Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Seven Billion Witnesses

Q: Why is the world so cruel? Why is there so much hate?

Muhammad Rasheed - It takes a lot for the average person to step up and check cruelty/evil when they see it. The fact that cruelty and evil is so prevalent, and the world as a whole doesn’t have a zero policy against it, backs my observation analysis.

The average person will tend to watch in stunned silence—maybe they’ll make some impotent chirp—and let the evil happen right in front of them. That forces me to think that the energy and courage needed to do the right thing is much, much higher than where the base level energies and courage fall in Joe or Jane Normal . This creates situations where evil people can confidently get away with their schemes, and worse, get an embarrassing number of Joe Normals to help them pull their schemes off. Whole armies even! Though there are some heroes who do their part to make the world less cruel, obviously there just aren’t enough of them out there to make it unprofitable to propagate evil.

The reason the world is so cruel is no less than because we all allow it. We’ve misused the Free Will the One God gifted us with and we abuse ourselves in process. In the aftermath, we find a messed up cruel world, that if we don’t assert and shove and grab to force a piece of that cruelty into our own pockets then we’ll be left out of any kind of decent quality of life. This causes us to resent our neighbor over slights both real and imaginary, turning any amount of conflict into raw hatred.

Monday, July 30, 2018

The Decoded Noise of Your Silence

John Roscoe - In your opinion, how legitimate are Conservative accusations of "Liberal intolerance" and "reverse-racism in politics"?

Muhammad Rasheed - The ‘reverse racism’ charge is a kneejerk defensive response towards a perceived threat against anti-Black systemic racism. Since the 1600s, the European ethnic groups conspired across class lines to to create the concept of “whiteness.” This is the racist aristocracy that is fed by the subjugation, exploitation and plundering of Black wealth, preventing them from building wealth over generations and keeping them economically excluded from their rightful share of society’s power and wealth. This situation delegates Black people to the bottom of the socio-economic ladder, saving the poorest whites from being in that role—a situation whites are very protective over.

Consequently, any talk from Black people of escaping this unacceptable situation is interpreted as ‘hatred,’ ‘reverse racism,’ etc., as a direct attack against white culture.

Ken Spragg - I can’t believe anyone dumb enough to hold a sign like that would be smart enough to articulate such a dumb ****ing argument that way. It’d be more realistic if he were screeching something more straightforward like “we won’t just stand by while y’all breed us intuh’ white genocide!”  🙄

Muhammad Rasheed - This is the DECODED translation of the silence he expressed from a direct question he refused to answer. This is what his conspicuous silence sounded like to me. "Realistic" would be just copying the word-for-word dialogue which would have lacked the energy I was looking for in my art piece and brand.

I hope this explanation helps.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Routine Sacrifice to Maintain Evil

Terrence Clay - Is it irresponsible to speculate that stabbing death of Nia Wilson at the MacArthur BART station was a possible "gang hit"?

Muhammad Rasheed - I think that particular speculation is more than “irresponsible.” It’s a deliberate attempt to force the socio-political narrative in a particular direction that serves only to protect white supremacy, while allowing the most savage among them a free pass to do whatever they like.

Anthony Puckett - I have never met anyone that a Hated black people as much as you hate whites

Muhammad Rasheed - ???

Why do you think I hate whites? Especially based on this cartoon's message.

Are you equating "white people" with "white supremacy?" Because that's a line that I wouldn't even cross. My activism is strictly against anti-Black systemic racism, not against the descendants of the Europe's ethnic tribes. The former is an evil blight upon the globe that I do hate, while the latter are people I share the planet with and hold no inherent animosity against.

Please explain your comment further so that we are at least clear.

Anthony Puckett - Not just this cartoon but all the cartoons you push.

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you equating "white people" with "white supremacy," Anthony? So when I speak against systemic racism and want to tear it down you feel defensive?

Why would that be? That's the impression that you are giving me.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me why do you think I hate whites, please.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Fear of That Black Karma

Jesus Carrizales - Can everybody be racist?

Muhammad Rasheed - Is it technically possible? Sure. Is it likely in a real world sense? No.

Racism as we know it began in the early 1600s New World, when the moneyed landowners/investors required a permanent bondsman class to tame the virgin territories. Their usual go-to bondsman class—the ever abused poor white peasants of Europe—decided that they would like a different experience in the New World than what they had been used to for the last several thousand years.

The wealthy European landowners agreed and sympathized with them to a degree, and conspired across class lines to save the poor whites from the slave institution. Instead, the Black people were delegated as permanent chattel, with the poor whites eagerly taking the position as slave takers, slave breakers, overseers, etc. A new aristocracy was created based upon the concept of “whiteness,” with the source of the West’s great wealth coming from the subjugation, exploitation and plundering of Black people continuing up into the present day.

This is what “racism” actually represents. The dictionary definition only describes the propaganda marketing arm of the systemic theft and abuse of Blacks to feed the white racist aristocracy. Whites hold a centuries long tradition of telling themselves it’s okay to selfishly treat Blacks this way based on their institutionalized retcon of history to favor themselves over the people they count on to maintain their ill-gotten high-quality materialist lifestyle.

Under the current anti-Black systemic racism of Western Civilization, it is NOT possible for Black people to be racist. Blacks hold no institutionalized power that would enable them to get away with plundering whites of their wealth to give Black people an economic advantage. Even the hard-won political gains from Reconstruction to the passing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act were immediately stripped of any force, returning the people they were designed to aid back to real and functional second class citizenship. Whenever whites make the false claim that Blacks can be racist, it is always part of the effort to cover over the true, thieving nature of anti-Black systemic racism in order to train the citizenry into believing it is only about surface level “skin color” prejudice on an individual level, so we will overlook the systemic theft of Black wealth by whites.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Class Wars: Battle Tactics

Ma Zhenchao - Why is racism so serious in the West?

Muhammad Rasheed - Racism is extremely lucrative for the white racist aristocracy and it has been since the beginning. The great wealth of the West comes directly from systemic racism, so all efforts of Blacks to free themselves from it receive immense, greed-fueled pushback from the dominant oppressor class who rely upon it. This situation has created a centuries long, race-based class war that is marked by the white racist community continuously looking for more and more opportunities to exploit/plunder Black people, while their propaganda machine attempts to indoctrinate the populace into falsely believing racism is either just a fiction, or only concerned with surface-level ‘skin color’ prejudice on an individual level.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A Long-Standing Tradition of Betraying America

Ayric Thomas - Damn, man, this comic goes hard. Gave me chills...

Antoine Pierret - Why is racism normalized, accepted, and not condemned in USA? Is it the same with antisemitism, or is it only racism that is considered okay and normal in America?

Muhammad Rasheed - Since the early 17th century, racism as we know it has always represented building up the white racist aristocracy at the expense of Black people. This hasn’t changed at all up until the modern day. The only difference is that the propaganda arm of the racist aristocracy is much more sophisticated. Instead of pretending the bible justifies plundering Black people this way, they now pretend Blacks are inherently criminal and deserve subjugation and exploitation. The wealthy and powerful benefit directly from anti-Black systemic racism, so anyone condemning that evil isn’t likely to have the influence needed to make a significant change shy of courting another civil war.

The political, social and economic influence of the Jewish peoples is 180 degrees different from that of the African-American. Consequently, people are far more likely to fear the stigma of receiving the “Anti-Semite” charge than they are of being called “racist.”

Michal Dutkiewicz - The trick is to find ways of communicating this with fewer words.

Muhammad Rasheed - You think so? Why?

Michal Dutkiewicz - It's an exercise in economy and directness... You always want to maximize communicative power... It's just my opinion.

Michal Dutkiewicz - That said... There have always been wordy cartoons... So it's not unprecedented.

Muhammad Rasheed - My personal favs are the ones that were 'wordy' (Linus from Peanuts; Calvin & Hobbes; Walt Kelly, etc.), so I'm not adverse to going in that direction when moved.

I think the trick is to just 'flow' in honest self-expression, and do so often enough that your voice is perfected in a style.

Muhammad Rasheed - There's not a whole lot of rules in art. "Practice makes perfect" means to keep doing it until it turns out the way you want. lol

Michal Dutkiewicz - I am a huge fan of Bill Watterson - yes - he has a real gift for language.

Joseph Deutsch - Wattersons not wordy, neither is Linus, they're poetic, evocative.

What you've done here is an essay, making a complex case.

In GENERAL, cartoon is something distilled, synthesized, encapsulated, pithy,

It's impact comes from the punch of a focused idea..at least one panel cartoons.

Perhaps a sequential strip could carry this message more melliflously.
.particularly cause it's so incendiary..

Muhammad Rasheed - Calvin and Linus would often launch into passionate wordy rants and whether they were considered poetic or evocative depends on the subjective opinion of the viewer. To me, what made their wordy rants amusing was the level of precociousness shown.

My cartoon's message is intended to print out the decoded REAL meaning of a complex issue that our mainstream conversation rarely explores. There have been times when one of my cartoons hit the same topic with less words as inspired, but this one is not one of those times. I'm not likely to take the suggestion seriously that I should force them all into some template under the guise of a faux-rule or faux-law, though I do evaluate all seemingly well-intentioned comments for possible universal truths.

Muhammad Rasheed - I did start off doing these as 3-panel strips, but when my schedule changed and I could no longer stick to my strict one-a-day posting goal, I shifted to the 1-panel format. At the moment, I think I like this better, at least until I am able to free up more time.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Self-Accountability Failure

Q: How should a white person respond when falsely accused of racism? 

Muhammad Rasheed - You can respond in two ways:
  1. DIFFICULT WAY - Produce a comically copious amount of direct evidence that proves without doubt that you have dedicated your existence to dismantling the evils of anti-Black systemic racism.
  2. EASY WAY - Accuse the offended victims of the nonsensical conservative talking point “victimhood” in a manipulative effort to gaslight them into somehow thinking your evil was actually just in their head as a “false accusation.”

Monday, July 23, 2018

Humankind's Homemade Contribution

Archelle Sols - If God is all present, all knowing, all good, and all powerful, where does evil come from?

Muhammad Rasheed - Evil is an action performed by lesser beings. God created the humans and gifted them with:
  1. Free Will - the freedom to live life as they choose for an appointed time.
  2. The Revealed Word of God - the instruction book to guide humans in how to best use their Free Will so they will win at life.
  3. Respite - that if the humans so choose to use their Free Will to perform evil acts in the earth, God will not punish them until the end of the appointed time.
Our time on earth as finite, material beings is a test designed to develop our character. Evil is the wretched, runny discharge produced when we fail our test.

A Whole New World All to Yourself

Richard Lowe Jr. - When is it acceptable to be racist?

Muhammad Rasheed - It is acceptable to be a racist under the following conditions:

  1.  When you are a member of the dominant, oppressor class in a society specifically built upon systemic racism
  2.  When the power structure of such a system is tilted in the favor of the oppressor class, and as the gatekeepers of all major institutions, can ignore or lessen any deliberately feeble anti-racism laws that may be on the books
  3.  When the law enforcement class is the same social class historically delegated to the capturing and breaking of the body/spirit of the oppressed class, thus the police will have a generation’s old hate philosophy encoded within the sub-culture (“I can breathe”)
  4.  When despite any token efforts to pretend racism has been solved for the sake of popular media propaganda, the main source of revenue still comes from exploiting and plundering the oppressed class, so that the highest paid executives in society are encouraged to innovate new ways to exploit them more while pretending the oppressed deserved it and the economic-based abuse somehow isn’t actually racism

Codyrazorsharp - So what you’re saying is white people are good at capitalism and marketing lmao but dude it’s “culture appropriation” lmfao

Muhammad Rasheed - "Oh, look... someone else is doing something clever they've been doing for generations. Let me literally fucking steal it, trademark it making it illegal for the original families to do it anymore, profit off of it myself, and make fun of the people that call me out on it."

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Pale Imitation

Defense Tactics of the Puppetry Class

Ellis Anthony Sutton Jr. - How do you feel about the term "coonery" that some black Americans use to criticize other black people that they perceive as engaging in behavior that reinforces negative stereotypes?

Muhammad Rasheed - I actually feel significantly less strong about people’s use of the term itself (read: not at all) than I do about the behaviors that it describes. The latter is one of the items that contribute to the problems of the world, while the former is just an emotional arm-flapping distraction to keep people from narrowing their focus on the destructive behaviors themselves.

Note that an identically impotent song-n-dance is played around the “n-word” hoopla as well.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

A Rival's Petty Glee at Your Internal Strife

Craig DeBoard - I don't get the joke. Seriously. Usually political cartoons have some sort of irony or punchline to them. This is just stating a fact. Granted it's an ironic fact, but not in that "ha!!ha!!" sort of way. I hope that makes sense. The problem is it means it doesn't entice me to read your next installment. There's nothing there to "hook" me into coming back for more. (I mean I will, I'm an idiot about comics as well, but I'm saying people in general.) That's just something to think about in the future is all.

Art-wise, it's very well done and I don't really see anything that stands out for criticism. Very nice!

Muhammad Rasheed - Hi, Craig. Thanks for the feedback and the kind words.

One of my favorite things about being an artist is the freedom of personal, subjective expression aspect. I certainly wouldn't have been attracted to cartooning if I was forced to conform to some "Usually political cartoons have some sort of..." template. Consequently, I walk proudly with my white plume of independence bobbing along with my gait, assured that I get to be an "artist" in the truest sense of the term.

Message from the cartoonist.

Craig DeBoard - Well, while I would handle things differently, I also understand that everyone doing things differently is what makes comics and art great. Excellent response! Keep up the great work!

Change of Command

Jeff LaFlamme - So you're mad at the donkey for not eliminating racism?! I say let the donkey do it's job, and focus on the elephant who is trampling all over your equality. Vote for more donkeys.

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh, is THAT how "representational government" is supposed to work? Ignore your own elected officials to focus on what the rival party is doing? 🤔🤨

THAT is why I'm "mad at the donkey," because of bullshit gaslighting exactly like what you just displayed. Apparently "letting the donkey do its job" means to allow the Democratic Party to continue to lead me on and bamboozle me.

Muhammad Rasheed - But keep talking, bud. I'm learning a LOT today.

Paul Ustruck - Another Russian troll trying to divide the party

Muhammad Rasheed - Is that your argument?

Paul Ustruck - @Muhammad... trolls are trolls trying to divide us. Don't blame me comrade, blame yourself and your handler

Muhammad Rasheed - An actual, well-thought out counter response would be more constructive than you committing to this tired bit:

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm not "blaming" you for anything, since you certainly don't seem to be the brains of the outfit. In your world, ANY amount of self-criticism means "russian troll bot," eh?

No wonder you are broken.

Paul Ustruck - @Muhammad... you picked the wrong time frame to be playing the black panther game

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh, really? So your response to "We've been 'waiting' for 40 years for OUR party to see to our needs!" is "The past is the past!"

Muhammad Rasheed - If I had a nickel for every time a white person glorified some white/european something or another from any time period in the past, I could make these cartoons full time. lol But you have the nerve to tell me a highlight point during my own worthy righteous fight is wrong to use as inspiration for my art.

So far I've found two white liberals who actually seem to want to be the enemy of Black people trying to dismantle systemic racism. And here I thought you were supposed to be our ally. Curious.

Paul Ustruck - Huey Newton made more sense than you and I knew him a long time ago, so don't try that "constructive" criticizsm bullshit on me

Muhammad Rasheed - So you think a hollow name drop from the past is a constructive and logical justification for why white liberals hate it when Black people fight against systemic racism, hm?


Paul Ustruck - So far, you have divided me me from other black friends. Congratulations on a job well done comrade

Muhammad Rasheed - Define "friends" in your personal universe, please. Because so far I've only seen evidence of yet another anti-Black racist enemy.

Paul Ustruck - Why don't you start a black revolution while your at it and be a vidication of the white supremacist movement

Muhammad Rasheed - Why don't you start being constructive, walking the talk, and generally being an asset to any good and worthy movement?

Your current, worthless bum routine is pretty tiresome.

Go on now.

Paul Ustruck - Aren't you Muslim? Another point that whites need to trash the religion

Muhammad Rasheed - So even though religion hasn't come up at all, you decided to show your true colors (white?) of xenophobia...

...while you are demonstrating resentment of my anti-systemic racism cartoons. Also interesting.

And for the record, you ARE self-identifying as a "white liberal," yes?

Paul Ustruck - And you have identified yourself as a black racist

Muhammad Rasheed - I identify as a Black American Muslim who wants to finally close out the unfinished business of dismantling systemic racism. That's all.

Until today, I was under the impression that the white liberal figure was a willing ally in that fight. #ColorMeEmbarrassed

Paul Ustruck - Not with that attitude

Muhammad Rasheed - "That attitude" = determined to dismantle systemic racism

Muhammad Rasheed - My eyes are now open. Thank you for revealing yourself.

It is also noted that you seem to confidently speak for white liberals as a whole. I patiently wait for an official condemnation of your posts from your fellows.

Paul Ustruck - I think that you'll be waiting a long time. Try a black economic boycott. I'm sure that will get you what you want

Muhammad Rasheed - Paul wrote: "I think that you'll be waiting a long time."

We'll see. But if you are correct, it will not change the nature of the fight. The historical record demonstrates that white supremacy is supported both by you and your political rivals across the aisle.

Paul wrote: "Try a black economic boycott. I'm sure that will get you what you want"

Muhammad Rasheed - It is GUARANTEED to get me what I want. That's why you hate it and why you usurped the movement from Dr. King, Jr. But I see you. I'll admit it would be disingenuous of me to not admit that I saw you clearly before you made your very first post.  ;)  You are DECODED.

The Internal Dissension of Partisan Schemes

Friday, July 20, 2018

Unfinished Business

Khalil Malik - If that's really how Washington looks at ...REPARATIONS...then if rather deal with a republican...because you can beat his ass and be rid of the problem and get what you came for...but dealing with a procrastinating democrat will just have you flapping ya gumms and wasting precious time...THE STRUGGKE CONTINUES...

Muhammad Rasheed - So what's keeping you from beating the donkey's ass and getting what you came for?

You don't have to do any extra paperwork since you're already signed up in that party.

CountryBalls - Might not agree on your politics, but you're one damn good artist.

Domestic Threats of America

Djono Koel - Are bigotry and racism ways to protect and preserve cultures?

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes, if a certain culture in question was built up using systemic racism. Under such a system, in which the economy plunders wealth from one group to maintain a racist aristocracy for another group, then bigotry and domestic terror (“I can breathe”) serve to keep the plundered group subjugated for continued exploitation.

Ayric Thomas - serving up some realness

Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Sabotage of Unfocus

Tony Lee - Why do blacks who oppose gay marriage vote Democratic?

Muhammad Rasheed - The Democratic Party is full of people who are for/against all kinds of issues. There’s no one party member who supports every single item under the party’s platform folio.

The Democratic Party is composed of numerous sub-party special interest groups, each using its political savvy and influence to push for their particular agenda list. The African American community, oddly, lacks a focused *Black Political Agenda* to push for their own special interest item of dismantling systemic racism (with its corresponding payout of Reparations justice), so in order to have something to do, the Black politician signs up to work on the agendas of rival interest groups or just works for the party itself.

Stalling Progress (Part 2 of 2)

Mabushe Nkwana III - Why are black people hated so much by other races, more especially by most whites?

Muhammad Rasheed - The great wealth of Western Civilization—controlled by the 1% legacy families—was amassed specifically from the exploitation and plundering of Black people. The classes of European ethnic groups who actually inflicted this economics-based abuse on the Blacks were deliberately indoctrinated in the hate philosophy of the White Supremacist Ideology. This was orchestrated to justify in their minds that it was okay to treat another group of humans this way to keep their ‘Whitopian’ economy going.

The raw greed that fuels systemic racism has continued up into the present day, so that even Black politicians are held back from doing very much to save their own people from centuries of continuous abuse.

Stalling Progress (Part 1 of 2)

Q: Why do African-Americans overwhelmingly vote Democratic?

Muhammad Rasheed - They do so through both tradition and the nostalgic memory of political gains scored at the end of the Civil Rights era. Since then, however, Black Americans have been stalled in any further anti-racism progress by the greedy corporate powers on both sides of the partisan aisle. These have created a lot of empty symbolic gestures—like a plethora of Black politicians—that don’t actually perform for the specific political-economic special needs of the Black American community. Consequently, the racial wealth gap is getting wider and wider while not a single Democratic Party politician is doing anything about it.

Ayric Thomas - Damn, solid work

Mark Warner - I can’t see how one person can speak for the entirety of a people. Your claim sure doesn’t address the cause of many Black Americans I speak too. People don’t vote off nostalgia, they vote for a candidate who would be more beneficial to them, and that just so happens to be democrats. That doesn’t go to say that Democrats are good for the Black Community, just more viable than Republicans.

Muhammad Rasheed - Who are you speaking for, Mark?

The number one issue of Black Americans is our special need of (finally!) being freed from the full economic exploitative shackles of systemic racism. The modern Democratic Party leadership has deliberately diverted loyal Democrat focus away from that number one special need, so that the average “of many Black Americans I speak to” discuss every diversionary partisan topic EXCEPT what they need to prioritize for their own special interest group.

A focused Black Political Agenda that attacks systemic racism with our vote and economic boycott will solve this issue. Without it, we are only wasting our vote on nostalgia and fruitlessly band-aiding the symptoms of economic disparity.

Mark Warner - I won’t argue with you. This is only because we agree on the solution to the problem, yet disagree on how and why it’s a problem.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me how and why the problem came about from your perspective, please.

Daniel Gallant - While I'm all for making the Dems accountable, systemic racism is universal. You'll have to boycott all the Repubs before you get to the Dems if you are giving a full shake. You are reading like a right winger.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Daniel... Systemic Racism is "universal" because it benefits the white race, no matter what their political orientation. Consequently, if the Black people do not take charge to push for its dismantling where they are, it will continue to stall and not get done at all.

The issue we've been having as African-American members of the Democratic Party, is that we aren't taking charge of our own special interest train. We can do it in the Democratic Party (recommended since we already have the equity built in it), but our mistake was thinking it was something the party itself was supposed to do FOR us. No, the party is just a tool + resources for us to use to handle our own business, and if WE aren't taking control of our own interests, naturally other people are NOT going to prioritize it for us—even within the same political party. The best way for us to see the Democratic Party so we can get over that curve is to treat it like it was a business organization like the Small Business Administration (SBA). It's not doing anything FOR you, you have to work IT.

This is what it looks like when we successfully drive the train of our own interests ourselves as an actively engaged special interest group:

Black citizens boycott white merchants for U.S. voting rights, Tuskegee, Alabama, 1957-1961

Daniel Gallant - Pitting 2 goods against each other is not good politics. Fight the real enemy.

Muhammad Rasheed - The real enemy is white supremacy. It turns out the GOP doesn't have a monopoly on that platform.

Daniel Gallant - Now I believe you are just a right wing shill.

Muhammad Rasheed - I believe you are being defensive over systemic racism.

Daniel Gallant - Again wrong answer. It's an appalling situation that sickens me. But by showing hate for other noble causes shows what's truly inside you.

Muhammad Rasheed - Point to the "hate" you see in the cartoon, bud.

Muhammad Rasheed - Here's the actual context the art is drawn from:

1972 Gary Political Convention

There is no hate here. There is only celebration and advancement for my people. Your attempt to sabotage that is the problem within the liberal party.

Are you TRYING to be my enemy? Pro-Black is not hate for others. Stop trying to force that narrative.

Muhammad Rasheed - The only "hate" being shown is your partnering with the Democratic Party stalling the dismantling of systemic racism, and throwing all weight behind other causes, while expecting Black Democrats to help you fix your problems. You ignore our needs while expecting us to work like slaves for you.

While you PRETEND to be my friend.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me why you are being defensive over systemic racism, please, when you're supposed to be on my side.  Tell me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ending Racism (Steps 1 & 2)

Jacob Malone - What event would have to happen for the United States to have another Civil War or Revolution?

Muhammad Rasheed - It would take no less than a serious, strategic and effective attack on systemic racism, to dismantle it once and for all. The 1% legacy families who continue to amass wealth from the exploitation and plundering of Black people wouldn’t take watching the glory of Reconstruction 2.0 for very long before they attacked.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Saving Racism

Stephen Dutton - Is diversity more important than competence?

Muhammad Rasheed - Diversity can be more important than competence only within a limited scenario that can be found in a White Supremacist society that has achieved enough social unrest to threaten to topple it into anarchy.

In such a situation, the white supremacist leadership found themselves desperately flexible to allow a degree of “freedom illusion” by fast tracking a percentage of under-trained Black poor through a number of high-profile institutions as a political symbol. This proved effective enough to calm down the agitated mobs and buy the white supremacist legacy families another century or so of manipulation policies to plunder their favorite impoverished minority prey of their wealth.

Ayric Thomas - I love this comic!

Monday, July 16, 2018

ALERT! Lane Departure Warning

Richelle Ross - Has the U.S. transitioned into a victimhood culture?

Muhammad Rasheed - No. That’s just partisan rhetoric used when a certain demographic is trying to deflect from discussing their barbarity. Taking that “victimhood” talk seriously at all is just enabling foolishness.

The Trickled-Down Manna from Massa

Q: Has “trickle down economics” ever worked?

Muhammad Rasheed - Sure, it works perfectly as a grift/scam implemented by the rich. Once they’ve successfully indoctrinated the managerial middle class into buying into it, who do all the work of convincing the poor to shut up and gratefully eat their crumbs, then the rich can get back to the business of hoarding the 99% of the world’s wealth for themselves.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Political Corruption within a Theocracy

Q: How do you know which hadith is true and which is false in Islam?

Muhammad Rasheed - The true hadith are the ones that align to the message of the Qur’an by verse and/or spirit (see: hadith that confirm the Five Pillars of Al-Islam as commanded by Allah; hadith that encourage freeing slaves as righteous acts; hadith that instruct the believers to treat each other fairly across class, race, or ethnic group lines).

The false hadith contradict the Qur’an either directly or by spirit (see: donkey meat hadith versus Qur’an dietary law; claims that Aisha was a child when the prophet married her versus Allah confirming Muhammad—peace be upon him—was of exemplary character; claims that the prophet continued to own slaves).

Awakening the Atrophied Eye: The Wisdom Eye Returns

Despite never having read anything like a timeline of when people have their subsequent third eye opening events, I just expected that it would take a while for me to have another one, assuming that I didn't get brand new and sabotage the process by taking on a life of over-the-top wretched debauchery. So imagine my surprise when I had yet another spontaneous third eye experience this morning, Sunday, July 15, 2018 at around 4:20am!

The only similarities that matched the last time the third eye opened were 1) that it happened shortly after I lied down in bed, and 2) I was more keyed up than I expected to be when I did lie down.

The differences that didn't match the last experience were 1) yesterday was my day off from work and I'd actually gotten some good sleep, so I wasn't exhausted when I lied down today. 2) I didn't notice I was keyed up with that energized excitable sensation until after I had been lying there for several minutes already, thinking about other stuff. When I finally noticed the feeling--and made the instant association--I opened my eyes to find my vision once again obscured by the veil between realities, with the third eye opened within it at approximately 6 inches before my delighted brow. 3) I had been distracted by my thoughts and I really can't recall whether the 'Serpent Fire of the Universe' was as intense during the moments leading up to the third eye opening as the last time. Remember from the previous 'Initiation' entry, I expressed confidence that I would recognize the pre-opening signs. This means I'll have to do a better job leaving the 'day for the day,' and only going to bed with a clear mind so that I will be PRESENT.

The veil looked different this time. The last time it looked smooth, and like a 40% black Photoshop layer had been placed over the scenario I was being shown. This time it looked like it was made of a liquid bubblewrap, or a clear, but bubbly, mucus. The third eye showed me a cityscape off the water during the daytime, with a deep blue sky. Then without any prompting from me, it zoomed in on one of the buildings, showing me specifically the top portion of the structure. The building looked very old. The third eye allowed me to linger at some markings that had been carved into the wall in someone's long ago past; the markings were water eroded looking to me. The third eye snatched me away from my scrutiny of the markings by zooming out to show me the top portion of the building again and then it closed. I noticed that my vision couldn't penetrate the veil this time; I could only see through the third eye itself.

I continued to lie there thinking of what I had been shown, and combing over the details of the event itself so I would remember.

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Deplorable Left

Purinat Sungam - What would you think if the next President of the United States with tattoos on her face were an atheist, homosexual, black, weed-addicted, and ex-convicted criminal at the same time on top of being a naturalized American citizen from Mexico?

Muhammad Rasheed - My favorite part of your question, Purinat, is how you’ve included “Black” within your list of disreputable, inexcusable sins this hypothetical future POTUS is supposed to be guilty of.

Please improve your basic character.

Faniel Soneira - Nothing wrong with being a naturalized citizen, either! Except that that disqualifies you from being President, of course…

James Rosten - So true, and we already got past the “black” threshold. No more need for that test. I would vote for the right woman, or member of any minority. But then, I don’t care what the package is wrapped in, I care about what is in the package. Give me the right values and policy positions, and I might even vote for someone named Mohammad, and I am a Christian.

Muhammad Rasheed - Bravo! Though I’m positive there’s a Christian or two actually named Mohammed scattered about.

Nick Lilavois - Wow. Gain some introspection.

So you think black was the only trait there not negative?

Being a woman is bad?

Being gay is bad?

Being an atheist is bad?

You are just as bigoted as he is.

Muhammad Rasheed - No, I just figured the rest of y’all could defend yourselves. I have my focus razor-sharp for my political cartoon analysis and can’t fight everyone’s battles, too, so I’ll need you lot to pull your weight.

Nick Lilavois - Well I’m a half black half jewish all gay atheist so I have a hell of a lot of weight to pull, so it would be nice if you broaden your perspective.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Well, be so kind as to take up the war banner for the Black and homosexual portions of his trashy question, please (Jew wasn’t included in his list of inexcusable sins).

You have zero control over me, Nick, nor over what I choose to focus on or how I express myself. Note that I did not say anything negative towards you in my answer. You are out of line.

Nick Lilavois - Im out of line for asking you to be nice?

Read your answer again.

you’ve included “Black” within your list of disreputable, inexcusable sins

That means everything else is, to you, a disreputable, inexcusable sin.

Im just asking you to broaden your perspective, nicely.

Muhammad Rasheed
- No, you are pushing your own agenda at my expense, and being disingenuous in pretending not to recognize the snark/sarcasm of my answer.

You are out of line by asking me to express myself in my activism how you want me to do it. I refuse. As I pointed out earlier, my focus is deliberately keen for the sake of my art expression, and in addition to some other related viewpoints I hold, do not seek to expand the scope of my social justice vision. Please go away. You are now an irritant with little value to your discourse. Thank you.

Nick Lilavois - Agenda? Activism?

Social Justice Vision?

Wow. I’m as liberal as someone can be, but you are what conservatives make fun of when they make fun of liberals.

Get over yourself.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Nick. Nick?

I am 100% uninterested in whatever you think about anything at all, and that especially includes your personal definition of whatever you think “being nice” is.

Please go away.

Thank you.

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Third Eye Blind

Q: What does it mean when someone is third eye blind?

Muhammad Rasheed - To be blind in the third eye, is to be deadened in spiritual growth. It means the third eye blinded have lived a life of total focus on the empty, finite lusts of the material world, instead of on the promise of eternal realms of life hereafter. The third eye blind are apathetic to and/or disbelieving of the spirit. They live a life of fleshly pursuits and set aside nothing for the higher purpose of their existence.

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Drawing On Faith

Insha Kahar - Is drawing a bad thing in Islam?

Muhammad Rasheed - In my opinion, drawing is only a bad thing if:

  1. The art is created to be an image to be worshiped
  2. The image is intended as a depiction of God, that will most likely cause people to lean towards worshiping the image as a idol.

In both these cases the artist is tempting people and there is a very real danger that the weak will succumb to the temptation. History demonstrates that such weakness creates trends that can lead entire generations of people astray. Since Allah in the Qur’an never forbade the believers to draw such images, I personally wouldn’t do it for fear I myself might be responsible for initiating some horrible, paganism snowball effect.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

A New Frontier

Joseph Giri - This cartoon is sickeningly accurate

Paul Seitz - What are both the positive and negative benefits of gentrification? In what ways does gentrification affect the people of that neighborhood?

Muhammad Rasheed - This 100% depends on the perspective one views the situation from when experiencing gentrification.

If you are the gentrificator, then you get to continue the trend of amassing your hoards of wealth by stealing the land and plundering the income of the poor (usually Black people).

If you are the gentrificatee, you get to be subjugated, exploited and plundered, while the gentrificator and their supporters tell you to get over it and pull yourself up by your bootstraps, etc.

For those inclined to attempt to justify the actions of the gentrificator by using a scriptural verse such as “be the lender and not the borrower,” then please note that verse was directed towards the God-fearing good guy who would never exploit and plunder the most vulnerable among us for material gains. For those disinclined to see their preferred economic prey (poor Black people) as “the most vulnerable among us,” please note that is only your mass incarceration indoctrination speaking, in which you’ve been trained to support the “Black people are inherent criminals” propaganda that feeds the for-profit prison industry.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Candid Camera of Social Justice

Awakening the Atrophied Eye: Third Eye FAQ

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) blog post was pulled from interesting 'third eye' related Quora questions I answered and assembled here for reader convenience. Please feel free to post questions of your own in the comments below.


Very respectfully,

M. Rasheed, PMP®
Cartoonist | Socio-Political Commentator | Graphic Novel Serialist | Shemesu Heru
Second Sight Graphix


Q1: Is the third eye real? How did this term originate?

The third eye is very real. I can definitively proclaim this with assured confidence because – much to my amazed delight – I had my first such experience at the beginning of this month (July 1, 2018), which formally initiates me into the “Followers of Second Sight” (“Shemesu Heru” in Ancient Egyptian, which I personally prefer). As one can imagine, I am very excited, rejuvenated in my faith and certainly hope to have many more third eye experiences in the future.

The phenomenon commonly called “third eye” isn’t an eye at all, but a form of inter-dimensional portal that appears to open approximately 6 inches in front of your brow during an elevated endogenous DMT-triggered, altered consciousness trance. In my case, even though the jagged-edged, round-ish hole that opened didn’t really look like an “eye,” it isn’t really too much of a leap that the over-poetic ancients would label it that way since you are “seeing” through it. Especially so when you consider that the vast majority of cosmological stellar patterns don’t accurately favor the well-known constellation symbols assigned to them by those same ancients either.

I’ve documented my experience on my blog, with my analysis and speculations, for those who are interested in my perspective of this wonderful concept.

Q2: Do we see ghosts and spirits after opening third eye?

The third eye portal shows you sights into a scenario—or just abstract-esoteric imagery—that will aid you in your journey in some way. Your job is to meditate on this information throughout your lifetime, and pull knowledge from it to guide you. If the forms of otherworldly entities will be relevant to that journey for you somehow, then you will be allowed to see them.

When I had my own third eye opening experience at the beginning of this month (July 2018), I saw no such entities.

Q3: How does it feel after your third eye is opened?

During my own third eye opening experience (and hopefully the first of many more!), I felt a carry over of the excited energy build-up sensation I experienced in the several minutes just prior to its opening. The sensation was tingly, but not unpleasant, and while I looked into the eye, I felt that energy rapidly dissipating, which gave the unmistakable feeling of a countdown. I remember feeling that even though my sense of vision was all I had in the moment to attempt to absorb the experience in the very short time I had to do so, that it was enough. My sense of vision seemed super-charged and I looked EVERYWHERE! with an intense focus. The forces involved noticeably wouldn’t allow me to spend too much time trying to study too much detail in any one thing; I was clearly being guided to use my vision to take in as much of the experience as possible.

I was blessed to have been read up on the topic, so I knew what was going on the instant it started. When it was over, oddly I didn’t feel sad that it was over so much as I wanted it to happen AGAIN. I felt a strong feeling of gratitude, and an “I can’t believe this happened to ME!” feeling that was nearly overwhelming. I remember in the aftermath feeling that the experience was all I wanted to think about.

Q4: Is it haram to open the third eye?

It is not ‘haram’ or unlawful to open the third eye, because we actually have no control over whether it opens or not. The third eye experience is a Sign of Allah, and it happens in order to assure a sincere believer that his/her walk on the righteous path of the One God was correct, blessed and approved. It’s my opinion that this is at least stage one of the “enlightenment” concept.

I would caution one against attempting to ‘jump the gun’ so to speak by performing the rituals designed to tempt the third eye to open if you have been sinfully neglectful in adhering to your duties as a believer. In addition to almost certainly being a demonstration of disbelief in the unseen requiring a vulgar “proof” before you will allow yourself to submit to the One God’s commands, doing so also very well may be a form of deifying the third eye experience itself and turning a beautiful, high-level spiritual gift of Allah into soul-damning shirk.

Q5: Does smoking DMT open your third eye?


Neither ingesting N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) by the various means, nor performing the different types of ritual (like that of ‘correct meditation’) to elevate your own endogenous DMT, will of themselves open the third eye, but they do create the physical and spiritual conditions similar to the third eye opening event’s background experience. The point of doing any of this is in hope of tempting the third eye to open for us, which is not an event we actually have control over.

Once an experienced ‘shaman’ has developed a relationship with the forces in control of the third eye opening (for a Muslim that means you strive to uphold the Five Pillars of Al-Islam as a sincere believer, do good, reject evil and repent when you mess up), conditions will eventually be achieved whereas performing the correct rituals will seemingly give the illusion that the practitioner is the one making the event happen.

Q6: What are signs that my third eye is opening?

In the minutes prior to my own third eye opening experience, I felt the tingly build-up of the “Serpent Fire of the Universe” energy (called Sekhem, and Kundalini in Ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Sanskrit, respectively) coursing around and through me. Since I wasn’t meditating at the time, I had no idea that’s what was actually going on until I suddenly found myself staring excitedly at the veil between realities with the third eye opened in it brightly, approximately 6 inches in front of my brow. Interestingly, there was no Hollywood animation-like transitional effect before the third eye appeared; first I was looking at the routine background life of “universe normal,” and THEN I was looking at the third eye. I suppose there could have been an opening effect that was simply too fast for my senses to detect though.

The experience was unique enough that I have little doubt I would recognize the preliminary third eye opening signs should I find myself blessed to be in that state again.

Q7: Is it okay in Islam to open the third eye?

The third eye opening event happens independently of us as a milestone in our spiritual walk. Because of this, we have no control over whether it happens or not, and all we can do is perform correctly in life to meet the requirements that the third eye may open. This is no different than how we as believers are to walk the Righteous Path so that when we are Judged by the One God on the Last Day, we will have met the requirements to achieve the reward of paradise. The third eye event is like a mini-Judgment Day quiz/exam, performance review and “Good job!” pat-on-the-back along the way, and it is Good News.

So for you, attempt to open the third eye by adhering to the Five Pillars of Al-Islam, do good deeds in the earth, reject the temptations for performing mischievous acts and repent when you mess up. Do this diligently; build up the habits of righteousness and achieve mastery in your faith, and you may have a third eye event happen, or if not, you may still delight in the certainty of receiving your Record of Deeds within your right hand, and attaining paradise—the ultimate achievement for a human being!

That’s how I advise all sincere seekers of truth to open the mystic third eye... by obeying Allah and scoring your brain tissue with the ‘marks’ of the sincere believer by building up the habits of righteous deeds in your life.


Q8: What does it mean when someone is third eye blind?

To be blind in the third eye, is to be deadened in spiritual growth. It means the third eye blinded have lived a life of total focus on the empty, finite lusts of the material world, instead of on the promise of eternal realms of life hereafter. The third eye blind are apathetic to and/or disbelieving of the spirit. They live a life of fleshly pursuits and set aside nothing for the higher purpose of their existence.

Q9: Can I see my third eye when I closed my natural eyes?

I was blessed to have my second spontaneous third eye opening experience this morning of Sunday, July 15, 2018. Even though I had told myself that I would be on the look out for the tell-tale signs that it was about to happen again after the previous event, this was not to be. I was too distracted with the hustle-n-bustle of the day to notice the ‘Serpent Fire of the Universe’ creating the tingly sensation around me. When I did notice, I opened my eyes to find myself once again confronted with the UDJAT Wisdom Eye of legend opened in the veil between realities, taking up my entire field of vision.

To be clear, I saw none of this while my eyes were closed and I half wondered why I wasn’t falling asleep yet. It was only when I opened my eyes was I able to free my consciousness to experience this miraculous event.

Q10: How long does it take to open your third eye?

That’s a great question. I personally first started researching the third eye phenomenon back in 2004, I had my first third eye opening experience on July 1, 2018, and my second one this morning on July 15, 2018.

Naturally, a lot has happened in life during those first 14 years, including the achievement of mastery in my faith in the One God, with the mandatory consistent ritual habits of the religious believer. But in these last two weeks or so, it seems I have some kind of building momentum going. To be sure the first event strengthened my faith to a comically noticeable degree, causing me to double-down in devout worship to my Lord.

I can’t say my faith had always been as rock solid as I wanted it to be during the previous 14 years though, and perhaps in these last few years I was able to really get there and trust God with my whole heart. So realistically, if I’m honest, it really took a solid three years to have my third eye opening experience. That’s how long it took me to master my personal faith walk, the prerequisite to having the unseen forces find me worthy enough to open for me.

Q11: Has anyone "opened" their "third eye" and want to explain what it's like? Is it scary? Do you regret it?

Yes. So far I have had two amazing, spontaneous third eye opening events this very month (July 2018). The experiences surprised me both times since they happened without being preceded by traditional meditation techniques (meaning I wasn’t trying to have the experience on purpose when it happened).

I’ve described the details of the events on my blog, linked below:

1.) Awakening the Atrophied Eye: INITIATION
2.) Awakening the Atrophied Eye: The Wisdom Eye Returns

Neither event was frightening. In fact, I felt delighted during and immediately after, and was eager to have another one. I felt deeply touched that it happened for me at all. By the nature of the third eye opening experience, there’s literally zero reason to regret it happening. It actually means you’re winning at life itself.

Q12: Is it dangerous to open the third eye?

The third eye opens as a milestone in our spiritual journey, and is a formal acknowledgement that we are on the Straight Path of Righteousness and have successfully navigated it to a certain point of its challenging length. During an endogenous DMT trance, the opening third eye takes the form of a round-ish hole within a variously-hued membrane that fills our entire vision. At what appears to be approximately 6 inches in front of the brow, the third eye ‘hole’ opens into some mysterious time/place, or even just shows a serious of symbols/glyphs, that it directs you to focus your vision for wisdom.

All of this is good. I can vouch that the feelings produced are very pleasant and exhilarating, as I have experienced the Wisdom Eye opening for me twice now. There was literally nothing dangerous about the third eye event. It functions basically as a “Good job!” from the unseen forces at work, and is designed to encourage you to stay on the Path.

Yet there is a very real danger. It comes not from the third eye event itself, but from our own human weakness. Some among us have a tendency to slack off once we’ve reached a hard-won milestone—slack off, and even backslide into abandoning the race altogether from a false sense of “I’ve made it!” experienced in the aftermath. So should you be one of the very fortunate ones to experience the third eye opening phenomenon, just remember that the race hasn’t been won yet! Stay focused and keep going. Stay on the Path.

Q13: What are the meditation techniques for opening the third eye?

The pineal gland secretes melatonin, which is well-known as our body’s wakefulness/sleep state regulator, but more importantly, it also secretes the amounts of melatonin’s analog molecule N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) which is needed for the mammalian brain to experience altered states of consciousness. The precise dosage of endogenous DMT our pineal gland provides allows us to see the edge of the veil between realities, and the forces on the other side determine whether to open a hole — the mystic third eye — within the veil, for us to see what we need to see for continued spiritual growth.
The Pyramid Texts, Utterance 77
Atrophied Eye, O Atrophied Eye, where are you? O you who are in front of the Immortal-Half, where are you? You are in the Immortal-Half so that you may be set-in-place in front of the seer, so that you may cause bliss for him who carries you, so that you may cause to be a spirit him who carries you, so that you may cause him to be Serpent Powerful in his Eternal Body, and so that you may cause respect for him in the two-eyes of all spirits, they who shall look at him or anyone who shall even hear his name.
Using ‘correct meditation’ rituals of the ancients, it is possible to basically ‘milk’ the pineal gland, coaxing it to release DMT for the desired spiritual effects. In my case, I prefer the source meditation technique described chiseled into the Pyramid Text stele in Saqqara, Egypt, which consists of:
  1. Breathing through both the mouth & nose at once in such a way that it sounds like you are uttering the non-word “sah
  2. Keeping your gaze forward and slightly up so that you are looking at the center vision area where your two eyes cross over one another (see: fovea spot).
  3. Avoiding the deliberate distractions of the mysterious “threshold vision entities” by glancing quickly down to the left and then promptly back up to the fovea spot area.
This deceptively simple ritual is enough to build up your body’s natural DMT—corresponding on the other side to the build up of the ‘Serpent Fire of the Universe’ energy (Sekhem/Qἰ/Kundalini).

This is the technique designed to get you to the event horizon of the third eye opening event. If the forces in control find you worthy in your sincere spiritual walk, it may then open for you.

Q14: What are your feelings about your third eye, opened or closed?

I’ve seen a lot of negative comments over the roughly 14 years of my study into the third eye phenomenon, with skeptical outsiders suggesting that it’s just a trick of the mind misleading the practitioner. No, it’s not misleading us. Our brain is powerful in exactly that way, enabling us to expand our consciousness into different realms, using ancient herbal technologies that adjust the dosages of DMT. This is in fact our humanizing factor, responsible for our knowledge of spirit, our religion, and ultimately the building of our civilizations over the ages.

The Holy Qur'an 96:1-5Proclaim! In the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, Who created,- Created man, out of a mere clot of congealed blood: Proclaim! And thy Lord is Most Bountiful,- He Who taught the use of the Pen,- Taught man that which he knew not.

The default setting of our “universe normal” isn’t actually the “real” world, and it is in fact the efforts of disbelieving secular academics-for-hire to convince us that it is real that represents the misleading of the populace—we’re being misled by diabolical, self-appointed thought police into believing that our expanded visions of truth are ‘mere hallucinations.’ In actuality, this terrestrial realm material universe is designed to be finite; it’s designed to die/decay. This is the shadow realm of illusion and of course it isn’t real; it’s just a test. When this finite material of star stuff finally dissolves, our immortal consciousness will be freed to explore the true realities, and a sacred scripture guided correct living allows us the blessed glimpse of seeing this truth in a third eye opening experience if we are faithful.

Q15: Does the activation of the third eye mean enlightenment?

In a previous third eye related Quora question, I mentioned that the point of the Wisdom Eye opening is to assure the sincere believer that his/her walk along the One God’s righteous path has been formally acknowledged, blessed and approved, and that this is at least the beginning stage of “enlightenment.”

I believe this because now that I have had my own third eye opening experience, the sense of assured confidence I feel deeply in the aftermath of the event —that God is REAL, that ‘spirit’ is REAL, that the merit-based Righteous Path of the Lord thy God described in revealed scripture is REAL—seems to have been the primary point of giving me this wonderful gift. I feel as if I have reached the next level in my religious walk, and want above all else to please God and reach the NEXT level as well!

The discovery that following God’s commands in scripture, humbling myself (and my ego) in a willing, selfless state of obedience to the One God who made me—and patiently persevering in that space of faith no matter the level of daily adversity— is rewarded along the way with moments of spiritual clarity personally bumping up my relationship with the Creator from “faith’ to “personally knowing is real,” bestows upon me the resulting desire to never want to go back as a state of enlightenment.

Q16: How would a third eye affect the human vision?

When I had my own third eye opening experiences, my entire field of vision was taken up by this mysterious wall/membrane—the veil between realities. The third eye was opened in the veil at what appeared to be 6 inches in front of my brow; I couldn’t see anything from the mundane ‘normal’ universe during the precious seconds either event took place, not even in my furthest peripheral. I wasn’t interested in seeing it either! All I focused on were the sights the third eye showed me, to absorb as much of the information as I could.

Q17: How do I know if I'm prepared to open my third eye? If I open my third eye, will it be scary?

You cannot open your third eye. All you can do is prepare yourself and establish the optimal conditions in which it is most likely that the third eye would open.

Contrary to the popular belief of the spiritualist community, this has nothing to do with the varying ritualized techniques like meditation and what have you, but it has everything to do with intent and behavior. The third eye opens as a milestone event for the sincere truth seeker who diligently strives along the Straight Way of Righteousness. The enduring sacred scripture of the ages, contains the guidance needed for the practitioner to build up the habits of righteousness in our lives, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel on this item. Belief in the One God who made us, obedience to our Maker’s tenets of faith—doing good, rejecting evil, repenting of mistakes—is what is required to enable us to achieve high marks of merit and have the third eye open for us as proof of approval and encouragement.

So should the third eye open, you will find that it is not scary at all, but a tiny glimpse into achieving our ultimate goal as believers. May you find your way, may you find yourself approved by your Lord, and may you be forever blessed.


Q18: Why would God only open the eyes of some, and not all?

The Straight Way of Righteousness, the path of the believers in the One God tread by the sincere truth seekers, is a merit-based path. Intent and behavior determine the quality of that walk, and by no means are they equal as expressed from one person to the next. God is faithful to the efforts of those who earnestly seek the Splendor of their Maker—showering them with blessings many times over what they have earned—while those whose deeds lazily come up short to those of their high-achieving fellows, are given but measure-for-measure what they have earned and nothing more.

God opens the eyes and hearts of those who demonstrate they have faith in how they walk towards the Throne of Glory, so be ye of those who love doing good, who receive the message of the One God as the Good News! that you have pleased your Lord to the highest degree.

Q19: How do you know if you have opened your third eye, and is it possible to do it accidentally?

The third eye of the ancient mystery systems is actually a portal between the dimensions. The full, formal name is the UDJAT Wisdom Eye of Heru, and it is described in detail in the Pyramid Text records, chiseled into numerous granite stele in Saqqara, Egypt. I think that knowledge seekers throughout the ages made pilgrimages to Egypt during it’s Golden Age, and took those secrets back to their lands, developing their own mystery systems around the techniques they learned. The versions of meditation and other rituals that we of the spiritualist community are familiar with, are but the copy-of-a-copy-of-a-copy-of-a-copy, etc., of what those ancient student-turned-teachers knew.

You are able to see the third eye during an endogenous DMT trance when it opens for you. I myself was blessed to have two such experiences, and in both cases, the third eye was a round-ish hole in a mysterious wall or membrane that covered my entire field of vision. It appeared to be roughly fist-sized in diameter, and situated about 6 inches in front of my brow. During the first event, the third eye had jagged, rough edges to it. During the second event, the edges appeared to be moving, like an energy was flowing, or being expended by the portal being open. I couldn’t see anything from the ‘normal’ world while this event was going on, not even in my furthest peripheral vision, so I have no doubt you will know it when you see it. I happened to be read up on the third eye pretty well, so I knew it the second it began.

Both of my third eye opening events were spontaneous, meaning I wasn’t meditating at the time, they just happened. Before the first event happened, I felt the ‘Serpent Fire of the Universe’—the spirit energy called Sekhem by the Ancient Egyptians and Kundalini in Sanskrit—building up around and through my body. Because of the highly personal spiritual nature of the third eye opening event, I think it’s impossible for it to happen “accidentally.” The third eye shows you information through the portal that is important for your own higher consciousness growth, so it is highly unlikely that the forces in control of it opening for you did it by making a mistake and knocking over Chemical-X or whatever.

Q20: How has your third eye helped you?

I was very fortunate—blessed—to have had two third eye opening experiences. So far I’ve found that the events themselves have helped me immensely in the same way a strong word of encouragement from just the right leader/mentor in your life can give you a boost after a long, hard struggle on a difficult journey. I feel a nearly overwhelming sense that the sacrifices were worth it, that I’ve MADE IT! past a difficult level, and that I’m somehow closer to ‘home.’ The third eye events helped me because I feel truly AFFIRMED in the most profound way I can be.

And that’s before I even start meditating on the information the Wisdom Eye actually showed me…

Q21: Does your third eye close after not using it for a long time?

The third eye is a portal between realities that we are able to see during an endogenous DMT trance. It opens after a hard-won milestone on your spiritual journey has been reached, and shows you information you need to meditate upon to enhance your higher consciousness.

For those who neglect the spirit, and set aside nothing for their higher consciousness, the third eye will never open for them as there will be no need. The ancients describe the third eye of such foolish individuals as “atrophied,” and in many ways this can be broadly used to describe modern Western culture, that attempts to normalize the filth of disbelief in the unseen as a trait of “progress” or even “intelligence.”

No one can claim an active third eye if they are practiced in denying the most important aspects of reality itself.

Q22: Do you see spirits after a third eye awakening?
  1. Should your third eye open during those precious few seconds within the veil between realities, at what appears to be approximately 6 inches in front of your brow, it shows you imagery that is very personal for you. Whether that imagery would include spirit entities or not will depend on you and what the controlling forces think you need to see.
  2. Along the way towards tempting the third eye to open—while performing focused meditation, repetitive rituals, or even so-called “hallucinogenic” drugs—you should see beings from the other realms. This wouldn’t be unusual, since the N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) chemical your body uses to enable your mind to provide you altered states of consciousness is indeed literally shifting your perspective to see into other interdimensional realms.
So it’s actually easy, and ‘baby steps’ in your spiritualist journey, to be able to see spirit entities. The issue is, should you try and seek them out?

In the Pyramid Texts—that were already ages old when a group of enlightened Ancient Egyptian leaders decided they should finally be chiseled into as many granite stele it would take to copy them from the latest ancient papyri that were crumbling from age—they describe the technique of “correct meditation.” This is the simple science of the spirit developed by the ancients to get your endogenous DMT levels up to the point that you gain second sight enough to see the veil separating our ‘universe normal’ from the other realms. The hope of the technique is that the third eye will be opened for you, initiating you into the ‘Followers of Second Sight’ (called ‘Shemesu Heru’ in Ancient Egyptian). But before you can get to that point, the Pyramid Texts warn about the “threshold visions.” These are mysterious shapes that appear trying to distract you from your focus on getting to the veil. The Texts warn the reader that if the would-be initiate gives any indication that he/she is more interested in seeing the deliberately distracting entities, then THE THIRD EYE WILL NEVER OPEN FOR YOU!

That’s jarring stuff to me. And it was when I first read it back in 2004. Since I was fortunate enough to have read that warning before I started trying to meditate myself, I was properly cautious when I did start experimenting with the techniques, and Lo! there were the threshold visions teasing and blinking about right outside of the edge of my focus! The Pyramid Texts provide a simple and blessedly effective counter to the creatures’ shenanigans: all you have to do is quickly glance down and off to the left, and then snap your gaze back up to your focal point. Just like that and the entities would vanish. The second they would appear I would vanish them with the little trick until eventually, they stopped trying to distract me from my quest.

According to the Pyramid Texts, which I fully believe are the source lore for all of the world’s meditation techniques, the entire point of meditating is to tempt open the mystic third eye, so any effort or desire to sabotage that by ‘looking for spirits’ is foolishness.

Be forewarned.

Q23: What do you think about the third eye?

It is my opinion that every single human being should do everything in their power to strive & struggle to specifically position the details of their lives in the way they need to so that the mystic third eye of legend will be tempted into opening for them.

Anyone who is NOT doing this, is literally failing at life itself.

Q24: What is the most powerful technique to awaken a third eye?

You should know up front that I am not agreed with the spiritualist community majority consensus that the mystic third eye is synonymous with the pineal gland. My understanding of the concept comes from the source lore in Saqqara, Egypt, where the Pyramid Texts describe the UDJAT Wisdom Eye of Heru as an interdimensional portal that opens within the veil between realities for the fortunate initiate during an endogenous N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) trance state. I myself was blessed to have had two experiences with the third eye opening for me, and thus bear witness to the Pyramid Text’s ages old truths.

Even though the pineal gland is not the third eye, the tiny and often misunderstood organ is vital to the process. What it does is secrete the amount of natural DMT required for the mammalian brain to have an altered state of consciousness, enabling us to see the veil/membrane that separates our mundane ‘universe normal’ from the eternal realms. The third eye opens as a milestone during a committed spiritual journey to evolve our higher consciousness, so the most powerful technique that that can get us in that head space is to obey the faith tenets of the Supreme Creator of reality:
  1. Believe in the One God
  2. Perform righteous deeds
  3. Avoid the temptations of evil acts
  4. Repent when we mess up
Do these consistently until we build up the habits of those who walk the Straight Way of Righteousness, and this will put us in the best position to have a third eye opening experience.

Q25: Is third eye opening a part of the kundalini awakening process or an independent concept?

“Serpent Fire of the Universe” (Sekhem) is how the Pyramid Texts in Saqqara, Egypt describe the energy that we of the spiritualist community call Kundalini in Sanskrit. This is the spirit energy that powers all psionic phenomena, and it is used as the co-force—partnered with the pineal gland provided N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) from the material side—to enable us to see the veil between realities.

If we are fortunate, the third eye will open for us as we stare at the veil. I was so fortunate to have experienced two third eye opening events, even though both of mine happened spontaneously without meditation. Prior to my third eye opening events, I felt the build up of the ‘Serpent Fire’ and because it was then so out of context to what the sensation actually meant, I didn’t know that’s what it was until it had reached suitable levels to shift my consciousness into the trance state. Suddenly, I found myself staring at the third eye!

Since then, I have felt the ‘Serpent Fire’ sensation by itself during salah, without the third eye opening spontaneously from it. As I write this, I now wonder if it was some form of invitation to encourage me to meditate so the third eye could be opened without the controlling forces needing to do all the work? Should I feel it again, I’ll perform the ‘correct meditation’ ritual straight away to see what will happen, and record it on my blog.

Q26: Can you obtain ultimate power by opening your third eye?

The first few times that the third eye portal in the veil between realities opens up during an endogenous DMT trance state, it shows you mysterious images or scenery within it for you to meditate upon and guide you in your higher consciousness development.

After that, in the advanced stages of our quest to achieve Enlightenment, the Wisdom Eye will do much more than just show you things and places. At that point, when it opens it will draw your consciousness into the unseen realm on the other side where you will inhabit your immortal spirit body, and you will be taken on a mini “Enoch-like” tour. The sights and adventures you’ll experience are also designed for you to meditate upon later, but while you are experiencing them, you will be powerful indeed. This is the form you will inhabit permanently in the life hereafter, and even though you will only have limited control during the third eye guided tour, you will see that you will have the unimaginable abilities of the unseen spirits of legend.

The ‘Serpent Fire of the Universe,’ that we know as ‘Kundalini’ in Sanskrit, is the energy that enables us to have these wonderful preternatural experiences, but it is very limited in the material world. The tiny bit of spillover that grants powers of second sight and other psionic abilities to a special few talented individuals will never attain “ultimate power” status on this side. Even during the Age of the Prophets, the messengers of the One God weren’t allowed to perform miracles with the Lord’s permission that went beyond a certain scope & force—the One God always insists that faith alone be the activating principle to enable us to eventually enjoy the fullness of our immortal spirit.

So I advise you to worry less about somehow attaining “ultimate power” as a finite material being, and instead submit to the all-powerful One who made you so you may know the Bliss you crave when you finally shed the flesh.


Q27: Do we have a third eye?

We don’t literally have a “third eye.” The original reference is to a spiritual phenomenon that happens to us during an endogenous DMT trance state. When this trance overtakes a fortunate initiate, the individual’s consciousness appears at the edge of the veil between realities and a fist-sized round-ish portal opens approximately 6 inches before the brow. The images/scenery shown through the portal and the event itself, are by definition “supernatural” and the temporary, other-worldly gift indeed falls within the category of “second sight.”

This open portal—that blesses us with the ability to see into the greater mysteries of reality—was titled “third eye” by the ancients since it is so intimately a part of the individual that experiences it. The over-literal imagery that artist-shaman have depicted to represent the experience over the ages has fed a lot of imaginative explanations and speculation around it, especially in the modern day, but the honest seeker of truth should know better than to take such descriptive speech from the esoteric-minded, ancient master-teachers at face value like that.

Q28: What is your experience seeing through the third eye?

During both of my two third eye opening experiences, I was very aware of the event and what was happening to me. Part of that was coming from the genuine excitement inherent in recognizing what was going on based on my previous research into the UDJAT Eye of Heru, as the ‘third eye’ phenomenon is called in the Pyramid Texts source descriptions in Saqqara, Egypt. It was also coming from the super-charged feeling I was receiving from the ‘Serpent Fire of the Universe’ energy tingle sensation that powered the whole occurrence (see: Kundalini). I remember that my sense of vision was incredibly acute and efficient, and that I was perfectly content using it to gobble ever detail I hungrily observed through the third eye portal.

The first time the third eye showed me a vast, flat, 2D field—seemingly just inches from my face—that was covered in mysterious symbols, each similar in kind but different in detail. The second time, the third eye showed me a cityscape off the water, and then zoomed in to give me a closer look at the top of a specific structure. All while this was going on, I felt the unmistakable sensation of the ‘Serpent Fire of the Universe’ energy dissipating, until it was finally depleted and the Wisdom Eye would close. In both experiences, I would still be able to see the lingering, but now darkened veil between realities that housed it, until it, too, faded away seconds later as I returned to the conscious state of ‘universe normal.’

Q29: What do you think about the third eye superpower demonstrations in the United States?

A useful rule of thumb is that any claim of possessing true magic or superpowers that involve:
  • A microphone/bullhorn
  • A captive audience + auditorium seating
  • Performances of any of the numerous variations of classic legerdemain tricks as demonstrated by the who's who of the human race's illusionists both known and unknown
  • Skillful usage of entertainment stagecraft for “demonstrations”
...means it's actually just an elaborate grift by a team of professional swindlers pretending to be otherwise. True magic is personal, and each of us can experience it by believing in the One God who made us, being good to one another and avoiding the temptations of evil (like deliberately taking part in confidence game fraud schemes).


Q30: Is the third eye real?

“Third eye” is an esoteric descriptor for a spiritual phenomenon named by the ancient master-teachers who first experienced it. It specifically references a second sight experience we can have during an endogenous N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) trance state, in which we can actually “see” a hole in the membrane/veil that separates this material universe from the other eternal realms, where a roughly round hole appears. Seeming to be approximately 6 inches in front of your brow, this hole or portal allows you to direct your visual focus to observe whatever the controlling forces want you to see and later meditate upon, to gain knowledge for your personal higher consciousness development.

14 years ago, I was not only blessed to have discovered this absolutely fascinating information about the UDJAT Wisdom Eye of Heru, but to my great delight, I myself had two third eye opening experiences this very year! As a real life initiate of the “Followers of Second Sight” (Shemesu Heru), I can definitely proclaim with full assurance the following truths about the third eye concept:
  • It is not a reference to anything from this material universe—which includes any human body parts/organs, nor lymph node-like energy points—and it is not a literal 3rd ‘eye’ within your head
  • It is not “just” an abstract term for an even more abstract mystical idea/ideal, but it is in fact an actual real thing (a hole/portal) that is part of an actual personal-level spirit event—one that can actually be experienced by humans if they so choose to live the type of lifestyle needed for the Wisdom Eye to open for them.
  • Other than the individually-customized information shown to the person through the portal itself, everything else about the event is consistent enough person-to-person to be documented, measured and studied within an ages old “science of the spirit.’
So the ‘third eye’ is indeed real, but you must learn to look beyond the esoteric labels the ancient master-teachers used to confound those not initiated in their secret society mystery systems. If you do not, it will only lead to more “eyeball in forehead” goose chasing that will continue to take you far off the road towards true enlightenment.


Q31: What happens when your third eye opens?

During both of my two third eye opening events, I experienced an energized, tingling sensation, with an accompanying feeling of dissipation of the same energy, that felt like a countdown.

The directing forces showed me personalized, mysterious imagery and scenery to meditate upon later. According to the Pyramid Text descriptions of third eye events chiseled onto the ancient granite stele at Saqqara, Egypt, this is normal for the first few times the UDJAT Wisdom Eye of Heru opens for the newly-initiated Shemesu Heru (“Followers of Second Sight”). The Pyramid Texts explain that in later opening events, the consciousness of the advanced Shemesu Heru will actually be drawn into the third eye portal to experience an ‘Enoch-like’ tour of the realms the controlling forces feel the member fellow needs to see.

Q32: Are there easy proofs that third eye or Kundalini are real?

No, because the third eye event—which consists of a hole or portal opening approximately 6 inches before your brow within the veil between realities, during an endogenous DMT trance—is an entoptic phenomenon. There's no way of proving it directly to others since they cannot experience what you've experienced from behind the sight of your individual consciousness.

Using circumstantial evidence, we can see the general similarities between the documented descriptions of those who've had the experience for themselves.

Q33: Why do I see colors in pitch black rooms?

That’s an interesting phenomenon you’re experiencing, since the ‘visual purple’ optic cells that take over during low light conditions only enable us to see in black & white. Without having any other info about you to go by, it forces me to think the ability is related to drug usage experimentation, particularly with the synthetic type hallucinogens like LSD. If this is the case, then you very well may be in a continuous “tripping” condition because of the continued presence of these substances within your system, enabling you to see such imagery in a quasi-altered consciousness state.

I hope this speculative explanation helps at least a little.

Q34: Can a crown chakra be open before opening of the third eye?

I am not versed in the Tantric lore of Far Eastern mysticism/meditation practices. My understanding of the third eye comes from insightful interpretations of the Pyramid Texts, which describe the ancient meditation techniques—sans chakra concept—designed to get the practitioner to the event horizon of the third eye portal, recorded on numerous granite stele in Saqqarah, Egypt, as well as from my own personal experiences where the third eye opened for me twice.

When I had my third eye opening events, they happened spontaneously without me first meditating to prime them. They did follow a lengthy, approximately three year period of me consciously and diligently following the rituals of Al-Islam, which included the 30-day fast of Ramadan. During both experiences, I felt the Serpent Fire of the Universe (as the Kundalini energy is called in the Pyramid Texts) flowing around and through my body just before the Wisdom Eye appeared before me. I had no awareness of whether the energy passed through any of the chakras or not, nor in what order, nor did the knowledge of such seem to be needed.

In truth, it felt as if the controlling forces were actively seeking me out to bless me with this gift. Since the renewed dedication to my religion was the only spiritual prerequisite to the third eye event provided on my part, I am thus forced to ascribe the gift to this.

Q35: Which powerful psychic powers do you gain from opening your third eye?

The mystic third eye of legend—called the UDJAT Wisdom Eye of Heru in the Pyramid Texts of Saqqarah, Egypt—is actually a portal that opens in the veil between realities approximately 6 inches before the brow during an endogenous DMT trance. For those persons who are fortunate to have the third eye open for them, they will first see special images/scenery through it designed to aid them in their higher consciousness development, so by its very nature, the third eye provides the power of clairvoyance.

Later on, the Followers of Second Sight (Shemesu Heru) who experience the third eye opening will have their consciousness pulled into it, to be escorted on an ‘Enoch-like’ tour of the eternal realms. This is the power of astral projection.

After this stage, I am unaware of any special powers conferred by the third eye openings itself. You should know, however, that the Serpent Fire of the Universe (the energy known as Kundalini) is the power source that runs the entire spectrum of paranormal phenomena. Theoretically, additional powers like telekinesis, telepathy, even levitation, are possible before the third eye even opens once.

Q36: My third eye pulsates all the time. What is going on?

My research into the third eye phenomenon comes from the source information describing the experience in the Pyramid Texts chiseled in granite stele in Saqqarah, Egypt. I was blessed to have experienced the third eye opening twice myself. As described in the source materials, it is actually a portal that opens in the unseen membrane or veil that separates this finite, material universe from the eternal realms, experienced during an endogenous DMT trance. Although the pineal gland, located deep within the human brain, secretes the DMT molecule needed to have the altered state of consciousness to see the veil between realities, I don’t think it is likely to have any kind of physical effect on the face area, such as a pulsating sensation.

Because of all of this—by way of both my knowledge through research as well as personal experience—I am aware that the concept of a third eye being connected to our physical head in any way is not an accurate one. Thus the pulsating sensation you are experiencing is most likely an actual physical situation that I suggest you describe to a licensed medical practitioner in case it is a symptom of something serious. I see no reason why the sensation would be at all connected to the third eye.

Q37: How do you cleanse the third eye?

The third eye is a portal that opens in the unseen veil between realities during an endogenous DMT trance. It opens as a milestone in one’s life after a sincere effort to develop the higher consciousness state, so the best way to “clean” it is to stay the course. Be the best you can be by walking the Straight Way of Righteous doing the following:
  • Believe in the One God who made you
  • Do righteous deeds in the earth
  • Avoid the temptations of evil, and do not spread mischief
  • Repent of any wrong you do, and be not obstinate in doing wrong
Faithfully do these thing as lifestyle—I suggest you use the enduring scripture of the ages to guide you as there’s no need to reinvent the wheel—and you will purify yourself suitably to ‘clean’ your third eye.

Q38: Have you ever opened your third eye?

The third eye opened for me twice back in July 2018. I described the experiences on my blog if you are interested in more detail:
Awakening the Atrophied Eye: INITIATION
Awakening the Atrophied Eye: The Wisdom Eye Returns
I was not meditating at the time—in fact, meditation or third eye anything was the last thing on my mind—and both experiences were spontaneous events independent of my own direct efforts.
So technically, I did not open the third eye, it opened FOR me. It chose me (or the controlling force behind the phenomenon did). It felt very much like a blessed gift of the highest magnitude. The imagery that it showed me was something I needed to know for my spiritual journey.

Q39: Why do so many people make the third eye so complex? To me it seems to be just imaginative capacity. Am I missing something? Why do we need books written about the third eye?

Muhammad Rasheed - "Why do so many people make the third eye so complex?"

The third eye lore is part of an ages old ‘spiritual science’ mystery system first experienced by unknowable master-teachers from the deepest times of yore. When they trained their hopeful protégés in the sciences, their tendency was to guide but not explain the experience in direct language because the third eye opening event is entoptic by its nature. It’s impossible to really KNOW until you experience the event yourself, and it’s possible that any too elaborate descriptions may make the actual experience fall short of the imagination-enhanced expectation. Consequently, the ancient body of literature that accurately describes the third eye event is generally very abstract and vague sounding, which gives the false impression that the event itself isn’t actually real to those who have not had the experience themselves.

I’ve noticed that of all the literature writ throughout the ages that mentions the third eye at all, the vast majority of it is by people writing about the event as referenced through other literature, and not by authors who had experienced a third eye opening event themselves. Of that group of wannabe authors, there is another sub-group to add even more confusion to the pot— the former students who for whatever reason were never able to follow through to have a third eye opening experience of their own despite all the training and instruction they had received, and who came to believe the tools designed to tempt the Wisdom Eye into opening were indeed the goal of the training itself! These folk went off to write books describing their new and very wrong “epiphany” causing many sincere truth seekers to go astray.

As interested truth seekers from the modern West attempt to understand the vast collection of material, they are often confused by the language (and the symbolic imagery!) used to describe the event. As explained in the works of French philosopher René Guénon, the multilayered language the ancients used to describe their experiences was quite alien to the narrowly materialistic way we Westerners see the world, creating a mindset fundamentally opposed to enabling us to see deep into the Truth Principles that codify ‘spiritual science’ descriptions under normal circumstances, and especially so if the seeker hasn’t had a third eye opening experience to personally reference during the study.

So this background, combined with the fact that there is painfully very little “straight talk” about what the true third eye experience actually is, has led to an inevitable eclectic, guess-work ‘soup of ideas’ around the ever-intriguing concept of the mystic third eye of legend, with the average person assuming that it’s either an abstract concept open to any and everyone’s random interpretation, or just a little known lymphoid-like gland buried deep within the human brain, with all being far off the mark. Note that this didn’t stop enterprising ‘artist-shaman’ entrepreneur types from creating a whole market around this very same ‘soup of ideas’ and flooding it with products that get absolutely no one any closer to achieving the coveted end goal.

"To me it seems to be just imaginative capacity. Am I missing something?"

What’s missing is an accurate reference that describes the true third eye opening event in clear and practical terms, absent the over-used ‘new age-ish’ abstract descriptors that only produce more and more cross-eyed confusion. Far from being merely “imaginative capacity,” the third eye is an actual thing; its opening a real experience humans have that is the same in kind from person-to-person, enabling us to track and measure the described details for formal scientific study. The third eye opening event is a major milestone marker in the journey of the sincere truth seeker, and it is worth elevating it above the the confused ‘soup of ideas’ to place it in its proper place of honor as a bona fide, yet rarely studied, human experience.

"Why do we need books written about the third eye?"

One of humanity’s greatest strengths is our ability to master information as skilled experience, write down the detailed how-to in a narrative step-by-step, and pass the information on to others. Alongside working together in familial, networked groups, this is the secret to our success as a species. Writing down information for others to learn is GREAT! Books are awesome.

Now I can understand if someone were under the impression that a certain body of knowledge wasn’t actually real or concrete enough to actually need to write it down. Knowledge that was so abstract that it was considered little more than the focused “imaginative capacity” of the individual, then I could agree that there would be no need to write a book about it. Fortunately, the third eye is nothing like that, and those blessed to be in the know absolutely should write books on the topic for the legions of people longing to join them on the path of enlightenment.


Q40: Is the pineal gland the evolutionary remnant of a literal third mammalian eye?

Muhammad Rasheed - No. The term “third eye” is a metaphoric descriptor for the hole/portal that opens within the veil between realities during an endogenous N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) trance. The opened portal reveals clairvoyant visions to the fortunate initiate, which is universally known as a second sight experience—the “second sight” vision from the mystic “third eye” portal—as compared to the “first sight” of our two material realm eyes.

The pineal gland’s role is to secrete the DMT for the physical side of the trance state. The effort to link the gland to the term “third eye” in a more literal way is far indeed from true understanding of what the ancient master-teachers were actually describing.


Tertius van der Merwe - Hello Mr Rasheed

I have read your blog posts "Awakening the Atrophied Eye: A Personal Quest to Find the Followers of Second Sight". I came across it as I am researching all that i can find about the pyramid texts. Thank you very much for putting yourself and your experiences out there. I would like to ask you a few questions if you have the time...

All the best

Muhammad Rasheed - Thanks for reaching out. Please ask your questions. I will answer to the best of my ability.

Tertius van der Merwe - Thanks man. I appreciate your time.

I will try to keep it brief… I am in the process of learning to read hieroglyphics. It’s something that came to me as I meditated on our porch a couple of months ago. So when I discovered the www.pyramidtexts.com last week, naturally I started using my beginner medu neter reading skills to check the late CH Harvey’s translation. I scratched around on the internet a bit to find the original glyphs of the pyramid text Utterance 1, and found this site here:

The Altaegypt Pyramid Texts after the paper prints and photographs of the Berlin Museum

The very first glyph which looks a bit like an upright baseball bat, I cannot yet translate, but the next one, the raring cobra, I can recognize as a djed. The net two would be an im and then a nut. So my beginner translation would be: (?) djed in nut.

CH Harvey has: djed medu in nut.

So I am scratching my head about where he gets the medu from. Maybe his medu is related to the first glyph I cannot decipher…

Then he translates djed medu in nut as: "Breathed is the Word sah bound-for"

Where the traditional translation is: To say by Nut 

So all of these puzzles leads me to my first question: does Mr Harvey explain the translation of the word Sah, which seems to originate in kundalini yoga, in any of his books?

And my other question is: after having explored the meditation path CH Harvey proposed, do you still think there is something in it, in terms of opening up our 3rd eye, or is it a rabbit hole…

Thanks again for your time to answer my questions. Much appreciated!

Muhammad Rasheed - Tertius wrote: "So I am scratching my head about where he gets the medu from."

I'm inclined to think that he inserted it based on the context of what the passage was saying, similar to when translators will add certain connector phrases and et cetera in order for the other language form to make sense. He may also have seen it phrased like that elsewhere--and it fit in context--so he transferred it over for the same reason (or the reason the passage you read didn't have 'medu' in it is because of damage to the stele) that didn't have the 'word' . Without knowledge of the language myself, that's where my speculation takes me as regard to Harvey's methods and decisions.

Tertius wrote: "does Mr Harvey explain the translation of the word Sah, which seems to originate in kundalini yoga in any of his books?"

As I recall, it wasn't in his book that he explained it, but on the site's FAQ page. It was precisely from his knowledge of far eastern meditation practices that he was able to connect the dots regarding the Pyramid Texts' description of "The Great Word 'Sah'" and it turns out that it isn't a word at all, but an onomatopoeic noise made with the outward bound, nose/mouth breath during 'correct meditation.'

Tertius wrote: "do you still think there is something in it, in terms of opening up our 3rd eye, or is it a rabbit hole…"

Now that I've had my own third eye opening experiences, I now believe that the ancient master-teachers intended the 'correct meditation' techniques as a tool to hope to entice the third eye controlling forces to open, but the techniques themselves do not MAKE it open. Basically we're trying our best to duplicate the ideal physical conditions in hope that it will find the environment inviting enough to open for us. What actually causes the third eye to open is a sincere righteous lifestyle in accordance with the revealed guidance of the One God.

Tertius van der Merwe - Thank you, your answer is what I suspected… I think…

In my words it would be something like: when the ego (primordial chaotic will) is overcome by the supreme Self, through the Word and the Law, the higher faculties of spiritual perception are opened within the human embodiment and the individual soul.

About the word “Sah”, just a comment and a provisional opinion (a kind of working hypothesis, subject to “neteric revelation”): Walles Budge’s book, “An Egyptian hieroglyphic dictionary” does give results on a search of the word “sah”, but I do not find these glyphs or accepted translations of them, in the beginning of any of the pyramid texts Utterances…

So while I am not rejecting Mr Harvey translation completely, I am also not convinced that the specific word "Sah" is indeed what was meant by the ancient scribes. Most people may see this as nit picking, but I take words and sounds very serious (in the spirit of Heka)…

Having said that, it is totally possible that "Sah" does have some ability to open the 3rd eye, since as I pointed out earlier, the gurus in India seems to be using it for such a purpose…

My current understanding of the concepts Djed and Uatchit is very much connected to the rising Mother Serpents (the two Urti) within the many forms of the Heru. So in the end, in a round about way, IMO, Mr Harvey may be both on the money, and not LOL

Anyway, I appreciate your time man, I guess the saying “everybody has their own Egypt” is still as true as ever :)

Muhammad Rasheed - Tertius wrote: "So while I am not rejecting Mr Harvey translation completely, I am also not convinced that the specific word 'Sah' is indeed what was meant by the ancient scribes."

Based on the cross-cultural usage and the descriptions in the Pyramid Texts, the term "sah" isn't an actual word, but an onomatopoeic descriptor for the noise we make when correctly breathing outward during meditation. Describing it that way is part of the instruction and how the Shemesu Heru wanna-be can self-correct and aid in determining if he/she is doing it right.

Tertius wrote: "...but I take words and sounds very serious..."

And you should, while also realizing that imbuing a term with imaginative meanings that it does not carry can impede the initiate's progress as much as falling to read meaning that the glyph does hold.

Tertius wrote: "...it is totally possible that 'Sah' does have some ability to open the 3rd eye..."

Negative. The controlling forces open the third eye on their own mysterious initiative and according to their own criterion. Our empirical, hopeful and vapid efforts function little more than as vanity packaged in lustful pleadings, which in the end do us little credit.

Tertius wrote: "...to the rising Mother Serpents..."

This esoteric term is in reference to the sekhem/kundalini energy (The Serpent Fire of the Universe) needed to have the supernatural experience.

Tertius wrote: "...I guess the saying 'everybody has their own Egypt' is still as true as ever"

lol It was never true, Tertius. The lore of the ancient master-teachers had very specific meanings with very specific functions. Representatives from the various cultures throughout the ages had varying successes in correctly deciphering the treasures.

Tertius wrote: "Anyway, I appreciate your time man"

You're very welcome. :)  I appreciated the virtual company. Good luck in your ventures.


Tertius van der Merwe - Hey

Thanks for the reply! Make sense what you say :)

You mentioned Shemesu Heru - could you perhaps point me to some website or something that you would recommend as a decent introduction to the topic?

I appreciate your insights. Thanks again!!

Muhammad Rasheed - Hello again.

"Shemesu Heru" is the Egyptian of the more well-known Greek translation "Shemsu Hor." The "Followers of Second Sight" are the exclusive club of people who've had a third eye opening experience[s]. I took on the title for myself once I had my own experiences this summer.

Tertius van der Merwe - Ahhh ok!

Yeah man, I've had a series of mystical experiences over a period of 30 years now. They all involve Egypt, the serpent mother, Ast, and consciousness on some level. And yes, they all come when its least convenient for the ego :) In fact, some early experiences had been so severe that they landed me in mental institutions, but I always refused to take the drugs the doctors would love me to take. And so I learned to live a normal life with my "madness"...

Not sure what that makes me, but of late all I want to do, is to gain as much as an understanding of the medu neter as I can. Every day I learn new "old" things. It's awesome.

I really really appreciate your thoughts and insights. Thanks again!

Muhammad Rasheed - The species often has paranormal experiences and visions; it's only the Western Civilization culture that seeks to downplay the phenomenon as tricks of the mind in order to better control the masses. Having general  second sight experiences isn't unusual it turns out. What makes the third eye opening experience uniqueit's signature brand trait, so to speakis that all paranormal visions are shown through a mysterious round hole that appears approximately 6-inches before the brow. If any of your mystical experiences were revealed thus, then you may also rightfully title yourself as a Shemesu Heru and join the ranks of those blessed to view the unseen and even enter into the UDJAT Wisdom Eye of legend.

Tertius van der Merwe - I see :D

Nope. In my case it is not visions, nor did anything unusual happen in that area in particular for me... I would rather describe some of my experiences as a ten tun truck running over me, then stopping, reversing, and running over a 2nd time. But I would not choose to have it any other way! I am very grateful for this incarnation, and the life I have live.

Anyway, its been a pleasure to chat. I guess I'll not go down the road of studding Harvey's material then. I would rather study the material directly, will probably take me years to master, but that's not a problem.

Thanks again for the solid advice, and insights. Much appreciated.

Muhammad Rasheed - No problem. Anytime.


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