Thursday, August 16, 2018

Institutionalized Child Abuse 101

Brianna Ruffin - What is it like to grow up as a black person in a mostly white community in the United States?

Muhammad Rasheed - In Rich Benjamin's Whitopia TEDTalk, he quoted the sentiment expressed by the hosts who allowed him to interview them:
"One black man is a delightful dinner guest; 50 black men is a ghetto."
White communities are traditionally very protective of their closed-in, white racist aristocracy, and expend a great deal of time attempting to control the Black people that find themselves within that reach. Consequently, Black people routinely experience continuous aggressive behavior — that range from the brutal, white supremacist ‘lynchings by cop, all the way to the more frequent micro-aggression harassment — that force them to be in a high-alert, semi-paranoia, stressful state the majority of the time. It’s been this way since the founding of the country.

Joshua Hodge - Why aren’t there any Blacktopias?

Muhammad Rasheed - Reason #1Atlanta race riot

Reason #2Tulsa race riot

Reason #3Chicago race riot of 1919

Reason #4Rosewood massacre

Reason #5Red Summer

Reason #6Springfield race riot of 1908

Reason #7New York City draft riots

Reason #8East St. Louis Race Riots

Goshen Mosby - I wonder how well a white person might do in a predominantly black community?

Muhammad Rasheed - They would make her president of the NAACP chapter.

Goshen Mosby - Oh, I'm sure.

As you are probably already aware, racism simply doesn't exist in black communities.

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