Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Weaponized Nonviolence

Cartoon illustrating the nonviolence protest as a political tool
designed to pressure societal in order to influence key
decision makers to bend to the protester demands.
If it fails, then stronger methods are recommended
(see: economic boycotts) to apply more pressure.

Anonymous - Do Liberals often engage in violent protest more than Conservatives? (Think SJWs, Antifa & BLM)

Muhammad Rasheed - No. This is based on a deceptive myth invented by conservative political strategists. The truth of the matter is that the left shows up to peacefully protest, and the triggered right sics their goons on them.

Note that conservatives refer to the protest events as “violent riots” before the cops show up and anything has even happened? They just want people to accept their unfair and abusive practices and stop complaining about injustice, so when you do protest, they consider it “starting a riot.”

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