Friday, August 24, 2018

Politically Weaponized Relationship (2 of 2)

Brianna Ruffin - What do black Republicans think of Donald Trump?

Muhammad Rasheed - Whatever the strictly-by-the-book Republican Party script told them to think about Trump.

Don Howard - Are there any poor or middle class black republicans? I wonder...

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you aware that the term "sell-out" refers to betraying your own values/community in exchange for earthly materials and actually has a negative connotation?

Michael Johnson - It's J.C. Watts!

Keith Hinman - I'm not convinced Ben Carson isn't dead and the Republicans aren't doing a "Weekend at Bernies" situation.

Jordan Sparks - Nah, Ben Carson is alive... But forever trapped in the Sunken Place.

Keith Hinman - @Jordan... that makes a lot of sense.

Muhammad Rasheed - (same)

William H. Foster III - Really? Seriously?

Cale Spencer III - It's funny this group lets this guy go on, when he is obviously just trying to stir shit up.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol What do you think political cartoons are supposed to do, Cale?

Muhammad Rasheed - Politics is usually a hot button topic, right?

Cale Spencer III - @Muhammad... so anything goes right?

Muhammad Rasheed - If political topics are too spicy for your sensibilities, Cale, then just scroll pass those kind of posts. Why attempt to sabotage other people's desire to see them?

Cale Spencer III - @Muhammad... it's past not pass. Maybe you should work on your English a bit.

Cale Spencer III - @Muhammad... Also you didn't answer the question.... anything goes right?

Muhammad Rasheed - What do YOU mean when you say "anything goes?"

Eric J Nyman - What he is saying Muhammad is if someone posted a political cartoon of say Maxine waters or Oprah or al Sharpton or BLM. Would you accept it as a political or find it offensive

Muhammad Rasheed - Both. If it was insulting, I would indeed find it offensive, but I would accept it and engage in the conversation. I'm all about Free Speech, you see.

Eric J Nyman - So your saying your intentionally trying to be insulting. Which brings me to my next question do you think that by doing that you are continuing any tensions that might exist if not outright increasing them

Muhammad Rasheed - lol No, I'm not saying I'm intentionally trying to be insulting. I answered the question you asked me.

Were you supposed to be making a false equivalency fallacy? My bad. I missed that part.

Eric J Nyman - No it's actually a fair question that gets asked of a lot of political cartoonists

Muhammad Rasheed - I missed that part since I'm not insulting any of your celebrity pundits.  :)

Muhammad Rasheed - ...hence, the false equivalency fallacy you dropped on me.

Muhammad Rasheed - But, anyway. I believe in Free Speech. So if that's what Cale actually meant by "anything goes," then my answer is "yes."

Eric J Nyman - I believe in free speech too.

Muhammad Rasheed - Come at me, bro.

Muhammad Rasheed - M. Rasheed versus Eric J Nyman & Cale Spencer III. #HandicapMatch

Eric J Nyman - I'm not trying to come at you in just trying to understand your point of view. Not everything is an attack. There are actually some people with open minds willing to have a conversation

Muhammad Rasheed - What fun is the political cartoonist life if everything ISN'T an attack. 😫

Muhammad Rasheed - #lame

Eric J Nyman - So you you just answered my question your intentionally trying to incite . Which means your part of the problem good to know

Muhammad Rasheed - You just answered my unasked question of whether Eric has a sense of humor or not.

Obviously that would be a "no."

Muhammad Rasheed - Political cartoons satirize what's actually going on in society. If you happen to support the political landscape item the cartoon is caricaturing, then naturally I would expect you to react.

If you want to shut down Freedom of Expression because of it, that makes you the bad guy. FYI.

Eric J Nyman - I do have a sense of humor but was actually trying to have a serious conversation with you. I find political cartoons interesting

Muhammad Rasheed - Define "interesting" from your point of view, please.

Muhammad Rasheed - I can have a serious discussion while simultaneously flexing my sense of humor muscle. I suggest all those who desire to engage to be flexible in this regard.

Eric J Nyman - As an artist interesting to means. What was the creator thinking. We're they being topical or is there a personal connection too the content

Eric J Nyman - Problem with sense of humor muscle for me is I don't have that luxury in today's society. A sad fact

Muhammad Rasheed - Be careful. Cale hates typos. He may think you are stupid because of that post.

Eric J Nyman - Lol I'm typing from a phone he'll have to deal

Muhammad Rasheed - Eric wrote: "Problem with sense of humor muscle for me is I don't have that luxury in today's society."

TRANSLATION: "Jokes aren't funny unless they have the 'n-word' generously sprinkled throughout."

Eric J Nyman - I actually never use that word

Eric J Nyman - ...unless you mean the f word that I use all the time 😁

Fidel M Love - @Eric... then why don't you have the "luxury" of a sense of humor muscle? It did seem like you were trying to say you can't tell a joke without racist accusations being hurled at you. And why would your jokes be considered racist?

Eric J Nyman - @Fidel... I've honestly never made a racist joke. I'm referring more to the fact the most people are so pc and sensitive today. I grew up in an era where everybody black white Hispanic etc busted each other's chops and then laughed and had a beer or whatever. These days it's like everybody can make a joke or a one liner but doesn't have a thick enough skin or a sense of humor to take a joke in return

Cale Spencer III - Nevermind just looked at the admins for the group no wonder this shit passes muster.

Muhammad Rasheed - How do you determine whether a topic is 'shit' or not? What are you using as your metric?

Muhammad Rasheed - Obviously you personally don't care for political debate. Is your personal feels enough to objectively say something is 'shit' or not?

Cale Spencer III - Muhammad, it's not going to change anything. Just saw where even when people make the point you just avoid answers. Also noticed that the admin group on here lacks diversity as well.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your personal feelings aren't going to change anything? Do you think they should?

Muhammad Rasheed - Other people are willingly engaging in political discussions, you personally don't like political discussions, and believe everyone should stop.

That sounds fair and right to you?

Mic Worthy - Cale, if you don't like it, scroll past it. There's a lot of crap that gets posted on this page that I let fly. You're free to leave if you don't like it. You didn't have to respond to Muhammad Rasheed, but you did. Says a lot about who you are without even meeting you in person.

Again, if you don't like a certain post, why give it your attention? This is not your group, just like this is not your country. You were led to believe that it is because nobody stepped to you and challenged you. Take a seat, Cale. A stadium of seats for that butthurt ass.

Michael Johnson - I don't understand where some people comment on topics in which they clearly don't have an interest. It especially doesn't make sense on a community page when people have the option of turning off certain notifications. A person is posting something on your personal page of which you disapprove is one thing; acting like you're some de facto administration of a community page when you're not is another thing.

Muhammad Rasheed - Obviously they desire to control the narrative flow of how those kinds of topics are discussed. Naturally I disagree that they should have such power since I'm an #antiracism fellow.  :)

Michael Johnson - Basically, they have more of a problem with the problem being presented instead of the topic itself. It has more to do with their personal comfort zone and an apparent inability to articulate an argument for or against the topic.

Muhammad Rasheed - Agreed.

I'll pray that God forgives them of their peculiar, self-inflicted psychosis.

Mic Worthy - I'm going to lock this thread no because people like to comment on posts they claim they don't like instead of ignoring them. This is a group where you can promote your comics and cartoons.

I don't care who or what you support. Show respect to each other. If you see a post at you don't like, scroll by it. Don't even wait your time responding to it. Just keep it moving.

As for Cale Spencer III, bro you don't have to respond to every post you don't like. If it makes you uncomfortable, that's a subjective issue you have to deal with. So deal with yourself and let the rest of us live.

If you have a problem with the Admins of this group, stop talking out the side of your neck and address me directly. If you feeling salty about it, you can always go ahead and utilize that "Leave Group" button.

Mic Worthy
PYCC Founder/Admin

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