Monday, November 19, 2018

That Artificially Propped Up "Saint"

Cartoon pointing out the fact that greed-fueled, hostile
and destructive anti-Black policies from the Republican Party
certainly didn't begin with the Trump Administration.

Anonymous - Was Ronald Reagan a good president for the African American community?

Muhammad Rasheed - No. The Reagan Administration stopped the upward mobility of the Black middle class with the devastating anti-Black “War on Drugs” attack. This was a cartel of villains composed of intelligence agencies, politicians, police departments, the incorporated for-profit prison system and foreign connections that pumped designer drugs into the Black community and set up inherently violent distribution/quick retail cells that not only made the government and their connections obscene profits by re-distributing the wealth of the Black populace through plunder, but it destroyed an entire generation of Black family unity. These actions set trends that the Republican Party took pains to flip and somehow blame on the victims themselves as partisan rhetoric on a continuously playing loop.

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