Sunday, July 19, 2015

Three Faces of the Socio-Political Landscape

Paul Daniel – I didn't read the story, but I always like reading the comments about Jenner. It's funny how these sick white folks (and black liberals) trip over themselves to call him a "her" now, and if you read the comments, you'll see they even come around and CORRECT you if you say "him" or use a male pronoun. The Huffington Post has nothing but praise for him, but when you look at regular FB postings, they can't stand this shit.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'd love to see the data showing how many of the people insisting you call Jenner a 'her' also turn out to be the folk calling Serena Williams and Michelle Obama men.

Chris Ray - @Muhammad Rasheed, I actually wonder, how many folks that want us to love on Caitlyn were telling Rachel to get the hell out of here on her quest for blackness. Why is one a fraud and OK to ridicule, while the other should be celebrated?

Muhammad Rasheed - Personally, in comparing the two, I don't consider Jenner to be a fraud, but to be suffering from an untreated mental disorder. The Rachel case didn't represent someone on a "quest for blackness," but an infiltration agentuer/con artist looking to profit off of my people for her own gain by taking advantage of the weaknesses in American society concerning institutional racism and its colorism sidekick.

Chris Ray - Because you are a brotha, and a white woman posing as black can be nothing but a fraud. Negating the fact that she purposely did nothing ill, and from all appearances was an advocate. But we can't empathize with her, because if we accept it we might let more enemies behind the gate, and that's unacceptable. But what if she too were born in the wrong body? I'm just sayin.

Muhammad Rasheed - Chris Ray wrote: "Because you are a brotha, and a white woman posing as black can be nothing but a fraud."

It's because she:

1.) Tried to destroy a financially struggling HBCU over imagined slights that were found to be malicious and without cause by the courts. 

2.) Continuously lied about her ethnic background for personal gain alone. Her professional tract record as someone adding value to civil rights advocacy are dubious and shallow.

3.) The NAACP itself developed from a group whose stated purpose was to nullify the activities and successes of Booker T. Washington. Outside of riding the coattails of Thurgood Marshal's personal superstardom, the group itself also has a weak track record of actually adding value to the civil rights cause, which makes their eagerness to place this woman in the role of a leader and symbol of the organization particularly potent.

4.) Anyone "posing" as anything is by definition acting fraudulent. That, combined with the above three items, does not breed trust in me.

5.) I believe your advocacy for her, and willingness to cover her faults and give her a pass, is because you are a brotha, and you have a culturally programmed weak spot for white women.

Chris Ray - Well maybe Rachel wasn't alone doing things for personal gain. From Radar Online. Still need to check the source.
ESPN has come under fire for awarding Caitlyn Jenner the prestigious Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs Wednesday night. But has learned, it wasn’t initially their idea! According to an insider, Jenner’s reps approached the network suggesting she receive the award — and offering PR plugs on her upcoming docuseries in return.

According to an insider, negotiations started as Jenner’s publicist was finalizing the terms of her interview with Diane Sawyer.

Her agents approached ESPN, which is owned by Disney like Sawyer’s ABC, “and they suggested that she receive the Arthur Ashe award,” the source claimed. “It was a brilliant move because the executives at ESPN loved the idea, and immediately began making sure it got done. Caitlyn’s journey to accepting the award will also be featured on her upcoming reality show, I am Cait.”

“There was a hiccup during the talks about Caitlyn receiving the award, and her reps were prepared to pull her interview with Diane Sawyer if she didn’t get it,” the source said. “It was ironed out, and ABC owns one of the biggest stories of the year.”

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm 100% not surprised in anyway. For one, that's the kind of power move you can make when backed by a newly-powerful politic bloc anxious to flex its muscle in traditionally discriminatory industries. 

Two, the other top awards, such as the Oscars, are equally politically entrenched and are notorious for having little to do with merit of accomplishment.

Chris Ray - Agreed!