Friday, November 23, 2018

DECODED: Racist Double-Talk #117 "Victimhood"

Cartoon illustrating the revelation that when white racists
charge anti-racism activist with "playing the victim," it is
just a deflection from their own faux-victimhood complex
as they freak out at the idea of true equality between the races.

Darryl Morhardt - If you create "Affirmative Action" to make everyone equal, doesnt that violate the very same principle you are trying to establish?

Muhammad Rasheed - That would only be true if the affirmative action programs of the 1960–1970s post-Civil Rights Act were put in place during a fictional scenario in which both races started out equally poor. The facts of history reveal this as far from accurate. In the previous decades, a much stronger and much wider in scope affirmative action program was put in place to rescue lower class whites from poverty and create the new middle class:

  • The New Deal (1933-1936)
    Black Americans were denied economic relief that was granted to poor whites; the vast majority of Black people were deliberately excluded from social security benefits, government grants, elderly poor assistance, and unemployment insurance programs
  • National Labor Relations Act (1935) & Fair Labor Standards Act (1938)
    Poor whites were granted free handouts enabling them to improve their standard of living but agricultural and domestic labor --the vast majority being Black -- were deliberately excluded; When Black workers were allowed to secure lucrative industrial positions during WW2, the southern congressmen who pushed for labor reform programs that enabled poor whites to climb the economic ladder abandoned the effort, which also severed link between civil rights activism and demands for economic equality/inclusion.
  • The G.I. Bill (1944)
    Black Americans experienced abuses and segregation during WW2 while their white counterparts were provided the plethora of benefits that came with the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944, which included having the US government pay off their mortgages and increase education quality and opportunities.
The significantly weaker affirmative action programs from the 1960s-1970s were intended to help Black Americans receive the same government free money boost that the whites received previously so that the races could then finally be equal, but this was not to be. The now financially comfortable white community became furious at the idea of Blacks receiving comparable free government handouts as they received. They immediately used their political muscle to strip the new affirmative action programs of much of its force, leaving the Black community with just enough aid to enable them to “get by” while still leaving them firmly in an impoverished state. Later, president Bill Clinton—doing his best impression of an anti-Black white conservative—stripped the programs of even more force and scope.

So to answer your question, the first wave of affirmative action programs were by no means an attempt to “make everyone equal,” but were in fact designed to continue to give the white racist aristocracy, built up as the anti-Black chattel slave institution’s primary legacy, a further advantage over their prey. Although the pro-Black affirmative action programs were originally intended to make everyone equal economically, they were promptly and continuously sabotaged, barely keeping the lower class Black community in the most basic survival state, while their selfish white rivals invent fictional reasons why even those meager rations should be stripped from them as well.

John T. Craig - BULL SHIT!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - lol What's the "bullshit" part, John? Considering I merely cartooned an actual conversation. hahaha

John T. Craig - too much racist BS going on in this world people simply need to Live and Let Live somebody's going to make a cartoon making all the dark skin people look bad somebody's going to make the cartoon making all the light skin people look bad just all b*******

John T. Craig - Got a better idea maybe everybody should check out their own family tree check out those DNA genetics and DNA might be really interesting what we all might find there actually already have on mine mine

Muhammad Rasheed - John wrote: "too much racist BS going on in this world..."


John wrote: "...people simply need to Live and Let Live..."

Sure, once the racism stops and Reparatory Justice is paid out to help make up for it.

John wrote: "...somebody's going to make a cartoon making all the dark skin people look bad..."

They already are doing that.

John wrote: "somebody's going to make the cartoon making all the light skin people look bad just all b*******"

They'll be alright.

Muhammad Rasheed - John wrote: "Got a better idea maybe everybody should check out their own family tree..."

It's not about genetics, it's about theft.

John T. Craig - theft?

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes. Racism is an economic system. It always has been.

John T. Craig - Well if that's being the case maybe you should jump on board and make yourself at happy dollar

Muhammad Rasheed - The system is still set up the way it was during slavery, tilted towards a white racist aristocracy. In order to profit off of it myself, I would have to sellout my own people and willingly support white supremacy.

I do not care to do so.

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