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The Mayweather Arrogance: Real or Projected Haterade?

Salvant Breaux - I really would like to know how much of the Floyd hatred and rhetoric do you guys think comes from the fact that he is a young rich Black Man from the hood with limited education and yet he possesses exceptional business's just a question and a thought that kinda jumped in my mind that has to do with the money aspect. ..not saying it's true but it's just a question

Keenan Reeves - That's exactly the reason

Joe Pounds - I think for some people that is the real reason why they dislike Floyd. I think for others that "I got money" schtick gets old after a while.

Kyle Richard - It's really not. It's his attitude; his overall behavior. It's not because he's black and does well for himself. I don't think he's ever been able to shake his heel image. Sometimes he's eloquent in interviews, other times he sounds ignorant and immature. He burns money. He's been accused several times of abusing women. He talks a lot of shit... and, of course, he's constantly accused of ducking opponents.

David Howard - You absolute prick.

Pete De Prince - I think more of it comes from over prideful phillipinos and butthurt pac fans. Almost every boxer has came from very little and a good majority are black. People will get on Floyd's case for being a cocky douchebag then praise fighters like Ali, naz, rjj and so on. Pure hypocrisy.

Salvant Breaux - @Keenan I'm not gonna go that far but I'm starting to think it plays a larger role then most expect it does on a very subconscious level

Kyle Richard - It's not because he's black.

Brandon Stewart - I think his bad ass...

David Howard - Why would anyone respond to this crap with a serious reply? It warrants nothing.

Salvant Breaux - Okay this is not about Floyd vs. Manny not at all this is about the fact that NO MATTER who he fights they always talk about how much much he is making it always no matter what boils down to how much he is making and and how little the other guy always comes doe to the business aspect.... the only reason that you hear the business aspect of it is because Floyd is a young black guy who learned that he didn't need a promoter and because of that he doesn't have an extra pair of hands in his pocket so they wanna say he is greedy but in reality if he had the promoter he would ask for the split that's he wants and he would get it but he would be splitting the cash with someone else and that's the problem he cut out the middle man and they can't stand to see all that money going to Floyd but it would still be the same amount they just don't like taking a beating in the boardroom from a young black dude

Tom Kavanagh - I agree with Kyle Richard

Charlie Hustle - People loved Ali, Tyson, Leonard, Hagler, Hearns. All black, all talk trash, all fly & flashy in their own way. The difference is that they put up or shut up.

Keenan Reeves - David Howard if you don't like the topic don't fucking comment

Keenan Reeves - Floyd Mayweather sells entertainment that's why he makes so much money you either love him or hate him. but at the end of the day you watch him.

Craig McClary - @Charlie Hustle…Ray Leonard was way worse. He ducked hagler way more than may ducked pac so he never put up and shut up

Salvant Breaux - Never mind I thought I could have an honest thoughtful conversation in here about boxing politics and race and see what people thought it wasn't about race I'm using this in concert with something more subliminal. ..but the intelligence , honesty or open mindedness doesn't allow for this kind of thought provoking paradigm shift in here.....I just find it funny that all these leagues NFL, NBA, MLB, Not to mention soccer in other countries but all these black millionaires in here leagues and no minority owners and Jay-Z and the rest don't count....but when we look at the world's highest paid athlete he is considered selfish, greedy, Arrogant and he is all of those things it's his personality...but when we talk about is business acumen we go back to our overall hatred of him and his personality flaws...and never consider that he wants more money because he is acting as fighter and promoter. ...he deserves that on both ends

Keenan Reeves - Salvant Breaux your right

Adam Corley-Jabbar - Charlie Hustle put it best. Although I do think it has alot to do with his current fighting style. .people tend to forget he took all the tough fights at super featherweight. Corrales n manfredy wer genuine 50-50 fights not to mention genaro hernandez rip. He just won so easily it takes away from his legacy that they weren't tougher fights..also the inability to get the Pacquaio fight done hurts his popularity...hes fought plenty of excellent fighters and thrashed alot of them. ..if they'd been wars and had to come back from adversity he'd of got more respect.

Kyle Richard - @Salvant Breaux I see where you're coming from, and that's an interesting point.

Joe Pounds - He is definitely an intelligent businessman no question about that.But I can also see how some dont care for him and those folks have good reason.

Charlie Hustle - I agree with that about Hagler Craig McClary. That's the one a asterisk I have for Leonard. He waited too long to take that fight and I'm still torn on the outcome. Leonard throwing pitter pat flurries at the :10 mark doesn't do it for me.

Van Cleef - I have absolutely no problem with his success, in fact he's set an excellent example for all athletes on how to market yourself and be successful at it. I also think he's one of the greatest defensive fighters of all time. But with that said, I find his personality absolutely classless. There's a lot of people with a lot more money than him who don't brag and boast about it.

Craig McClary - He also ducked aaron pryor throughout his career also

Tallahassee Hancock - Hes an asshole who beats women. He's a coward. And that had nothing to do with being black or rich.

Keenan Reeves - @Adam Corley-Jabbar I agree with you. But he did have his fair share of wars and overcame adversities in a number of fights

Tommy Munro - HE is not an intelligent businessman....only thing he decides is what cars he wants to buy with his play money...there is a very expensive & financially competent team in the backround making ALL of Floyds business decisions.

Adam Corley-Jabbar - @Keenan Reeves u right but people have selective memory considering floyds career. Chavez, Augustus, Hatton just 3 that spring to mind

Keenan Reeves - @Tommy Munro he'll be the first to tell you he has a great team behind him

Keenan Reeves - @Adam Corley-Jabbar …mosley, judah, corley, midiana 2

Jasper Driver - Al Haymon is more hated than Floyd because he has got boxing by the balls

Salvant Breaux - But he didn't have that team in place when he decided to ditch Uncle Bob....but hey it was just a point that came to mind people went too far like I said this was just a hypothesis. ....based on his level of perceived greed when it comes to how much he makes for his fights that's all
Patrick Merkel - It's because the "money" thing is old as the hills. Floyd, we get you like and have money. Everyone likes money. You can talk about something else once in a while.

Ian Holmes - @Salvant Breaux That's exactly what it is!!

David Howard - Keenan Reeves, why bring race into it? And I'll comment on anything I wish.

Feel free to pipe down bitch and fuck off.

Or did I only say that to you because you're black? Absolutely ridiculous question.

Is there anything else we can pull the race card on?

Salvant Breaux - my question isn't about his fights, it isn't about his personal shit outside the ring I'm asking what do people think about his business savvy having to do with his hate and how he is painted as being greedy

Patrick Merkel - I like Floyd and he's earned his money and can live anyway he wants. Most of the hate is in his own mind used a motivational tool.

Charlie Hustle - @Salvant Breaux......bruh, next time be direct about what you want to discus. Peoples feelings on an individual fighter vs the politics of sports is two completely different conversations.

Natasha Olleia - For me, none. My vitriol comes from the fact that he is a woman-beater and a narcissistic pig.

David K A Roulland - Beating women and acting like an arrogant prick, always makes me dislike someone for some reason. I dont give a fuck what country people are from, what race they are, or what economic status they grew up in , some people are pricks, and some people are good, I think most people think in the same way.

Patrick Merkel - Before he became "money may weather" he was more likeable I would say. Maybe the money changed his personality

Salvant Breaux - @David Howard it is so very unfortunate that your limited evel of intellectual ability won't allow you to understand the nature of this conversation. ...the race card hasn't been pulled I asked a question regarding race, as it pertains to social stratification and ones ability to accept individual outcomes outside of those perceived roles

Mike Fortson - Why's it always gotta go to the race card. People don't like Floyd because he's a dick NOT because he's black SMDH

Charlie Hustle - Boxing fans want good fights. We don't really care how they get done.

Wayne Smith - Lots of Top Business Men .. Are not very good with letters .. But Extremely good with numbers ..

Charlie Hustle - Everything is political and involves money. Floyd changed the game and some people can't stand it, but it probably has more to do with promoters not getting their hands on his money than it being a personal issue.

Salvant Breaux - @Patrick Merkel when PBF came to welterweight he couldn't get any more fights they started ducking him so he became the man in the black hat in order to see the fights...but I'm not starting that conversation on this thread some of you people can't be objective for shit

Salvant Breaux - @Charlie Hustle that's my point the fact that the promoters out out so much bullshit about his greed stems from the fact that he is walking away with more money then them and they can't stand it

Patrick Merkel - Ok, but what does that have to do with the fans? We aren't promoters? He isn't taking my money.

Cynthia Marcoux - @Salvant Breaux How can you be objective while you're pretending to know that they started ducking him? Were you behind the scene as they were negociating?

Charlie Hustle - I can't say its race tho', Salvant Breaux. Old money always hates new money because they missed the boat. If he was a young white boxer taking money out of their pocket & had the same attitude, they would hate him too.

Mel Turner - Has absolutely nothing to do with him being a rich Black Man!!! dont know why you have to bring the race issue into it?!! Personally I dont understand how everyone can support a guy who has a big track record in beating up women and in the case where he ended up in prison for it...threatened two of his kids he claims to love!! Even forgetting the guys arrogance, he is just an obnoxious, unpleasant bloke.

Salvant Breaux - @Cynthia Marcoux I know what came out of their mouths.....they ducked him Oscar, Shane, Kostya Tszyu...not to mention the Prince and Stevie Johns

Salvant Breaux - @Charlie damn sure don't like niggas with new money....ijs

Patrick Merkel - Holyfield was a very rich black fighter who was beloved. I believe it's more Floyd's attitude. As I stated before his persona doesn't really bother me.

Salvant Breaux - @Mel Turner your missing my point bro I'm not bring race into it you need to read further into the thread I explained it pretty concisely
Patrick Merkel - If I had Floyd's money you can bet I wouldn't be driving a Camry either.. My suits would be custom made too. Maybe I am part black? :P

Salvant Breaux - everybody loved Pretty Boy Floyd the Olympian. ...ijs

Wayne Smith - Unfortunately when the get that rich .. They lose touch with reality .. Mike Tyson .. Michael Jackson etc

Salvant Breaux - Patrick you're such an arse bwahahahahahahaha

Patrick Merkel - hahahaha Nice cars and nice clothes would be part of the deal

David Howard - Yes Salvant, my "limited evel"

My limited what??

Keenan Reeves - @David Howard maybe you think all people from the "HOOD" are pricks white, black, Asian etc.

Mike Fortson - How'd he duck Oscar I'm sure they fought

Mike Fortson - How'd Oscar duck him rather

Ian Holmes - @Wayne Smith depends how u look at it.. That's their reality!

David Howard - No not all, I myself am from the hood, born in Mexico, raised in L.A.

Well, born and raised in England, but that's pretty similar, right??

Tommy Munro - His success is undenyable....but its the arrogance (not the confidence....the arrogance) that has made him so many haters. And i dont think race is a factor (but i´m not from the US so i cant gauge the feeling there)

Salvant Breaux - you guys missed the point. ....and Oscar ducked him for what over 5 yrs and Shane for like 8 yeah ijs

Salvant Breaux - Kyle Richard is the only person to see where I was TRYING to go with this guys took it other places

Tom Kavanagh - Well i think you got a definitive answer don't you?

Patrick Merkel - I think I missed the point

Salvant Breaux - Patrick nope actually you're pretty funny...can I have a BMW please and a tailor made sharks skin suit or two

Jerry Landry - So sick of these bullshit, blame race for people not liking floyd, plenty of young rich black dudes from the hood in boxing and other sports and yet floyd is the one who gets the hatred . Figure it out yourself

Patrick Merkel - Sure. I think Floyd is in Aston Martin territory now. BMW is for the common man lol

Brandon Cavanaugh - Grand rapids aint the hood js

Salvant Breaux - @Jerry Landry that's not the question I'm asking .....smmfh....why don't you read it again...smmfh

Patrick Merkel - Grand Rapids has a black section

Brandon Cavanaugh - I knowi just was there last weekend

Tommy Munro - @Salvant...over 75 said only 1 (Kyle) has understood?....could it be that the problem is the ambiguity of the question itself?...or are you just too clever for all of us?

Patrick Merkel - Well Brandon it looked hood to me when I was there.

Salvant Breaux - Grand Rapids is very racially segregated I lived there most of my life

Salvant Breaux - Tommy Munro maybe if you go back and read my comments again it won't be so ambiguous

Tommy Munro - Thats what you´ve told about 15 others on this many more before you edit it?

Salvant Breaux - either they are incredibly stupid or have poor comprehensive skills why is it that one person got it and the rest didn't. ....or is it the fact that when race is brought up people automatically become hyper defensive about their views

Jerry Landry - @Salvant Breaux because your constant looking for excuses other than the dude is an ass , as to why floyd is not liked is weak at best. floyds race , lack of education and business savy have nothing to do with fans feelings for floyd. first of all business savy is not something you learn in school so his education dosen't come into play, nor does his race. like i already said floyd is not the only black athlete from the hood with poor education who is business savy, yet he is the one people hate. signs are all there yet you are the only one who can't see them. so smh smh right back at ya rev al.

Keenan Reeves - Everybody likes to talk about how much of an ass he is but he has some good qualities too

Muhammad Rasheed - It's a double-standard that is cultural as reflected in the mainstream. I strongly suspect it is part of the American racism legacy. If a black man doesn't act humble and downplay his skills/talents, the mainstream refers to him as "arrogant." The exact same behavior in a white celebrity is not treated the same way.

For example, the "showboating" dance that is normal for fighters who rely on counter-striking... obviously they do it to goad the opponent into attacking so they can take advantage of the opening. When blacks do it it's called "arrogance," and solicits instant boos from the white audience, but when white athletes do it it's called "goading the opponent into attacking so they can take advantage of the opening," and considered "smart" and "intelligent" strategy.

Salvant Breaux - They missing the point I wasn't even talking about the personal aspects of his personality I was talking about his perceived GREAT and the dislike of him...say what you might but he is the only black from a bad neighborhood with little education that calls his own shots and doesn't have promoters agents etc dipping in his pockets and I think that plays into it a little bit more than we know when it comes to the media persona given to his business side

Jerry Landry - lmao at people alays looking for deeper meaning into why floyd isn't liked. some celebrities are assholes and people dont like them for any other reason than the fact that they are assholes.

Muhammad Rasheed - There's nothing wrong with Floyd's attitude. He gets more crap for his "arrogance" than Andrew Golota got for being a complete jackass. Double-standards.

Keenan Reeves - Jerry Landry are you racist?

Salvant Breaux - Never fucking mind you bring up race and people get upset. ..smmfh. ....that's why this country won't heal because people can't be honest about the racial bias that still exists. ..that's all I'm saying if he had asked for a 60/40 or even a 70/30 deal and he had a promoter this fight would have been made a long ass time ago....because they wouldn't care about the bulk of the money going to Floyd because the promoter gets his cut out of that....but when there is all that money going essentially to one person that's why it's a problem especially a young arrogant black with no education. whites have made their money for a long time off of this game and Floyd cut them.out and because of it he is the highest paid athlete every damn year tour missing the subtleties of what I'm trying to convey all you see is that I said one word BLACK

Jerry Landry - oh i get it now floyd is hated because hes a black dude who dosent let people dip in his pockets.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jerry Landry wrote: "lmao at people alays looking for deeper meaning into why floyd isn't liked. some celebrities are assholes and people dont like them for any other reason than the fact that they are assholes."

There’s always a reason. Your penchant for wanting to superstitiously chalk it up to 'magic' doesn't mean there isn't an actual psychological reason behind why certain people respond to certain people the way they do.

Salvant Breaux - ^^^^Bingo^^^^ Muhammad

Jerry Landry - this country wont heal because people like you always crying wolf, seeing racism when it;s not there kind of makes us not see it when it is there.

Salvant Breaux - Jerry it's ALWAYS here

Salvant Breaux - It's never left

Muhammad Rasheed - @Salvant... Whites like to pretend that they are the good guys in the story, so they hate when the 'race' thing comes up and forces them to look at the reality of the issue. They will never admit to what an objective view reveals as patently obvious.

Jerry Landry - its not there in this case

Keenan Reeves - Jerry Landry is a racist!!!! point blank period

Jerry Landry - @Muhammad Rasheed. the fact that what you wrote is well written dosen't make what you are saying any less ridiculous.

Jerry Landry - Keenan Reeves is a complete fucking idiot, point blank period.

Salvant Breaux - people like you think Zimmerman wasn't guilty because he defended himself from an attack...and so he stood his ground...what happened to Trayvon right to stand his ground on a cold rainy night at the age of 17 being followed by someone he doesn't know he takes off running and the guy starts running as well...doesn't he have a right to defend himself...NO he doesn't cause he is dead and the man who killed him walked free...warming to anybody don't ever follow me home cause I fight exceptionally well and I carry registered .45

Keenan Reeves - Lol

Keenan Reeves - Jerry Landry lmao at least I'm not a racist

Jerry Landry - oh chris get off your fucking soap box sal this is a boxing thread, now you wanna bring trayvon into a floyd discussion.

Keenan Reeves - Jerry Landry You have to live with the fact that you have hate in your heart not me

Jerry Landry - oh chris get off your fucking soap box sal this is a boxing thread, now you wanna bring trayvon into a floyd discussion.

Keenan Reeves - Jerry Landry You have to live with the fact that you have hate in your heart not me

Jerry Landry - hates a little strong kennan, i dont hate floyd just don't like what know of him. never met him and never will so i can only go by what he shows the public and what he shows the public is an asshole, just the fact that the dude can't even hold on to his own friends tells me something.

Tommy Munro - ....and the winner is:....Charles Greaves.. who correctly predicted where this thread was going to end up...Well Done.

Salvant Breaux - Jerry you know I have to stir the pot in order to get your brain working on all cylinders my dear friend I'm trying to get you to start looking at things differently

Muhammad Rasheed - lol @ Tommy

Muhammad Rasheed - @Salvant - GOOD LUCK!

Muhammad Rasheed - smh

Salvant Breaux - this is NOT where Charles Greaves thought the thread was going. ....I KNOW where he thought it was going I'm steering rather well follow me Tommy you might learn something

Jerry Landry - and keenan im not one of those white boys who folds the minute a black dude calls me a racist, im not one but it dosen't bother me even a little bit if you or anyone thinks i am. im not going to do the dance so many other whites do to defend that accusation.

Muhammad Rasheed - ^He's the kind that shoves his fingers in his ears and thinks happy thoughts...

David Howard - The Carlton dance?

Keenan Reeves - Jerry you know what you are

Salvant Breaux - Jerry Landry is not racist not by any stretch of the imagination. ...a little ummm jaded maybe ever so slightly and definitely stubborn but not a racist and he doesn't fold

Jerry Landry - i know what u are keenan, and thats what really counts.

Muhammad Rasheed – ^(the n-word…?)

Jerry Landry - Muhammad Rasheed shoves his fingers in his ears and uses race as an exuse and a reason for everything and anything.

Muhammad Rasheed - In America it almost IS the reason for any and everything.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's our number one export.

Jerry Landry - so move then

Muhammad Rasheed - Why?

Jerry Landry - why what?

Muhammad Rasheed - Why should I move because you advised it?

Salvant Breaux - jeeze now you guys are going to far

Salvant Breaux - I'm gonna delete the thread if you can't calm it down

Jerry Landry - im not advisng anything , your more than welcome here , just seems if i felt the way you do i would move. when i go to a party or a club and it sucks i leave, sounds to me like you think america sucks .

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you assume that my being willing to talk about the race issue means I want to leave my country?

Muhammad Rasheed - You don't find that unreasonable?

Muhammad Rasheed - Should I advise you to leave America every time you complain about any of your pet peeves? How would I sound?

Muhammad Rasheed - Is that a preprogrammed thing to say to black people when they talk about something that makes you feel uncomfortable? "Go back to Africa?"

That's a racist trait, Jerry. Don't do that, please.

Jerry Landry - my pet peeves have nothing to with america, sounds like yours do.

Muhammad Rasheed - So you admit "racism" is an American thing, hm?

Salvant Breaux - I sounds to me like the global perspective from everyone is that America sucks...ijs

Muhammad Rasheed - America is great, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have pros & cons like everywhere else.

Patrick Merkel - Racism is a worldwide thing

Muhammad Rasheed - Who else goes around telling people to "so move" whenever they vent about a pet grievance?

I only know one demographic that routinely does that to a certain other demographic on a specific topic.

Muhammad Rasheed - Patrick Merkel wrote: "Racism is a worldwide thing"

I know. I said it was America's number one export. It spread faster as the world began to shrink with the rise of the telecommunications tech.

Jerry Landry - you fell for the trap i set, Muhammad Rasheed i am deeply disapointed in you, i knew when i said leave you would twist it into go back to africa even though i never once mentioned africa. you are so brainwashed with your racial bullshit that you put words and thoughts into my mouth that were not there. get your fucking head out of the sand muhamad , stop twisting everything into race. iv'e said the same thing to white people who bitch about the country, i say the same thing to coworkers who bitch about our job. stop putting words into my mouth muhamad thats a racist trait dont do that please. and no i dont admit that racism is an american thing you are the one who said its our number one export. and if you were half as smart as you think you are you would know that racism is not exlusive to america it's a worldwide thing.and it didn;t stary here

Jerry Landry - im out love to sit here all day and debate race but i thought this was a boxing site , but there are always spammers pushing their agenda , i i wanted to debate this bullshit i would join a political or social site.

Charles Greaves - Holy shit! You leave the internet for a few hours and look what happens. Hahahaha. I knew this would go down the tubes.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jerry Landry wrote: “you fell for the trap i set, Muhammad Rasheed”

Am I supposed to believe you know what a trap is?

Jerry Landry wrote: “i am deeply disapointed in you…”

In a person you don’t know from Adam? Really? How does that work?

Jerry Landry wrote: “i knew when i said leave you would twist it into go back to africa even though i never once mentioned africa.”

When a certain demographic tells a certain other demographic to “so move” when the latter makes them uncomfortable on a specific topic, it has always meant “go back to Africa.” Every single time.

Jerry Landry wrote: “you are so brainwashed with your racial bullshit…”

No. I’m brainwashed with your peoples’ racial bullshit. You invented it, remember? Chattel slavery delegated to one particular race was your idea inflicted on me. Did you forget so soon?

Jerry Landry wrote: “…that you put words and thoughts into my mouth that were not there.”

They’re always there. Don’t be silly. It’s me.

Jerry Landry wrote: “…get your fucking head out of the sand muhamad”

Of all the people you “know,” Jerry, I’m the one who doesn’t have his head in the sand.

Jerry Landry wrote: “…people , stop twisting everything into race.”

Do you know what it’s called when the racially privileged class tells the racially disenfranchised class that? Racism. Get your head out of the sand.

Jerry Landry wrote: “iv'e said the same thing to white people who bitch about the country…”

lol And I’m sure it sounded just as intelligent as you sound in this thread, too. hahahaha

Jerry Landry wrote: “…i say the same thing to coworkers who bitch about our job. stop putting words into my mouth muhamad thats a racist trait dont do that please.”

Then try harder to say what you actually mean.  ;)  [trap set]

Jerry Landry wrote: “and no i dont admit that racism is an american thing”

Yes, you did. #integrityCheck

Jerry Landry wrote: “you are the one who said its our number one export.”

It is. Ask me how.

Jerry Landry wrote: “…and if you were half as smart as you think…”


Are you peeking at me as we take a piss at the urinals? EYES FRONT, F*CKER!

Jerry Landry wrote: “…you are you would know that racism is not exlusive to america it's a worldwide thing.”

Of course, because America exported it out to the rest of the world. That’s the third “export” reference thus far. Do y’all even know what “export” means? geez…

Salvant Breaux - Charles Greaves swear I thought I could contain it

Muhammad Rasheed - Boxing is inherently racially polarized. Just let it go, dude. lol

Tom Kavanagh - Boxing is universal kid wake up

Charles Greaves - Hahaha. It's all good, Salvant. It was a pipe dream, my friend.

Muhammad Rasheed - Universally polarized by race & ethnicity.

Salvant Breaux - Muhammad swear I love you......omg we will have sooooooooooooooooooooo much fun on my page

Muhammad Rasheed  - :D

Muhammad Rasheed - lol

Tom Kavanagh - You got issues Muhammad...

Tommy Munro - Sooooo....lets round this one up guys: Who´s better...Blacks or Whites?

Muhammad Rasheed - I LOOOVE it when mental midgets call me retarded.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's AWESOME.

Charles Greaves - AAAAANNND DONE!

Muhammad Rasheed - lol @ Tommy (again)

Salvant Breaux - we are all human

Muhammad Rasheed - Jerry is human?

Muhammad Rasheed - I think I'd need to see some papers...

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