Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Election Day II: Rebel Without Direction

Cartoon depicting the tendency of the chronically frustrated
expressing proclamations of bold actions that are
unfortunately short on valuable strategic insight.

Ronald Florence - How has voting helped black people?

Muhammad Rasheed - Voting enables the Black American people to use the political apparatus to get the resources and policies they need from the government so they can have the highest quality of life they strive for. The first and last time they were able to use it for anything close to it’s highest potential for themselves was after chattel slavery was abolished during Reconstruction. After that voting was used at a much lower fraction of its potential to score other major milestone victories for Black people like the dismantling of jim crow and the restoring of many civil rights.

The question gives the curious impression that there is something actually wrong with voting that Black people maybe should be rightfully suspicious of. This is actually far, far from the truth as voting is a key Weapon of the People in the arsenal needed for full Black Empowerment with our right to an abundant life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Using the power of the Black Vote correctly will enable us to open the doors to acquire everything we desire as fully-realized citizens of these United States of America.

The only problem is that the dominant special interest group considers the Black American ethnic group to be both competition and preferred prey, and they prefer them in the prey role. Consequently, the country’s voting rights processes and tools have been sabotaged to keep Black people from making the progress they need to be truly free here. The Ku Klux Klan and other domestic terror groups were specifically founded to turn Blacks away from the polls because whites didn’t want to stop exploiting them, and they certainly didn’t want Blacks eventually ruling over them in a truly equal society.

So voting at this time still represents the unfulfilled promise of Hope & Change for the Black American, the same one that whites fear & dread as a reality. Over the centuries we’ve seen glimpses of the glory that Blacks could reap from it if left alone to have their rights as citizens and unfortunately that untapped potential is all that voting has done in helping them due to the schemes of our traditional rival.

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