Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The Glossary of Misdirection


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "The Glossary of Misdirection." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 01 Jul 2021. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

This #MRasheedCartoons image was inspired by how the white racist run mass media has appropriated the term "woke" to use for their nonsense. See my #3 bullet in this Notes While Observing link.

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Unholy Church of the Hoarding Monopolists


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Unholy Church of the Hoarding Monopolists." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 30 Jun 2021. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

This #MRasheedCartoons image was inspired by my being called "idiot" and/or "moron" by the lower to mid-level ranks of the white racist aristocracy in response to my anti-racism advocacy. Of course they can't logically justify it – or refuse to because of how it will look – so on the surface, it looks like a thinly-veiled physical threat from that crowd for the usual reasons.

But if we go deeper, what does it really mean to call me an idiot/moron for fighting for economic emancipation out from under a demonically selfish hoarding monopolists exploitation machine? Is it really "stupid" to fight against evil? Of course it isn't stupid to push towards the freedom, so to call me stupid for wanting it is no less than a tantrum – a trait of greedy entitlement from my money-worshiping foe.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Economic Emancipation is Being Mean & Selfish to the Entitled White Rich


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Economic Emancipation is Being Mean & Selfish to the Entitled White Rich." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 29 Jun 2021. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

This #MRasheedCartoons image was created following the thread of a previous cartoon, where we showed that the entitlement held by the modern white racist aristocracy is no different than that of those slave holders who demanded compensation for the freeing of the enslaved Black Americans they exploited for free labor and plundered of their inheritance. Continuously bringing up the fictitious "irish slavery" and always asking what THEY are going to get from the Reparations deal, reveals their Über-greedy hand.

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Monday, June 28, 2021

The Disfunction of Our Peculiar Normal


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "The Disfunction of Our Peculiar Normal." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 28 Jun 2021. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

This #MRasheedCartoons image was inspired by the exploitative nature of American "business" practices. Combined of an amalgam of slave economy era entitlement where companies have a disdain for paying employees anything, plus the 'Greed is good/Anything is moral if you can get away with it' grifter culture, the modern corporation and it's lust for monopoly power is the undisputed villain of modern society.

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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Managing Blackness by Protecting Whiteness


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Managing Blackness by Protecting Whiteness." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 27 Jun 2021. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

This #MRasheedCartoons image was inspired by this insightful FB comment from the hardest workin' man in the Black Speculative Self-Publishing space:

"One of the most disappointing things I've experienced on my publishing journey was the voluntary segregation of Black indie speculative creators when the money showed up. A close second was the sudden explosion of Afrofuturism 'experts.'" ~Milton Davis, MVmedia, LLC

The problem he's describing -- which is directly related to how Marvel Comics Group and Diamond Distribution destroyed the pro-indie direct market that made figures like Dave Sim and Jeff Smith their early fortunes -- is the diabolical antitrust violations of mega-corporate. This monopolization of industry is the highest form of systemic racism and does the most damage in efficiently locking us out of the next-level wealth-building side of business.

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Victors Write History as Part of The Conquering


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Victors Write History as Part of The Conquering." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 27 Jun 2021. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

This #MRasheedCartoons image was inspired by the current national discussion over whether the 1619 Project and anti-racism scholarship findings should be taught in our public schools. The reason why it's a thing at all is because of the concept that "history is written by the victors," and the white racist aristocracy believes they have a right to dictate what is true in the historical narrative -- as part of the spoils of war -- because they conquered the Black American former slave class and successfully prevented our ethnic group from economic inclusion into the competitive free markets as equals to them. In other words, to paraphrase Jim Carrey, racists are afraid of being replaced.


Samantha Ingram - Robert Scott wrote: "The worst thing about Trump's presidency isn't what we learned about him. It's what we've learned about our family and friends."

So much have I learned about ppl I used to think highly of.

Muhammad Rasheed - The worst thing about the Trump presidency is the 'tax cuts for the rich' that put the tax burden on the poorest Americans.

All the rest of that stuff we've known for all the 44 presidencies that preceded him, we're just trying to pin the whole thing on Trump as if he invented it. This is why we all need to be educated in the Truth of history, so we'll stop being dumb.

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Notes on the Timothy Treadwell Incident


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Notes on the Timothy Treadwell Incident." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 09 Jan 2021. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

This #MRasheedCartoons image was inspired by a Twitter discussion around my analysis of the obsessed Timothy Treadwell documentarian. One of the ADOS guys proclaimed that Winnie the Pooh was the only bear he wanted to encounter, so that's the gag right there. lol


Muhammad Rasheed

Muhammad Rasheed - RE: the Timothy Treadwell incident

This was a “suicide by bear” situation. Treadwell’s over-emotional rants were those of a worshipful pagan who had decided to sacrifice his life to his favorite animal. He considered it the ideal end to his existence to “give back” to the bears.

Listening to his screams as he was eaten alive makes me wonder if he changed his mind at all at some point, but I doubt it.

(his girlfriend prolly changed HER mind though)

C.EkongJr - You can tell that bear was there to kill something, not eat, but to kill.

Muhammad Rasheed - The photo I used to illustrate my intro Tweet wasn't the death date.

C.EkongJr - But it was the same bear doe right?

Muhammad Rasheed - No way. They were in active "bear country" and surrounded by hundreds of them. There were two bears that killed those two knuckleheads, one smaller than the other.

You should watch the doc.

tim snipes -  O_O   #whitepeopleshit

bloop - U can't b playing with killers like that.

Muhammad Rasheed - He totally wasn't playing. It was a pagan sacrifice.

bloop - How can u be so bored with life that u just say f**k it tiger, bear, alligator, rhino, etc.. come n eat me like 3 piece with sides n biscuit from Popeye's. Smh hope Valhalla worth that pain.

Muhammad Rasheed - Pretty sure they win valhalla from being nobly slain during glorious combat on the battle field, not by lying in the missionary position presenting his throbbing twat to the beast-of-the-wild.

bloop - Well Zeus better hit their line n tell them ur doing it all wrong bruh u gets no points for that type of death. 

Muhammad Rasheed - I think woden/odin is in charge of valhalla. You pulled the top dog of the greek pantheon over for your bit. 

That's a cross-domain violation of pagan geekdom.

bloop - hahahahahahahahaha

bloop - Odin, zeus, runes, gnomes, leprechauns, walkers, vampires, zombies they all need to tell they ppl not to let themselves b eaten by wild animals. Ain't nuthin noble abt being turned feces n farts in the colon of a black bear, wolf or lion

Muhammad Rasheed - hahahahaha

Leland Creecy - Perfect analysis of this dudes antics.

Muhammad Rasheed - He heard all of the warnings about why he shouldn't stay longer than the recommended time and he deliberately ignored them. He ignored all the red flags and warning signs that he knew full well. He wanted them to eat him.

GIRLFRIEND: "Honey, I guess..."

[trying to hype herself up to go out like a 'G' with her man]

Leland Creecy - That’s called loving aomeone TOO much... Ain’t love wonderful?

Muhammad Rasheed - Getting eaten by a monster, crotch first, while you scream and watch? 

You can keep THAT love...

@DreamBi35064054 [bot] - Bears don't eat humans.

Muhammad Rasheed - It doesn't happen that often, but when they go in they go in. Bears aren't repulsed by human flesh the way sharks and some other predators are. 

Bears hold you down... and just start eating. Usually crotch first. Treadwell and his girl were almost completely consumed by two of them.

Leland Creecy - Does that fact still qualify him for a Darwin Award? lol

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I'm subscribed to one of the Abrahamic faiths and have a bias against paganism, so I may have to recuse myself from answering that.

Leland Creecy - No answer required my bro!

Muhammad Rasheed - hahahaha

MercedesBoy - I remember this. 

They said it was too horrible to even listen to.

I on want nothing like that in my memory.

No thanks. 

Muhammad Rasheed - I went ahead and listened to it. It was intense.

Mr_A_Nobody - On what platform?

Muhammad Rasheed - On YouTube. It SEEMS like they actually intended to video record their deaths, but he got snagged before they were ready and his girlfriend freaked out when she tried to set up the camera, then ran to help him before she was finished. Only the audio was on.

Mr_A_Nobody - WOW! Welp, I asked for it.

MercedesBoy - Look.

When they said how it was on NatGeo or wherever I watched this, I knew to stay away.

R.I.P. is all they was getting from me.

I wuddnt about to go look for that.

Muhammad Rasheed - But I wanted the *FULL* 3D experience...

Muhammad Rasheed - Then I went down the rabbit hole and now I know all about bear killin's. The watered-down NatGeo narrative alone wasn't enough. You might still be likely to go out and pet one because you didn't treat yourself to the super-size version. smh

MercedesBoy - Never.


Muhammad Rasheed - But you MIGHT.

Better to be extra safe and download that crazy horrifying shit into your psyche. For science.

Muhammad Rasheed - See, this is how people behave if they DON'T listen to the Treadwell audio...


Muhammad Rasheed - hahahahahaha

Mr_A_Nobody - @MercedesBoy... I certainly don't blame you. See-no-evil monkey

But occasionally observe macabre stories.

My older cousin used to let me watch "Faces of Death" (#iykyk) with him when I was just a tween.

I ain't been right since.

MercedesBoy - Zackly.

Faces of Death was 90s infamy.

I ain't wan no parts.

Muhammad Rasheed - WORTHLESS TRIVIA: Faces of Death was mostly fake starting with the sequel. "Traces of Death" was the one that picked up that ball where FoD dropped and would REALLY blow your hair back.

Mr_A_Nobody - TBH I'm low-key mad that I spent all these years not knowing that. hahaha

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I was all in. 

Plus I went through my "shock/gore/horror" phase in my art in those days. Today I'm pretty much completely desensitized.

The producers of Faces of Death weren't expecting the instant super-popularity, so in their scramble to quickly produce a sequel to take advantage of the high demand, they decided to cheat with made up nonsense content.

MercedesBoy - My last experience w gore art was in 5th grade.

Ninja battles w 100s of soldiers.

Crayola blood & guts everywhere.

Muhammad Rasheed - that's not the same.


MercedesBoy - Only Bear I'm effin w.

Muhammad Rasheed - (pooh only eats honey on the weekends when Chris Robin visits; usually he eats people)

MercedesBoy - O_O

Muhammad Rasheed - ["Death by Pooh"]

Mr_A_Nobody - That's wrong man!

MercedesBoy - 

Muhammad Rasheed - You'll be alright. lol

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Saturday, June 26, 2021

The Numbers Guy


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "The Numbers Guy." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 26 Jun 2021. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

This #MRasheedCartoons image was created as the cover to a quasi-waste of time Twitter argument I had earlier (see below) with some 4chan-ish troll pretending to want to know about Reparations out of an expressed faux-curiosity. Despite his initial insisting that he was only asking to learn, he promptly failed every single basic test of someone sincerely wanting to learn about something new from a blank slate of respectful curiosity.


Marcus ADOS - If Pan Africanism was truly what people like to pretend it is, we’d have unwavering support from the Diaspora as we try & secure our justice claim here in America. Hopefully this is my last tweet on the topic bc I’m ready to move on entirely from fantasy.

Muhammad Rasheed - Exactly. As a member of Gen-X, I was raised to be on that Pan-African stuff and it was a major cognitive dissonance to see them not only speak for us by saying "we" didn't need Reparations, but then to actively go on the attack on behalf of white racists.

Art Vandalay - I think the biggest issue non-black non-ADOS people have is no one can agree on what a fair and just amount would be to be paid to people who were never slaves themselves, paid by current day tax-payers who were never slave owners.   How do you parse such a thing to an agreement?

Muhammad Rasheed - The idea that something worked out 3 years ago at the beginning of the #ADOS movement is "the biggest issue" to someone who sits on the outside of the argument tossing rocks at us is comical. 

Should I have this discussion and take you seriously, or as a troll? Choose.

Art Vandalay - Have a discussion.  I’m not making fun of anyone.  I’m in favor of some form of reparations especially the kind that addresses the confirmed loss of generational wealth to those who are confirmed ADOS.

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay, then good. I would love to have the discussion. 

Please understand upfront that it's been a long three years of active arguments with political enemies & rivals who want only to keep us subjugated for continued exploitation/plunder. People say a lot of nonsense to us.

Art Vandalay - What “worked out 3 years ago”?  As in an agreement on reparations? Is that what you mean?

Muhammad Rasheed - I mean activists, economists, scholars, etc., engaged in the discussion to work on the plan of action using the data to determine what the solution to the problem is... opposed to talking as if this never happened by people who only dismiss the topic from a bar.

Art Vandalay - Do you personally have an opinion what a confirmed individual ADOS should be specifically paid monetarily for reparations and over how long of a period of time?   An actual dollar amount… ??

Muhammad Rasheed - Sure. My personal opinion of the matter sits well inside of the informed facts of history and had transformed as I learned more about the topic. I did not stubbornly hold on to my previous ignorant opinions once the facts were known and processed. 

Art Vandalay - Ok great thanks I will re-read the page at that link to re-familiarize myself with the specifics… Thanks

Art Vandalay - You are allowed to have an opinion on what is just and fair and an appropriate amount in direct cash payment(s) and to whom aren’t you?   I have seen the different widely varying amounts thrown around by the scholars and such.  I’m interested in what M. Rasheed thinks.

Muhammad Rasheed - I think that the root cause of the artificial impoverishment imposed upon my ethnic group is the fact that the white political identity group has refused to share wealth, land & rule with the former slave class.

Muhammad Rasheed - Whites genuinely resent that it's no longer as easy to build wealth from the old free slave labor economy, when America was "great," and do everything in their power to keep us in a position in which our wealth is siphoned off into white coffers.

This fact is why inheritance wealth has better returns for the white community, who control 90% of the national household wealth, than labor does.

Muhammad Rasheed - So for me personally, it's not a matter of a definitive dollar amount per person that clever disingenuous whites can possibly use as a hush money scam, but a robust program designed to close the racial wealth gap.

That robust Reparatory Justice program needs to have multiple components -- which includes massive cash infusions into ADOS households, of course -- as well as wealth management training and an educational program for Americans in general to massage the national consciousness.

Muhammad Rasheed - In fact, it wouldn't be much different from the 'whites only' homesteading acts and the New Deal that lifted the poor whites out of poverty in the lest two centuries. They came up with all kinds of creative programs to gird them with an economic floor.

Muhammad Rasheed - In addition to the economic repair in having my stolen inheritance wealth returned, I think we must have a protected status as a wealth-building ownership class. It is through our direct exploitation that the great wealth of the West was built, and we deserve to be an elite here.

Art Vandalay - What does that mean?  0 income  and capital tax rates?

Muhammad Rasheed - You see how the most elite whites perform? Get lucrative government contract deals at will to make unlimited wealth to do whatever with no one f*cking with them? 

Like THAT.

Art Vandalay - Oh ok

Muhammad Rasheed - As Gen-X, I was one of those kids who were to be bussed to white schools so we could get the higher quality of education hoarded from us. When I got there as a small child, the only whites were the principal and two teachers of the bunch. The rest had fled with their stuff.

Art Vandalay - Also no one in the USA is on the outside of this “argument” as it will be ALL current taxpayers in the US regardless of color or creed who will be paying for reparations through their tax dollars.  This is why I ask what a fair and just amount would be paid to individual ADOS.

Muhammad Rasheed - As the American descendants of slavery, we're the only group here who didn't come here on purpose looking for a better life. We are surrounded by a sea of hostile immigrants and their descendants who used us as the vehicle for their economic come ups.

That makes our fight an inherent uphill battle, because clearly not only does no one give a sh*t about our struggle, but you all genuinely resent that we just don't accept subjugation and abuse from our immigrant class rivals.

Muhammad Rasheed - So when I hear any white person eager to get to a definitive dollar amount they can pay out and pretend it is the Alpha & Omega of the entire discussion, it sounds like a preparation for a grift scheme trying to play out at my expense while pretending to "work with me."

"Here's your money, n1993r, now let's not hear anymore about that! Get back out to the cotton fields!"

Please note that you are by no means the first white person to ask such a question in such a way. I see you.

Muhammad Rasheed - A robust Reparatory Justice program includes not only the economic repair and inclusion into a protected wealth-building ownership status, it it also includes leaving us in Peace. Any further repeats of predatory behavior will require MORE Reparations. 

Leave us alone.

I know it'll be hard. You lot have what you have, drive what you drive, live where you live because of the last 400 yrs of accrued discriminations against my people. I am your preferred prey. Reparations includes you deprogramming yourself from the white supremacist mindset...

...hence the need for the nationwide educational component to the #Reparations program.

Art Vandalay - That sounds like a gulag.

Art Vandalay - I’m half Asian and not particularly white and I can guarantee you no white person, not the sane, normal everyday white folk even slightly think the way you think they think.  It is a self-imposed roadblock you will have to figure out how to get past if you want white friends 

Muhammad Rasheed - You can guarantee nothing since that's the only angle they ever take across all social media in these arguments. As I said, it's been a long 3 years of the same anti-#ADOS nonsense repeating on a loop.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm sorry that you've been sitting outside of the argument all this time and are now giving the impression that you just discovered something new to plant your flag into. That must be your manifesting white half, amirite?

Art Vandalay - Man you are racist!… Does it serve you well?

Also I never said the other half was white… Flushed face  when we ASSume and all that jazz… am I right?

Muhammad Rasheed - lol How am I "racist?"

Need I remind you that you have been arguing the classic position of my white supremacist opponent throughout this thread and even display Retweeted bullets of his on your wall? Does it matter if you are of the white aristocracy or of his loyal "POC/BIPOC" support class? 


Muhammad Rasheed - Art wrote: "That sounds like a gulag."

I need my wealth returned to me and my traditional enemy to [finally] stop attacking/exploiting me.

If that sounds like the fruit of a gulag, then so be it. Bring the sh*t on. Sooner rather than later.

Muhammad Rasheed - If whatever my people reasonably need to be healed from 400 yrs of white racist terror is going to be negatively spun into Pat Robertson's "monstrous evil" from someone who felt the need to proclaim he WASN'T a full white, then how are you not a troll?

Art Vandalay - If you want to believe I’m a troll so be it.  If you want to believe that I think the way you think I think so be it. If you want to believe that all white people think the way you think they think so be it. I can tell you as an observer to this it is clearly a road block for you

Muhammad Rasheed - My only road block is that the immigrant class are in direct opposition to my economic inclusion goals and do a poor job showing that they really want me back in slavery so they can get rich off me faster. 

If you were sincere, why not start off assuming I didn't mean "gulag?"

If you were sincere in just wanting to understand in a spirit of good fellowship, why assume out the gate that I mean what my most rabid white racist enemy says I mean from bitchute or whatever?

Muhammad Rasheed - I am the wealthless bottom caste in this country I built. If you were really sincere, why not approach me with a clean slate and not a white racist leaning bias?

Muhammad Rasheed - Telling murderous, domestic terror white supremacist that in order for the country to heal they need to change their thinking means "UNLEASH THE GULAG!!!" by default, right?

Because white supremacist are just good people who really don't need to change their thinking, amirite?

Muhammad Rasheed - Anyway, the nationwide educational component to the #Reparations program would be little different in function to the "Never Forget!" campaign of the children of Israel Holocaust thing. So relax.

Art Vandalay - Ahh OK, well thats a lot less gulag sounding

Muhammad Rasheed - If you want to assume the absolute WORST of my position the way white racists routinely do, why bother saying you are 'half Asian' at all? 

You tell me what is it supposed to mean when you go out of your way to point that out to me?

Art Vandalay - The way you initially described it sounded like a gulag.  When you clarified, it no longer sounded like a gulag.  Not anything to read into it beyond that. 

Communication is a 2 way street.  That said, how you’re communication is received is at least 50% your responsibility.

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, the very fact that I referenced a very famous example of the program I was talking about, but your mind went straight to "gulag" by default instead when I said that white supremacists need to change their thinking...


Muhammad Rasheed - This is far more here than just "communication is a 2 way street."

There's a wall of anti-Black American bias between us, too. That's actually why you are here with that particular list of Reparations questions you Tweeted.

Art Vandalay - There is no “anti-black bias”.  There is anti-wanting-to-collapse-the dollar-by-printing-more-money-than-currently-exists-on-the-entire-planet bias for sure though.

Muhammad Rasheed - Nah. They spend massive sums of money all the time and just hand it to corporate ALL the time and none of the people involved care. They just recruit the best & brightest minds into the finance sector to figure out how to keep it all afloat. They can just toss mine right on top.

Art Vandalay - Maybe it’s the way you describe it initially? Yah think?  So no taking any responsibility for your communication and how its received?

Muhammad Rasheed - You're racist. And an a$$hol3. 

That's why you defaulted to "It's just evil leftist revenge against us whites!" the way every bitchute racist scumbag in the universe defaults to.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me what you originally intended to convey by proclaiming you were 'half Asian,' please. How was I supposed to feel about that, especially considering you were arguing my traditional foe's position at the same time.

Art Vandalay - I have no clue how you were suppose feel about that.  I only told you that because you assumed twice in a tweet that I was white before I told you.  There is not anything there more than that.  Not everything has hidden or deeper meaning than what is right on the surface.

Muhammad Rasheed - You were arguing the classic white supremacist anti-Reparations position. Why would it matter if I assumed you were personally fully white or not? 

Why was it important that I not think you white while you argued on behalf of 'whiteness?'

Muhammad Rasheed - Art wrote: "Not everything has hidden or deeper meaning than what is right on the surface."

What's on the surface is that whites want to maintain their dominant economic position, the "POC/BIPOC" immigrants have agreed to partner with them in it, and I'm attacked for being sick of abuse.

Art Vandalay - M. Rasheed wrote: "HIM: 'SHUT UP, N1993R! No!'"

Yeah and that is not what was said by either of us.  That sounds like the same “emotionalism” you accuse me of.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're only saying that because you see the n-word in there when you squint. I'm an editorial caricaturist, so I'll need you to try a little harder than that. #satire

Muhammad Rasheed - My entire point is that my people need to be made economically whole FOR REAL not not as yet another fake-out grift scheme that will end up enriching whites again (see: affirmative action, etc.), but you are fighting me at every bullet.

Art Vandalay - M. Rasheed wrote: "Whites genuinely resent that it's no longer as easy to build wealth from the old free slave labor economy"

Ahh that’s not true… I can guarantee you that a majority of your normal everyday white people are not thinking their ability to generate wealth would be easier if slavery still existed.  Believing that will skew your thoughts on anything that would realistically help your cause.

Muhammad Rasheed - The "majority of your normal everyday white people" do not want their political identity group to lose their artificially maintained economic dominance over government & industry by becoming economic equals with ADOS.

Art Vandalay - Interesting thought experiment, but I still don’t think that’s a thing…

Muhammad Rasheed - You "don't think it's a thing" based on what exactly?

Muhammad Rasheed - You mean you don't 'FEEEEEL' it's a thing.

Because to confront the truth of our nation's actual history triggers you, hence the backlash against the 1619 Project and anti-racism curriculums.

Art Vandalay - No.  I don’t THINK it’s a thing based on no evidence and only your assertion.

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, since there actually is evidence aplenty and you not only assert that there isn't any because you are triggered, but also to protect your dedicated white supremacist worldview, I think we've now come to the end of our discussion.

Muhammad Rasheed - Can we at least agree that there's a difference between asking for proof versus proclaiming "There is no proof of that ever and stop talking like that!!!!"?

Art Vandalay - Ok I want you to prove that your everyday sane white folk *think about* ADOS in terms of economic dominance and not wanting to be equal economically with ADOS, as you asserted… I’ll wait.

Muhammad Rasheed - This is a good challenge and your first original question. I'm trying to figure what series of links I can provide to give a snapshot so an actual objective lurker would get it. Let's start here:

Economist Barak Orbach and investigative journalist Matt Taibbi each independently discovered the grifter culture usurpation of American business practices, so it'll help to watch this "How Property Law Is Used to Appropriate Black Land" clip through  that lens. Specifically it will shine the spotlight on the diabolical greed on display as the goons preying upon my people start trying to justify their slimy actions.

Muhammad Rasheed - Now along the way, note that each of these controversial links has legions of triggered "everyday sane" whites dismissing the findings and pretending systemic racism isn't real at all.

The most popular members of the Intellectual Dark Web (and your boy Joe Rogan) routinely propagandize it's not real, too, and the "everyday sane" white person LOVES those guys.

Muhammad Rasheed - (note that "gulag" is one of Jordan Peterson's go-to terms when he rants against the terrors of the Left in the 20th century)

Muhammad Rasheed - This is a good mix. 

Combine these findings with the triggered and dismissive attitudes of numerous white people who are every bit as triggered and dismissive as you are here, and the true thoughts of "everyday sane" whites are clear: You don't give a f*ck and you resent me.

Art Vandalay - Correlation does not necessarily mean causation.  You have to really do some mental gymnastics to proclaim that these are the thoughts that are contained in the  minds of all white people. Does this belief you have serve you well?

Muhammad Rasheed - Art wrote: "Correlation does not necessarily mean causation"

1) Southern planters tried to expand the enterprise further south into Central/South America and Lincoln refused
2) Planters decided to secede and do it anyway, initiating the Civil War
3) Lincoln freed the slaves as a desperate & controversial war strategy and won the war
4) Southern planters shot Lincoln, replacing him with pro-Confederacy Andrew Johnson who restored the planters to previous power but left out formal slavery, replacing it with convict leasing slavery.
5) The descendants of the very anti-ADOS Confederates maintain the restoration of power from Andrew Johnson, continue the trend of hoarding the wealth of industry from the former slave class, and perform all the mental gymnastics you described to justify why it's okay.

Muhammad Rasheed - Our American culture and it's peculiar lineage based "race relations" come directly from the slave economy era and the successful efforts of the dominant political identity group to maintain that economic dominance.

To claim this analysis is only "mental gymnastics" is racist.

Art Vanderlay - Ahh Racist. As is everything that disagrees with your assertion from a person that does not share your skin tone I presume?

Muhammad Rasheed - I just pointed out that the nature of the problem is my specific lineage as the former slave class. Since the Black immigrant figure is not treated this way in the USA, obviously "does not share your skin tone" is just another disingenuous white conservative talking point.

Muhammad Rasheed - So are you going to start providing any kind of actual counter-argument, or were you just going to continue saying "Nuh unh!!!" a lot and dismissing my links and stuff while putting on an impotent air of biracial superiority or whatever your shtick is? You called me out, remember?

I'm pretty sure you're the one who said communication was a two-way street and all of that, right? Okay, so, your turn. 

Throw down your rod.

Art Vandalay - I did not call you out.  I asked you a question and for your opinion.  I was looking to learn from you and possibly be convinced by you.    Not everything is meant to be a fight.   I’m not in a war against you or your fight for reparations that is fair and just.

Often opponents will try to isolate me away from the movement and ask me specifically what do I personally think about Reparations and what do I personally think the number should look like, etc.

Muhammad Rasheed - When they do that, like you have here, I recognize they themselves may not be there for battle, but they are certainly doing it on behalf of my greater foe. 

The point is to get a bead on what my personal price is, to tempt me into betraying the #ADOS movement. #NoNewTricks

Muhammad Rasheed - We all saw how Nikole was building that awesome school segregation case that genuinely had the establishment SHOOK!

Then she received the 'genius grant' and mysteriously abandoned her signature project. And then she attacked ADOS and in the doing, won another coveted prize.

Muhammad Rasheed - We all have our price, as they say and it's true.

My price is Reparations for ADOS -- full closure of the lineage wealth gap with economic inclusion into a protected wealth-building ownership class, in the Name of God.

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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Influence Only On the Weak-Minded


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Influence Only On the Weak-Minded." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 25 Jun 2021. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

This #MRasheedCartoons image was inspired by the complete lack of coherent argument on the white racist aristocracy side when it comes to defending their position on American race relations. Because of their formal position of blatantly hiding from truth & straight talk, they just toss word salads in their air and hope the mythical power of 'whiteness' alone will persuade people to abandon anti-racism scholarship and instead join them in continuing to maintain their dominant economic position because their greedy selfish hearts wish it so.

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A Message From Mammon's Acolyte


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "A Message From Mammon's Acolyte." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 25 Jun 2021. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

This #MRasheedCartoons image was inspired by the white racist aristocracy demanding monetary compensation for any loss in revenue caused from their ceasing to plunder the inheritance wealth of the American Descendants of Slavery. They have displayed such ridiculously arrogant entitlement since the beginning of the nation and reveals a level of over-the-top Über-greed that is the root cause of all of humanity's woes.

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The Compromised


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "The Compromised." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 25 Jun 2021. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

This #MRasheedCartoons image was inspired by the blatant, self-serving betrayal of a certain economist. Fortunately, the two founders of the #ADOS saw the two-facedness coming pretty early, so other than my own disappointment (and silly rival groups latching onto the traitor for sellout clout crumbs) no real harm was done.

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Their Preferred Prey


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Their Preferred Prey." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 24 Jun 2021. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

This #MRasheedCartoons image was inspired by this Tweet dialog with one of the #ADOS activists where I was role playing a semi-serious idea about the nature of Chris Brown's domestic issues in light of the revelation of a hostile diaspora towards our lineage group.

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