Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Lonely Road Towards Black Empowerment

Cartoon satirizing the solitary ladder the Black American needs
to climb in order to achieve the Black Empowerment and
political enfranchisement we need.
No matter the party chosen, the same
work will need to be done.

Harry Underwood - What do you think will be the state of African-American advancement in 2065, 100 years after the Voting Rights Act and 200 years after Emancipation?

Muhammad Rasheed - I do not know. It will depend on a number of factors, all related to how the Black American people themselves behave moving forward. At the moment, Black people are completely disenfranchised from the political machine; they vote for the Democratic Party out of loyalty tradition, without receiving any benefits in return to improve their quality of life. In fact, their conditions grow worse as their political rivals and enemies in the opposition party diligently chip away at all post-slavery gains with the obvious ominous intention of returning the Black American ethnic group to the ubër-lucrative chattel slave institution. Their “allies” within the Democratic Party are providing zero protection against this scheme, preferring instead to selfishly exploit Black labor & services to achieve their own political goals, dangling empty promises of what Blacks will get in the aftermath of a maybe victory.

If things continue as they are, it will not look good for Black people in 2065, and I can predict the worse case scenario as a nigh-inevitability.

In general, Black people are in four main groups when it comes to politics:
  1. Those die-hard Democratic Party loyalists, who vote ‘blue’ just because they’ve voted ‘blue’ for a long time and they wouldn’t dream of betraying their party (“Go, Team! Go!!!”)
  2. Those of a strong conservative bent who believe Black people should rightfully be at their original Republican Party, the “Party of Lincoln.” I suspect these affluent Republican Blacks would be willing to sell out lower class Black people to the mass incarceration grift, and look the other way to allow conditions designed to force innocent Blacks into that demonic system.
  3. Those who believe the two parties should be abandoned for an independent Black Political Party of our own.
  4. Those who see the entire political machine as a set-up by diabolical white people to trick them; a grift that was never, ever intended for Black people to take part in, so they may as well live in a lawless anarchy state.
Other than the ignorant and cowardly fourth bullet, all the rest will still require Black people to use money, unity among all class and ideologies across the Black Nation and massive action using the four core tools needed for achieving enfranchisement and ultimately Black Empowerment:
  • Black Vote - The African-American ethnic group coming together across class and ideological lines to vote as ONE special interest political bloc.
  • Black Political Agenda - A checklist of must-have items the Black community demanded from their government that their special interest group required for full U. S. Citizenship, Black Empowerment and Economic Inclusion.
  • Black Political Representation - Hand-picked and-or hand-groomed officials, committed to the Black community’s interests, that the Black voter elected to office and held accountable to their agreement for achieving the items on the Black Political Agenda.
  • Black Economic Boycott - An agreement between a significant number of the Black American special interest group to withhold their spending power from industry as a highly effective economic punishment when the government refuses to heed the demands of the Black community.
Whether we go independent, stay Democratic or even decide to re-join our old party (currently infested with murderous white supremacists), we will still have to put in the massive work to achieve our goals. We CANNOT count on our rivals—from within or outside of the parties!—to help or do the work for us. We are on our own.

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