Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Our Rebellious Tradition of Half-Truth

Cartoon illustrating the critical need to develop a tradition
of interpreting sacred scripture from both sides
of our species' dual intellectual capacity.

Sean Green - Why do people associate God as being male when women are the ones who give life?

Muhammad Rasheed - There is indeed but a single accurate answer to this question:
The people associate the One God as being 'male' for no other reason than because the latest versions of God's message were revealed during the time of dominant patriarchy.
Consequently, the males in power seized the message and interpreted it through their male-centered viewpoint, which became tradition.

In order to have a fuller and even more accurate understanding into the Word of God, the insights of the woman's perspective and analysis into the body of sacred scripture, that we have shamefully shunned and casually dismissed for centuries now, must be solicited, cultivated and held up to its proper place of honor. Only then will we be closer to achieving an enlightened state as a species and more fully reap the benefits of having the Lord's Merciful Guidance within our midst. The human being of earth is a dual being, composed of both the paired male & female, each gendered component with its unique viewpoint. To treat the perspective of only one of those as ‘good enough for everybody’—as if the comically egotistic male gender is somehow able to relate to the truly unique Divine Singular perspective of the One God—is genuinely stupid and unacceptable.

When it comes to the formal interpretation of the Word of God for the human archival record, it requires our total focus, our total intellect, and the total 360° viewpoint of the dual perspective of our species.

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