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We're ADOS, So of Course Racist Trolls Will Get Triggered at Our Pro-ADOS Political Advocacy


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "We're ADOS, So of Course Racist Trolls Will Get Triggered at Our Pro-ADOS Political Advocacy." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 00 Date 2024.  [cartoon pending] Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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ADOS Advocacy Foundation (@ADOSorg) - We're ADOS AF, of course, we are the premier organization advocating for reparations and a transformational Black agenda. 

So, get involved and make sure you join us in advocating today. #nonprofits #advocacy #civilrights

Boujee&Ghetto✨ (@shanaydree) - I’m ADOS, of course our fathers have been systematically exterminated, and then we’re berated for having fatherless homes.

Nik #ADOS 🇺🇸 (@nikcaige) - I'm ADOS, of course, my great-grandparents were redlined and prevented from accessing The New Deal.

Et Videbo Justitiam (Andy)🇺🇸 (@DiazAndytwelve1) - I’m ADOS, of course, my great grandparents were denied adequate healthcare and other social services.

JAMES A. VAUGHAN/ HOST: THE BLAQ PERSPECTIVE (@VAU68AN) I'm ADOS🇺🇲, of course. My uncles who've served in WW2 (grandmother's brothers) when they returned in uniform to Crockett, TN they were chased out & threatened to be lynched. They fled with their families and have resided in Detroit, Michigan, ever since.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm ADOS, so of course I'm mocked with "low IQ" and criminality slurs, because the education and justice systems were deliberately rigged to keep my people in an exploitable condition.

C.EkongJr 🇺🇸 (@CEkongjr) - I'm ADOS, of course, my great-grandparents were traumatized by public lynchings, and at the same time live with Jim Crow Laws.

Noah Bodze (@NoahBodze) - Lie to me and tell me Detroit would look like this ( if they kept segregation. Look at what you violent savages do to places you could never build!

Muhammad Rasheed - @Noah... Your mind is so twisted, you are incapable of recognizing facts when you see them. You've long been in the habit of kneejerk flinching away from Truth in a sociopathic rage and there's no good in you.

C.EkongJr 🇺🇸 (@CEkongjr) - @Muhammad... Dude is desperately in need of attention, in any form at this point. 

He's definitely not worth a response, shoo TROLL don't bother me.

Noah Bodze (@NoahBodze) - Jim Crow was “shoo, troll.”

Muhammad Rasheed - Our political efforts abolished legal jim crow segregation, remember? Obviously, your "shooing" didn't work now, innit?

Is this "shoo, troll" trolling you're doing some kind of pathetic coping mechanism? hahaha awwww...

Noah Bodze (@NoahBodze) - You can’t even compose cogent sentences in my language, low-IQ feral, after trillions of white tax dollars on the failed gamble that you could! 

Do this: spend “Gibsmedat Month” finding which of those “two or three” is your real father!

Muhammad Rasheed
- There's no such thing as "white tax dollars," since you spend every waking moment trying to grift your way out of paying taxes. B*tchin' about taxes is a tenet of your hoarding, unwashed, pagan religion.  

I guess this "Sanchez" goon is the one who put this  meme together, huh?

Noah Bodze (@NoahBodze) - Yeah. We built both sides of separate but equal but your mongrel beasts destroyed the your “separate.” 

Look at your feral children today!

Did you know that 1 of every 10 school shootings in America is at an HBCU, also something none of you built.

Muhammad Rasheed - As I recall, the 1954 Brown v Board of Edu SCOTUS ruled that "separate but equal" was yet more nonsense you pulled out of your crusty rectum. 

And please stop pretending to quote stats at me as if anyone in their right mind would ever believe you were taught to tell the truth.

Noah Bodze (@NoahBodze) - Whole cities no one who looks like you built, destroyed by your welfare-scheming mammie and one of possibly four felonious fathers, who ignored you from prison, even with nothing else to do. 

You got a month coming up! This is your feral history.

Did you know that 1 of every 10 school shootings in America is at an HBCU, also something none of you built.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I literally built the USA's cities, bud. The raggedy & Über-lazy poor whites only pretended to want that work so they could have an excuse to b*tch & complain some more, which appears to be your core skillset. 

Your higher-caste race mates said that you were always uncouth & raggedy.

C.EkongJr 🇺🇸 (@CEkongjr) - Right THERE, spot on.

Noah Bodze (@NoahBodze) - We tried to shoo you violent savages away from what we built! 

Why are you all so goddamned feral and violent in places no one who looks like you built?

Why, feral booga boy?

Muhammad Rasheed - That you built? 🤨

During a free slave labor economy? lol No one wanted your sh*tty "labor" with your lazy #CrackerCulture work ethic. What new fantasy is this you're supposed to be conjuring? lol

Noah Bodze (@NoahBodze) - A fact is a thing in itself, stupid. That’s Kant! 

No one who looks like you built anything on this continent but you’ve destroyed whole cities other people built and don’t understand that because you’re stupid savages with subhuman IQs.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Meanwhile, I literally built everything in this country (what monopolist wasn't taking advantage of free slave labor?), and no one was more resentful of the highly-skilled force of the free Black American ADOS than the poor white bottom feeder of society. Seethe more.

Noah Bodze (@NoahBodze) - You’re the black pot calling the black kettle black on that sociopath stuff. 

You stupid savages steal more cars in a month than you’ve ever built and commit 4 of 5 mass shootings in a country none of you built.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Noooo, you have us confused with all of these unassimilated and uncouth "POC" immigrants you've brought over to sabotage my sacred freedom struggle. 

Shame on you. You can't even follow your own stupid script.

Noah Bodze (@NoahBodze) - This is the NYC skyline, low-IQ savage: find me one building your feral ancestors built. 

I don’t see black. 

Why do you ugly subhumans try to lie in a language you can barely speak or understand and think it’s working?

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I literally built them all. All you have are posed marketing materials pretending to be some other thing. Why would I care about what you claim out of the side of your neck? 

You know that I know you better than that. lol

Noah Bodze (@NoahBodze) - Point to one and identify it, stupid booga. Show me which one. 

You look like every homicide suspect and that you’re as allergic to work boots as Dracula to a cross. 

Which building? Name one.

Muhammad Rasheed - ALL

Every single one, even the one your dad lived in. ALLLL.

Noah Bodze (@NoahBodze) - Ooga booga!

Muhammad Rasheed - Ironic, considering your higher-caste race mates instructed you to completely sever any cultural ties my ancestors had with Africa. I'm now more American than you will ever be, since it's literally all I know. "Ooga booga" is more likely to trigger your "POC" immigrant buddies.

Noah Bodze (@NoahBodze) - You know I know you’re just another month away from recidivism, like you’re entire family, yeah? 

You know I know you’re violent and stupid in places no one who looks like you built because you’re paralyzed at the thought of all those buildings and you won’t find one!

Muhammad Rasheed - I think you need to learn how to read the room better. I am not who you think I am. I see straight through you and I'm unmoved by your weak attempts to pretend the carefully, socially engineered effects of your group's savagery actually belong to me. 

Get your game up.

The Invincible Sword of the Prophet-King Jesus (pbuh)


[original cartoon pending]

Rasheed, Muhammad. "The Invincible Sword of the Prophet-King Jesus (pbuh)." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 00 Date 2024.  [cartoon pending] Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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Shema Israel - The god of the quran will live forty years in the earth and then die according to Islam. I can't make this stuff up folks 😬

Muhammad Rasheed
- Shema wrote: "The god of the quran will live forty years"

It says Jesus (pbuh) will live forty years and then die, not God. Are y'all blind or just illiterate?

Shema Israel - No it doesn't say Jesus will live forty years. There is a period, and then the following starts talking about the god of the quran, the antichrist, and then it goes into say Al-lah will live in the earth for forty years and then die 🤣😬

Muhammad Rasheed - Shema wrote: "No it doesn't say Jesus will live forty years"

lol Of course it does. The entire context of the hadith is:

1.) Jesus will descend to earth
2.) His physical description
3.) Description of what he will do
4.) Mention of Allah enacting His will through the above described actions of His servant Jesus' return
5.) Then Jesus will live out his second lifetime
6.) Jesus will die
7.) The Muslims will pray over him

I think the Jewish and Christian books are so mussed up, jumbled & corrupted, that you all no longer know how to read normally without connecting stuff that shouldn't be connected. I suggest you repent and convert to Islam so you'll repair your mind.

Ruthy de la Luz - @Muhammad... ok, i go with you.

But still your Islamic scolars are messing Islam themselves up.

1. Where did Mohammed get to know how Jesus looks like, if they never met and he wasn't even in the picture for 623yrs ? Even in the Bible there's no description of how he looked like.

2. How come that Jesus will live on earth for 40yrs and than die and the Muslims will pray over him..., does not Bukhari say that he will descent amongst us and judge the world?

(Sahih Bukhari 4:55:657) says, “… surely (Jesus), the son of Mary will soon descend amongst you and will judge mankind."

So, what is it now?

Who will judge over him, if he's just a mere man and Prophet that will die after 40yrs?

Will he die first and judge the world, or the other way around?

Will he resurrect after dying and than judge the world?

3. Why should he FIGHT the people for the cause of Islam, when the message and teachings of Jesus NEVER was Islam nor FIGHTING in the first place?

4. He will break the cross, kill swine and abolish jizyah... Jesus will do all that, but is it not established by Allah? Why would he now come and abolish it?

Is it because its evil?

And what on earth did the swine(s) do to him to be killed? 😂

The Hadiths itself are contradicting, confusing, stupid, senseless and irritating! Regardless if its a Sahih Hadith or Daif... it is your Islamic sources written by your Islamic scolars.

Muhammad Rasheed - Ruthy wrote: "ok, i go with you."

I'm married.

Ruthy wrote: "But still your Islamic scolars are messing Islam themselves up."

The actual problem is that you don't study Islam so you'll actually understand, and you remain confused on the outside of the material.

Ruthy wrote: "1. Where did Mohammed get to know how Jesus looks like, if they never met and he wasn't even in the picture for 623yrs ?"

The prophets of God were blessed with second sight and were allowed glimpses into the unseen to make prophecies and gain insights to aid in their special mission. The miracles they were allowed to perform with God's permission are well-known. The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) actually got to meet some of the other prophets in a famous spirit vision-journey, and in one Qur'anic verse, it even hints that Allah had the archangel show the prophet different scenes in the past while the revelation was coming to him.

Ruthy wrote: "Even in the Bible there's no description of how he looked like."

Why would that be a surprise? The New Testament was compromised anyway.

Ruthy wrote: "2. How come that Jesus will live on earth for 40yrs and than die"

In the Qur'an, God says that Jesus (pbuh) will be one of the signs of the coming of the Day of Judgment. The idea that Jesus' second coming will involve him actually getting to fulfill his role of 'King of Israel' that his own people rejected, as well as live out his earthly lifetime, is what these hadith are supposed to represent.

Ruthy wrote: "and the Muslims will pray over him..."

Why wouldn't the Muslim followers in the Christ's endtimes kingdom pray over their beloved leader when he passes away?

Ruthy wrote: "does not Bukhari say that he will descent amongst us and judge the world?"

If you're talking about the actual Day of Judgment, then no. The prophets aren't the Judge, only God is the Judge. If Jesus comes back to actually rule on earth in his long overdue role of King of Israel, then his judging will be on the level of David (pbuh) and Solomon (pbuh) as an earthly king only.

Ruthy wrote: "3. Why should he FIGHT the people for the cause of Islam, when the message and teachings of Jesus NEVER was Islam nor FIGHTING in the first place?"

In the early days of Islam, when the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was still in Mecca, the status of his mission was the same as that of Jesus' mission and he hadn't enough followers to be in a kingly role. After the Hijrah to Medina, then Muhammad had attained the level of a fully-realized Prophet-King of the One God and was now like Moses (pbuh). The Christ would have also had a chance to reach that level if his people hadn't rejected him, so he's returning both to fulfil his prophethood-ruler mission and live out the rest of his earthly lifespan.

Ruthy wrote: "4. He will break the cross"

The Pauline-influenced councils of Constantine usurped Jesus' true message and transformed it into the trinitarian paganism we know today, so of course King Jesus would wreck that blasphemy.

Ruthy wrote: "kill swine [...] And what on earth did the swine(s) do to him to be killed? 😂"

I'm sure it's just the for-profit swine distribution industry he will "flip the tables" on and kill, not the poor animals themselves. lol Killing innocent animals during battle isn't part of the Islamic rules for war.

Ruthy wrote: "and abolish jizyah..."

When Jesus returns, he'll DEFINITELY and unambiguously be Muslim, so the Jews and Christians who recognize him will absolutely revert to Al-Islam. Naturally, they won't have to pay the jizya anymore since they will be Muslims, too. Any foolish Jews & Christians who stubbornly refuse to let go of their corrupt nonsense will face the invincible sword of King Jesus and the unrepentant slain certainly won't need to pay the jizya tax either, will they?

Ruthy wrote: "Jesus will do all that"


Ruthy wrote: "but is it not established by Allah?"

What? Who else would establish all of this? Why are you confused? Allah is the One you call "The Father" — the Only True God — who directs the Prophet-King Jesus (pbuh) as He so Wills.

Ruthy wrote: "Why would he now come and abolish it?"

Because we operate on God's timing, not the other way around. Jesus didn't even know the hour of his return, right? So, we're all waiting on God's Signal. Why do people who are supposed to believe in God always asking when God is going to do something or another, as if He's not the One in charge? How spiritually immature the People of the Book are!

Ruthy wrote: "Is it because its evil?"

Some of it is evil (like this ridiculous 'cross' business) while other items just outlive their natural usefulness after a time.

Ruthy wrote: "The Hadiths itself are contradicting, confusing, stupid, senseless and irritating!"

You lack patience, and you just don't know enough. I suggest diligent study to repair your deficiency.

Daniel Seun - @Muhammad... please tell me, which Jesus are you referring to???

Muhammad Rasheed - @Daniel... The left-hand side of your meme isn't accurate. Insider New Testament (NT) scholarship reveals that the book isn't an eyewitness account of the events of Jesus' life at all. In fact, the entire bible is a fabricated document written by anonymous authors to push various evangelical agendas often at odds with the original message of Jesus and the prophethood message.

Only the Qur'an version of the Christ Jesus is real. You may toss the rest, or shelve it as quaint historical curio. Based on your own scholars' findings, just the idea that the NT is an eyewitness account of Jesus' life is laughable foolishness.

Daniel Seun - @Muhammad...

Daniel Seun - @Muhammad... what about this, was your prophet among the prophethood????

Muhammad Rasheed - Daniel posted: "The Quran says Allah does not know the name of..."

That's not what the Qur'an says. Do you have any real arguments, or is this juvenile game playing only as far as you can go?

Muhammad Rasheed - Daniel wrote: "was your prophet among the prophethood"

lol Of course. God confirms that he was indeed the last of His anointed prophet-messengers.

Daniel Seun - @Muhammad... Mohammed was not a true prophet. And I say that because, you see, the true prophet must receive a direct call from God, especially if he will be the founder of a religion. Mohammed didn't receive a direct call from God.
Read more....[sic]
Mohammed Was Muhammad a true prophet?
Was Muhammad a true prophet?

Mohammed was not a true prophet. And I say that because, you see, the true prophet must receive a direct call from God, especially if he will be the founder of a religion. Mohammed is the founder of Islam. Moses received a direct call from God. Mohammed didn't receive a direct call from God. The story is very interesting. He was in the cave of Hira, outside of Mecca, and there, a spirit appeared to Mohammed. And then, the spirit squeezed Mohammed very tightly, that he thought that he was going to die. And the spirit said to Mohammed, "Read." Mohammed was illiterate, he could not read. And he said, "I cannot read." Then the spirit squeezed him more tightly that he thought he was going to die. And the spirit said to him, "Read!" "I cannot read," Mohammed answered. Then the spirit squeezed him more tightly. He was afraid that he was going to die. And he said, "Read!" He said, "What shall I read?" The words should be recited because he could not read. How could you command someone who doesn't know how to read, read? You say to him, "Recite!" And then he said, "What shall I read?" And he said, "Read, in the name of thy Lord, who created man from the clot," etc, etc. So the Quran is not the invention of Mohammed. The Quran was given to him by that spirit who appeared to him at the cave of Hira. The Muslims say, that the spirit was Gabriel the angel. They say the angel Gabriel is the spirit who appeared to Mohammed at the cave of Hira , and he squeezed him tightly.

But listen, when you go the Bible, Gabriel appeared to many people. Gabriel appeared to Daniel, and Daniel was scared. And he said, "Do not be afraid, Daniel." Then he appeared Zecharia, the father of John the Baptist. And he was afraid, and Gabriel said, "Do not be afraid, do not be afraid." Then he appeared to Mary. And Mary was troubled, and Gabriel said, "Do not be afraid." But that spirit who met Mohammed and squeezed him, left him very troubled. He was scared to death. And when he went back to his wife Khadigah, he said, "I am scared, I am scared! I am trembling?" She said, "What?" He said, "I don't know, I don't know. I am afraid that I am possessed." Then she took him to a bishop in Mecca, by the name of Waraka Bin Nawfal, who was her cousin, and she told him about what happened. And this Waraka, the bishop of the Amunit cult in Mecca said to her, "Oh, be quiet. Be quiet. Mohammed will be the prophet of the Arabs."

So the one who declared Mohammed a prophet was the bishop of Mecca. And that is the historical fact. So the Quran is not the invention of Mohammed. It was dictated to him by that spirit. And I want to tell you something, it's not a miracle, because any book would not be a miracle. Any book, you know, Homer wrote the Iliad, and Odyssey, it's not a miracle. Shakespeare wrote many books, it's not a miracle. Plato wrote many books, not a miracle. The books cannot be a miracle because if I cannot understand the language, I cannot confirm if it's a miracle or not. The miracle is to raise somebody, to heal somebody, to give the sight to somebody, these are miracles! But to tell me that a book is a miracle, I don't buy that!

Exodus: 3:2-6

Sirat Ibn Hisham

Daniel 8:15-19

Luke 1:13

Luke 1:26-31

The Bible: Exodus: 3:2-6
2 And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.

3 And Moses said, I will now turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt.

4 And when the LORD saw that he turned aside to see, God called unto him out of the midst of the bush, and said, Moses, Moses. And he said, Here am I.

5 And he said, Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.

6 Moreover he said, I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. And Moses hid his face; for he was afraid to look upon God.

The Bible: Daniel 8:15-19
15 And it came to pass, when I, even I Daniel, had seen the vision, and sought for the meaning, then, behold, there stood before me as the appearance of a man.

16 And I heard a man's voice between the banks of Ulai, which called, and said, Gabriel, make this man to understand the vision.

17 So he came near where I stood: and when he came, I was afraid, and fell upon my face: but he said unto me, Understand, O son of man: for at the time of the end shall be the vision.

Daniel Seun - @Muhammad... which God says that Muhammad is the last prophet???

Muhammad Rasheed - There's only One God.

Muhammad Rasheed - Daniel wrote: "Mohammed was not a true prophet."

God confirmed he was, so...

Daniel wrote: "And I say that because"

You prefer hellfire.

Muhammad Rasheed - Daniel wrote: "But listen, when you go the Bible"

Your own scholars admit your bible is a fabricated document. They can't even tell you who really wrote it, so why would anyone who is actually serious about Truth go to your bible for anything?

Be reasonable, please. The Qur'an will suffice.

Muhammad Rasheed - Daniel wrote: "And I want to tell you something, it's not a miracle, because any book would not be a miracle."

An illiterate man producing a book of literature that is so high-level, that the celebrated poets of his day were confused by it and declared it was "evident magic!"

That doesn't sound like a miracle to you, huh? lol You are dull-witted.

Muhammad Rasheed - The Qur'an confounded the master poets of Muhammad's day in the same way the transforming staff of Moses (pbuh) confounded the magicians of Pharaoh's court. Their reactions were the same.

Shema Israel - @Muhammad... those scholars know what the god of the quran know not 🤣

According to The quran god IT said IT sent Torah Gospel IN TRUTH and that none can change or alter IT words/decree

Thanks for admitting the god of the quran is pagan and useless 😬🤣

Muhammad Rasheed - Shema wrote: "and that none can change or alter IT words/decree"

None did, that's what the Qur'an is for. God's Word remains among humankind unaltered & preserved as He said. Why are you confused?

Shema Israel - if any word in Torah Gospel is changed or altered, it proves again that IT is a pagan god and is useless ..

Shema Israel - The quran is for the delusional. Islam is a sickness, you prove it everyday when you go against what that fantasy religion teaches. Islam is atheism disguised

Muhammad Rasheed - @Shema... Every Word that God revealed to the previous prophets is here intact within the Qur'an  which God calls a "fuller explanation of the Book of Moses."

The Qur'an confirms & fulfils the previous revelations and is whole. What's the problem? How are ye so deluded away from the Truth?

Muhammad Rasheed - Shema wrote: "The quran is for the delusional."

lol Is it? 😏

Shema wrote: "Islam is a sickness"

You don't say? Wow.

Shema wrote: "you prove it everyday when you go against what that fantasy religion teaches."

Oh, my! 🤭

Shema wrote: "Islam is atheism disguised"

Is that right? So, when the One God commands the faithful to eschew atheism and polytheism and worship the ONE GOD ALONE, that's actually very cleverly disguised atheism in action, you say?

You need to delete your ignorant account and go take a nap.

Shema Israel

Muhammad Rasheed
- @Shema... God repeated what He said to His previous prophets in the Qur'an. The inerrant Word remains among us preserved within the Qur'an itself -- no one has changed it. You are acting confused for no reason.

Shema Israel - no bhe didn't, moslems stole from Torah Gospel, and started doing their own thing.

If any word in Torah Gospel is changed or altered, it proves again that the god of the quran is pagan and useless just like IT "Be"

Muhammad Rasheed - Shema wrote: "no bhe didn't"

lol Of course He did. That's what the Qur'an is.

Shema wrote: "moslems stole from Torah Gospel"

Foolishness. Your books are fabricated documents written by anonymous evangelicals that your people pretend is the Torah and Gospel preached by the prophets. Your own scholars admit to the fraud in the library of Christian literature. If Islam merely copied your corrupt book, then all that shamelessly ignorant Greco-Roman paganism you clowns are so enamored with would infest Islam, too, wouldn't it? Think, please. The Qur'an is blessedly free of your well-documented nonsense.

Shema wrote: "and started doing their own thing."

Islam returned the people to the religion of Abraham, the true in faith. The religion of the prophets that the Jews molested and the Christians reject.

Shema wrote: "If any word in Torah Gospel is changed or altered, it proves again that the god of the quran is pagan and useless just like IT 'Be'"

The Torah is the revelation God revealed to Moses. That work is long gone. The Jews failed in their guardianship. The Gospel of Jesus hasn't been heard since the last of the 12 disciples was slaughtered. The Christians forgot what Jesus preached during his lifetime and shamelessly accepted Constantine's Greco-Roman paganism as a replacement.

Now the Qur'an is here and it returns the original Word of God to humankind to guide us all aright. No one will change it because God said He would protect it Himself. Glory be to He!

Daniel Seun - @Muhammad... Prophet Muhammad is not a prophet from God.... Check this out!!!

Sahih Bukhari volume 3 book 44, Hadith number 668

Quran 9:5&29

Quran 47:4

Quran 57:11

Sahih al-Bukhari 5133
Sahih al-Bukhari 5134

Narrated by ibn al-A'rabi in al-Mu'jam (21) classed as Hasan by Al-Albaani in as-Silsilah as-Saheehah (1615)
Sahih Muslim 2040 h

Sunan Abi Dawood 3050

Quran 33:50

*9) A MAD MAN*
Sahih Bukhari 3175

Sahih Muslim 1797 b

Sahih al-Bukhari 5119

Quran 8:12 9:14.

Sahih Muslim 1695 b

Muhammad Rasheed - @Daniel...What does this list supposed to mean to me?

It looks like a hostile and biased non-Muslim put together a list that pretends to summarize some hadith and Qur'anic verses from a disbeliever's willfully ignorant twist.

Aren't you the same meme poster who pretended that the Qur'an 4:157 meant that Allah didn't know someone's name?

Muhammad Rasheed - All you have to do is read the verses and hadith in their context to see your list is just sloppy propaganda.

This is how you all always "argue" -- you just play childish games.

Boakai Bility - MUSLIMS God is for all creations. But CHRISTANS god are for special peoples. That while, you need another helper( holy spirit) to help you understand him 👍

Hermine Dürager - The hl.Spirit is God!!! But it's you who need a man as helper. Without Mohamed and his teaching of Quran and Sunnah you would not know Islam.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hermine wrote: "Without Mohamed and his teaching of Quran and Sunnah you would not know Islam"

lol Literally everything humans know about God came from the preaching of His prophets. That's their job, what they were anointed for in the first place. That's why Jesus (pbuh) told the people of his day that they had to come to him to get the Truth of the Lord thy God.

Of COURSE we need to go through Muhammad (pbuh) to get the Truth of God from the final revelation sent down. hahaha

Boakai Bility - @Muhammad... Nothing more than this to my brother 👍. Thank you so much for this wonderful clearafication🙏🙏🙏

Hermine Dürager - @Muhammad... Than please show me one other prophet who is not in contradiction with Mohamed! Otherwise your Mohamed is a false prophet, because God has promised, that his Word will never pass away. (Don't get corrupted).

Hermine Dürager - @Boakai... Do you have prove, that even one of the other Prophet are in confirmation with Mohamed? If not, Mohamed is a false prophet, because Gods revelation never passes away.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hermine wrote: "Than please show me one other prophet who is not in contradiction with Mohamed!"

All of the prophets of God — from Adam (pbuh) to Noah (pbuh) to Abraham (pbuh) to Moses (pbuh) to Jesus (pbuh) to Muhammad (pbuh) — were in agreement and submitted themselves to the Only True God that Jesus worshiped.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hermine wrote: "Gods revelation never passes away."

It hasn't. That's what the Qur'an is for. The Qur'an is the preserved and inerrant Word of God on earth, confirming & fulfilling what came before as well as correcting the errors conjured by the wayward Jews and Christians who were sloppy in their guardianship.

Hermine Dürager - Please show me this scriptures of the Prophets of Israel and Apostels of Jesus, who are in agreement with your Mohameds Quran and Sunnah! The only socalled prophet of Islam, who everyone killed, who critisiesed him and didn't fully obay without questioning. See for example Quran 9,5 and 29. What a false picture of the true God!💖

Hermine Dürager - That means, you call the God of the Prophets of Israel and Apostels of Jesus a Lier, who promised, that his Word will never pass away 💖.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hermine wrote: "who promised, that his Word will never pass away"

It didn't. That's literally what the Qur'an represents, the preservation of God's Word.

Hermine Dürager - Think please.

God has sent his prophets and in the end his promised Messiah Jesus to fulfill his revelation. And their scriptures are collected in one Book. But 600 years later a man from another offspring than Jews and another god of kaaba with stone (which was the anciant Idolcult of arabs) came along and preached the oposite of Jesus Christs Gospel! Who is more trustworthy??? One man, who has nothing to do with the God of Abraham Isaak and Israel but worship the highest Idol of Kaaba with stone? Or the revelation God has given to the Jews who brought forth the promised Messiah 💞 who can save people?

Muhammad Rasheed - Hermine wrote: "Think please"

lol This is ironic. Everything you only think you know about Al-Islam came from an anti-Islam propagandist hate website. 

Everything I know about your religion[s] comes from your own insider literature library and your own scholars admit the bible isn't what your deceitful and embarrassed pastors spoonfed to you gullible sheep-of-the-pews and led you to believe.

You don't know how to think, only blindly bleat.

Sunday, January 28, 2024

SNEAK PEEK! - Monsters 101, Book Six: "Pieces of the Puzzle"


Monsters 101, Book Six: "Pieces of the Puzzle"
On the Event Horizon of Pure Evil! - Mort the boy sorcerer has gained his most notable magical skill to date, the ability to access the spirit world at will. The unseen entities on the Otherside are all too willing to instruct their eager pupil in the shamanistic arcane arts, but Mort’s studies must take a back seat when his second sight discovers a mysterious, thieving menace stalking the showrooms of a famous Oasis City museum, a place dear to his heart from childhood. Mort & Pugroff desperately attempt to rescue an ancient artifact the entities pilfer before they are able to unleash a literal hell on earth upon humanity. But all of this may be in vain as that very earth belches up a diabolical force that renders Dragon’s Fang itself useless, while Pugroff displays symptoms of a sickness that very well may result in an actual Armageddon of total destruction!

Graphic novel
6.14” x 9.21”
Perfect binding
150 pages, b&w interiors


Muhammad Rasheed - I made this Monsters 101 sneak peek entry specifically to link to it from the Brian Cronin review page. Brian reviewed a bunch of 'African-American' comics over on CBR for 2014 Black History Month, and I drop-shipped him all ten of my recently-completed graphic novel series to take advantage of the free press. When I got the notice that the review was published, I noticed that within the entry, Brian said he never received Book Six. I promptly contacted my printer and they confirmed that they had sent it out with the rest of them.  I kept an eye on his review to see if the Book Six part would update once it finally arrived. It never did. I reached out to Brian a couple months later in an Facebook DM he responded to before and asked him to let me know when he received it. He said he would.

And now the original CBR review page is gone. 

I let it go, though I do still think about it every now and again. Monsters 101, Book Six does stand out in the series. I put a lot of fun genre stuff in the sixth title of Monsters 101. There was also a lot of racial stuff, too. Something happened in Book Four that triggered my co-protagonist Pugroff to initiate a stereotype-based running gag to piss off Mort that finally came to a head. 

That was very important for my two protagonists' character development. I also introduced Thundermine, who functioned as a tribute to my father, though from an antagonist angle. The character represented my dad's rage, and his story was a loose caricature of a real life event.

I don't know if the story and character would've turned out the same if dad was still alive when I wrote it. I would've had a chance to pick his brain about the incident and gain more insight. I also wouldn't have wanted to annoy him, since dad devoured everything I created, including the first seven or eight chapters of Monsters 101 that were in the can at that time.

A long time ago, Dad used to work in the Chrysler assembly plant back in Michigan. His favorite hobby (probably outside of golf maybe...?) was to debate the regulars at his favorite restaurants, book stores and at the job. He kept a little stack of oft-referenced books in the truck. lol

I'm trying to find that old Richard Pryor bit, where he said his father used to reference this sports almanac's stats & figures just so he could ("I got the BOOK, n*gga! I'll show you!") flex on his boys. The bit used to crack me up because it reminded me so much of my own dad's style.

One of the books in dad's stack was called Medical Curiosities (1892) by George M. Gould & Walter L. Pyle. I remember watching the commercial for it back in the late 1970s, sitting on the carpet in front of our old floor model television, and dad getting VERY excited about it. He ordered it that day.

One of the entries featured a certain demographic being born with 6-inch tails, so I can just imagine the nature of the debates going down at Chrysler. It also led to the incident that I ended up caricaturing for my Monsters 101, Book Six opening chapter. People were mad. lol

When he was stationed in Thailand during the Vietnam War, the natives would lift up the back of the ADOS soldiers' shirts looking for the tails that the white soldiers insisted they would find. Because my dad had the definitive proof of who really had the tails, he made enemies for the revelation.

His work colleagues at Chrysler vandalized some equipment and spray painted obscenities on the wall, etc., and wrongfully blamed it all on dad. The company blindly laid dad off, and my folks promptly sued. I described the aftermath of the event here: 

[WOTP:WOG] - The Judiciary Arm of Systemic Racism | YouTube

I tried to capture the white hot intensity of all I could remember about the incidents, as well as similar items, and shove them into my art. My other series reviewer, Richard Caldwell, did address M101, Book Six, but he conspicuously avoided the racial aspects.

I suppose it's possible that the racism part of the book was too strong for Brian's taste and he decided he'd put his energy into reviewing the other nine books in the series (for free) and I should just let that missing review go. I actually did, and only published this post to fill that hole in Brian's review with a bit of closure so I'll be able to successfully stop thinking about it finally.


Muhammad Rasheed - The original seed-germ for my Thundermine character was formed back in 1986, when I read an uncomfortably unsatisfactory copy of an issue of the Incredible Hulk.

Incredible Hulk Vol. 1 #327

In this issue, Rick Jones was actually in the Hulk role, but that wasn't the problem I had with it. General "Thunderbolt" Ross had transferred his mind into the body of the electrical elemental alien creature called Zzzax and THAT was the problem. Listen, if you were actually going to give General Ross powers and have him fight the Hulk, that's what you're gonna came up with? Really? I was really disappointed. For one, the best Hulk fights are the ones when he's battling big, super-strong bruisers like him. You made General Ross an energy guy who just flies around, mostly incorporeal, zapping at the Hulk at distance. Lame. That's just as unsatisfactory as the abstract battle with Nick Nolte's knockoff Absorbing-Man character at the end of Ang Lee's Hulk (2003) movie

After reading that comic, I would play around with the idea of giving General Ross powers for REAL to solve how that would work for me. The strength-enhancing kinetic absorption powers, with an electric discharge side effect that made thunder boom around him was what I came up with and I thought it was PERFECT. I didn't work for Marvel Comics though and so, it didn't matter at all  until I finally got to use the concept in my very own independent title. lol Now I'm very happy and I got to make a tribute to my dad, too. 

Nelo Maxwell - Review of Monsters 101, Book One


Monsters 101 :Vol 1 Review Or of Monsters and Me
Review by Nelo Maxwell | Monday, June 24, 2013 


I don’t often review graphic novels, but I had seen Monsters 101 by M.Rasheed around for a while and my first inkling of the comic ‘All ages’ , a labeling I actively avoid.

But the more I saw it the more intrigued I became. So recently, I picked up a copy and was pleasantly surprised by what I found.


Willy Pugg is a bully. The milk money stealing, nerd tripping, rule breaking bully from every school in the country and every John Hughes movie of the 80's, and he's pretty proud of that fact. When we first see Willy who is known as ‘The Pugg' by his victims he's turning a girl upside down to get her money for the day. Willy seems to run the school like the warden at a prison and he is almost unstoppable when the teachers aren't around. However, someone is watching Willy, someone who even he is afraid of and will have to eventually answer to. Willy runs into these ‘people' on the outskirts of town in the form of three monsters that want him to bring them other kids to eat. Apparently, children are a delicacy where they come from and they need a supplier, in exchange, they will turn Willy into a monster. However, Willy isn't well liked and after being caught attacking a student is threatened with expulsion, if he attacks another. His attempts at being nice land him three friends; Jerome, a young foreign exchange student, Mort, his primary target in the school, and Katina a girl whom he inadvertently saves from another bully. These three interactions will shape his life for rest of the book and change the way Willy Pugg interacts with the world around him.

I will be honest when I started to read this book I wasn't expecting much. The idea of a comic book aimed a younger audiences never inspires confidence in me as they're sometimes campy and nonsensical, that being said this was the most emotionally jarring comic I have read since Gaiman's Sandman. Rasheed does a great job of making us hate this character in the onset, when he tries to be nice to people and they turn him down there is no question about why. Willy Pugg is one of the best villains I have seen in a comic in a long time simply because he is real. We all knew a Willy Pugg, some as his victims others as bystanders and some of those who have challenged him. This isn't your handsome jock, Flash Thompson bully, this is your emotionally damaged, broken home bully who in their heart just wants to be understood like everyone else. The character of Katina is that chance for him and probably the thing that saves his soul, and though their relationship cannot be described as a romance, there is true love at work, the kind that young children feel for each other and the kind that adults lose as they grow.


I give props to anyone who writes and draws their own comics. M.Rasheed wrote and drew a 150 page graphic novel and while it can get a bit inconsistent towards the end, it’s more than understandable. His inks are crisp and the way he foreshadows the ending in Willy’s silhouettes is great. I’m surprised this isn’t run as comic strip in a news paper as it reminds me of classics like Gasoline Alley in some subtle ways, with simple facial structure that is also capable of conveying complex emotion.

The Real

I loved this story, there were times when I felt a little unsettled by the sheer brutality of the main character, but it worked with the way the story played out. Willy Pugg was already a monster, but by the end, to keep a promise he must learn how to become a man, or at least a human boy. I'd recommend this for people of any age as it is not only a great read but an audit on our current society. With bullying on the rise in school as well as online I think something like this might serve as a tool for discussing the problem. You can pick this volume and others in the series up at Rating 4/5

Brian Cronin - CBR Review of the Monsters 101 graphic novel series (Book Six omitted)


Monsters 101, Books 1-10
by Cartoonist M. Rasheed

The Month of African-American Comics – Monsters 101, Books 1-10
Review by Brian Cronin | February 22, 2014 @ 3:18 AM 

All this month I’ll be reviewing different comic books by African-American creators, based on submissions from the actual creators of the comic books themselves. A quick note – since this month is so relatively short, I’ll be featuring an extra comic every week, for a total of 32 comics spotlighted! Here is a list of all the comics spotlighted so far!

I apologize for the recent delay. M. Rasheed mailed me copies of nearly his entire 10-book Monsters 101 series (each book is about 150 pages). That’s a looot of comic books to read but it’s also a lot of comics to mail, so I figured I really should just review them all. So the end result was my schedule was thrown off a bit. I’ll try to catch up today and I’ll be back on schedule hopefully by the start of the new week.

With that said, in this installment we take at the M. Rasheed’ thirteen-year epic, Monsters 101 (I didn’t actually receive the sixth volume, so I’ll just be reviewing 9 out of the 10 books)…

Right off the bat, let me tell you, Monsters 101 is definitely quite unlike pretty much every other comic I have read. Rasheed is a strong cartoonist but the style of his art is that of an all-ages comic. However, he makes a point to tell a story that is definitely not all-ages. As you can see from the covers above, he specifically warns people on each comic that it is for mature readers. Here’s the thing, though, in the nine books that I read, I could probably make, like, ten edits and the books would be readable for, if not “all-ages,” certainly at least, like, a fourth grader. People still die, but I don’t think that means that a book can’t/shouldn’t be read by pre-teens. Heck, plenty of people die in the Harry Potter books, right? Moreover, the vast majority of the series tells a fairly normal fantasy adventure.

Sample splash page from 
Monsters 101, Book Three:
"Devil Take the Hindmost"
CHAPTER TWO - "Tcharen City"
pg. 29

There’s really not a whole lot of “darkness” in the series (besides some occasional killing). Except, of course, the very first volume.

Monsters 101, Book One:
"From Bully to Monster"

Monsters 101 begins with the tale of Willy Pugg, a bully who routinely picks on a nerdy kid named Mort. One day, though, Pugg is accosted by, well, monsters…

They admire him for his bullying and offer him a deal. If he brings them kids to eat, they will turn him into a monster. If he doesn’t, then they’ll just eat him themselves. And they can get at him wherever he goes, so he is kind of screwed.

It is a fascinating exploration about the idea of how much evil can you do before you really ARE a monster before TECHNICALLY becoming an actual monster. In a moment of chivalry earlier in the story, though, Pugg saves a girl from a different bully. She becomes enamored with Pugg and even after seeing him deliver a kid to the monsters (it is pretty messed up), she believes that there is goodness within him. Ultimately, she teams up with the kid that Pugg was picking on, Mort, to round up a bunch of kids to stop the monsters. By now, Pugg has officially been transformed into a monster.

The book ends with Pugg embracing his inner hero, but not before he loses someone very close to him. It’s a touching and bittersweet ending. Really, Volume 1 could easily just be read as a complete tale.

Monsters 101, Book Two:
"Heroes & Devils"

And then things go a WHOLE other direction, as Rasheed basically just turns the book into a fantasy adventure series. Which is fine, of course, I am not knocking that, it’s just an interesting transition. It’s really a lot like if William Golding wrote a sequel to the Lord of the Files where the surviving kids all formed a team of adventurers, using the skills that they learned on the island to fight crime.

Book Two pits Pugg (now calling himself Pugroff) against a superhero, who happens to be the father of the aforementioned foreign exchange student who was killed by the monsters. The book also develops the relationship between Mort and Pugroff. Mort is helping hide Pugroff, but not just because Mort’s a good guy, but because he has always wanted to be a REAL magician, and now that he knows that monsters exist then that must mean that MAGICK exists, so he figures if he hangs out with Pugroff long enough, he’ll get the chance to do some magic. That wish comes true when the two comes across a magical talisman that the monsters who Pugroff defeated in the first book had and it transports them to another dimension. When there, they run afoul of a jerky young devil and his sweet sister. When they meet the sister, they end up pledging to rescue her brother and that’s when they meet a MONSTER magician! This sets up the third volume, when they are now guests of the devil kingdom where Mort will begin learning magick (as the girl they help is a magician). The second volume is split pretty evenly between the superhero/Pugroff conflict and the adventure in the other dimension. The superhero is an interesting character, a man who uses all of his wealth to become the most powerful superhero out there (genetic modifications, etc.) but you can see that it is all about ego and not really about doing good. He’s an intriguing foil for a monster who’s trying to be hero. The new magical characters introduced in the second volume are interesting, as well, especially Benkom, a monster who is trying to become a magician himself.

Monsters 101, Book Three:
"Devil Take the Hindmost"

Book Three takes place in the Devil’s dimension, where Mort is a hero but Pugroff is seen as basically his servant. Meanwhile, the monsters from the first volume are back to cause some trouble, along with a new villain, a dragon. The devil girl that we met in the previous volume turns out to be a PRINCESS and this gets Mort into trouble when he has to put the little magick that the princess taught him to duel against the devil that is betrothed to the princess. There’s a lot of good world-building in this volume, as we learn more about the world and the customs of the devils. However, while Mort wants to be a magician, that doesn’t mean that he wants to live in a devil dimension and his spurning of the princess, even though he does so nicely, will have consequences down the line.

Monsters 101, Book Four:
"Late Enrollment"

Book Four has the monsters from Volume 1 trying to improve their lot in life by finding a magical weapon of their own (they are set on their way by a duplicitous dragon who figures that he can just steal the weapon later from them). It is actually pretty amusing watching these brutes try to solve riddles and the like. Mostly they try to use brute force to get past the challenges required to get an ancient faerie weapon (we get a quick chapter just giving the origin of the original owner of the super-powerful axe). Once in possession of the axe, though, Maescus (the head of the monsters from Book 1) actually tries to strategize a bit and decides to try to become the king of the monsters, with the help of Mort’s magic. This leads to a journey to the land of monsters, where Pugroff meets a monster similar to him who becomes a mentor of sorts. We also see the monster king. The monster king has an interesting set-up – throughout the series, whoever is the monster king gets challenged CONSTANTLY. It’s a pretty funny gag by Rasheed. Anyhow, Maescus’ plan fails miserably and it is up to Pugroff and Mort to save the day before the monster king can kill Pugroff’s new mentor. At the end of the volume, Pugroff ends up in possession of the super axe. He rescues the other monsters, who from this point forward now become basically supporting characters. It is interesting to see the way Rasheed plays with the idea of morality when you are a monster. To wit, can we really call a monster evil for killing humans? Are we evil for killing chickens and cows?

Monsters 101, Book Five:
"Monsters & Monarchy"

Book Five brings the boys back to Earth, where we discover that their old principal used to be a superhero! He discovers their arrangement…

M101, Bk 05 - pg 5

M101, Bk 05 - pg 6

M101, Bk 05 - pg 7

M101, Bk 05 - pg 8

M101, Bk 05 - pg 9

M101, Bk 05 - pg 10

M101, Bk 05 - pg 11

M101, Bk 05 - pg 12

M101, Bk 05 - pg 13

And he wants in on the whole “transformed into a monster” deal. I mostly just showed you those pages to show you what Pugg looks like as Pugroff.

One of the two villains in this volume is the dragon Azoratain, who wants the axe for himself. He uses a magic spell to resurrect one of the kids killed in Volume 1 (a hall monitor who was basically a “good guy bully” – a theme Rasheed uses a few times in the series – “good guys” who are just as brutal as the “bad guys”) to use as his super-powered warrior against Pugroff.

The other villain is the monster king from the previous volume. Can Pugroff defeat him and become king of the monsters? Well, Pugroff IS one of the stars of the series, so probably. There’s also an interesting sequence where Pugroff discovers bullying among the various monsters and decides to take a stance against bullying.

Monsters 101, Book Six:
"Pieces of the Puzzle"

I didn’t get Book Six.

Monsters 101, Book Seven:
"Eye in the Sky"

Book Seven opens with Pugroff as the king of the monsters, but he ends up possessed by an evil being known as Irylor. Irylor (in Pugroff’s body) then basically declares war on Earth. This volume is almost entirely just balls to the wall action as a team of superheroes shows up to fight the possessed Pugroff. When that doesn’t work, some Earth-based magicians take their chances. Mort teams up with these Earth magicians (since Volume 3, he’s been searching for an Earth-based magician to mentor him) and their battle for Pugroff’s soul is pretty intense. The end result is Pugroff becoming human again.

Monsters 101, Book Eight:
"Little Boy King"

Book Eight is split between Mort’s further development as a magician now that he knows how to enter the spirit world, mixed with Pugg’s situation as the king of the monsters while not actually BEING a monster. In the end, Pugg becomes a monster again, only this time he is a FULL monster and not a mutated human monster, and that is a major change as we will see as the series goes on.

Monsters 101, Book Nine:
"Speak of the Devil"

Book Nine is Mort intensive. He first must deal with the unresolved situation in the devil dimension and then must also continue his training. He comes across a group of “magicians” who turn out to want something less noble from the pursuit of magic. It’s a fascinating exploration of the power of being part of a “clique.” I was watching this week’s edition of Frontline on PBS and a big part of it was how companies were catering to teens by trying to make them feel PART of something (like being able to prove that you are one of the world’s biggest Hunger Games fans). Rasheed addresses a lot of those themes in Mort’s interactions with the “African Architects.” This also allows Rasheed to go on a riff about the way African culture has been European-ized when it comes to Ancient Egypt. The book ends with Pugroff beginning to make some waves with his new found kingdom.

Monsters 101, Book Ten:
"Class Dismissed"

Book Ten basically wraps up everyone’s story, with Pugroff making a world for himself (while also sadly having to sever ties forever with humanity, since full monster Pugroff, well, you know, wants to eat humans) and Mort coming clean to his grandmother about his magick and also making strides of his own towards reaching the next level of being a magician. Also, there is a hilarious riff on the candy bars that Pugroff has been obsessed with the whole series (he has been stealing so many that the company has gone out of business – so his monster lackeys have to find a way to get the company to start making the candy bars again).

M101, Bk 09 - pg 55

M101, Bk 09 - pg 56

M101, Bk 09 - pg 57

M101, Bk 09 - pg 58

M101, Bk 09 - pg 59

M101, Bk 09 - pg 60

M101, Bk 09 - pg 61

M101, Bk 09 - pg 62

M101, Bk 09 - pg 63

As you can tell from the sample pages, Rasheed is an accomplished cartoonist, with an excellent sense of story and a good sense of character. 

The stories are fun, character-driven pieces that slowly expand the cast to the point by Book 10 that the cast of the series is quite large, and they’re all interesting characters. As I mentioned earlier, this series has been a thirteen-year epic for Rasheed (the first stories were from 2000) and it was fun to see him develop as a storyteller as the series went along. It was a real blast.

If you want to pick up the Monsters 101 series, check out Rasheed’s website here.


Buy Monsters 101, Book One NOW!