Monday, November 12, 2018

Opting Out of Civilization

Cartoon illustrating the concept of rejecting our
civilizing humanity by allowing our lusts to lead us in
a lifestyle of hoarding and over-indulgence.

Q: - Is it true that human beings weren’t meant to be monogamous?

Muhammad Rasheed - That concept is the literal equivalent to saying that:
  • humans weren't meant to eat healthy and in moderation
  • humans weren't meant to get enough sleep
  • humans weren't meant to not develop harmful addictions to dangerous substances.
Our lusts don't believe in putting the breaks on and partaking only in healthy moderation. If we allow our lusts to drive us, we will overdue EVERYTHING to the point of devastation & destruction, so the idea that we "weren't meant" to control our natural foolishness is an appeal to a barbaric lifestyle and a rejection of our civilized humanity.

This is not worthy of serious thought.

Instead, we should strive to be our BEST individual selves, and then aid one another in community that we may reach our highest ideals as a species.

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