Sunday, July 15, 2018

Awakening the Atrophied Eye: The Wisdom Eye Returns

Despite never having read anything like a timeline of when people have their subsequent third eye opening events, I just expected that it would take a while for me to have another one, assuming that I didn't get brand new and sabotage the process by taking on a life of over-the-top wretched debauchery. So imagine my surprise when I had yet another spontaneous third eye experience this morning, Sunday, July 15, 2018 at around 4:20am!

The only similarities that matched the last time the third eye opened were 1) that it happened shortly after I lied down in bed, and 2) I was more keyed up than I expected to be when I did lie down.

The differences that didn't match the last experience were 1) yesterday was my day off from work and I'd actually gotten some good sleep, so I wasn't exhausted when I lied down today. 2) I didn't notice I was keyed up with that energized excitable sensation until after I had been lying there for several minutes already, thinking about other stuff. When I finally noticed the feeling--and made the instant association--I opened my eyes to find my vision once again obscured by the veil between realities, with the third eye opened within it at approximately 6 inches before my delighted brow. 3) I had been distracted by my thoughts and I really can't recall whether the 'Serpent Fire of the Universe' was as intense during the moments leading up to the third eye opening as the last time. Remember from the previous 'Initiation' entry, I expressed confidence that I would recognize the pre-opening signs. This means I'll have to do a better job leaving the 'day for the day,' and only going to bed with a clear mind so that I will be PRESENT.

The veil looked different this time. The last time it looked smooth, and like a 40% black Photoshop layer had been placed over the scenario I was being shown. This time it looked like it was made of a liquid bubblewrap, or a clear, but bubbly, mucus. The third eye showed me a cityscape off the water during the daytime, with a deep blue sky. Then without any prompting from me, it zoomed in on one of the buildings, showing me specifically the top portion of the structure. The building looked very old. The third eye allowed me to linger at some markings that had been carved into the wall in someone's long ago past; the markings were water eroded looking to me. The third eye snatched me away from my scrutiny of the markings by zooming out to show me the top portion of the building again and then it closed. I noticed that my vision couldn't penetrate the veil this time; I could only see through the third eye itself.

I continued to lie there thinking of what I had been shown, and combing over the details of the event itself so I would remember.

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