Thursday, August 23, 2018

Politically Weaponized Relationship (1 of 2)

Charlie Fortin - Is interracial marriage the solution to racism?

Muhammad Rasheed - I fail to see how that would be possible, especially since people have defied authority and married across racial lines since as far back as during the height of chattel slavery. The civil rights era introduced the interracial marriage weaponized as a political hot button, and even though there are now more racially-mixed couple than ever before, racism itself hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s actually worse than ever.

People often severely underestimate—or deny altogether—the economic root cause of racism, and how it is the main system for wealth generation in the West. Used to build and maintain the white racist aristocracy, the white mainstream dominant culture uses systemic racism both for artificially elevated status, and to secure their political-economic advantage as reflected in the ever-widening wealth gap.

Because of these items, any idea that racism will vanish if we all just “love one another” in a “color blind” mentality, is little more than silly and naive fantasy, 100% divorced from our reality. The only way to rid our society of racism is to dismantle the anti-Black systemic racism structure itself, and payout Reparation Justice to the Black people who’ve been wronged for these several centuries—politically disenfranchised and plundered to prevent them from building wealth over generations.

Brandon Walker - Do you ever draw any comics that aren't hate-based? (i've noticed you disabled comments on your posts lol)

Brandon Walker - Like, we get hate white people and you hate yourself.

Matt Ravencroft - I'm sure if we looked at political comics from the late 30's they'd look a lot like this, only about Jews. This is nothing but divisive bullshit.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hi, Brandon. Hi, Matt.

1.) None of my comics are hate-based. They have an anti-racism focus that I've found some people interpret as hate-based because they oddly can't or won't discern the difference between European-descended ethnic groups versus anti-Black systemic racism.

2.) I haven't disabled any comments on any of my posts.

3.) Creating satired editorial cartoons that reflect the divisive, racist reality of society isn't being divisive.

Keith Hinman - @Matt... Except he's not saying all white people are racist. They are clearly all wearing KKK hoods or wearing Confederate Flags or some other symbol that has come to represent hate and racism. He's targeting groups who have made a choice to be racist and embrace hate.

And we should absolutely be divisive when it comes to racist groups.

Matt Ravencroft - Every strip is about how racist white people are, hoods or not. It's a blatant disparaging of an entire race, how is that not racist?

Muhammad Rasheed - You can't see the difference between targeting a specific hate-fueled ideology inside of the white community versus attacking all white people, Matt? You can't see the difference, or you refuse to see the difference in order to create the false 'victimized' narrative of your agenda?

Keith Hinman - @Matt... It's not though. I'm white and I don't feel attacked at all. The fact of the matter is that we have a problem - have always had a problem - but right now there's a very visible problem of out and proud racists.

We, white people, are seeing this now and more and more. We're seeing more people who look like us marching with polo shirts and tiki torches. We're seeing guys who look like us with SS tattoos or swastikas. We see people who look like us voting for people like Trump. And now it's in our face and it's reminding us that there's a problem.

Because we had the luxury of ignoring it before. Hell, I don't think I'm a racist. Neither do you probably. I'm a good person, we had a black president, racism was dying out and we're all good. But we were slapped in the face with this reality, a reality that people of color have dealt with for decades. And this instinct to draw back and get defensive and take offense when someone like Muhammad points out that shit is still not okay.

But it's not an attack on us. As far as I can see it, it's our responsibility to hear what he has to say. Understand that is his life experience and be aware that maybe this society isn't as equitable as we thought and then wonder what we can do to make sure that shit gets better.

But that doesn't happen if we see someone else's perspective, take offense to it, reject it and then pretend like everything is fine.

Kenneth Lewis - um she would be smiling not crying

Tyler Nereim - It's difficult to draw value from such exaggerated caricature and it almost feels hostile towards interracial relationships in general. Which is kinda messed up.

Muhammad Rasheed - This was actually the caricatured response a guy posted at me yesterday when the discussion revealed he was indeed a hardcore racist. He felt that his Black gf meant it was impossible for him to be a racist and that I had embarrassed myself with the charge.

Tyler Nereim - What did he say that flagged him as a bigot?

Muhammad Rasheed - Based on their backgrounds and the subjective lens people see political cartoons through, they often tend to project what they consider the true & definitive meaning upon them. Proclaiming that the point of view they applied is "kinda messed up" because they decided that their interpretation is what I actually intended -- without confirmation from the artist either way -- is kinda messed up to me.

Muhammad Rasheed - But it's normal. I'm just saying as a general PSA observation. lol

Tyler Nereim - I mean given that I had no context into how it relates back to your personal experience, I can only read it like I see it. And context being absent, it looks like it's making the claim that white men in interracial relationships are closeted bigots only doing so to smoke screen their bigoted views.

Tyler Nereim - Which if a piece is unable to convey certain ideas without additional clarification (which is itself absent from the piece), the piece should be revised.

Muhammad Rasheed - The guy thought it was 100% okay, and NOT stupid as POTUS44 said, for a random neighbor to call the police on a Black man in his own home because the neighbor thought the Black man looked like a burglar, and for the police to go in the home, cuff the Black man, and hold him until they ran whatever reports they felt like running. In an earlier thread, the same guy thought it was unacceptable for the police to rough up and arrest a white man for leaping out of his car, putting his hands in his pockets in a clearly threatening manner, and being a jackass.

This hypocrisy was classic racism in action.

Muhammad Rasheed - The piece will never be revised. Art is subjective, Tyler. Everyone will read into it whatever they want to, and I can't hold everyone's hand and walk them through it. It's normal for people to do it and it's actually okay.

I only said something now because I'm feeling a little testy because of some offline stuff.

Tyler Nereim - I can respect a non-revisionist attitude towards your work, but perhaps my words can be food for thought for future art pieces.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your comments are acknowledged and appreciated. The piece will not be revised because of viewer comments. If I made that a policy, I would only have a single multiple-revised cartoon under my belt. lol It's best to draw 'em, post 'em, and move on to the next one. #Dassit

Muhammad Rasheed - FYI... Viewer comments are often the raw reference material I draw upon to create new works though, such as the cartoon above.

Tyler Nereim - Perhaps you might consider doing a side piece that is a little more involved, like a long form work that you spend additional time on next to your more impromptu style work. Like an experimental narrative that stretches beyond single frame storytelling.

Tyler Nereim - Oh dear, hopefully I've not landed myself as the subject of your next comic. :/

Muhammad Rasheed - I actually have a graphic novel planned using the afro'd activist family from this series.

Jason Pell - Are you in part implying that a black woman can't decide to be in an interracial relationship of her own free will? (Her sad expression and the noose.) Do you pity those women? Are you disgusted by them? Just curious.

Muhammad Rasheed - I was in an argument yesterday with a hardcore, very hypocritical, racist, who decided to weaponize his interracial relationship as a "gotcha." In the photo he posted, she had a look on her face that was easily interpreted as "Why me, God?? WHY???" The impression it left on me was comically quite different than what the poster had intended.

So I caricatured it for today's editorial gag.

Jason Pell - So you'd be fine with a happily married interracial couple then. Gotcha.

Muhammad Rasheed - A "happily married interracial couple" is none of my business.

All subject matter is fair game as I am moved to create. This guy tossed his private business within my killzone, so I drew it. *shrug*

Jason Pell - I notice the quotation there. Do you believe that a couple, say a white man and a black girl, can be happily married?

Muhammad Rasheed - The quotations meant that whether they were happy or not, the personal business of what an adult couple wanted to do, whether successful or not, was none of my business.

I believe any couple can be happy in their relationship if they agree between themselves to make it work. That's relationships 101.

Jason Pell - It's pretty obvious you are a smart guy. And one not to give answers without thought. I get your point. I think you are perhaps being unfair to the couple (and in particular, the woman), but I understand your take and feelings on the matter. And when I asked about being "happy"..that was a mistake. I should have asked if you object to an interracial couple. But, since you are referring to a particular incident, I'll assume you have no objections against an interracial couple.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) lol Editorial cartoons can often be "unfair," Jason. They are designed to sting in order to ignite usually heated discussion. In reality, the look that was on the woman's face in the racist's photo very well could have been caused by the photographer taking too damn long to snap the pic, so when he did finally get to it, her smile had waned into what I deliberately chose to interpret as "sick & depressed."

2.) On what authority would I have to object to an adult couple's decision to get together? Are they indentured as property on my estate?

Muhammad Rasheed - I am Muslim, and believe in the God-given gift of Free Will. I object to anyone's effort to impose upon someone else's right to live their life as free as they may wish. That's why the focus of my work here is the #antiracism position.

Jason Pell - So....that's a no...? You have no personal objections? (It got a bit literal there.)

Muhammad Rasheed - I really don't understand what kind of authority you believe I have that I would have personal objections to be taken seriously by anyone. What a grown couple decides to do between themselves is literally none of my business.

Muhammad Rasheed - "The cartoonist said we can't get married cuz he doesn't think we should based on the power of cartoonists thinking we shouldn't get married."


Jason Pell - So that's a yes? You DO have personal objections against interracial couples? You certainly avoid saying yes or no. No one mentioned authority or relative importance of statements, but you.

Muhammad Rasheed - Now you're making me want to probe into your motive here to try to unearth your possible agenda so I can cartoon it...

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you an agent or official representative of The Association of Americans for the Promotion of Interracial Relationships (non-profit)?


Jason Pell - Am I in the Killzone? Oh man. That stinks. Since you refuse to answer the question, I feel you've given a pretty clear idea on how you truly feel about interracial couples. And if anyone takes the time to read this, they probably will as well.

Muhammad Rasheed
- 1.) Are you in an interracial relationship, Jason? Is that why you're so pushy over this? lol

2.) Are you in the habit of using your interracial relationship[s] as "gotchas" to magically prove you aren't a racist the way this guy did? Is that why you are acting pushy and triggered? Tell me.

Muhammad Rasheed
- I didn't refuse to answer the question. I actually did answer the question based on how I feel about Free Will, and adults adulting about stuff they have the right to adult about.

You seem to want to force my opinion in a direction that I literally don't believe in, and in fact, dislike when people proclaim faux-authority over other people's lives with their own negativity baggage. Why are you doing this? Do you hope to get a percentage of the commission fees if I join your interracial association?

Just so you know, I'm already married, so I'm unlikely to join. lol

Christian Couture - @Muhammad... I had the feeling you were muslim. Thank you for telling.
I'd like to mention, maybe you should study the history of slavery back to the starting point. Muslims SOLD slaves to europeans. This is a fact. If it weren't for them, there may not have been slavery in america at all. So your cartoons are showing some bits of truth, but a big part are kept silent.
Do some research and you'll have to agree with that. If not, nothing I can do.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hi, Christian. Thanks for reaching out again.

I am very well-versed in the history of slavery across the globe, which includes the ability to discern between the version practiced among the Arabs in the Muslim world, and the unique racial phenotype chattel slavery of the West, that is the foundation structure of our exploitative, anti-free market crony capitalism system of today.

Christian Couture - Thank you! So you know about the origin of slavery! ;)

Muhammad Rasheed - lol The Arabs didn't originate the concept of slavery, since it is mentioned in the pre-Abrahamic bible.

The specific chattel slavery based on racial phenotype that the USA is most familiar with originated with the cartel that involved the Dutch East India Company and established the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. That version of slavery was unique in all the world, and during the time period was given the moniker "peculiar institution."

Christian Couture - Then if you are very well versed in that part of history, your cartoons show otherwise.

Muhammad Rasheed - That version of slavery that the American whites prefer I deflect to isn't responsible for racism in the West. Contrary to popular belief, the Arab is not a white group. They are Black with clusters of them lighter-skinned from a more recent Persian infusion.

My body of work is #antiracism focused. It's not intended as a general "World History" text. I'm sure you can find others who are into that type of slavery if you genuinely would like to know more about it and aren't just wanting me to shut up about the racism thing. lol

Christian Couture - Don't worry, I don't want nobody to shut up. I only wish to understand your motive to witch you have the right to do so. Plus I'm an art lover from all origins, black white or any part of the world. I even encourage you to continue drawing knowing that in some part of the muslim world it is forbidden. Just want you to know that many white peoples, not only are not racists, but also love black people. Maybe you could add up some of that idea to your own drawings as well, unless you feel otherwise.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) I suppose this new spin job I keep encountering -- that pretends everybody was responsible for the Black American's exploited state except the Euro-ethnic tribes that profited from it -- is part of the strategy to get out of paying the Reparations justice that are due (and building). I carefully note the ways in which "the Arabs invented slavery you know?!" arguments are presented to me to see if they are improving in quality. Since they are not, it would appear that my rivals' plan is to just cheat and force that viewpoint in the books to at least lessen the amount that will eventually be paid. #DirtyPoolOleMan

2.) Here's a couple arguments I've had over the years where I've defended my freedom to draw as I please from some confused cultural Muslims using my powers of scriptural analysis, if you are interested: "...having taught man the use of the Pen"

3.) My #antiracism fight isn't against all white people, but against the supporters of the toxic White Supremacist Ideology. There are many, many others focused on creating bodies of work designed to present the good side of white people, Christian, and that includes the multi-billion dollar entertainment industries. They certainly don't need my help in indoctrinating the world in believing whites never do any wrong ever. I find your request unreasonable. My advice, should you find my gloomy cartoons getting you down and negatively affecting your self esteem, is to just go over to Twitter and see what ole 45 is posting about. I'm sure he would never, ever say anything bad about white people. :)

Christian Couture - Though your words are contradicting yourself somehow, I don't care. You do what you want. I thought we had a good discussion here, but you seem a bit annoyed with history itself. Keep drawing man, but don't expect the world will applause your work of art.
With that said. take care and have a good day!

Muhammad Rasheed - Show me where you see the contradictions, please, that I may analyze them.

It's not my job to coddle the feelings of white people, Christian. Not while there are state-sanctioned armed thugs wearing "I CAN breathe" t-shirts as they shoot my babies to death while a majority of civilian whites justify why it's okay. I am not the one.

Take care. Have a great day.

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