Friday, September 11, 2015

SNEAK PEEK! Tales of Sinanju: The Destroyer, book six "Eviction Notice"

Tales of Sinanju: The Destroyer, book six “Eviction Notice”
SLACKER NATION - The over-educated, cynical, and furious Calle White leads the voice of his generation. Demanding an equal share of the massive wealth enjoyed by the smallest percentage of the nation's populace, the angry 'Squatters' gather at a bemused and irritated Wall Street, refusing to leave until the balance of power changes. Dr. Harold W. Smith considers the group ultimately harmless, until Mr. Gordons shows up, attracted to the demonstrators' message of an ascended survival into true prosperity. Lending his potent voice to that of an already agitated crowd, Remo and Chiun find that they really have to stay focused or the desperate robot just might even the score.
Graphic novels
6.14” x 9.21”
Perfect binding
66 pages, b&w interiors

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The True Meaning of "Playing the Race Card"

Muhammad Rasheed - I don’t respect the charge of “playing the race card.” It’s childish. Just a tantrum basically, and on a similar level of foolishness as that phony “All Lives Matter” tripe.

In the Old South, whenever local Whites would come across a visiting Black person who did not act like the local Blacks who had been thoroughly trained in how Whites preferred (demanded) to be acknowledged by them, they would confront him:

“Where you from, boy? We do things different around here. We don’t need no uppity niggras stirring up trouble among our good niggras. Git on now. GIT! Or we’ll give YOU some trouble. Are you eyeballing me, boy?”

This is exactly what that “playing the race card” comment means.

It is no secret that the European, in a handful of centuries, has dominated the world using methods involving colonialism, mass chattel enslavement, and exploitation of the world’s non-white population. These methods allowed him to generate enormous wealth on an unheard of scale which he used to monopolize the global economy by enslaving and/or destroying the competing nations. Originally this was done under the European-interpreted Christian banner, but very quickly it turned into something else. Europe versus the world was no less than "white versus non-white" to him, and obviously he found the concept attractive.

Despite their fighting among themselves, the European nations were still able to come together under a ‘white supremacist’ philosophy which is the cornerstone of their global domination, conspicuously absent from all of their own philosophy literature. Among themselves they determined the nature and status of the world’s non-whites, and among themselves they decided what the rules were going to be in the relationship they forced upon them.

These rules are the racism-based social contract between the privileged White conqueror race and the subjugated, exploited non-white peoples, and involve the Whites being allowed to pretend “things are natural and just the way they are,” with the European ethnic groups living a fantasy that they are inherently superior, that they are the only real humans, and that the non-whites should just live the lives and social order the conqueror has given him without complaint or resistance of any kind. He wants to pretend there is no racism, and that he is the good guy of the human story, and everything that happened is best that it happened because he benefited. If the non-white complains about his behavior – violating the racial contract that the White conqueror dreamed up and imposed – then it forces Whites to look at the dirty part of history he’s trying not to look at, and in fact, is actively seeking to retcon out of recorded history (“Genocide? That word is too strong, don’t you think?” “Slavery wasn’t that bad. Africans had slaves, too, right? So what’s the problem?”).

He calls foul when you shine a spotlight on the racism foundation, beams, poles and studs that are propping up his whole system, because it violates the racial contract. "Hey! You’re not playing along!" Every time he says “Oh Ho! This one likes to play the race card!” it means “I thought we had an understanding?! Stop looking behind the curtain and play the game as I set it out. Your opinions about what is fair or not are not welcome. This is MY world, boy, not yours; you had your day!”

In playing along with the terms of the non-white side of the racial contract, all he wants for you to do is use your strengths for his benefit. He enslaved and conquered the world to keep you from competing with him for world power, so he certainly isn’t interested in you using your strengths to help yourself. No. Use your strengths and talents to help him figure out how to dominate the non-white peoples more effectively. Any complaining about the conqueror race’s violent treatment of you, about the unfairness of his exploitative system so he alone can reap the benefits of the privileged class, or especially any talk of you using your own talents and skills to pull yourself out from under his system, is “playing the race card” and in invoking this charge, he is telling you to stop it and know your place... the place he designated for you when he conquered you.

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