Saturday, November 24, 2018

OPERATION: "Greystoke" or, Indoctrinating Blacks into Hating Their Own Past

Cartoon depicting the anti-Black brainwashing techniques
used by the agents of the Eurocentric
White Supremacist Empire's war machine.

Muhammad Rasheed - [ARTICLE] Baptist Pastor Defends Slavery As Beneficial and Biblical |

"If it wasn’t for slavery, those folks would still be in Africa with a bone in their nose…" ~Pastor Keith Gomez; Northwest Bible Baptist Church, Elgin, Illinois

There are Whitopias all over the African continent—millions of white people enjoying all those lands have to offer while treating the indigenous people like crap in the usual fashion—and many are even the descendants of the original Spanish, Portuguese & Dutch Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade corporatists and crew. White people know good & damned well what Black African civilizations were really like in the pre-white supremacist era, since the elaborate pomp & circumstance rituals of their wealthy elite are but the attempts to copy the opulent splendor they witnessed of the powerful Black rulers that inspired them.

Seriously, Black people, it's long time to stop taking what they say at face value and turn your attentions inward. Focus on YOURSELVES and stop playing their games and getting played. #ArentYouTiredYet #antiracism #BlackEmpowerment

Andre Felipe - Black panther anyone?

Muhammad Rasheed - Did T’Challa come to Europe and become master of the land and its people, or did he stay home in his own country as guardian of his own traditions?

Did you see the movie, Andre?

Andre Felipe - Tarzan didn’t become the master of the land either. He became the leader of his tribe.

Muhammad Rasheed - There were 60,000 books with him strutting all over the continent. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Did T’Challa come to Europe and lead a white tribe of neanderthal goons he could be superior over as a ‘reverse racist’ message?

Eric Lurio - Muslims have been doing that far longer and still are doing so....

Muhammad Rasheed - lol That's a myth cooked up by white conservatives, Eric, as a very uninformed tu quoque logical fallacy.

Dan Weasel - Yet Christians have been doing this longer than Islam has been in existence Eric....

Eric Lurio - is it now Muhammad Rasheed ?  The role of Islam in the Arab slave trade

Eric Lurio - @Dan... Does this mean that Muslim slavers are actually innocent babies who just can't help themselves?

Maps | Global Slavery Index

Muhammad Rasheed - Eric wrote: "is it now ?"

Yes. For starters, the so-called "curse of Ham" was a re-interpretation of the original scripture used to faux-justify the anti-Black slave trade.The original had nothing to do with race, genetic linage, etc.

Second, the Qur'an regulates the behavior of the believers in general (that's what it is for), so the fact that it regulates how the slave/servant class is treated doesn't mean it encourages slavery. Not even a little bit. No where does the Qur'an condone the enslavement of others, but instead it counts "freeing the slave" in the list of righteous deeds the believer needs to amass in order to pass the terrifying scrutiny of Judgment Day and win through to the eternal bliss of paradise. This fact alone was responsible for the near eradication of the slave institution pretty early on in Islam's history. Interestingly, it was BROUGHT BACK later during the conquering expansion age.

Eric wrote: "Does this mean that Muslim slavers are actually innocent babies who just can't help themselves?"

Muslim slavers are greedy men who are following their lusts and not their religion, as in the example of all other filthy slavers. It's this lot who began to invent hadith out of thin air to faux-justify their evil since they could find so such condoning in the Holy Qur'an (despite the efforts of ones such as yourself).

By the way, I notice that your 'Global Slavery Index Map' doesn't include the millions enslaved within the for-profit prison system. That's a major blow to your xenophobic, partisan-biased credibility.

Eric Lurio - @Muhammad... The Triangle trade was controlled by Black Muslims for it's entirety. I do not for one minute say this exonerates the Whites receiving kidnapped people at the coasts, it doesn't. but the Prophet owned slaves and so did every single Caliph who followed him. The Saudis only banned the practice in 1963. I don't know how old YOU are, but I was alive that year.

Muhammad Rasheed - Eric wrote: "The Triangle trade was controlled by Black Muslims for it's entirety."

Is that ignorance speaking, or a weak attempt at deception?

The rum distilleries, great stinking ships, the West African forts/ports, and Caribbean sugar cane plantations were all owned and operated by a short group of interconnected families out of New England. Here's the wealthy descendants of one of the largest ones here: The DeWolfs

Eric Lurio - @Muhammad... The Africans could have said "no" they were the "producers" of the "commodity" so they controlled it.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Eric... Your understanding of that concept does not align to the facts of history. Here: Atlantic Slave Trade | Fallacy of Blacks Selling Blacks

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