your incessant ridicule and self-congratulatory posts.

Muhammad Rasheed - I only traded with you in ONE thread, Peter.

...and it took me a minute to remember which one it was.

Peter Kaminsky - I remember it.

Muhammad Rasheed - Awww. You'll be alright.

Muhammad Rasheed - Here...

Peter Kaminsky - Thank you for comforting me. You are great at making people feel good.

Muhammad Rasheed - I know.  It's a gift.

Chester Moyle - look up how Larry the cable guy did it. that will work

Peter Kaminsky - Do you have asshole cream, for your smug ass?

Muhammad Rasheed - No, I was fine. You're the one still living in the past.

Muhammad Rasheed - Relax, relate, release, Peter.

Peter Kaminsky - You want me to visit you and wipe that smug smile off your face...

Muhammad Rasheed - See, that's how people sound when they need some of that Extra Strength Butthurt Cream®.

Sounds like you're due for another dosage.

Peter Kaminsky - So, you make a living writing comedy?

Peter Kaminsky - Einstein could not explain it.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm a cartoonist. I told you.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you keep trying me? lol

Peter Kaminsky - And do you write?

Peter Kaminsky - Your cartoons?

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes.

Peter Kaminsky - And are they supposed to be funny?

Muhammad Rasheed - I've never received a single complaint.   :)

Peter Kaminsky - So, you make a living writing comedy? Even though your comedy consists, as far as I can tell, in self-congratulation and contempt for others along with a healthy dose of libel?

Peter Kaminsky - You, sir, are an asshole and an arrogant ignoramus.

Muhammad Rasheed - libel: is the communication of a false statement that harms the reputation of an individual, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation.

Be careful, Peter. It sounds like you're trying to incriminate yourself.

Peter Kaminsky - So you are a lawyer now?

Muhammad Rasheed - "Neither M. Rasheed nor any of his agents or consultants shall be liable for any improper or incorrect use of the information described and/or posted above and assumes no responsibility for anyone's use of the information."

Peter Kaminsky - So, you can say whatever you want, as long as you say you aren't responsible for it?

Peter Kaminsky - Knucklehead.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're very defamatory today. I've been noticing that about you.

Peter Kaminsky - Truth is an absolute defense to defamation.

Muhammad Rasheed - You may wish to up your Butthurt Cream Dosage. What do you say? Double?

Peter Kaminsky - No, I'm too busy being sued by a product for defaming it.

Peter Kaminsky - It was a can of shaving cream.

Muhammad Rasheed - Bye, Felisha.

Chester Moyle - Name a comedian that does not talk about people. even bob hope and the other classic comedians. talk about people. Or look at the king. Don Rickles. There is a line between comedy and slander. I told someone today that my friend 's girl was mad at him. She said she waanted to go someplace different for supper. So he took her to the kitchen. No lawsuit yet but will keep you informed

Peter Kaminsky - Well, one of the lines is comedy is funny, I think...

Peter Kaminsky - Anyway, since Mr. Rasheed is writing it, it's libel.

Muhammad Rasheed - You are the one typing all the libel, Peter.

Muhammad Rasheed - On the Internet no less.

Muhammad Rasheed - You'd better watch yourself.

Peter Kaminsky - Truth is an absolute defense...

Peter Kaminsky - You said I was fat and implied I was dishonest.

Muhammad Rasheed - I also said I was kidding.

Which one do you want to believe? The one that made it not mean anything, or the one that makes your butt hurt?

Peter Kaminsky - You were not kidding when you impugned my integrity.

Peter Kaminsky - Anyway, I'm done here.

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you talking about The 'Koran' scandal?

Peter Kaminsky - You are a smart guy, I just wish you were nicer.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't think you want to bring all of that up again. Let it go.

Muhammad Rasheed - I apologized for the 'pudgy' comment. I was kidding anyway.

Peter Kaminsky - Just forget it, Muhammed. I respect your intelligence. You gave me a good debate.

Muhammad Rasheed - I already forgot it. You're the one living in the past.

Peter Kaminsky - Ok.

Muhammad Rasheed - I am nice as long as people aren't being intellectually dishonest with me during a debate. That's a major pet peeve of mine. It's very insulting. It's like cheating in chess.

Muhammad Rasheed - NOW you're making me think about all of that stuff again, and it's annoying me.

See what you did? --->   >:(

Peter Kaminsky - I was not.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hmph.

Muhammad Rasheed - smh

Muhammad Rasheed - Bye, Felisha!

Peter Kaminsky - A I supposed to ask what that means.

Peter Kaminsky - I just complimented you.

Peter Kaminsky - What the hell, man?

Muhammad Rasheed - It took you only... what? 17 insults to get to it, too. lol

Peter Kaminsky - I am still waiting for yours, so...

Peter Kaminsky - Why don't you just say "thank you, Peter" and move on with your life?

Peter Kaminsky - Geesh.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Because I had already moved on and then here you came sneaking up on me like a crackhead...

Muhammad Rasheed - You: "What's up there, chum?  You wanna buy this VCR?"

Muhammad Rasheed - Me: "GAH!!!"

Peter Kaminsky - A crackhead?

Peter Kaminsky - Do crackheads sneak up on you often?

Muhammad Rasheed - You see the words "like a" that came before the word "crackhead?" That meant it was a simile.

Peter Kaminsky - Ok. I've figured out you are an intelligent jerk who thinks he is more intelligent than he is and who I no longer wish to engage.

Muhammad Rasheed - I have no idea whether crack is your drug of choice or not. From the look of that 'Koran' scandal photo, I'd say it was booze.

If I were to guess, that is.

Muhammad Rasheed - NOT to say you are a lush or nothing. I'm just saying.

Muhammad Rasheed - IF I had to guess. Because of. You know.


Muhammad Rasheed - Peter Kaminsky wrote: "Ok. I've figured out you are an intelligent jerk who thinks he is more intelligent than he is and who I no longer wish to engage."

You like it.

That's why you're following me around like a puppy.

(on crack)

Marsha Johnson - you are a good man Warren

Peter Kaminsky - Basil, you like to hurt people? This guy called me fat, a liar, and an alchoholic. You like to make people feel bad? You are that hateful?

Peter Kaminsky - I try to treat people respectfully, but this man, he is just hurtful, and so are you.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol

Peter Kaminsky - Why do people like to hurt people? Are they that insecure? does it give you joy.

Peter Kaminsky - This is funny?

Muhammad Rasheed - You might as well toss "extra sensitive w/cheese" on top of that pile, too.

Muhammad Rasheed - Alcohol will do that to ya.

Muhammad Rasheed - ...or so i've been told.

Peter Kaminsky - An alcoholic. Fat.

Peter Kaminsky - A liar.

Peter Kaminsky - It must hurt to be Muslim and black.

Peter Kaminsky - Do people like you?

Peter Kaminsky - Is your religion popular?

Peter Kaminsky - Were you sensitive when you went onto this page.

Peter Kaminsky - I would like to meet you.

Peter Kaminsky - Very much.

Muhammad Rasheed - It gives me joy because it gets such an exaggerated reaction out of you...

...and you keep coming back! That's the funny part. In fact, it's almost like...!  Wait...'re not beatin' off right now, are you?


Peter Kaminsky - Very much.

Muhammad Rasheed - Peter Kaminsky wrote: "It must hurt to be Muslim and black."

Actually it's awesome.

Peter Kaminsky - you are not planning to bomb a synagogue, are you?

Peter Kaminsky - Really?

Peter Kaminsky - To be so hated!

Muhammad Rasheed - Peter Kaminsky wrote: "Very much."


Muhammad Rasheed - Peter Kaminsky wrote: "you are not planning to bomb a synagogue, are you?"

Why do you give a shit? You're atheist.

Just look the other way. No skin off your yellowed teeth, amIright?

Muhammad Rasheed - Peter Kaminsky wrote: "To be so hated!"

*shrug* Meh. That's their problem, not mine.

Peter Kaminsky - The most hated group in America.

Peter Kaminsky - Oh, it is your problem.

Peter Kaminsky - That's why you like to hurt others, because you hurt.

Peter Kaminsky - It's evident from your post.

Peter Kaminsky - Your ferocious defense of your retrograde religion.

Muhammad Rasheed - And when you say "others" you mean...?

Peter Kaminsky - Look at the poll. I mean "Americans."

Muhammad Rasheed - "Ferocious?" Really?


Muhammad Rasheed - "Rrrrahh!"

Peter Kaminsky - Worse than atheists.

Peter Kaminsky - Americans don't like you.

Muhammad Rasheed - Peter Kaminsky wrote: "Worse than atheists."

There's no way.

Peter Kaminsky - Ok Cuba Gooding Jihad.

Peter Kaminsky - Look at the poll.

Muhammad Rasheed - Peter Kaminsky wrote: "Americans don't like you."

I AM an American, dummy. I like me.

Peter Kaminsky - Yes, you are. And some Americans don't like others, dummy.

Muhammad Rasheed - I like to hurt Americans?

Peter Kaminsky - 60 percent don't like you.

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, why would I care about them?

Peter Kaminsky - 60 percent of Americans do not like Muslims.

Muhammad Rasheed - *shrug*

Peter Kaminsky - Ah, but you do.

Peter Kaminsky - If you do not care, why "correct" their beliefs about Islam.

Peter Kaminsky - I know you. You are hurt by it. You want people to understand your beliefs.

Muhammad Rasheed - My job is to tell people what Islam really is. That's all. If they prefer to believe the other stuff, that's their issue. Not mine.

Peter Kaminsky - But they don't do they?

Peter Kaminsky - Because you want them to like Islam. You want them to believe in it. You do not like being misunderstood.

Peter Kaminsky - You care.

Muhammad Rasheed - That's the lesson of the prophets in scripture. They were not responsible for what people did once they received the message.

Muhammad Rasheed - Very important concept.

Peter Kaminsky - And it hurts you that you think people do not understand.

Peter Kaminsky - So you hurt others.

Peter Kaminsky - You like to hurt others because you hurt.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me this: Are you an ex-Jew turned atheist?

Peter Kaminsky - If Mohammed teaches love, teaches not to be suspicious, preaches tolerance...

Peter Kaminsky - If so, look at yourself and you embody those concepts?

Peter Kaminsky - Do you?

Peter Kaminsky - You are hurting me and you like it.

Peter Kaminsky - Is that what Islam is about?

Peter Kaminsky - You think its funny.

Muhammad Rasheed - I ask because I noticed that you will sometimes miss things that I would think a former Jew should really KNOW. You get me? Did you ever study scripture, or no?

Peter Kaminsky - You don't ask.

Peter Kaminsky - You lash out in pain.

Peter Kaminsky - Behind your smile is pain.

Peter Kaminsky - I know that pain.

Peter Kaminsky - Some people just like to hurt.

Peter Kaminsky - You like it because you feel vilified.

Muhammad Rasheed - Peter Kaminsky wrote: "You are hurting me and you like it."

Here's the thing, Peter: I'm not hurting you. And you AREN'T that sensitive.

What you are doing is trying to figure me out, and crack my code, so to speak. We're just playing chess. That's why you're following me around, you want to get inside and get one on me so you can save face from my victories over you. I get it.

Muhammad Rasheed - And it's cool.

Peter Kaminsky - How can you tell me how I feel?

Muhammad Rasheed - It's easy.

Muhammad Rasheed - You telegraph your moves... clear as a blaring noise.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm game. Throw down your rod.

Peter Kaminsky - It's not cool to me, Muhammed. So I am asking you to stop it.

Peter Kaminsky - You are not game. You do not want to debate.

Muhammad Rasheed - Sure, I do. But we aren't debating right now. We're just talking.

Peter Kaminsky - You want to hurt.

Peter Kaminsky - You want to feel superior because you are insecure.

Peter Kaminsky - I am asking you, if you want to debate, do it without assaulting people's integrity. Do it without saying hurtful things.

Muhammad Rasheed - Empty talk, while you clumsily attempt to probe inside my psyche.

Peter Kaminsky -You started by questioning my integrity and declaring yourself a winner.

Peter Kaminsky - So tell me then...

Peter Kaminsky - Why do you like to hurt?

Peter Kaminsky - I tell you I am hurt, and you like it. Why?

Muhammad Rasheed - Peter Kaminsky wrote: "I am asking you, if you want to debate, do it without assaulting people's integrity."

Don't compromise your integrity where I will notice. Either keep it tight, or be more clever with your foolishness.   ;)

Peter Kaminsky wrote: "Do it without saying hurtful things."

You're not the boss of me, Peter Kaminsky.

Muhammad Rasheed - Peter Kaminsky wrote: "I tell you I am hurt, and you like it. Why?"

Primarily because of a solid wall of indifference... 

It's been a while since I've dealt with a debate partner like you, whose primary argument tool is sort of a weaponized annoyance.  I would imagine it's probably similar to trading barbs with Woody Allen.  Or Meyer Lansky.

Muhammad Rasheed - Off the top of my head.

Peter Kaminsky - You questioned it, and I responded with a picture of the Koran which you said I was lying about having. Your initial response was not a logical one. It was to insult me. 

Peter Kaminsky - So you don't care about saying hurtful things? 

Peter Kaminsky - You don't care how you make people feel? 

Peter Kaminsky - I'm really asking? 

Peter Kaminsky - I want to know? 

Muhammad Rasheed - Peter Kaminsky wrote: "You questioned it, and I responded with a picture of the Koran which you said I was lying about having. Your initial response was not a logical one. It was to insult me."

Do you REALLY want to open that case up again? I do still have a whole lot more questions about it, that I was willing to let slide. Are you sure? 

Peter Kaminsky - I am asking if you care about whether or not you hurt people? 

Peter Kaminsky - I do not want to hurt people. 

Muhammad Rasheed - Peter Kaminsky wrote: "You don't care how you make people feel?"

When I was a kid, my folks taught me a saying: "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." 

Peter Kaminsky - Not everybody is you. 

Peter Kaminsky - Do you care? 

Muhammad Rasheed - I took it to heart, and consequently, have a very low tolerance for whining about "words" over the Internet. Particularly from grown men. 

Peter Kaminsky - You have still not answered my question. 

Muhammad Rasheed - I would dial it back if I were you. 

Peter Kaminsky - I don't respond well to threats. 

Muhammad Rasheed - ...unless you want to order another case of Butthurt cream. 

Peter Kaminsky - And dial back what? 

Peter Kaminsky - I am not insulting you. 

Muhammad Rasheed - What are you going to do? Tell me how hurt you are some more? 

Muhammad Rasheed - Do it. I'm RIVETED.

Peter Kaminsky - You seem to be the only one who thinks you won that debate. 

Peter Kaminsky - Still have not answered the question. 

Peter Kaminsky - You know why? 

Muhammad Rasheed - When people fade away and leave it means they lost. 

Peter Kaminsky - Because you do not care. 

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay, which question? 

Peter Kaminsky - Or they don't want to engage with someone who is not worth their time. 

Muhammad Rasheed - Or that. lol 

Muhammad Rasheed - My money's on the first. 

Peter Kaminsky - I don't debate with two-year olds. It does not mean they won. 

Muhammad Rasheed - What was this question? 

Peter Kaminsky - Do you like to hurt people? 

Muhammad Rasheed - That was a real question? 

Muhammad Rasheed - No, I don't like to hurt people. 

Muhammad Rasheed - Peter Kaminsky wrote: "And dial back what?"

The pseudo-psychological talk. It doesn't mean anything to me.

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