Monday, November 5, 2018

Real Black Representation

Second in a series illustrating the four tools needed for
Black Enfranchisement: 1) Black Vote 2) Focused Black Political Agenda
3) Loyal, Black Representation 4) Black Economic Boycott.

Sam Eiji - Why is it so hard for American politicians to pass a new law to protect the lives of black people from police brutality and racism?

Muhammad Rasheed - Because the Black American isn’t leveraging power as a group to MAKE American politicians do it. They are scattered about, either ignoring the political game altogether, working in some partisan office as just another job, or are devoting all of their talents fighting to pass laws that aid rival special interest groups.

No one is currently fighting for the needs of the Black American special interest group. No one.

Jeffrey Chen - I will fight for their cause.

Muhammad Rasheed - Thanks, but it’s critical that they do it for themselves.

Jeffrey Chen - But of course. Remember the Chris Rock routine? The issues in there are what plague black families.

Muhammad Rasheed - Remember the title essay “Black Rednecks & White Liberals” from the Black conservative Thomas Sowell? He proved that the part of Rock’s bit you are pointing at was actually the influence of someone else and doesn’t belong to me. The ‘Multicultural’ scheme of the white liberal is trying to force it to be mine though, and it’s a perfect example of why my people need to do this enfranchisement plan for themselves.

I revoke my original “Thanks” now that you were kind enough to reveal how you really feel about my people.

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