Friday, September 13, 2013

Awakening the Atrophied Eye: DAY TWO

I mentioned the other day about the fovea spot being identified with the pole star by the ancient Egyptians.  At the time they wrote the pyramid texts (or when they were chiseled into the stele anyway) it was Sirius that was in that role, and they took it pretty seriously.  I wonder if any of them would sit in such a position as to line up their individual fovea spot to the actual star and meditate that way?  Or for the pharaoh and the high priests meditating in the King’s Chamber within the Great Pyramid, I wonder if those mysterious ‘star shafts’ had anything to with that as well? 

It’s a curious but idle thought.  I have no interest in incorporating that kind of literal star symbology into my own meditation practices.  There’s a reason why that great civilization is no longer among us.  You know what I’m talking about… I’m Muslim.  In my studies I’m very carefully trying to separate the chaff from the wheat, so to speak.  I’m not interested in the pagan b.s. aspect of the stuff the ancients did; I just want the advanced spiritual sciences part they developed over those tens of millennia. I’m wary of inadvertently incorporating some pagan foolishness into my system just because it sounds cool and ending up drawing down the wrath of you-know-Who.  So in that regard it’s best to keep it simple and as barebones as possible to be safe.

Anyway, after talking with my family on a video call at around midnight I started getting ready to bed down when I decided to meditate.  I had napped earlier, so I wasn’t particularly sleepy.  The idea of it got my adrenaline pumping so I was like, “Let’s do it!”  So I set my pillow in the bottom of the closet, set my alarm for 1:04am, turned out the lights, sat in the closet and closed the door. 

Boy was it dark!

It’s funny that when I started the ‘sah’ breathing and searched for the fovea spot, the threshold visions had already began.  And about a minute into it, after properly getting rid of those friggin’ threshold visions by quickly glancing down to the left and back again, I noticed that most of the “tv noise” of visual purple cells vanished from my field of vision.  It wasn’t the pure, high-definition blackness of the event horizon stage that Clesson H. Harvey described as being the final stage before the Third Eye opens, but it was a VERY smooth black… blacker than anything in my experience and it was kind of alarming.  For a minute I thought something dramatic was about to happen.  Actually I’m still not sure if it wasn’t THE pure black he was talking about… maybe it was! Well, I lost the rhythm of my breathing and had to concentrate on calming the hell down.   I refocused on my fovea spot and got my breathing rhythm back.  It didn’t take long.  Holding onto the fovea spot calms you down naturally.  

I was sitting on my butt this time, my legs in front of me with the knees bent, and my feet against the wall, heels on the floor, toes bent up.  It was a comfortable position and I didn’t shift around at all.  I should be able to maintain that for the entire life of my meditation adventure. So I continued the session until I started feeling a kind of breathless, hyperventilation sensation (maybe I should crack that closet door?) and decided that was long enough.  Checked the cell phone clock:


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