Saturday, March 25, 2017

GOP Profits vs Your Health

Ted Rall - If Dems had brains or cared about us, now would be the time to push for single-payer, aka actual human healthcare.

Muhammad Rasheed - How come the GOP isn't pushing for it if it is actually good for the US citizenry?   :S

Barbara Cummings - What ever has the GOP pushed that is good for the country? Did you see how many of them rely on big $$$$$$ from insurance companies?

Muhammad Rasheed - i was being rhetorical. lol

Chris Fick
- Obama promised us Single-Payer in 2008 but he lied and gave the insurance companies everything they wanted. The Democrats are fascist and Globalist and therefore useless to the American people.

Muhammad Rasheed - The insurance companies had what they wanted already... a cartel of super-powerful insurance companies in bed with the gov that monopolized the system for themselves. Obamacare broke up that cartel and opened the markets, which is why the GOP billionaire class hate it and Barack Obama.

Sammi Mattock - @Muhammad Rasheed... Dude, what are you smoking?

Muhammad Rasheed - The open markets of the traditional capitalist system don't benefit the wealthy; they don't become billionaires in a free and open system of competition, but only by hoarding wealth & power in a closed system they monopolize. This is Economics 101.

Muhammad Rasheed - Obviously 'single payer' isn't an option for the GOP since it would provide the maximum benefit to the average citizen, which by default means it would be the least profitable to the wealthy. Instead of being locked in an unmovable wrestling match with his rivals futilely trying to get a 'single payer' healthcare system passed, Obama then went for a more realistic Plan B system. And the GOP STILL hated both it and him.

Chris Fick - @Muhammad Rasheed... You clearly don't understand the depth of wealth concentraction and monopolize that already exist in that industry. Just looking how the stocks of the insurance companies reacted to the passage of ObamaCare (ACA). If you respond with another stupid Muslim comment I'm blocking you.

Muhammad Rasheed - What?  What did anything I wrote above have to do with Islamic topics?

[Chris Fick has now blocked me from viewing his thread]

Muhammad Rasheed -  SON OF A--!!!   >:(

Friday, March 24, 2017

Notes While Observing - The GOP's International War on Black America

Now that we know that the entire Koch Bros-funded Republican Party is a damn Russian spy cell (I know they want us to think that it's just the new POTUS's baggage, but they are always full of crap when they spew that 'lone wolf' nonsense), it's worth noting that we seem to be in active war with the USA's old Cold War era rival, as Rachel Maddow reports.  The following points stand out to me in a clearly related chain: 

1.) In 2013, Russia's equivalent to the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff published the public manifesto known as the "Gerasimov Doctrine," in which he proclaimed that "Russia would henceforth use non-military tactics in its wars, that they would use chiefly information warfare tactics in a 4-to-1 ratio to its military tactics in its wars."  

 2.) In 2014, the Russian military published their Military Thought: A Russian Journal of Military Theory and Strategy, in which they said that if information warfare is going to work it "must be conducted constantly, in peacetime, in the period of threats... and in wartime."

 3.) In Apr-May 2016, the investigations into the Trump-Russian collusion confirmed that Russia took advantage of the split between the Clinton and Sanders' campaigns and bombarded social media with automated bot posts designed to increase the enmity between the two voter groups. Massive automated bot trolling posts also continued smearing the Clinton campaign after Clinton's confirmation, distracting from real conversations.  This is important as it helps define the exact nature of the Trumpster's guilt as an impeachable offense, but I don't think it is as serious as the media wants us to believe as far as the link to 2016 voter fraud.  In the end, the consolidated polling numbers that predicted a Hillary win WELL ahead of the significantly less popular candidate Trump were extremely accurate.  Despite the width of the Russian interference widened gap between the Clinton and Sanders' camps, Trump won on 08 Nov because of the cold-hearted effectiveness of the GOP's InterState CrossCheck voter suppression machine that literally targeted and threw away millions of minority/Democrat ballots.  The Bernie-bot attacks during the Democrat Primaries were just practice for the Russian agents and their Macedonian/Albanian hacker goons and weren't actually serious interference in the presidential election, since the numbers show that Hillary would have won anyway if not for the voter suppression. 

4.) Lanee Javet, the CEO and founder of, mentioned in a Boyce Watkin's interview that several Facebook pages of hers, all only designed to promote Black businesses, were flagged for being "racist" even though the pages were 100% positive in tone, and she was 'Blocked.'

5.) Pro-Black Internet personality vee smith mentioned that she had to switch to the coded speak of her sister Cynthia G as they both had been 'flagged' for the use of certain words uttered and/or written in their YouTube channel descriptions.

Make no mistake that the correct analysis pulled from these points is that the Black community is under attack by pro-GOP 'cyber warriors, both foreign and domestic.  As the Russian Military Thought book said, in order to perform the information war properly, the attack has to be 24/7 continuous no matter whether the nations are at peace or not.  Maddow began her report by pointing out what it looked like when those hackers were testing their weaponry ("Robot J. McCarthy"), but just like during those infamous Syphilis Experiments and other evil human testing inflicted by our dedicated enemy onto us, they were absolutely testing their cyber weapons on Blacks, too.  Obviously Lanee, vee and Cynthia were being flagged by automated bots whenever they used certain words, and this was causing the social media platforms to 'Block' them, without admin necessarily being aware it was actually going on.

Now Black people, here's the opportunity to use all of your new-found coding powers in active combat for your own security.  Through the numerous programs like YesWeCode and BlackGirlsCode that have tens of thousands (at least) of Blacks leveling up in tech mastery, please use this to mimic the excellence of the Black Warriors before you -- as showcased in the Hidden Figures and Red Tails films -- and show the enemy that you will NOT allow them to continue to disenfranchise your communities for their sick wealth/power hoarding games.  Please use your skills to defend yourselves, because no one else is going to help.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Secret Code of GOP Political Double-Speak

Nori Lamphere - [VIDEO] Immigrants! Don't Vote for What You Fled

Laura Mary - it is a lesson for liberals they escape states
with burdensome taxes and regulations that they voted in...

Andy Cain - They are ruining Virginia and working on NC.

Francis Godici - Excellent point!

Familia Jiménez
- There is a Spanish version that I posted here a few
weeks back. I suggest anyone and everyone with Hispanic
friends/acquaintances to share with them.

+ - People from Latin-Americas grow up being
indoctrinated by the left. So they get convinced the left is not wrong,
is just the CANDIDATE who is wrong, not the ideas. They keep voting for
anyone who tells them he's honest not realizing that the system
attracts the already corrupt or corrupt those who are not.

Doug Gray - Reminds me of the exodus from California to Nevada and
Arizona in the 90s. Both states are now more liberal than ever and
quickly becoming California 2.0.

Brenda Van Cleave Sanford - Spot on!

Muhammad Rasheed - The GOP is actively creating a One-Party Rule empire
using their Social Policy Network (SPN) and the ALEC mega-conglomerate
policy creating system. This involves a 'socialism for the rich'
scheme. Judging from the way the Trumpster is filling his Cabinet
seats, I don't think they necessarily want a "bigger" gov, but they
certainly want a more controlling, intrusive one into the lives of the
working class and the poor.

Nori Lamphere - So . . . because you don't like Trump you haven't read
his executive order requiring a reduction in regulation nor his
executive order requesting an audit to determine which agencies and
programs can be pared back to reduce the size of gov't in an attempt to
get gov't only doing what the constitution says it should do.
You don't like Trump so you're second guessing his cabinet choices,
people who know how to husband money and work efficiently and negotiate
to get things done . . . aka NOT politicians who say one thing and do
another. You're judging his chosen cabinet because they have money
earned by rising to the top of their field which they managed based on
their work ethic and talent.

Your sentiment is not the brightest thing I've heard today, but if it
works for you, run with it. Hopefully your ignorance will cushion you
from the shock of reality.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're very insulting, Nori. I notice that instead
of being direct and just asking me to prove the points I brought up,
you danced around the points, created straw man effigies, and attacked
my intellect. Is this how you were taught how to debate back in school?
Or did they not have debate classes available, only HTML code?

Muhammad Rasheed - 1) When the wealthy say they want a "smaller
government" it means they want you to stop trying to keep their
companies from polluting the air, water, earth and poisoning the people
in the surrounding areas of their toxic run-offs. It means they want
you to turn the other way instead of putting protections in place that
keep predatory financial entities from taking advantage of the poor's
desperation & low money IQ. It means they want the gov to help them
form monopolies and cartels that benefit them alone, instead of using
gov power to protect the free open markets from economy destroying
mega-corporate partnerships.

In other words, it never means anything good for the USA when the
wealthy regurgitate that "smaller gov" talking point. It's just code
for "Shut up and give me more money, peasant!!"

2) The Trumpster's cabinet choices all have histories of undermining
all of our American values to stuff their personal wealth coffers at
the poorer average citizen's expense. Your admiration for these slimy
people is telling, Nori. Like their POTUS, none of them are at the "top
of their fields" but are spolied selfish heirs to legacy fortunes, and
collude together in order to protect their clique lifestyle. BetsyDevos,
for example, is not only the double-heiress to the AmWay and
Prince Corp. fortunes, but she also has a history of working with known
criminal embezzlers to try and force the working class tax payer to
foot the bill for her network of private schools for wealthy brats.

BTW all of the Trumpster's Cabinet choices are members of the Koch Bro
funded SPN mentioned earlier -- the diobolical partnership of political
& corporate interests -- and every single one of them, and all of their
friends are absolutely well-practiced in "say one thing and do

Nori Lamphere - @Muhammad Rasheed... *sigh* You've been listening to
the liberal media again. Picture me, the teacher, whacking you on the
hand with my ruler.

Nori Lamphere
- @Muhammad Rasheed... *sigh* Yup, I can tell you didn't
read the executive orders. I even told you they were out there! *sigh*

Muhammad Rasheed - I would rather picture you responding with a well-
thought out counter-argument using logic, reason & wit. Watching you
dance around the points and toss weak potshots that only tickle
Trumpamania funnybones is tiresome.

Are you going to fight, or dance?

Muhammad Rasheed - You "told me" a lot of stuff that was
inconsequential to anything. Now I'm telling you to level up and show
off your intellect.

Do it.

Nori Lamphere - I'm going to ignore you, little man. When someone uses
illogic in an attempt to prove logic, ignore is always the best option.

Muhammad Rasheed - I win.

Muhammad Rasheed - If you had a counter-argument you would have
provided it.


Muhammad Rasheed - Perhaps one of these 43 that 'Liked' your link will
take up my challenge since you are so woefully out of your league, eh?

How about it, folks? IS THERE ANYONE ELSE?!?

Graz Czerwinski - you are delusional . Te opposite is true

Muhammad Rasheed - "True" is based on facts, which can be supported by

Since you are so convinced that "Ze opposite is true, Comrade" then
surely you can post up some links that definitively prove your point?

Do it.

Steven Campbell - What evidence am I to disprove? I see no evidence, just conjecture. What "facts"? The Trumpster's cabinet choices all have histories of undermining all of our American values to stuff their personal wealth coffers at the poorer average citizen's expense. Your admiration for these slimy people is telling, Nori. Like their POTUS,...See More These are not Facts, just what you think. Why do you know what American Values are? How did they take your money? Mine? Slimy people, Fact? no, opinion, there are no facts sir, none.

Nori Lamphere - @Steven Campbell... Spot on.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Stephen... Then don't tell me that my evidence is unfounded, show me by revealing the proof that backs your position.

Show me if you're able.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you assume that I used incomplete information to form my argument points?

Steven Campbell - Because there is no proof, just your opinion on an opinion. ok, we get it, you don't like Trump or his crew. Fine, go work and get someone else elected. I suggest you work first on Congress or maybe even your locals...Then base your vote on policy, what you believe in and then what your fav. believes in, if they match, go for that one. Meanwhile, if you think that your opinions are fact, then I can't refute that.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you believe there is no proof that all of Trump's cabinet picks have histories of undermining our american values?

Why are you so sure that there is no proof of this? Seriously, that info is still bubbling at the top of the national conversation. So why do you keep saying that?

Muhammad Rasheed - Wait... is this part of you all's "alternate facts" rhetoric speak?

It is, isn't it? Awww...

Steven Campbell - There are no facts, so mine cannot be alternate facts, I have presented no facts to dispute your non-facts, there is no point in disputing something built in the belief and mind of the presenter. Fact: Trump is President. The Electoral College voted him President. Discussion over. You can wish, hope, conjecture, believe, or whatever but you can't dispute my fact.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's a fact that the GOP used voter suppression tactics to fraudulently throw away millions of minority/Democrat ballots and they cheated, which of course undermines our American values. This isn't a "non-fact/alternate fact,' it is verifiably true. So your desire to hurry past the "Trump is president/Electoral College voted him President... Discussion OVER!" part smacks of deliberate deception and intellectual dishonesty.

It's also a fact that Devos is in cahoots with a documented criminal embezzler to force her dream of getting tax payers to fund her private school network/empire dream.

How do you counter the voter suppression fact and the Trumpster's Education Cabinet pick is a slimeball fact? Will you again hollowly duck the challenge by cowardly proclaiming that these are just 'non-facts/alternate facts' that are only in my head or whatever, or will you present evidence that actually proves them wrong?

Nori Lamphere - @Steven Campbell... Truly, you expected an informed adult response? You're wasting your time. He's baiting to see if he can get to the limit for cutoff of comments. His comments are not backed by any intellect at all, just inflamed liberal rhetoric.

Muhammad Rasheed - I've actually challenged him to prove two of the facts I've listed -- the two that he said I didn't have mind you -- were false. Yet here I find both you and him pretending that you don't see anything at all.


Muhammad Rasheed - Hey, is this weirdly selective "alternative-fact sight" phenomenon related to the "I'm colorblind! I don't see race at all!" rhetoric speak, too? Asking for a friend.

Steven Campbell - @Muhammad Rasheed... Not how it works, if you present what you call a fact then you must prove that fact, I don't have the obligation to prove or disprove something which has not been show to be true. Show me the documentation, the proof and then we will have something to go on other than you telling me that it is fact.

Steven Campbell - @Nori Lamphere... I know, I was bored and decided to refute his arguments, what a waste of time but hey, it's 5 in the morning and what else can an insomniac do but argue with the deranged.

Muhammad Rasheed - Trump's Voter Suppression

Muhammad Rasheed - Betsy Devos working with convicted embezzler Scott Jensen to further her agenda

Muhammad Rasheed - Your move, Steven. Go.

Steven Campbell - No, Mohammad, left wing hit pieces are not proof, nor do they need my comment. I've wasted enough time for one day with you.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol You know, somehow I had a feeling you were going to perform more of your colossal lack of integrity and double-down on that "I don't see nuthin'!" stance. What do you think? Am I psychic?

Muhammad Rasheed - That in fact "says it all."  ;)

You may have your thread back, Nori.

[Steven Campbell has now either deleted all of his comments, or blocked me from viewing them]

Friday, March 10, 2017

Carson, Immigrants, and the "Irish Slave" Myth

Tony Steed - FACT: Slavery was forced upon Africans.
Alternative fact: Slavery just means Involuntary immigration.
I can't believe people vote Republican...
Involuntary immigration = Kidnapping, fucktard.
#bencarsonis an idiot

Shy Pearce - My Irish ancestors were slaves

Tony Steed -There's a reason why the Irish and the English didn't get along for centuries.

Muhammad Rasheed - Ireland's forgotten mixed-race child abuse victims

Muhammad Rasheed - Black people suffer the most racism in Ireland, report finds

Muhammad Rasheed - Two years of the ‘Irish slaves’ myth: racism, reductionism and the tradition of diminishing the transatlantic slave trade

Muhammad Rasheed - The Irish and the Atlantic slave trade

Muhammad Rasheed - [BOOK REVIEW] ‘The Green and the Gray’ by David T. Gleeson

Muhammad RasheedLinks to slave trade evident across Ireland

Shy Pearce - I think you've made your point, racist.

Muhammad Rasheed - But I thought we were all posting completely irrelevant info in response to Tony's comment?  I'M HELPING!   :(

The Black Action Agenda

The political parties have general agendas, and several high-profile special interest groups  particularly on the liberal side have equally high-profile sub-agendas under that umbrella, but oddly, the African-American ethnic group is the only special interest that doesn't have a dedicated political lobby focused only on achieving, sustaining, and protecting their domestic policy issues. The checklist below represents those items the African-American ethnic group needs implemented in order to be fully included in Western society as US citizens, finally freed from the race-based discriminatory practices of the nation's historical legacy.

"What will become of the Negro in another five hundred years if he does not organize now to develop and to protect himself? The answer is that he will be exterminated for the purpose of making room for the other races that will be strong enough to hold their own!" ~Marcus Garvey, Universal Negro Improvement Association (Founder)

The consequences for not having a dedicated organization ever vigilant over our rights, is that some of the hard won items listed above were effectively repealed or neutralized by our political opponents, and must be reclaimed.

The closest Black-focused lobby my search could find was the African-American lobby on foreign policy, originally formed to send resources to the Freedmen colonists of Liberia, today they send aid to Africa in general. The international flavor of the Congressional Black Caucus' pet projects seems to be partnered with these efforts as well (though recent pressure from younger, more urgent  Black activist groups has appeared to get the CBC to make at least some token effort to present Black-focused domestic demands to the Trump Administration). The other thing I found while searching for "black" + "politics" was the vast number of articles, videos, and passionate rants from frustrated Black Republicans asking why do Blacks vote Democrat in such numbers since the party doesn't do anything for them. Or what do Blacks receive that justifies such party loyalty. The fact that there is no dedicated, high-level, pro-Black American organization fiercely fighting for our pet issues (by us, for us!), means that these Black GOP members are actually asking the wrong question. The real question should be:

Why aren't African-American Democrats fully involved in the political machine, taking advantage of their voting strength, and making the party work for them?

Why aren't Black Democrats mimicking the success models of rival Democrat special interests and making sure their concerns are addressed to satisfactory completion by flexing their political and economic muscle within the formal political process, so that they too will receive the grease their squeaky wheel demands?

Obviously sitting outside of the formal process -- complaining as we watch the individualistic, lone and impotent Black politicians fail at trying to move policy in directions we need/desire as a special interest group -- has been woefully ineffective and frustrating. Blaming these frustrations on the party itself lacks common sense though. Usually the Black GOP rants that ask us that wrong question are also soliciting for Blacks to abandon ship and join them in the Republican Party, but what will that achieve? The root cause of our perceived problems in the Democratic Party rests solely on the fact that we aren't "telling our political representatives what to do," to paraphrase from President Obama's victory speech. There is a formal process in place to get the political machine to do what you need it to do, one that every special interest group is taking full advantage of except us, but we think the party itself is just supposed to magically do these things for us based on the force of our expressed voter loyalty alone (and presumably our sad, puppy dog eyes).

Literally nothing works that way. Not in the adult world. If you want to see the African-American ethnic group finally get their just due in this United States of America that we helped build, then we're going to have to make it happen. Period. The nation is composed of, and run by, the citizens. We are a component of the US citizenry, so what do we look like sitting around complaining because the other components, who have all taken the time to learn how to make the machine work for them, aren't themselves handing us our needs by doing all of our work for us? It looks crazy, and it's embarrassing. so if that's what you are doing on the Blue side of the aisle, what do you think will happen if you lose your minds the rest of the way and actually join the GOP? The issues you complain about now are primarily the fault of you not putting in the work required, not from any particularly inherent hostility from the other Democrats. They very well may be irritated at the fact that you expect your rival Democrat groups to do both their work AND yours though. But you can best believe that the GOP is full of people that absolutely hate you. Whatever the Republican Party USED to be way back during their slave era origins, they certainly aren't like that today.

Today, all White Supremacists, neo-Nazis, and other groups actively hostile towards Blacks and their unique interests have all joined the GOP; it is now the party of White Identity Politics. In that party, there is a clear hostility towards you as a Black American if you should dare to go against their diabolical faux "colorblind" agenda and instead support the concept of different ethnic or racial groups in fair competition with Whites. As a member of the GOP, you will be expected to downplay your own unique identity as a special interest group, to support the White Identity Politics of that party's core ideology. The GOP is currently trying to pass laws that neutralize the idea of "racism," rendering it impotent and inadmissible as a legitimate charge against a race-based attack. They are currently pushing to pass various interconnected laws that will eventually lead to the justification for legally returning you to chains as a private prison slave. However unpleasant you imagine the Democratic Party to be to you, the GOP would be the very real version of that nightmare you imagined.

We've already spent decades building up party loyalty/identity with our votes as Democrats, so the next logical step is to organize into a sub-party political umbrella group that fights for, organizes, supports and funds the activist cellular groups that are even now dedicated to achieving the ten items listed of this Black Action Agenda. This should be our foundational effort in finally freeing ourselves from the shadows of our country's greatest shame, and achieving the full US citizenship our forefathers prematurely rejoiced over back in 1865.

As we begin this work, we have an advantage in that there are already many dedicated and courageous Black organizations, activist groups, and think tanks in place determined to achieve each of the ten checklist items. Besides their pretty much across the board under-funding, and the enormous hurdle of low to zero political support, their other obvious weakness is that they separate, with few pooled areas of support to unite them. Functioning as lonely islands, they struggle to fund drastically needed endeavors, and lack physical security from hostile local government entities. A proper Black Action Agenda would organize them all in a coordinated effort to achieve, sustain and protect the African-American's rightfully earned part of the Pie, leaving behind the long hardships of our disenfranchisement legacy. The secret to Black survival of the worst time period in US history was our ability to come together and support one another. Perhaps it is not coincidence that we were also far more politically savvy as a group as well. Somewhere along the way of the last half century we lost both.

It's time to get them back, sooner rather than later. Let's look at a high-level summary of what each checklist item entails.

This goal involves unobstructed African-American access to the open markets, access to capital, and the ability to compete equally in industry as a group, as companies, and/or as individuals. The economically included ethnic group is both strong as a unit... self-sustaining in interconnected industries, political bodies, and in businesses, all self-owned and self-directed... as well as a vital, willing contributor into the greater mainstream economy.

Its opposite is 'economic exclusion,' and is embodied by deliberate disenfranchisement by powerful monopolies/cartels (in partnership with government), that hoard a society's wealth and power for only one, or a few selfish groups.

The fight for Economic Inclusion is no less than the goal of meritorious fairness, and necessarily requires the federal government's commitment to use its force to prevent and/or dissolve unethical collusion, mergers, monopolies and cartels from stifling all markets or opportunities, and actively fighting to keep competition -- the lifeblood of the capitalist system -- open for any who wish to enter them with the spirit of innovation, invention, and growth.

This is not an easy fight, since the dominant powers of Western society owe the practice of materialistic hoarding monopoly thanks for all of its successes in the last five centuries. The unprecedented enormous profits generated from the literal enslavement of their competition on the world stage proved so addictive and irresistible, that the desperate desire to return to those conditions accurately describes ALL business and political decisions made ever since the reluctant formal abolishment of slavery. Locking Blacks out of opportunities from the lion's share of the economic table at every level, is a century's old normalized practice of the West's privileged class, and the entire Military Industrial Complex is dedicated to preserving it. The African-American activist soldiers dedicated to achieving Economic Inclusion will require great courage, fortitude and exceptional skill and resource to meet mission.

The laws put in place with the various Civil Right Acts, which include anti-discrimination, voting rights, and the right to be recognized as a free person under God's divine law, needed continuous protection by a vigilant former slave, for reasons that should be obvious. The insatiable lust for the massive wealth and fantastically privileged lifestyle provided to the dominant class by the centuries of enslavement and exploitation of Black people should not be underestimated. It absolutely guaranteed immediate efforts to counter the Civil Right Act gains. Fighting to gt the laws passed, celebrating, and then turning your back on the enemy as if he would just let the loss of that wealth go was a grave mistake. As voter suppression tactics have returned to the enemy's tool kit, the activist soldiers fighting to enforce and maintain the existing Civil Rights laws will also find themselves resurrecting and reclaiming many we thought we didn't have to worry about any more.

This goal involves indoctrinating every African-American in the ownership of all tools and techniques of building legacy wealth, with the goal of leaving behind poverty forever. From tried & true stock market investment strategies, to land ownership, to entrepreneurship, to the mastering of difficult skills the world will always pay top dollar for, once done it can never be undone. This package of skills will be passed along to every generation as a MINDSET, and a way of life, to be entrenched in the Black American psyche until it becomes synonymous with who we are as a people, and only the professional historian will know that we used to be known for our poverty in the distant past.

As both Carter Godwin Woodson and Edward W. Blyden concluded in each of their great works, it did the African-American no good to be brainwashed with Eurocentrism while they were being educated in the Western school systems. Being told that they are inherently an inferior being by the one doing the teaching is an assault, molestation, and as great an evil as it is a lie. From our current hindsight it is easier to see that such "education" served only to condition our people for the various levels of exploitation we were introduced to pretty much from our first meeting, but even if we pretend that the effort really was purely from a good and altruistic place, it still caused incredible damage.

Education for Black Americans should involve mastery of the hard sciences (which will not only include mathematics, technology, etc., but also knowledge of law and systems), total knowledge of who they are, and who they are in the global picture. Education for Black Americans should include the Black/Moorish origins of all major concepts (precession of the equinoxes, calculus, etc., etc.,) that the Western mainstream institutions have carefully and fraudulently indoctrinated the masses into believing were originated within White European minds. This will be all they will need to tap into that legendary creativity and genius to develop their own literature, their own standards, and bring that juggernaut spirit of competition to create whole new industries, styles, genres and flavors that the entire world will struggle to copy. In order to have that they need freedom... the freedom to explore, the freedom to blaze their own American path without exploitative constraints. This will require the ability to custom curriculum that fit them in every way they need to truly flourish.

Centuries of legal, normalized exploitation and oppression of the African-American ethnic group created a lopsided, race-based class hierarchy built into the fabric of the country. All efforts to reverse that racist evil were promptly and aggressively countered by the oppressor class, while official policy was to pretend that the disenfranchised class were winning. Today, legions of GOP-influenced, household name mega-corporations all partner together with influential politicians to ensure the massive wealth from the evil economic systems of old that birthed America continue to keep the money streams flowing. In order to meet this goal, the activists will need to be master strategists, in both the courtroom and the board rooms, and able to make major power moves that beat back the diabolical efforts of the enemy who is actively working to return Black people to chattel in their private for-profit prisons.

When people associate the reparatory compensation with slavery alone, it is either from a disingenuous position, or a foolish one. The African-American was oppressed in chattel slavery, domestic terrorism, forced into an anti-Black racial caste system, stripped of their family unity, property, businesses and communities, and preyed upon by for profit prisons and more in a nigh unbroken streak all the way up into the present day. Reparations are without doubt owed for certainly more than just the slavery era horrors. They should pay for the implementation of every single item on this Black Action Agenda checklist for starters. A major share in the wealth generated from slavery, as well as all the anti-Black exploitative systems put in place since, not to mention all the investment wealth generated from the slave money seeded endowments, rightfully belongs to the African-American. A fair reparatory compensation would begin with a complete annihilation of poverty in the Black communities.

Using Byron Allen's brave and dynamic example, Black Reparations can only be claimed through an aggressive law suit directed against the federal government (and friends) fueled by righteous anger. From the 'CrossCheck' voter suppression scam, to the documented ill effects of the so-called 'War on Drugs,' to deliberate economic exclusion due to mega-corporate mergers in collusion with political entities, there is PLENTY of evidence readily available to support such a suit. We just need a brave, sharp legal team, our will, and the Lord Almighty to take over when we reach the end of our mortal limitations.

The goal is a massive endowment into a Black Reparations foundation fund, one that will pay out a yearly, tax-free grant to all African-Americans, as well as provide 100% free healthcare for each of them and their families. Serious measures must be taken to guard the program from the inevitable "five-dollar Indian" grifter schemes of the usual suspect.

Our families are our greatest strength as a community, enabling us to survive, and even thrive, during the worst aspects of our challenging history in America. It shouldn't be much of a surprise that mysterious steps and policies were put in place 50+ years ago, shortly after our last Civil Rights Act victories, that methodically broke our families apart and became our horrifying new normal. The Prison Industrial Complex claims more Black males than were counted as slaves in 1850, and considering mass incarceration generates enormous profits for the usual suspects that enjoyed them centuries ago, its clear that the devastated African-American family is actually a tool, not an outcome. The activists fighting for this goal have the duty of deprogramming our communities, and teaching them to love and sustain the family unit once again, and never let it go.

Providing the members of the African-American community the skills and know-how to enable them to pool resources into a strong voice more potent than any single individual is vital towards maximizing every single aspect of their lives. This includes using it as the foundational muscle to get hand-picked Black Action Agenda politicians in effective & strategic government seats, getting local businesses to conform to the communities needs/desires instead of preying upon Blacks in their traditional, post-Integration Era model. Community Organizing when driven by a fully-awakened love of our people, with a firm but patient fortitude of the championship-minded team player, will serve us all as a primary leadership development tool that will keep us winning in every endeavor we set our minds to, especially the most worthy one of total Black Empowerment.

The enemy has never been afraid to use extreme violence and domestic terrorism tactics like lynching and torture to keep us subjugated in an exploitative state so that we won't reach our potential and compete directly with him on the national and world stages. The sole secret to his success is the institutionalized materialistic hoarding monopoly of all industries and systems for himself -- keeping the lion's share of all profits for his use alone --and he will do anything to competing ethnic groups who dare try to share in the global wealth that belongs to us all. The numerous race-based massacres that he used to terrorize us, steal our property, and force us into second class citizen status, from the Tulsa Race 'Riots' to the Rosewood Massacre, and hundreds in between and since, prove this is so. It also involved making random examples of individual Blacks to 'season' us with the spirit of fear as part of the subjugation.

This ninth goal of the Black Action Agenda is all about physical self defense in battle. Our history with our ideological enemy is one of warfare, and we must prepare our minds now for the absolute certainty that success along the Black Action Agenda path of finally taking our lives into our own hands will cause him to pull out the KKK hoods again. The job of this goal's activists will be as soldiers and master trainers. Every Black man and Black woman needs to start off this Black Action Agenda education as a basically-trained warrior in the most literal sense of the word. We're going to have to fight to defend our honor, dreams, and lives as we work to build up our legacy the way it was always meant to be. You need to fix your mind now on the fact that your enemy hates that idea, and will attack you for it.

One of the most efficient tactics of the enemy is to tell you whatever, from his artificial perch of authority, and you will believe him because of the height of his status. Even when you know better, you will eventually start believing him, because you keep hearing his toxic message of White Supremacist brainwashing. No good will come from us receiving all of our information about the world filtered through his lens. The very idea of that is absurd. We need our Black-owned media controlled by us at literally every single level  as a foundational tool of our own survival. Your dedicated enemy's media is designed to hide the empowering truths you need to be set free from his perpetual subjugation efforts.

As an example, note how he was always making fun of President Barack Obama's background as a community organizer, despite how important that tool is in empowering a people? Despite the fact that elite Whites perform the exact same community organizing strategic tools to put together their multi-million dollar 'think tank' networks? They are fully aware of how important that tool is to creating TRUE change, yet the poisonous message from White-owned media is it's something to make fun of, and unworthy of a 'real' President of the United States. Stop listening to him.

The Black Action Agenda activists on this goal are dedicated to gathering facts, and analyzing them through their fully-awakened African-American eyes, and getting the information to our communities. They do this using the self-owned technology, channels, networks, etc., available, and even work to innovate new ones.

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