Saturday, November 10, 2018

Tantrums from the Willfully Blind

Cartoon satirizing the shallow arrogance of the barber shop
political pundit and his embarrassingly poor ability to grasp basic
facts to analyze for workable knowledge within vital systems.

Muhammad Rasheed - [TOON] Unrealistic, Magical-Thinking Expectations versus High-Level Political Strategy

Jay Watts - Still the cape is flapping...Your telling me that he couldn't do anything about police killing unarmed black people.

Muhammad Rasheed - He did provide a justice reform item that Sessions was trying to break. Didn't we already talk about that?

Jay Watts - What justice reform is this? I don't recall. But your telling me that as the POTUS he couldn't do anything to stop and punish those racist police from killing unarmed black people? I think at one point during his 2 terms, one or two unarmed black people got killed every week for a whole month.

Campbelle Thai - Did that justice reform produce justice?

Campbelle Thai - Remember, Obama signed blue legislation to protect law enforcement.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jay wrote: "What justice reform is this? I don't recall."

This is the fundamental problem with your position here. You only think you know what you are talking about. It's embarrassing watching you.

How US Attorney General Jeff Sessions Has Rolled Back Obama-era Policies | VOA News

It took Jeff Sessions just one month to turn Obama-era drug policy on its head | Washington Post

Jeff Sessions Is Trying To Take Criminal Justice Back To The 1990s | FiveThirtyEight

Attorney General Orders Tougher Sentences, Rolling Back Obama Policy | New York Times

Campbelle Thai - Criminal Justice Reform is to reform criminal justice in the manner that the ruling class prescribed to complement the built environment. In other words, the system is being refined to maintain the status quo through illusory implementations.

Jay Watts - @Muhammad ...Whats embarrassing is how you can't answer my original question about racist police killing unarmed people. The justice reform did nothing to address or said anything about it.

Campbelle Thai - He sharing articles to express for support his position.

Muhammad Rasheed - The justice reform work laid the foundation for fixing the issue... an issue that took decades and numerous presidential administrations to create. One two-term executive branch couldn't 100% fix it all by himself, but he was able to lay the foundation to build upon (which was why he campaigned so hard to get Clinton in there for 2016).

Muhammad Rasheed - Both to support my position and provide the sources for Jay's "What justice reform?" query.

Campbelle Thai - Fixing the issue? The issue is being repackaged, like slavery to Jim Crow, where the latter was said to be worse!

Muhammad Rasheed - Of course since he wasn't able to get his preferred candidate in office, while Trump's AG pick was dedicated to undoing what Obama intended.

Campbelle Thai - Jay Watts told you what is justice reform but you're giving the political honorable description of it, that isn't inline with its actions!

Jay Watts - He could have made an example out of those racist cops that evidence and other factors said they lied about what happened and it was a homicide. But he did nothing.

Campbelle Thai - Name me one favorable policy Muhammad for African Americans that hasn't been rescinded. I got the rest of my life!

Muhammad Rasheed - You're asking me to prove that Trump didn't want to break Obama's legacy?

Campbelle Thai - Remember, Obama signed Blue Live Matter law for law enforcement. That gave law enforcement full range to kill Blacks with impunity!

Campbelle Thai - No one asked you about Trump breaking Obama's so-called legacy!

Jay Watts - Also thats the trick...with the democrats they keep pushing it off to the next person to get into office. making some excuse why they can't take the issue on...because of election, not enough support, or im trying to get the next guy in.

Muhammad Rasheed - Obama signed it because he was able to put items in the bill that his side wanted. Instead of going back-n-forth with the GOP fruitlessly, he felt it at least would be something even if he had to put up with their stuff.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jay wrote: "...with the democrats they keep pushing it off to the next person to get into office."

Meanwhile, Obama built the foundation and needed the next admin to build up on it, no different than how the corrupt system got in place with numerous past admins building up on it. That's why he couldn't magically wave his hand and fix it all at once, otherwise he would have.

Jay Watts - Excuse, Excuse and more Excuses....mean while we are getting slaughtered in the streets.

Muhammad Rasheed - Campbelle wrote: "No one asked you about Trump breaking Obama's so-called legacy!"

Then please work harder to make your points clear.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jay wrote: "Excuse, Excuse and more Excuses..."

lol Since you're doubling down on the idea that Obama should have just used magic to fix the problem in Jan 2009, how about you just magically become POTUS and fix it in a day?

Muhammad Rasheed - Campbelle posted: "The Newest Jim Crow"

Michelle Alexander was one of the consultants for Obama's criminal justice reform efforts by the way.

It looks like the main issue here is impatience with the time it takes for the system to work even when you have all the right people on the team. I agree with you.

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