Saturday, November 3, 2018

DECODED: Societal Aversion to Rapid Social Change

Cartoon satirizing the fake "progress" of societal change
when it comes to anti-racism policy and law.

Mike Lieberman - As a conservative, what bothers you about other conservatives?

Andrew Houston Vaughan - Quora Answer

Will Waalkes - @Andrew... So, what values do you see in the Conservative party that keeps you under that label?

Andrew Houston Vaughan - The value of the foundation of the United States as I believe that it is a system that does, at its heart, work best for the people.

I believe that rapid change is a mistake in government, and I'm concerned about the rapid social change happening right now in the US. I call myself a conservative because I want to conserve our laws and be less reckless.

I'm also a conservative in that I believe there should be a limit to government and power within that government. When it comes to freedom vs. security, I choose freedom, thus I call myself a conservative.

C Hunter Thorne - @Andrew... If a law or system is hurting its citizens (slavery, prohibition, Japanese internment, war on drugs), would your “slow change conservatism” apply then as well? Would you have done a slow roll-out over years to abolish slavery or repeal prohibition? Or would you favor ending the misery as fast as humanly possible?

Muhammad Rasheed - @Andrew... If the rapid change is what is actually best for the people, then we shouldn’t allow an over-loyal adherence to partisan ideology to keep that change from happening rapidly.

In the historic record, the only reason why conservatives didn’t want social change to happen rapidly, was so that their estates would be able to milk the slave economy for as much loot as possible before that gravy train was finally allowed to fall. Since the current system still very much continues to enrich a dominant racist aristocracy, I am deeply suspicious of any “rapid change is a mistake” sounding rhetoric coming from the direction of the right.

James Briggs - This the kind of racist message that Quora wants.

Muhammad Rasheed - What definition of ‘racist’ are you using here, James? I ask because your comment doesn’t yet compute. Please explain.

James Briggs - The picture is racist and you know it. Pretending that is not indicates that you aren’t acting in good faith. I beleive that the United States government is racist and its programs that are said to help blacks are known to weaken and enslave humans no matter who they are. The result of the polities are in line with what we know from behavioral science.

Muhammad Rasheed - Please recognize that we see the world from fundamentally different ways and I do not agree with you just as you do not agree with me. In order to aid me in understanding your viewpoint, please just answer my question. Thank you.

James Briggs - You understand my views point and I understand yours. No one is fooled when you play stupid. Thank you.

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, actually I don't understand your point since you are using the word "racist" in a way that directly conflicts with the facts of history.

Please be so kind as to define the term formally for the record as it is being used from your ideological perspective. Thank you.

James Briggs - If you were honest you would have defined racism. The fact that you didn’t prove you are playing games. Your picture shows a similar image of a black man in the same way the proslavery press did in the middle 1800s. You ridicule and demean blacks.

Muhammad Rasheed - I asked you to define it since you're the one that used the term when you responded to my answer. If you were honest you would have simply explained in straight talk exactly why you are triggered instead of ducking and dodging my reasonable request.

Please be so kind as to define the term "racist" formally for the record as it is being used from your ideological perspective. Thank you.

James Briggs - I told you that your picture racist so you know what I mean. The point is these images have been used in the past to justify the false idea of race and to promote slavery

Muhammad Rasheed - My picture is not racist just because it reminds you of anti-Black propaganda from the past. You are either confused by the image's attack on anti-racism using satire, or your definition of 'racist' is wildly different from my own causing a classic miscommunication glitch. All of this can be resolved simply by you being so kind as to provide your formal definition of the term in which I'll have the opportunity to correct during a teachable moment.

En garde.

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