Sunday, November 25, 2018

For the Glory of Money & Monopoly

Cartoon illustrating the corporate-led empire building of the
USA's military industrial complex, and the
proud enthusiasm with which the indoctrinated masses
celebrate the diabolical activity.
Anonymous - Why do Americans always believe they are somehow freeing people from oppression and bringing democracy when they are invading foreign countries?

Muhammad Rasheed - The average U.S. America citizen believes that because they are thoroughly indoctrinated in the military industrial complex propaganda. The USA has been empire building since its inception, and the point is to:

  • monopolize the world’s wealth
  • keep rival sovereign nations unstable and/or with Western intelligence hand-picked dictators in power so their resources are easily siphoned away at low cost
  • possess the indomitable power nigh-unlimited wealth provides

The 1% elite class that benefits most from these centuries old schemes require the marketing-propaganda to convince the people that our bullying, thieving, murderous country’s political leadership class are the ‘good guys,’ so there will be little chance of nation-wide revolt out of their control.

Eric Lurio - I haven’t seen such infantile commie cartooning in years

Muhammad Rasheed - Hm. The "infantile" aspect is only a reflection of the real life greed-fueled barbarity I'm depicting.

The term "commie" doesn't compute since I am firmly a capitalist. Note that corporatism (aka 'crony capitalism') is the enemy of the open markets that are the life blood of true capitalism. Our anti-trust laws are designed to check corporatism and protect capitalism.

Eric Lurio - Communist party newspapers have published countless versions of that exat cartoon for over a century.

Muhammad Rasheed - Post just one of them so I may examine it for analysis, please.

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