Saturday, November 17, 2018

Allegiance to Falsehood

Cartoon satirizing the white supremacist Internet troll's
commitment to driving a false propaganda narrative
to protect his lucrative anti-Black systemic racism.

Anonymous - Do people show racism in Quora?

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes, but it’s not just Quora. It’s an infestation that is found throughout all social media platforms that allow average people to create accounts for free and share their thoughts. Whenever people use these platforms to sound off in protest against our oppressive systemic racist traditions, you can count on those who support the White Supremacist Ideology to show up to defend it.

This comes in both blatant hardcore forms as well as more subtle ones. A huge part of Western Civilization’s white supremacist tradition is the toxic Eurocentric narrative of history, which indoctrinates the populace in anti-Black systemic racism using tools such as:
  • White washing of Black historical figures
  • Downplaying of major Black contributions to civilization and their significance
  • Cultural appropriation
  • Cover-ups of the true originators of key scientific and/or civilizing principles of innovative/pioneering Black Africans
  • Vilification of Black people and their allies who fight against the anti-Black systemic racist tradition
  • Rewarding of Blacks willing to sellout their people for ‘Assimilated Integrationist Token’ roles that support white supremacy
  • Pretending that the low-brow sub-cultural traits the enslaved Africans picked up from the poor whites (including crude English dialect and anti-civilized violent behaviors) are inherent within the Africans’ descendants and a reflection of their natural intelligence (to be preserved within ‘multicultural’ programs)
  • Propaganda that describes “good” Black people as content with being subjugated for white racist exploitation and abuse
  • Propaganda that describes Black people as inherently criminal and/or savage to justify white racist abuses
…and this false narrative is made mandatory in the education system by the dominant group that controls it. The racists who infest social media in support of that system come in the form of white supremacist ‘race soldiers,’ as well as just average people who genuinely believe they are saving civilization by supporting the most harmful aspects of society.

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