Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Inktober 2019 by M. Rasheed

Muhammad Rasheed - Welcome to my third year taking part in Jake Parker's month-long, daily drawing challenge called #Inktober! For those not in the know, Jake started the challenge in 2009 as a personal month-long daily challenge to improve his own inking technique, but it soon turned into a global phenomenon.

During my 2017 Inktober campaign, I kept all 31 drawings in an American slavery theme. Just as I did for last year's challenge, this year I plan to continue with my anti-racism themed Weapon of the People: DECODED daily editorial cartoon project. 

As I have done before, I will post each daily Inktober drawing into this here post, so for those who are interested, keep coming back here to see the cartoons build up daily.

Ring (1/31)
Cartoon depicting the crony corporatists building a ringed wall to
close off the open free markets of capitalism.
Mindless (2/31)
Cartoon depicting the mindless parroting of concepts
that seem smart, but are actually designed to
enslave the populace to the 1% grifter class.

Bait (3/31)
Cartoon depicting the usage of ADOS babies
as bait to catch alligators by the deep South
white racists of the early 20th century.

Freeze (4/31)
Cartoon depicting a typical domestic terror
tactic inflicted upon the American Descendants
of Slavery (ADOS) by the white supremacist
infiltrated Fraternal Order of Police.

Build (5/31)
Cartoon depicting a typical example of the
Über-selfish white racist aristocracy
warring against #ADOS by sabotaging the
nation's free market capitalist tradition 

Husky (6/31)
Cartoon depicting the importance of the
Eurocentric "whiteness" narrative to
the dominant special interest group compared
to their wishy-washy loose attitude about their
version of science.

Enchanted (7/31)
Cartoon depicting colonizer seizure of their
competition's bodies and lore to decipher
for their own exclusive usage.

Frail (8/31)
Cartoon depicting a caricatured parody of the
suicide of German billionaire Adolf Merckle.

Swing (9/31)
Cartoon depicting the white racist public intellectual
trying to blame the evils of white supremacy's
destruction on the tools he used to inflict that
blight upon the world in his effort to
protect the anti-Black system.

Pattern (10/31)
Cartoon depicting the envious light-skinned ethnic tribes
of Europe using what they witnessed of the decadent
wealthy Black Civilizations of the past as their
modern template for how to flex on the people.

Snow (11/31)
Cartoon depicting the mass media
challenges predicted by the poet-activist
Gil Scott Heron regarding the coming
violent flip of the power structure.

Dragon (12/31)
Cartoon depicting sequel to day ten's 'Pattern,'
as the newly civilized (such as they are) cave
men have now become the dominant special
interest group, savagely wielding the
hoarding monopoly and the force of the
war machine to hold onto global power
for their group alone.

Ash (13/31)
Cartoon depicting the bygone "great"
era of white American tradition, when
the dominant special interest group used
savage domestic terror tactics against the
black American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS)
as freely as they liked without the need to
hide their evil with political correctness.

Overgrown (14/31)
Cartoon depicting the automaker cartel pleading
for their mark POTUS44 to fall for the
"too big to fail" anti-American and
anti-capitalism grift scheme.

Legend (15/31)
Cartoon depicting Madame Harriet Tubman as she
prescribes a six-chambered dosage of courage
to keep her escaping party moving.

Wild (16/31)
Cartoon depicting the regular barbaric
riots that take place for literally nothing
at all when white people destroy their
own property over sports team hype.

Ornament (17/31)
Cartoon depicting the some of the middle class
benefits package marketing created for the
white racist aristocracy by the 1% class.

Misfit (18/31)
Cartoon depicting an unusual figure standing
out for his lack of taking pleasure in
the subjugation and abuse of ADOS.

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MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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