Thursday, January 22, 2015

"Real" Americans & Their Racist Hypocrisy

Muhammad Rasheed - It's easy to cover over your own peoples' evil, but when someone else different from you goes to the store to buy some Skittles, they need to be shot dead for daring to wear a hoodie in public. "He probably did something in his past that deserved it. He was probably a gang banging thug anyway."

But look how all the people want to forgive Marky-Mark for doing ACTUAL evil in his past (not just wearing-a-hoodie-while-black). Very interesting how racist hypocrisy works.

Ken Krueger - Or MAYBE he's got lots of money.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm not talking about the courts, Ken. I'm talking about average Joe Blow Facebooker saying how Marky Mark has paid his debts, and we shouldn't judge him for things he's done in the past, when the very same average Joe Blow Facebooker said that the Who's Who of violent cop victims deserved to die because of what they "PROBABLY" did in their past. 

Blatant racist hypocrisy is my #1 pet peeve, and makes me feel immense hatred.

Todd Holland - Or you get a hit movie about a serial killer that murdered over 100 people from ambush. White killers are "different".

Anton Von Flugelhorn - shoot first, then with bit of luck tyour victim will have sinned in the pat, you did not know but oh well, he had it coming, it's one of my pet peeves, makes me angry this hypocrisis. death penalty for all crimes.... and even innocents just in case?

Brett Barton - I think Mark Walberg was a degenerate product of his environment. Probably wasn't the only one around hating on Asian folk for Vietnam and what not.

He was probably seen as some sort of hero in the local racist groups and had some really stupid "pride" in his action(s). Again we only know of this instance he got caught.

I do think he grew up, got away from that life and bettered himself, and was educated on his former ways.

Does that mean it should be forgotten? No.

But I do like the change. I'm not going to say shame on a dude for making the right decision but he doesn't get a free pass. There are no "do-overs".

John Kraft - Just shoot everyone who might be a threat. We need to reduce the world population by 90 % Save this planet for the future. Decrease spending on the wrong people

Muhammad Rasheed - Brett Barton wrote: "But I do like the change."

What change? The "I don't want to fuck up my new rich & famous lifestyle by keepin' it real" change?

Brett Barton - He's admitted a few times that he was wrong in the situation. 

He isn't going around taking out any more Asian people's eyes.

No more white sheets.

He's been fairly rich and famous since the 90's he is just more rich these days.

It's old news.

Karla Holland - Once a southie trash, always a southie trash. If we get labeled thugs regardless, Mr marky mark souls have that label on his head regardless in turn.

But you, of course, will always be a fucking thug.

Karla Holland - Of course, I pciked up on that at "degenerate product of his environment". I doubt he'd say that about Tamir Rice. Aren't post racial types adorable?

Brett Barton - Just move the hell away from the label.

Change. Grow up. Get out.

I don't see a point in complaining about a person who has apparently "changed" or appears to be (could be a show)

Would you all rather him still be running around committing hate crimes?


Brett Barton - I don't think he should get his record changed.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Brett, last week every racist on Facebook was telling me that those kids deserved to be killed because they were "probably gang bangers & thugs."

Brett Barton - I'm not the average racist.

Brett Barton - So in turn hate, from last week begets hate this week? 

It's all fuel man.

Muhammad Rasheed - Brett Barton wrote: "I'm not the average racist."

My point is to shine the spotlight on the hypocrisy.

Karla Holland - Oh Brett, your innocence is SO cute! *pets head* Listen honey, first--we don't care that he "reformed", second- if Marky Marky were black, he wouldn't even have a chance to reform, he would either be shot dead or still languish in jail to this day. As a matter of fact, Mr Walberg ' s victim, a vietnamese immigrant, since moved to texas. Why would he leave boston? Was it a bunch of southie thugs who beat him badly? Oh yeah, that would push me to leave a place too.

Zodicus Zu'ul - Marky Mark's music career alone was a crime against the universe.

Brett Barton - Yeah I get all the circumstance being different via color.

It's just a damned if you do damned if you don't.

You can either hate a person for there pervious actions or (when/if) they change welcome the change give it a shot. Hating on someone after they change doesn't really solidify or give any incentive for them to keep a changed heart/mind. (This is on a more personal basis and not so much the funky bunch)

People that want change should promote change.

People that want love should promote love.

If you shine a light on all the hate it might help. It might bring someone who doesn't know about the situations some form of knowledge it might change them. 

Or it just might get others that have hate and aggression an outlet to vent.

(Read in Judge Joe Brown voice) You mean to tell me we have race related problems in the United States of America?

Clifton Hatchett - It is the nature of the society that we were born into. We were never intended to be viewed or treated equally. Our perceptions and expectations have changed, but in many ways, in actuality the practice of discrimination on many fronts is still at play.

Nurah Rasheed - I disagree with the argument that because this is the way it is and always has been, we shouldn't discuss it. When you keep silent and let these hypocrises and horrors just slip by, then you are condoning it by turning your head. When has anything ever been changed in history by just silently bearing the injustices? I'm done with that.

Riley Freeman - Um yeah. I've tried not to judge and ended up getting robbed by two young black teens in hoodies who I assumed were just out minding their own business. .

Andre Thedogyearscom Roberts - Tell us more Riley Freeman

Kamau Mkafele Mshale - It speaks to the nature of america and americans that this criminal and racist can say hes turned his life around and be a multi millionaire but a cosplayer many young fathers and mothers college students future college students and a 7 year old cant have that chance at life any more.

Anton Von Flugelhorn - no pasr illegal activity can justify being shot, it can onlu justify one thing: a trial, and that is a totally different thing

Andre Thedogyearscom Roberts - @Nurah Rasheed… That's one of the strangest things I hear about racism today. The mere fact that we discuss it is met with such virulent resistance it boggles the mind. How many times do we hear from conservatives "racism will end if you would just stop talking about it"...WTF?

Kamau Mkafele Mshale - well apparently, as i read about mark, he had a second chance before he beat this guy with a stick till it broke, and then he only got 45 days in prison and didn't serve all of them.

Andre Thedogyearscom Roberts - ^^^^That's white privilege. A black person doing that would have been a life 25 to life

Karla Holland - The problem is that we don't fear gangs of southies approaching down the street like we do teen thugs. Both are equally dangerous.

Anton Von Flugelhorn - watch "white like me" on youtube, it's an eye opener, the medias purposefully lie about things like benefits going to blacks (it goes mainly to whites!) etc. It looks like they are rebuilding slavery but slowly and mainly behind private jails doors. a must see

Ken Krueger - Hypocrisy? How many musicians, athletes and actors have stuff like this in their past?
And how is calling a group of people "southy trash" any different from painting another as "thugs"?
This isn't a case of Black or is normally the case, it's about the most important color. Green.
Muhammad, don't fall victim to what you hate.

Kamau Mkafele Mshale - also mark did his dirt in boston. is southie some term for a boston racist?

Kamau Mkafele Mshale - @Ken Krueger the reality is when its in the past of someone brown, they better be damn good at what they do or its jail and public scorn. 
this dude a beloved actor still churning out the hits, and didn't have to serve 45 days for beating a dude a wood plank. and if not for this thread i wouldn't even know. i missed the news this morn. and how long will this stay news? ray was on every channel even while cops were getting away with murder and riots were happening. all that is part of racism.

Ken Krueger - Southie is a term for a Whitie from South Boston.

Ken Krueger - @Kamau, it's the same thing. If you can do something very well that most people can't do at all, you'll catch a break. It's not just Rice and Wahlberg.
Do I think it's right? No! Do I think this is about racism? No.

Ken Krueger - Finally, you bring up cops getting away with murder. 
I live in St. Louis. I assume you dont't.
The media coverage of Ferguson has been absolutely horrible.
As an exercise, please tell me what you think happened here.

Kamau Mkafele Mshale - i disagree. mark hasn't been charged with a hate crime. what he can do really well is act? i'm not sure i agree. what he can do well is rap? cause thats what he did before act. not sure i agree there either. hes just a white male and the system is skewed

Kamau Mkafele Mshale - i think hes a white male who profited from a racially biased system in both boston and across america. i think thats been going on since the inception of this country. and because of populatioin shifts as well as the level of bullshit the people are fed up with it's more in disscussion than it has been previously

Kamau Mkafele Mshale - darren wilson is another benefactor of that system. you can point out hes a cop, but black cops often get treated differently. the amount of incidents involving black people and white cops is past the idea of incidental. and that they are able to go free isn't because the media is telling the story wrong, it told that way because its how americans like it. if not they would be angry write letters threaten to pull commercials and support and they would change.
durring the short time after ferguson i overwhelmingly saw "i dont care" and "shut up about it already" in post from white folk on fb.

Muhammad Rasheed - Ken Krueger wrote: "I live in St. Louis. I assume you dont't."

I grew up in Michigan, where we have racist assholes there, too.

Kamau Mkafele Mshale - i don't have to live there to see racism its all over the country #whokilledbrandontatebrown

Brett Barton - Well, I live in south. 

We don't have any racists here.

Well maybe that isn't 100% true

Muhammad Rasheed - lol smh

Anton Von Flugelhorn - In europe you see more and more black/white couple, it's becoming something people dont notice anymore. Racism here is aimed at arabs, not blacks, the worse a black normally gets is being called "snow white" or that sort of supposedly funny rubbish, but violence towards them is very very rare. If you look for a job and you are black it's kind of ok, if you are arab (or have an arabic name, sorry Muhammad Rasheed) you generally dont even get an answer to your letter for the job. Many kids here curse their parents for no giving them a local first name, sad sad. Your family culture is your own, it's nobody's business

Anton Von Flugelhorn - Brett Barton, that reminds me of the old joke about austria: "98% of austrians are antisemitic", "oh really are there many jews there?" answer: "2%, why?" it's not the exact truth so apologies to any intelligent austrian out on FB!

Kamau Mkafele Mshale - racism is a mindset and action. it doesn't always mean, and hasn't for sometime, mean physically hiting or yelling racial slurs. job denial creates poverty, those conditions are then used to belittle and offer up as reasons for committing other terrible acts.

Andre Thedogyearscom Roberts - @Kamau Mkafele Mshale real talk. You hit the nail on the head. You don't want to hire me, I get broke, then when I carjack you at a stop light the first thing you say is: why don't those people get a job?!!

Karla Holland - I hate to say this but Ken has a point. Didn't Snoop Dogg fatally shoot a man in the early 90s in mid fame) with his aquitted having little impact on his career? Feel free to provide a rebuttal, my mind is open to that one.

Kamau Mkafele Mshale - Snoop is an admitted gangster who was given a record deal. Examine that, a. He was given. B. Was he the best? Were there no other rappers as good no one positive? Or did a power structure turn to sex and violence knowingly undercut the black community to make them more money?

Kamau Mkafele Mshale - So why would that prove anything? If any thing it speaks to the idea that racism and violence isnt done with obvious hate anymore

Anton Von Flugelhorn - I'd love to know who puts the guns in the hands of black kids in the first place and program mtv with nothing but clips glorifying violence and money (in europe it does anyway, havent seen mtv US - where is the "music " in mtv anyway)

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) Just move the hell away from the label.
2.) So in turn hate, from last week begets hate this week? It's all fuel man.
3.) Muhammad, don't fall victim to what you hate.

This is the shit that fuels my rage. You are pleading with me to help cover over your peoples' faults while, like Riley Freeman did above, continue to uphold the brainwashed narrative of the perpetual "black thug."

Muhammad Rasheed - No.

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