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Contempt for the Defanged Movement

Roderick Bryant - I see the reincarnation of "The Dark Knight Rises" comin'...

The Dark Knight Rises - Bane Blackgate Prison Speech

Muhammad Rasheed - We were perhaps inspired from the same research threads...

Roderick Bryant - The 1% controls 90% of the wealth in this country; that CAN'T be right...

Muhammad Rasheed - It's not the country. It's 90% of the whole world's wealth.

The primary tool of the 1% legacy family is the hoarding monopoly -- selfishly amassing wealth by closing off the markets to prevent competition -- favored by corporate since the Dutch East India Company. A billionaire class wouldn't be possible without it.

Roderick Bryant - Wow.

Gary Haire - Why are there many talking about how people of color can improve race relations with the police, instead of eliminating bad cops?

Muhammad Rasheed - The for-profit private prison industry that helped replace the lost streams of income after the abolishing of chattel slavery, needs the white supremacist police departments to capture new Black flesh to feed into the system. Consequently, the official position of the U.S. government is that the cops can do no wrong as long as they meet their slave taking 2.0 quotas, and no amount of civil discourse on any level will improve the people’s relationship with that organization.

Daniel Hart - To some degree, this is a valid argument. It applies to all minorities, however. Whites are far less likely to be arrested than African Americans or members of other minorities. Once arrested, members of minorities are far more likely to be wrongfully convicted than whites.

From Study: Black people more likely to be wrongfully convicted

(It has been argued that a white male who has been wrongfully convicted is far less likely to be exonerated or to receive legal assistance, but even if this were proven true it does not change the fact that members of minorities are far more likely to be arrested in the first place.)

Private prisons are a problem most Americans are blind to. Prisoners they hold spend more time incarcerated than those in state or federal prisons. There is little to no oversight. Private Prisons Lock Up Thousands Of Americans With Almost No Oversight They profit from holding more prisoners longer, and by cutting corners in every way possible. They are a problem, but this problem is a symptom of the much larger problem.

Law enforcement agencies function with little to no independent oversight. The police pretty much police themselves. While the great majority of law enforcement personnel do their jobs with dignity and in accordance with the law, there are those who place themselves above the law; and unfortunately, these “bad cops” are shielded by the “blue wall” the “good cops” are afraid to cross. There are not many Serpicos. This is another problem, another symptom.

Prosecutors are not after truth, they are after convictions. Many prosecutors will do whatever it takes to gain a conviction, even when they know the defendant is innocent The Untouchables: America's Misbehaving Prosecutors, And The System That Protects Them. This is another problem, yet is but one more symptom.

The real problem is that our justice system is broken. The US holds a higher percentage of its population behind bars than any other nation. Here Are All Of The Nations That Incarcerate More Of Their Population Than The U.S. Does this mean that we have more criminals than any other nation? Surely not. It means that we lock more people away than any other nation. A disproportionate number of those we lock away are non-white.

Can our system be fixed? Yes, but only by working together. Not by using the hatred and bias endemic in our society to create more hatred and bias.

Muhammad Rasheed - Daniel wrote: “Not by using the hatred and bias endemic in our society to create more hatred and bias.”

I don’t have to hate to use my Right to Bear Arms to defend myself, my family and my community from evil domestic threats, Daniel.

Daniel Hart - I do hope you read the rest of my comment, Muhammad.

I have had friends victimized by the very racial bias which so frustrates and angers you. I have watched helplessly as families of some of those friends were torn apart. Some would say it does not affect me personally, but it does. Only by working together, can we heal the rifts in our society.

Violence breeds more violence, hatred more hate.

Muhammad Rasheed - I hold the rudimentary freedoms I possess today because of the rivers of blood that flowed during the Civil War, Daniel. Despite your caricatured MLK non-violent cliche, the documented evidence of history reveals that violence breeds FREEDOM.

Daniel Hart - I’m a grumpy old white man, Muhammad. I am not an uneducated redneck living an insular life. I have known people of all races, all religions, most nationalities, gay and straight. I have been in places where I was hated or mistrusted for no reason.

I regret that you feel violence can be an answer to anything. If I believed in a god, I would pray for you. I do not feel sympathy for you, for you are among those humans who keep the kettle boiling, so to speak.

I will not accuse you of racism, though you have given me an excuse to do so. This question was about race relations with the police, not the civil war or blood shed to end slavery and grant freedom to all Americans. (The civil war was necessary to end slavery, but it was not a race war.) Neither you nor I were around to take part in the Civil War, but we are both here now. Neither you nor I have any responsibility for anything which took place before our births, but we share a responsibility with all Americans for what takes place now.

One can choose whether to be a part of the problem or a part of the solution.

By the way, Dr. King was a man I always looked up to and respected.

Daniel Hart - Can you offer possible solutions to the endemic racism in America?

Muhammad Rasheed - Sure.
  • STEP ONE: Implement a Black Economic Boycott. Black Americans will withdraw the force of their spending power, until their demands are met. Those demands should consist of an immediate dismantling of the anti-Black systemic racism structure with its correlating payout of Reparations justice.
  • STEP TWO: The withdrawal of the Black dollar, and the ceasing of all exploitative white > Black plundering will cause a collapse in the American economy. The poor and middle class whites will take a major hit and will be FURIOUS.
  • STEP THREE: The number of white supremacist terror attacks against Blacks will increase out of resentment mirroring the national racial tension experienced during the abolishing of slavery and the socio-political rise of Black people during Reconstruction.
  • STEP FOUR: White people will start the Civil War sequel to reclaim their white racist aristocracy. Black people will need to come together and defend themselves. I suggest they do so as righteous believers under the Name of the One God.
  • STEP FIVE: In the aftermath of the war, we will rebuild the nation’s economy once again. This time—using the lessons learned from the last Civil War—we’ll need to diligently guard against the rebirth of white supremacy, and stamp it out completely whenever it attempts to return.

Daniel Hart - Thanks for your answer, Muhammad.

So, you see the solution as war. I hope your life brings you wisdom to see that is not an answer.

Hatred and violence will never heal what is wrong with our society today. Find a constructive path, not a destructive one. You would burn a forest to remove a few sick trees.

There is but one human race, and if you cannot see that, you are little different from the white supremacists you speak of.

It is not just black people who need to come together, it is all Americans.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) I owe the rudimentary freedoms I possess today to the rivers of blood that flowed during the Civil War. The dominant culture will never willingly give up their systemic racism based wealth and power monopoly.

2.) I have my Right to Bear Arms to defend myself from threats both foreign and domestic. I don’t have to hate anybody to defend myself from a greed-fueled enemy who has seen me as his economically-preferred prey for 500 yrs. Your insistence that I am expressing hatred with this analysis only reveals you to be the mouthpiece of the very domestic threat I am armed against. Please improve.

3.) The constructive path is to use the leverage of my great Black Spending Power to pressure the white moneyed classes into the immediate ceasing of anti-Black systemic racism, and to payout the Reparations justice owed me for the infliction of that systemic racism. History has shown that it is the white race themselves who will wage war in murderous fury for the loss of their artificially-elevated racist status, so it is not me you should be pleading to keep calm. YOU keep calm.

4.) We can come together after the socio-political and economic inequalities based on racial phenotype are cured. The subjugation and exploitation of Black people by white people is the source of the conflict. The source of the conflict is NOT my anger at the continuing plunder of my communities to maintain the white racist aristocracy. The more you speak as if that is the source of the conflict—that I’M the one that needs to stop being angry at the wrongs continuously inflicted upon me by your people—then the coming together you speak of will be impossible to attain.

5.) Today, the Black community is fragmented and scattered in ways it was never found to be in the past. This was by design, so that the most vulnerable classes of Blacks would be easier prey for the mass incarceration, for-profit private prison industry. We DO need to come together above all else, if only for our own protection against our traditional enemy who seeks only to increase his wealth hoards at our expense.

Muhammad Rasheed - We will never disagree more on these points. You believe the polar opposite of what the historical record actually reveals.

Daniel Hart - History is there for us to learn from, not for us to keep repeating.

Muhammad Rasheed - Daniel, then tell me how we will not repeat the evils of the past by ignoring the very lessons therein?

Racists were snapped to heel with both violence and the economic boycott, yet people just like you have preached against both violence and the economic boycott in the last 50 yrs. Now I find myself terrorized by the domestic threat of the Fraternal Order of Police, my communities are destroyed by high-level government policies that are somehow blamed on ME, and the infamous wealth gap is wider than ever. The 1% legacy families and their crony managerial classes feed upon the Black community to maintain their wealth hoards—are NOT shy about waging war against other people to do the same— and yet you want me to believe that holding hands and playing footsie for another 50 yrs will magically cure all of that.

Daniel Hart - No, Muhammad, I do not want you to hold hands and play footsie. I want you to play an active role in educating the public, in using your voice to bring change. I want you and other angry young men to set aside your anger and work together to put people in public office who will help to make change - and yes, that means exercising your right to vote. It may mean standing for public office yourself. It certainly means giving up the angry rhetoric. It may mean joining a police department and working to make change from the inside.

It cannot happen overnight, Muhammad. Much change has taken place in my lifetime, however - I remember seeing the “whites only” signs travelling through the south. You mentioned Dr. King. Young people today can have no more than a vague idea of the obstacles he and others faced in their lifetimes.

The civil rights movement is far from dead, yet it will make slow progress if the people involved spend most of their time yelling or fighting. A conversation is effectively over when the shouting starts. Anger breeds anger, not understanding.

Muhammad Rasheed - The civil rights movement has made slow progress precisely because the economic boycott, the Right to Bear Arms against domestic threats, and the fight for Reparations justice were taken off the table because the activists started listening to toxic philosophies like yours. I’ll be 50 yrs old in another couple of years, Daniel, and I know the history of race relations in the West. The more you attempt to gaslight me with your ideologies that have proven again and again and again to be sabotage to the movement, the angrier you make me.

Daniel Hart - I give up, Muhammad. You are a lost cause. You refuse to open your eyes, so let’s drop it there.

Muhammad Rasheed - I have zero interest in your cause, which judging from your posts, is obviously the support of white supremacy from the leftist infiltrator position.

Next time lead with that.

Daniel Hart - You are so wrong on many counts. You do not owe your freedoms to the blood shed in that war or since.

You owe your freedoms to the people who shed that blood, and to the society to which they belonged, mostly white people. You owe your freedoms to people like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., and others - including the white people who stood with them and peacefully (for the most part) ended segregation. Your talk of violence (and that of many more young men and women like you) feeds the very racism you protest.

Economic pressure is the only constructive idea you have offered, perhaps the only one you can conceive while so blinded by hatred and with such a distorted view of history.

You are far too well educated to be so closed-minded. That is obvious. Do not let your ability to learn be wasted.

Muhammad Rasheed - Daniel wrote: "You do not owe your freedoms to the blood shed in that war or since."

Sure, I do.

The fact that you insist upon interpreting my pushback against the very violent and demonic white supremacy as “blind hatred” means that your opinions on this topic lack value. Defending myself from attack is righteousness. There's literally nothing wrong with doing so, and I certainly don't have to hate in order to defend hearth & home from savage, mammon-worshiping demons. Your desire to disarm me so that my diabolical enemy can molest me at will makes you my enemy. I believe you fully realize this and are playing the role of the snake.

That’s enough, Daniel. Please go away.

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